the perfect pitch

I can’t believe I dread this words 


But Anna Camp tweet/instagram from yesterday made it very real😟😤😢😭💔

They shared sooo much with us, and I know we’ll see them in december for the promo tour and of course the movie, but then that’s it…no more Bellas (????) that’s when the real tears will flow…well cross that bridge then…😦😭💔😢😭

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Bellas for Life❤💘💓💕💖💗💟💞💝❣

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I have a feeling that you'd like this musical called Dear Evan Hansen you should give it a try :)

I have heard nothing but good things I will check it out I heard that guy from pitch perfect is in it

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I feel like in general they really fucked up the Percy Jackson series but I will disagree with you and say that they upped Percy's age in the movies. I know his actor was 18 at the time but in the movie he was supposed to be 15-16 not a middle schooler. It was really obvious. Not trying to be mean or anything.

I know that, and that makes it worse, not better. 

Here’s the thing, Harry Potter is a pitch perfect story of what it’s like to be 11 years old and feel like you don’t fit in, the tone, the story all of it is Laser focused on getting that feeling, it’s why it’s a book that connected every one at some point was 10, 11, 12 years old and felt that way, even for just a week. The story of being 16 and feeling like you don’t fit is totally totally different, and if you told the story of being 11 and not fitting in, wanting more, wanting to belong but you used 18 year old actors and said the characters were 16, it would not make sense, it wouldn’t work. Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief is the pitch perfect story of being 12 and being the kid labelled as “the bad kid” the kid the teacher always always picks on, but again that type of kid/person at 11-12 is very different  his story is very different than 16. 

in fact we can see that in the books as they’re written, Percy Jackson and The Olympians has a much more kids book tone, things are goofier and lighter and more childlike, but getting less so as we move forward. come The Heroes of Olympians, that kiddy goofy tone is almost totally gone, because now our heroes are middle school age children, they’re 16-17 year old high school students. 

You can’t just look at a story written with child leads, and go “yeah it can be about teenagers fuck it!” it fucks up the whole story, Harry Potter 1 wouldn’t work if Hogwarts started at age 16, likewise Percy Jackson doesn’t work when Percy Jackson starts at age 16.