the perfect picnic

I’ve had the most relaxing day doing art even tho I should be studying☀️


Rory and Jess after the series finale; life in New York


Big Basin State Park is home to a wide assortment of ecosystems. The park starts inland and works its way to the Pacific Ocean ending at Waddell Beach. This beach is right along Highway 1 and may just be the perfect place for a picnic. As with all beaches, the material on the beach is made from the local geology. And as the Pacific Coast is near an active plate boundary the beaches in California are rocky. Rocks of all shapes and sizes are washed up on the beach and are polished as they ride the waves. And here most rocks are of different types of chert which are common in Northern California. Tidepools are also common here as well as many other beaches in the area. This beach is rather calm for being right off Highway 1. Kites join the many gulls flying above the waves, only falling at the end of a breeze. 

Bedtime With Daddy😘😴💖🍼👫

🎀*I snuggled up close under the sheets to feel daddy’s comfort by leaning my head under his arm. I glimpse up upon daddy’s glistening blue eyes while i give him puppy/sleepy/fluttery eyes and suck my paci. He looks down, gives me the sweetest smile and stroked my face*
⭐️Daddy: “Yes Princess?”.
🎀Princess: *total silence while i still admire Daddy’s face*
⭐️Daddy: *giggles to himself and kisses me on the forehead*
🎀*I melt inside and into his arms, falling more deeply in love with him*
🎀Princess: “Daddy should read me a bedtime story since i’ve been such a good girl!”
⭐️Daddy: “Hehe alright little one.
Once upon a time, there was a little Princess named Peaches and her Daddy. One sunny morning, Peaches and Daddy went on an adventure! They went for a walk through the nature park, exploring all the butterflies, birds and flowers. After exploring, there was a quiet little picnic spot perfect for a little’s tea party.

They brought yummy sandwiches, cupcakes, strawberry milk, juice-boxes, little fruit pots and not to forget a big flask of tea! They settled at their spot and placed Minnie Mouse and Marvin The Monkey next to Peaches and Daddy. They had so much fun blowing bubbles and colouring pictures of princesses and ponies.

While they were having a great time, they saw dark clouds appear and it started to rain really heavily. They gathered their things and headed back to the car. Princess knew it was going to rain so to my surprise, Daddy brung out two pairs of new wellingtons and raincoats and asked “Would you, Princess Peaches, care to join Daddy in the rain?”. To her excitement, Peaches nodded yes with the greatest smile on her face and they splashed about in the rain together.

Many sized puddles formed, no matter how big or small they were, we splashed in them all!! They got back into the car, changed into dry clothes *which Daddy had brought Peaches some new pyjamas* and drank the remaining of the warm tea they had in Daddy’s flask as we watched the rain hit off the car. “This has been the greatest adventure EVERRR!! Thank you Daddy!”. Peaches gives Daddy the biggest kiss and they lived happily ever after. The end”.
🎀Princess: *snores asleep quietly all snuggled into Daddy’s arms*
⭐️Daddy: “I love you Baby Girl”

CEO!Michael Short Imagine

Picnic with Michael after him being busy for months dealing with his company and finally you two get to have a private day alone although you can see the body guards within 10 meters.

‘Aren’t you answering that Mikey?’ 'No i personally told my secretary to not bother me this whole day.’ He explain continuing to try and braid your hair.

'But what if it’s important babe?’ You look up to him.

'Nothing’s more important than you Y/N’ he said staring into your eyes and leaned down to capture your mouth.

The kiss linger there for a while. He missed your lips that scold him when he done something to upset you and cheer him when he’s under lots of pressure.

'I love you.’ 'I love you too Y/N’

The weather was being friendly that day. All sunny with a little bit of clouds. Perfect with the picnic you both been waiting.

A bright light caught your attention from the lake near you both are. Paparazzi. Being with the world’s most successful and hottest man is always surrounded by them.

'Argh’ Michael groan. 'Leave them babe. Let them take pics all they want.’ You said kissing him again.
'Attention seeker.’ He sneer jokingly. You gasp and play hurt. 'Damn you, you perfect beautiful- GODDAMN MIKEY!’ You exclaimed frustrated not knowing what to hit him back.

'Either way you’re stuck with me.’ You pout when he laugh. 'I know babe. I’m a lucky bastard.’

'Yea and I’m the lucky attention seeker’ you pout.

He just laugh again kissing you and tickling your sides when you kept pouring.

What matters is you both love each other.

you remind me of the best parts of life:

gardens full to bursting with flowers in tender springtime bloom, soft pastels and quiet mornings spent waking to your head on my chest and your hands in mine;

bright and hazy summery days spent on curbsides and airconditioned libraries, iced tea and creaking porch swings to curl up on;

crisp white autumn sunshine filtering through skylights and hot food, that perfect seventy degree day, picnics and fiery falling leaves;

frosted windowpanes and winter flurries, morning light glinting off piles and piles of snow and pine trees

A list of Normero things I wish we could have saw before Norma’s passing.

1. Norma wearing Alex’s flannel

2. Them eating dinner across from each other in silence, then Norma looks up at him, their eyes lock, and she smiles, looking back down at her food.

3. She’s washing dishes and Alex comes up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist-they forget about the dishes needed to be washed.

4. Them planting those fruit trees together

5. Norma insisting Alex that it’s the perfect day for a picnic, but once they settle down it starts to rain. He gives her his jacket and she uses it as an umbrella running back to his SUV

6. a kiss in the rain

7. them cuddled up on the couch, watching an old movie on the new TV

8. a morning scene. ( example: Light is pouring into the room, her head on his chest. She listens to his breathing when suddenly he wakes up, kissing her hairline)

9. Him telling her that he gave her his mother’s ring

10. Him call her “baby” (when she’s actually conscious.. *tear*)

11. Him kissing the scar on her thigh

12. walking around town, just holding hands.

13. Her hanging up a photo of them on the wall

14. Them driving in the car and Alex places his hand on her thigh-or they hold hands on top of the console. 

15. Him pressing her up against the wall, while they’re kissing he lifts her up and she wraps her legs around his waist.

16. Alex combing his fingers through Norma’s hair

17.  Him scooping her up bridal style while she laughs and squirms to get out of his arms

18. Them on the beach together, basking in the sun

19. Him throwing her into the ocean-and she gets out very angry at him, but once they lock eyes they both break out into laughter.

20. Instead of Norma going to pineview alone, they walk in together hand in hand.


22. Surprising Norma with a new sewing machine 

23. Alex wrapping Norma up in a blanket when he notices she’s cold, then kissing her cheek before going into the kitchen to make coco

24. Alex hanging up the christmas lights while Norma’s at the bottom of the ladder yelling at him to “put them more to the left!” or “lower! no higher!”

25. Them picking the fruit they planted together

26. his CPR actually being affective. She wakes up in his arms and he sobs in relief, holding her close.

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I’m sorry but the faces Goku makes while teasing his boyfriend are too important not to archive