the perfect luna lovegood

OKAY BUT Newt Scamander is a precious cinnamon roll with tons of weird magical creatures hidden in his suitcase and he’s fantastic and his GRANDSON MARRIES LUNA LOVEGOOD DO YOU REALIZE HOW PERFECT THIS IS THAT MAN IS THE CLOSEST I HAVE EVER SEEN TO PERFECTION FOR LUNA JUST THANK YOU

J.K. Rowling: Luna marries Rolf Scamander

Everyone: wait what

J.K. Rowling: don’t worry imma make a movie you’ll love it

Everyone: WAIT WHAT


Happy birthday Evanna Lynch ! I remember reading your story about your battle with anorexia and wanting 2 go 2 Order of the Phoenix book release and the hospital arranging 2 get a signed copy of the book from J.K Rowling and her saying if u beat anorexia u could audition 4 the part of Luna and guess what ? You beat anorexia and got the role of Luna !! Just hearing that story makes me so proud of u Evy ! :’) U r the perfect Luna Lovegood and always will be ! ❤ Have a great day ! ❤ BTW your twitter icon ? OMG Wow ! Had 2 put it in there :)