the perfect genderswap


Genderswapped! Mary Poppins Modern AU for @bookhoor


In which Jon Snow is the Mary Poppins-esque character, who comes to London to help Lyanna Mormont and Robert Arryn, the young wards of very serious banker Jorah Mormont. 

Using the assistance of his jack-of-all-trades girlfriend Sansa Stark, Jon attempts to bring the Mormont’s together with a little bit of magic. 


Anidala Week Day #6: Gender Swap.

Sorry for uploading this so late, I’ve had a really busy day today, but I just came on so I decided to make something quick. I’m so so deeply sorry for how bad these are. They are, by far, not my best work but I just wanted to add something for Anidala Week:)

Milla Jovovich as Jedi Knight Annie Skywalker and Colin O’Donoghue as Senator Padmen Amidala because, seriously, these two would be perfect as genderswap!Anidala! ;D


Leaving for Youmacon in a few hours. Tonight for Halloween I’ll be Old Gregg, no pictures yet but look for the scaly man-fish in a tutu. Friday is both The Spines, Saturday is Lady Rabbit, and Sunday is the pièce de résistance, a tired bespectacled boy in a Walter Robotics shirt. If you see me, say hi!