the perfect reaction

Have a little smiling Got7 in your life


“Just be yourself! Each and every one of us is special and pretty in our own way. Thats beautiful.”

-Jackson Wang


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moodboard request series 38/

yoongi playing your favorite love song for @hyyhyf


moodboard request series 5/

coffee date ft. vmin for @vmiiin

B.A.P as Rabbits

[ Yongguk ]

*conk out*

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[ Himchan ft. Jongup]


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[ Daehyun ]

*cop that biscuit*

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[ Youngjae ]

“try me bitch”

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[ Jongup ]


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[ Junhong ]

*even more lost*

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I don’t know what made me do it… 


every hour, every minute 


daehyun [ noir meet&greet ] requested by anonymous

everyone likes to assume that yoongi must not be very good at english since he hardly ever talks but does anyone notice the fact that when he does talk, his speaking is a lot more structured compared to the other members?? and also he tends to have the perfect reaction to most english statements/questions before namjoon even translates them…….. I feel like this goes for the rest of the members too. It may seem like they don’t understand, but I think that’s just because they’re nervous and in the moment they can’t really think of how to respond properly since so many people are watching them and they don’t want to make a mistake. If they actually had the luxury of taking their time to process and think of a response, they would definitely be more confident in speaking

also now that we know the boys understand more english than they let on, please be careful of the things you put on the internet out of pure ignorance……… bangtan is obviously known for their social media presence but I really fear that one day that won’t be the case due to some stupid fuck who decides it would be fun to send them a rude/sexual/inappropriate/threatening message. constant communication with their fans through social media isn’t something they’re forced to do. they literally WANT to interact with us as much as they can even though it would be so much easier to lay low and keep their personal lives private. please don’t be the reason bangtan becomes hesitant to communicate with their own fans. show some respect.