the perfect ending tbh


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now that victor is around and helps edit KY's stuff Phichit teases/jokes that Victor is putting him out of an editing job

LOLOLOL Yes they have this conversation all the time but ofc Phichit is just kidding. Whenever Victor edits Yuuri’s works all he really ends up doing is writing little hearts and emoji faces everywhere and Yuuri sighs and says “Victor, I love you but this really isn’t helpful”

Victor complains that it’s all so perfect and that there’s NOTHING to edit. Then he sees Phichit’s thousands of notes (because it’s a book, and books are always edited the heck out of before they’re released) and he’s like “oh”

ok but consider this, a (really bad) over the garden wall AU where the kids/teens in the Unknown swap roles with the ones in Greg & Wirt’s world

Wirt offends a cardinal with his poems, Beatrice wants to ask Anna (the Woodsman’s daughter) out on Halloween, and Lorna was pretty happy just existing but Beatrice has zero chill

im sorry this is the second terrible thing ive contributed to this fandom but i don’t see many otgw AU’s so i had to resort to this


So right now I’m on my Revelations file and I’m just going support hell right now and the other day I was working on a few of Rinkah’s and she got both her B rank with Canus and her C rank with Ryoma at the same time so I watched one right after the other and I couldn’t stop laughing bECAUSE THE SHEER TIMING OF IT AND HOW ONE ENDED AND THE OTHER BEGAN WAS JUST PERFECT.  It was actually like Rinkah left Canus just to bump right into Ryoma.  The image was just so funny to me that I had to draw it (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

I’M SO GLAD I DID TOO BECAUSE THE AMOUNT OF FUN I HAD WITH IT IS UNBELIEVABLE I spent so long the first day just scribbling everything and just having so much fun with all of it (๑ˊ▵ॢˋ̥๑)  Rinkah is so fun to draw AND I ACTUALLY DIDN’T STRUGGLE AS MUCH AS I THOUGHT I WOULD WITH RYOMA.  I promised myself that I wouldn’t focus too much on his stupid lobster armor tho because it would take 5ever for something simple and quick.  I’m so happy with the whole thing tho god it was fUN A;ORUGH


You couldn’t have had breakfast before you came over?

Unpopular opinion: I feel bad for Daisy Buchanan. 


My top 14 favorite TV episodes of 2014 | #8

Alex: I told you I could get a girl flowers.
Emma: But flowers are romantic. Flowers are romantic!

Emma Approved Ep. 70 - “At Last”