the perfect omelette

Things about Matt Murdock that I’m 110% sure are canon
  • he either gets groceries delivered or has none in his house, because who has time for that anyway? plus it’s really hard to shop for things when you can’t tell them apart other than their shape, so if he did go shopping, he’d have to take someone (Foggy) with him
  • one of his closets is filled solely with his daredevil outfits and canes. because he keeps throwing them away. (seriously Matt, idk how you can afford to keep buying new things when you take on clients for free)
  • his outfits get torn up a lot, but he never learned to sew fabric (he knows how to sew skin, but he’s pretty sure it’s not the same) and then there’s also the issue of getting the blood out, so most of his black outfits get thrown out when they get ruined.
  • when Foggy moved all the furniture across the hall in uni, Matt totally knew it, but he played along because Foggy was so proud of himself for doing it and because he knew it would be worth it to hear him laugh.
  • Matt loves when Foggy narrates people’s actions, and Foggy continues even after he finds out Matt can sometimes tell. (cause he can’t always)
  • like all 67 of Foggy’s family members came to graduation, and you can bet that they all loved Matt and squeezed his cheeks and told him how proud they were of their Franklin’s best friend and how he was valedictorian. because they knew all about him from Foggy and knew he was the kid from hell’s kitchen who saved that old man and was blinded. most of Foggy’s cousins hit on Matt, and at least three asked him out. he politely declined them all.
  • the only thing Matt’s good at cooking is breakfast food. good for his girlfriends if they stay the night, but bad for any other time. seriously. it’s awful. Foggy’s cooking is a bit better, but he’s still jealous of Matt’s ability to make a perfect omelette without being able to see it. like, really.

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There's this post and it's like "we all have that one fanfic writer that we love so much like they could write a chicken nugget au and I would read it" and that's how I feel about you like I absolutely adore your writing and hope you never stop


special order, 2.3k, rated T, also on AO3


Stiles sighs and tries his best to mask his utter boredom. “And what do you have for me here today, chef?” 

The chef makes a grandiose gesture and uncovers Stiles’ plate. 

Ten years ago Stiles would have been utterly excited to eat… whatever this is. He probably would have listened very intently to the description that the chef is making now, something about liquid nitrogen and this new innovative flavor and Stiles really, really has no idea what is on his plate. It’s some sort of teal blob, shiny and wobbling like jello, surrounded by a cloud of brownish green vapor. Ah, the wonders of molecular gastronomy.

See, the thing is, Stiles didn’t set out to be a food critic. He was just trying to help Scott out, who had just started his own restaurant. Scott’s a great chef, good at handling the pressure and responsibility of the kitchen team and the dishes, but not so much with the marketing. Stiles had the great idea to do a series of food videos– he already had a Youtube channel where he reviewed random things, why not food? Stiles had started by comparing all the grilled cheese sandwiches in town (”You can’t just say mine’s the best, Stiles, we should give the others a chance!”) and somehow it had gotten weirdly popular. Stiles doing the reviews, that was. 

At first it was exciting, being an overnight sensation– people liked his videos for his honest attitude and funny comments, and it was great. Stiles has his own cooking show on Food Network now, and hosts a few competitions occasionally, and is is rather a Big Deal in the restaurant industry. A Stiles Stilinski review can make or break your restaurant, and everyone knows it.

The problem is this. Stiles likes food. Stiles is also twenty-nine years old, lives alone, travels way too much, doesn’t know when the last time he had a home cooked meal where no one was trying to impress anyone, and he’s just tired of all the fancy bullshit. His face is too recognizable; he can’t even attempt to try a new restaurant without the chef requesting the honor of plating something special just for him. 

And right now? Stiles really just wants some chicken nuggets.

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breakfast with seventeen

// Seungcheol / S.Coups
S.Coups wakes up a little earlier than usual to make the two of you breakfast. Lately, he’s been very adamant on making the perfect French toast recipe. This is something that he wants to do on his own: he prides himself on impressing you with his cooking skills. When you wake up, he sits you at the breakfast table, and serves you your plate of breakfast. He kisses you lightly on the top of your head, and sits at the place set in front of you, smiling before digging in. 

// Jeonghan / Junghan
Junghan is sleeping in, so it’s your turn to make breakfast this morning. He bought a new cookbook full of cute breakfast ideas, so you decide to try out a new recipe. Halfway through, you hear him coming down the stairs humming softly to “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5. As you stand in front of the stove, he nudges you lightly on the shoulder. “Good morning.” He smiles gently, and begins brewing coffee for the two of you.

// Jisoo / Joshua
You’re usually the one to make breakfast, but there will be some times where Joshua tries his best to make it himself. As you’re upstairs asleep, Joshua begins with toast, but underestimates how powerful the toaster is, burning the toast. Panicking, he rushes across the street to the cafe and orders the two of you cups of coffee and bagels. “Wow, Joshua, you didn’t have to make us foo- wait, why is there black toast in the garbage?” Blushing, he explains that he burnt it, but still wanted you to wake up with food. You hug him by the shoulder and rest your head in the crook of his neck. “Thank you for trying.”

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How would the iwatobi boys+Rin+Nitori+Sousuke try to lure their S/O under the mistletoe? :3

Haru: He’s surprisingly very crafty when it comes to things like this; He has sneakily tied a piece of mistletoe above the kitchen bench top. You were decorating the christmas tree when your  boyfriend asks you to come and test the dishes he has been preparing. Blissfully unaware of  his ulterior motive you eagerly prance into the kitchen as it is for once not wafting out smell of grilled mackerel. “So what dish would like me to taste?” You asks cheerfully. 
“This one” he says pointing at his lips’ you snort at his cheesiness but when he points up towards the ceiling you smile in amusement. 
“itadakimasu!” You say, before leaning in.

Nagisa: You were somewhat surprised when you were greeted by a enthusiastic kiss from your boyfriend when he opened your front door. “Hello to you too,’ you said with a smile as you handed him some of your  shopping bags. “Ahh I’ve got quite a haul, so many fantastic christmas decorations this year!” You said excitedly. 
“Ooh these reindeers are so cute!” Nagisa said as he pulled a set of them put of a bag.
“Right!” You enthused as you headed towards the pantry to grab some coffee beans. When you turned around you were met with your boyfriends soft lips. Pulling away you gave him an amused smile. “You’re in a good mood.” Nagisa giggled, “well of course ____! It’s christmas season." 
You chuckled as you made your way to the kitchen bench-top to boil the kettle. When you turned around to grab some sugar, you were once again met with Nagisa’s lips in a sweet kiss. 
"Nagi?” you asked with a confused smile, “what’s going on?”
“Whatever do you mean?” He asked innocently. Rolling your eyes, you sighed as you made two mugs of coffee, something was definitely up. Making your way to your living room, you two took a seat on a couch, and when your boyfriend leant in for another kiss, you attempted to dodge it, just to mess with him; and that’s when you noticed: Pretty much the entire ceiling of your house, was covered in mistletoe.
Your boyfriend giggled, “pretty neat, right?”

Makoto: He could be a little devious when he wanted; and this one of those instances. The thought of kissing you under the mistletoe sounded so romantic, but how was he going to do it? Aha! You set alarm early this morning so you could finish decorating the apartment and the tree in one day. Waking up bright and early, you headed into the bathroom to brush your teeth, before heading into the living room to begin the mission at hand. Two hours later; whilst you were decorating the dining room you heard movements in the kitchen. Your eyes widened in horror, oh no! Makoto was in the kitchen! Makoto was.In.The.Kitchen. Panic taking over you rushed towards the kitchen. You loved your boyfriend, you truly did and you were touched by his kind gesture BUT he could not cook for the life of him, hell he couldn’t even toast a couple slices of bread. Why was even trying too cook again? You did tell him after his burnt toast fiasco and charred stir fry that’ll you’ll handle the cooking around here.  Reaching your destination you let out a small sigh of relief for he was still working on slicing up the vegetables. With a warm smile, you approached him from behind and wrapped your arms around him. He chuckled, “Morning beautiful,” 
“good morning handsome,” you said with a smile. “You know what how about I take over here and you can take over the decorating”
“Oh no it’s ok-
"no really,” You said with smile, gently taking the knife from him, 
“Oh, okay.” He said, looking a little confused. “Don’t worry about it kay! I kinda needed a break and cooking is just the kind of break I needed!” You say with a warm grin, before turning your attention to the vegetables, yes toast and omelettes sounded perfect. You paused chopping when you felt two arms snake around your waist, turning around you were met with a set of mischievous  eyes before you pulled into a deep and sweet kiss. Pulling back your boyfriend gave you a cheeky smile, “wouldn’t want to break tradition,” he said pointing towards ceiling, before power walking to the dining room. You turned your  head towards the ceiling; where a strand of mistletoe hung; ah, so that’s why he decided to cook this morning. Mako, you sly devil, you. 

Ai: He really wanted a mistletoe kiss from you; but he didn’t just want to ask to you because that would take away from the magic. So he decided to set up a couple of mistletoes in various places in the apartment. Now all that’s left was the waiting game. And a waiting game it was indeed. Your boyfriend had been waiting for you to fall into his romantic trap for two whole days! Irritated, by the end of the second day, he decided to place some  in places that you commonly sat, but for some bizarre reason you decided not to sit there these past two days. Did you perhaps know they were there and decided to avoid those spots? But why? You two where a couple? And you kissed quite often, so it wasn’t as if you disliked kissing him. He was brought of his stressful train of thought when he felt a warm hand on his shoulder, looking up he was met with concerned eyes, “honey, are you okay.”
“I-uh,I’m fi-” He sighed, “what’s wrong love?”  Your boyfriend gave you a tires smile, “it’s nothing _____, honestly i’m okay.” Frowning at his response you gave his shoulder a reassuring squeeze, before walking off. He definitely was not okay, oh! You knew something that might just cheer him up.
“Hey, Aiiiiiiii,” he looked up when he heard you call his name out mischievously, you were standing across from him; holding a piece of mistletoe above your head. His face lit up as he broke into an amused smile; god he loved you.

 He felt very embarrassed about doing this, but he had read that kissing under the mistletoe was a christmas tradition; a very romantic tradition in fact, and he really wanted to try it; but asking you would just be too damn embarrassing so he was going to try and make it look like an accident. First things first, buying the catalyst for the kiss. You would be the one who had to purchase it, because if he did, it would just give it away, but what if you didn’t buy it? Ands that’s how you two ended up at the local mall purchasing christmas decorations on a saturday morning. You were very excited when your husband suggested going out shopping for christmas decorations, it was your first christmas as a married couple so this made this little outing even more enjoyable. After a couple of hours of shopping you two were almost done, when Rei spotted some mistletoe in one of the aisles, okay, now to lure you into buying the mistletoe. ”______, there’s some nice decorations over here.” He calls out, turning around you followed your husband down the aisle; ooh there were some really cute wall decorations here, and is that-It was! With a cheeky grin a brilliant plan formed in your head. ‘Reeeiiiii.” You called out, as you pranced towards him. “Hmm” he said as he inspected a giant Olaf the snowman wall hanging, “how about this one?” You asked with a cheeky grin; as you held up a piece of mistletoe. Your husband gave you quizzed expression, “erm it’s just a couple of leaves,” he said politely. You chuckled at his ignorance, they’re not just leaves, they’re magical leaves.”
Your boyfriend stared at you for a moment before bursting into laughter. “BAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! _______, there’s not such thing as magic.” Your grin never faded, “oh yes darling, there is. You see when two people stand under these particular leaves, it makes them kiss each other.”
“Well, that’s just absurd.”  You walked closer to your husband so that you two where under the mistletoe, and stared at him for second but before you could lean in, he beat you to it; and placed a sweet kiss on your lips. Pulling away he gave you a tiny smile, “huh, I guess it’s magical after all.”

Rin: He was helping you decorate the christmas tree and was really enjoying himself. You on the other hand, were a little bit miffed, why? Because your boyfriend was like a military general when it came to decorating, everything had to be symmetrical, and the colours had to balance and no you couldn’t place that there because it was too heavy and therefore made the branch hang way too low. God damn it! You were all about random and spontaneous decorating! It gave your tree character! “Stupid, perfectionist, dictator Rin.” He heard you mutter as you hung a couple baubles. His eyes softened, he felt bad, he really did, but the way you had began to decorate the tree was downright crazy and lacked order! There’s no way it would look presentable. A christmas was refection of the people who decorated and he was by no means messy, disorganised and mentally unstable! As he added a couple of more ornaments to the tree he mulled over ways to instantly cheer you up. Aha! With a mischievous grin he walked over to you “love, where do you think this one should go?”
Oh I don’t know maybe up your tighta- your train of thought stopped when you turned and saw the decoration your boyfriend was holding up. You raised an eyebrow, “Really Rin, how shameless;” 
“What?” He laughed as he approached you, “where do you think it should go?”
“I don’t really think it matters what I say, because you’ll just end up putting it wherever you want.” You replied, sassing him.
With an amused smile, he said, “you’re right,” before holding it above you two.

Is one sly devil; these harmless pranks came naturally to him. So when called out to you from the living room saying that he needed your help with placing some christmas decorations; you didn’t think anything about it. He was standing in the middle of the living room holding two wall decorations, a reindeer and a snowman. “Which one?” Your boyfriend asks as he weighs each up (is that even the right phrase?) 
“Hmmm, I think the snowman should go over there, and the reindeer should go over there, above the mantle piece.
"okay.” he says with smile; done with hanging the decorations your boyfriends motions you over, “come see it from here, is it crooked?” You walk over and stand next to him, staring at the reindeer. “Nope, It’s perfect!” you say with a bright smile. Sosuke chuckles, “do I get a reward for my efforts?” He asks with a cheeky smile. You laugh and lightly smack his forearm, “nope!” His grin only widens as he points at the ceiling, “I think the mistletoe would say otherwise.”

*HAH! didn’t learn a thing in chemistry I beg to differ. Using chemistry terms in everyday contexts-LIKE A BOSS!

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Prompt: Cas trying to surprise dean with breakfast in bed on a lazy morning. But not quite being able to turn out a *perfect* omelette. Lots of grumbles and fluff. :)




“Wha?” Dean grumbled, refusing to look up from the pillow. “Go away.”



“What?!” Dean sat up angrily. “I didn’t get any sleep!”

“Dean. I thought breakfast in bed would be romantic. You’re angry.”

Dean’s face softened as he took in the sight in front of him. Cas was holding a tray with a mug—of coffee?—an egg and a toast. He smiled. “Oh, thanks Cas. You could have told me, instead of calling my name seventeen times. I counted.”

Cas smiled and put down the tray. “I made you an omelette. And toast. Look, I toasted the toast. And I made you a mug of coffee.”

Dean looked at him, confused. “Where’s the omelette?”

Castiel held the egg in his hand. “An egg is an omelette. Is it not?”

Dean started to laugh, shaking his head. He took a sip of his drink. And spit it. “Cas! What is this?”

“It is coffee. I crushed fresh coffee beans from a farm and I poured water onto it. You like cold beer, so I made the coffee cold as well.”

“… Thanks, Cas.” Dean said, leaning up to give Cas a peck on the lips.

The Omelette Trick!

Okay I talked about this trick on a recent COFFEH Time but I figured I would write it out. It’s pretty simple.

To make the perfect omelette with no flipping necessary:

Turn your oven on to “broil”

Whip your eggs and add one tablespoon of water per egg NO MILK. Season the eggs however you want, add a little oil to the pan and then pour in the egg like you’re making a normal omelette

Let the bottom cook. Don’t touch it. Wait until the edges of the egg are no longer liquid and then pop it under your broiler. Turning your oven to “broil” tells the oven that you want heat from the top and not the bottom, thus it will cook the top, uncooked side of your egg for you!

Wait until the top side of your omelette is no longer liquid and pull it back out. Add whatever you want inside of the omelette and gently flip it in half like a taco. Put it back under the broiler for a few seconds. If you’re using cheese, just wait until the cheese is all melty.


Now you have a delicious omelette that you didn’t have to flip! Enjoy <3