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21 November 2016

Exactly one year to the day since I came out.

It’s been a tough year. Some friends left, others stuck by me, and many more were made.

I lost my job 7 months ago and survived rejection after rejection until finally being accepted for a job that’s perfect for me last week. It’s my first day today as well!

There have been times I haven’t had enough money to feed myself. I’ve only just turned the heating on. I thought that soon I would be homeless.

There were times I almost didn’t make it at all but I fought on and survived.

And all of this while trying to adjust to the most life changing event of my time on Earth.

And now today is my anniversary. And today I start my first new job in 10 years. It’s a day of beginnings.

Time to release that pent up energy.

Here’s to another year.

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Tredd Furia

Guess who’s going at it again? Guess who overanalyses a rather minor character of the Kingsglaive movie? Yesssss, it’s me! Welcome to a totally exaggerated analysis of Tredd’s character and appearances in the movie Kingsglaive! I’d like to thank @thebulletsofmusicblues, @tales-from-insomnia and @vivicogitator for their additions to the post!

“Cocksure and cutthroat, Tredd never shies away from a fight, and rarely loses.”

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The Life of Mrs. Hemmings - Luke One Shot PART 5

Requested: yep and thanks for those who did :D

Content Warning: swear words and stuff

Word Count: 1398 bitches

Author: Emi :3

Notes: this is posted on queue so i might not be here to see how well the ending turns out. yeah. this is the ending so…..ALSO for the previous part, i wrote the dream job part as vague as possible because you know, not everyone has the same dream job. i wanted to make it as relatable as possible so…uhmm, this is the ending and i wrote it so…..yeah. let us know what you think of it though. alright? cool. now go read! :D

You wake up and you’re Luke’s wife (PART 5) *Ending*

(PART 1)  

(PART 2)

(PART 3)

(PART 4)

“Maui was beautiful, right?” That was Ashton’s voice.

Michael laughed out loud and said, “Yeah like he had time to look at the sceneries. It was his honeymoon, Ashton. They were probably inside the whole time. Honeymooning.”

“Shut up, Michael. The kids are right there!” Calum said.

“I know. That’s why I said ‘honeymooning’. And not the ‘f’ word.”

“What’s honeymoon, daddy?” Ashton’s little girl, who was named Cass, asked.

“Urgh. Now look what you did, you fucking dumbass.”


They sound like they’re having fun.

Alright. Deep breaths. Deep. Deep breaths.

Okay. So what you’re gonna do if get the fuck out of the kitchen and face your guests. Stop running away and be confident. This is your house. You got this, Y/N. Come on. They’re just people dammit.

“Anyone want any snacks?” you asked, popping in on the living room.

“I want juice.” Ashton’s little girl said. She was almost 5 and playing on the carpet with Theo.

“You go get the kids something to eat, Y/N. We’ll be right with you.” Luke told you.

“Okay.” you said, picking up Theo and holding the little girl’s hand while making your way back to the kitchen. Ok. Now get some snacks.

“Alright. You want cookies, Cass?” you asked her as she sat down on the stool with Theo on his high chair.

She smiled so bright and told you. “Yes, please. Aunt Y/N.” Oh she’s precious. Just like Ashton. You’ve always knew he was gonna have a pretty little girl. You wondered who her mother is. Who did Ashton end up with?

“And what about you, tiny human bean?” you asked Theo. He bobbed his head up and down and giggled. Ahh yes. The perfect offspring of Luke Hemmings strikes again. “Alright. Cookies, it is then.”

After giving them snacks, you went back with the kids to the living room and actually sat down with Luke and his band. You didn’t talk that much actually. You merely listened to their conversation and occasionally kept an eye out for the children. They were such great friends. You imagined what they would be like growing up. Granted Cass was a bit older than Theo.

Throughout their conversation, you learned that Ashton and Luke were the only ones married. Michael has a live in girlfriend and Calum is still a party guy. But he’s looking for a woman of his own. You can tell.

And they seem to be doing awesome in their music careers. Albums and songs on the top charts. Concerts and touring was still in their normal lives. 5 Seconds of Summer still going strong after all these years.

Which reminded you of something.

It was already night and the boys and Cass have long gone home. It was just you and Luke and Theo. Who you just got to sleep. He was still needing assistance sleeping and since you didn’t know what you usually do to get him to sleep, you read him a book. Which magically work.

Now, you’re standing and staring at the bed trying to think if this was still a dream or not. You’ve pinched yourself about 67 times since that day on your honeymoon. Which was just 3 days ago. And all you saw so far was the perfection of a life you have ever dreamed of. Absolutely no sign of your sad pathetic college life.

You were actually married to Luke Hemmings.

And have a family with him. It was perfect.

“You okay, Y/N?” Luke asked, getting out of the bathroom. He was wearing a white shirt and shorts.

You nodded. “I’m fine.” Dammit. There he goes again. Making you all flustered. He’s your husband. God.

“You’re staring at our bed.” he said as he stood in front of you while wrapping his arms around your waist. “Are you bummed about having to cut off our honeymoon?”

“Oh enough about the honeymoon, Luke.” you blurted out. “I’m just so confused.”

“Whatever it is, we’ll figure it out. Together. I’m always here for you, Y/N. You know that right?” he said. “Remember how we met?”

For fucks sake. No, Luke. That’s the fucking problem. You don’t remember shit about this perfect life.

You shook your head and smiled. Hopefully, Luke perceived that as flirty. “No. Refresh my memory?”

He chuckled. “It was winter, too. But we were in New York so there was snow everywhere. You were just accepted into your new job at a big company. There was a huge press conference for us at the same place as your company’s. And then we saw each other in the same building. You were so busy and smart and I was so free and dumb. I was head over heels right away. You took my breathe away.”

Oh. So that’s what happened.

It was a bit vague but that’s what you get for not remembering the whole story.

Then you notice how his eyes were staring at yours as he leaned in closer and closer to you. Oh God. You’re gonna kiss Luke. And you’re gonna remember it. Fuck yesssss.

But you saw the alarm clock beside the bed behind Luke.

It was the same alarm clock you had on your dorm room.

It read 8:14 pm


December 9, 2021


You’re gonna faint.

This isn’t real.

You can feel the walls closing in.

Everything’s blurry.

Everything’s disappearing from your sights.

It’s all swirling in your mind.

Like a tornado of images.

Unsure what it all means.

Then it stops.

Everything is dark.


*meep* *meep* *meep* *meep*

*meep* *meep* *meep* *meep*

“Y/N! Wake up! We’re late!” someone shouted.

“What?” your eyes squinted to the harsh light coming from the window.

“Come on! Get up and get ready!”

Who was that shouting at you?

But then you felt them.

The most comfortable blanket in the world.

They were wrapped around you. In your bed. In your dorm.

“Shit!” you hissed as you sat up and looked around you.

The scattered essay papers, the bundle of laundry, the untidy desks. The posters. Of them.

Then you looked at your hands. Black and chipped nail polish and dark string bracelets and bands. You weren’t wearing lace panties and white t shirt either. You had on a onesie with pepe frog all over it. And your hair can have a bird living in it. Possibly some eggs, too.



Yep. Morning breath still there.

“What are you doing, Y/N? You can check yourself out later! Get ready to go out first.” You looked at her. Your college roommate.

Oh no.

“Y/N?” she asked you, suddenly staring at you, too. “You okay?”

You nodded slowly. “Yeah. I think.”

You stood up and walked towards the window. Winter.

That’s right. Finals week.

“Alright. Well, I’m going to grab us some quick breakfast. We don’t have much time since our finals start really soon. And we do not wanna be late for that, Y/N.” she said, wrapping a scarf around her neck.

“Yeah.” you breathed. “I’ll get ready now.” But you were no longer talking to anyone since she walked out your dorm room. Leaving you alone with your thoughts.

Here you thought it was all real. It turns out to be a dream after all.

But it felt so genuine. You had so much hope. You wanted to stay in that life.

But you woke up.


That was 6 years from now.

It wasn’t a dream. It was a vision.

Maybe that’s going to happen in 6 years. Maybe not. You don’t know.

You were sure about one thing though.

Luke said that when you two met, you were just accepted into a huge company in New York. And that you were so smart.

Now that doesn’t sound like the struggling freshman college student that you are now.

So what does it all mean?

The future can change regarding the present. It’s not concrete. Everything is possible if one decides to do something about it.

So are you going to do something? Maybe you can aspire for your vision to be real. You can change your future. So start now.

Ace that test. Get your dream job. Marry the love of your life. Build a perfect family.

Achieve the perfect life that you’ve always wanted.

Just do your best in everything.

You’ll do great in those finals.

-Love from Emi and all of us here in savemeirwin. Happy Holidays everybody! We love you!


She is beauty, she is grace, she punched everyone in the face.

God, she is beautiful! And her independence on herself. It’s perfect! The makers did an amazing job.

And I finally approve for a ship in this fandom. Mikey and Renet. Mikey you adorkable baby!! And Renet thank you for nor breaking his heart! :’)