the perfect density

Five problems in chthonic physics

1. Consider a perfect sphere, of uniform density d and radius r, which has just been discovered in the deepest vault of a newly-found pyramid in Egypt. If it is exposed to a metaphysical potential V(x) of the type described in the Voynich Manuscript, derive the width of the ghastly chasm that is about to yawn open beneath the vault, and give the most likely half-life of the sanity of any observers.

2. What physical processes lead to the formation of lightning? Assume a day-old corpse is placed in a standard reanimation chamber. Using Cornelius’s animatory decay equation, estimate the size of thunderstorm that will be needed for a 50 percent chance of full revival.

3. Describe the chain of fusion reactions that provide the Sun’s primary energy source. When the planets align, calling the Old Ones from the void, that other set of reactions that Science dare not name will start up in the Sun’s heart. Estimate, from basic physical and mystical principles, the time that an observer located on the Earth would need to observe a change in the Sun’s output from the starting of the Other Reactions, and show that this far exceeds the time required for humanity to succumb to the ghastly malignities of the Old Ones.

4. If an ancient flooded city is submerged in a water-filled well of 50m diameter and 100m depth, show that water pressure will be sufficient to seal shut that city’s haunted temples, given that they demonstrate a typical level of cacodemonaical activity. Assume a team of investigators, heedless of the awful phantasms lurking below, descend to the city in a spherical submarine of radius 3m. If energy transport within the well is primarily by convection, how long after their intervention will it take for the surface of the well to be contaminated by the soul-annihilating stench of evil?

5. Consider a vast, crawling horror beyond the capacity of the healthy human mind to imagine. Is approximating the horror by a uniform cylinder of length x and length r a valid strategy for preserving the desperate shreds of your rational mind for long enough to scrawl a warning message in the tunnel to this accursed place? Assume moderate light levels and approximately one litre of blood for ink.


Okayyy so this is my review of my favorite morphe brushes I just got and tried!
Tbh I really wasn’t sure what to expect with morphe, I looked through countless reviews and videos, looked up pictures and negative rants. So I was kinda expecting the worst but hoping for the best? I picked out a bunch of brushes that were reviewed countless times through youtubers, and then some that just caught my eye and felt like I needed to try them out. I was super worried that the negative reviews were right and I just wasted a bunch of money on a bunch of garbage, I’m always skeptical with “YouTube” brands because of past bad experiences. So for a while I just put myself in the mindset of “if I don’t see and try it in a store or in person I don’t want to waste money on it”. I’ve kinda been bored with makeup and not into for the past year or so, like it became not fun for me and I just stopped buying and trying new products as much as I had before bc what was the point? I just restocked what I needed, mainly bought skin care, and sometimes tried new things but they didn’t excite me. I missed the joy makeup gave me before so I felt like I needed to “redo” my collection to hopefully fall back in love with my favorite hobby, the brushes I had were all old and idk I just felt like my makeup was blah bc of it, so I finally decided to give morphe a try since they have a huge selection of inexpensive raved about brushes!! I’m honestly SO surprised with the quality!!! I thought out of the almost 60 brushes that I purchased I would really like and use maybe 10 tops, I thought I would be disappointed in a bunch of them and just use the ones I really like, but oh my god!! I swear I haven’t been this excited about a purchase in soooo long! Every brush I bought had a purpose I can think of and use for, even the ones that I initially was like eh or what the hell can I use this for?? Ended up my favorites!! (Mainly eye and brow brushes which I will show in the review) the brushes are all super soft and just great quality over all, idk if they just improved over the years or people were just being negative but I don’t know why anyone would trash talk these inexpensive high quality brushes.. Anywayssss..
So here is a round up of my favorites so far!!

E43 - is just basically a smaller E3 but today I used it for my cleaning up my under eye setting powder and then I grabbed it again to apply my highlighter very soft, and just feels like a high end brush.

E3 - I used it for a slight contour, I don’t like harsh contours on cheeks but this picked up the product just enough and the shape of it reallyyyyy just added the right amount of product in the right places!

E4 - a simple blush brush, but it’s so soft and picked up a small amount of product and applied the blush flawlessly to my face so it got a rank in fave face brushes so far!

E8 - I looooove small chubby round brushes, they are perfect for creating an “airbrush effect” in larger pore areas, I don’t really have large pores but when I use brushes like this to blend out foundation and powder around my nose/cheek area it creates just a smooth flawless finish and I have been needing a replacement for a Sephora brush I had for years that started losing its density and amazingness. This is a great cheaper alternative that is just as good!!

E41 - I have never applied my bronzer to my face so perfectly and quickly as I did with this brush, it picked up just the right amount of bronzer without creating the orange face look, applied it without scratching my face or leaving behind a bunch of fall out like a sorta similar sigma brush I have does!! Looove it!!!

M439 - I feel like every youtuber/reviewer/Mua and their mother has this brush and raved about it so I had to pick it up and try it out for myself. It really does live up to its expectations!! It gives a super full coverage even with a medium/light coverage foundation, I don’t always like to have fullllll coverage but when I do this brush will do the job! It does kinda suck up a lot of product, but not as bad as some other similar brushes I have. It’s super soft and you will have a even full coverage on in like 10 seconds with this brush.

M528 - I think I applied my Laura mercier secret brightening powder with this one, I can’t remember what I did with this brush but I threw it into my love pile and it doesn’t have any colored product on it so I think I just applied the powder with it. It’s super soft and can my used as a highlighter, or setting brush!

E - 18 if you have smaller almond shaped eyes like me YOU NEED THIS BRUSH and also the M501, and E36 but I’ll get into those in a bit, the E18 is absolutely perfect for applying a crease color into small spaces, it picks up as little or as much product as you need and is just a must have brush.

M250-0 - OHHHH myyyyy godddd!!! The eyeliner brush I have been searching for but never found, I always came close but it was either to thick, had stray little hairs, was too long, or too stiff, something was always slightly justttt off with other liner brushes. They were good, they did the job, but they didn’t make it as easy as this one did!!! I haven’t had this even winged liner in like two years I swear lmao. I always have one eye perfect and the other one is it’s less perfect twin, or they both just looked like shit and I eventually came to except the fact that a super amazing winged eyeliner was just not gonna be in my life, untillllll this beauty came in the mail today😭 it’s. Just. Perfect. I completed a winged simple cat eye that was as even as humanly possible for me in the shortest amount of time it ever took me to do it, idk if I was just running on adrenaline from finding a perfect liner brush or bc my eyeliner looked amaze on the one eye I did first lol.

M213 - You also need this in your life, trust me. If you are sloppy in your eye makeup technique or just want something to really tightly apply shadow to your lower lash line effortlessly, then you need this brush. Don’t even doubt it just buy it. Also for some reason it looks really big in the picture above but it’s a super tiny little smudger with soft bristles but it isn’t flimsy. Just try it, you will see.

M575 - when I first saw this brush I felt indifferent about it, it kinda looked too long to be a good blending brush, I usually liked “fluffier” blending brushes and this one looked to long and slender, but wow.. for my eye shape it was the perfect “precision” blender! You know how with fluffy blending brushes shadow tends to kinda go all over your eye? And if you have smaller eyes like me it starts looking sloppy really quick, but this really helped blend and diffuse color ONLY where I wanted it! Surprisingly amazing!

M501 - okay… This brush is the brush out of alllll the brushes I kinda took one look at and was like?? “What the hell am I going to use this for?? Maybe highlight?? Idk?” It’s really oddly shaped, tapered, slim, slender, weird… Looks like a useless little highlight brush if your really particular about where you want to place high light or if you’re gonna be doing an infants highlight lol. For some reason I grabbed this weird little brush and started using it as an eye blender and was SHOCKED it’s like this brush was made for my eyes, it diffused my crease color so perfectly, the tapered part went into my crease and just idk, it was magical. I blended carelessly throughout my eye and it just created the perfect eye look!! The problem I always have with blending my shadow is that I get a dark color too far into my inner eye, creating like a Natalie Portman from the swan lake ballerina movie effect if that makes sense, I hate the way that looks on me and this brush just effortlessly blended without dragging color into my inner eye corner. I feel like I have a difficult eye shape and I hate doing shadow bc of it. But not anymore 😍 M432 - this is a basic flat square brush, it’s great for the waterline but I used it to shape up my brows and it did a great job! It’s the perfect density and size to sculpt brows without adding a crazy amount of product to the area, it’s a must have in a makeup collection especially if brows are your least favorite makeup application like mine, my brows annoy me and a good brow day for me is rare because I have a giant scar through one which always makes the shape of it different then the other one. But today I’m having an amazing brow day and it took me half the time it normally would to do my brows with my new brushes :D M224 - another staple!! I had a Mac one that I used for years but it was starting to look raggedy, I use these brushes on days I have a blemish I need to cover and apply a bit more product, to sometimes apply foundation to my face before going in with a beauty blender, to shape brows, to apply a concealer from a pot to my under eye. I use these types of brushes as like product picker uppers and packers, it’s like a forgotten brush that is very useful but not as talked about by me because it’s boring but very much needed in a makeup lovers collection! This one has synthetic bristles and is overall really well made, I was expecting this one to be a super cheapie garbage brush, but it’s up to par with my Mac one when it was in its prime days lol. M160-1/16 - another brush I saw and was like this kinda looks terrible.. The bristles seemed to long and soft to use for brows, but I tried it today and it’s wonderful for creating a softer brow look!!! Like wow, it picks up a little bit of product so if you’re heavy handed with brows like me it’s a MUSTTTTT it applied my favorite brow powder to my brows and I swear it made my powder work and look better then ever, I used it in the front part of my brows and it’s just gonna be an everyday staple for brows. M413 - I feel like I judged all the brow brushes to harshly when I first opened my package, I thought these were gonna be the crappy brushes of my entire order which was fine with me because they were the cheapest so not too much lost I thought. This brushes bristles are FIRM like super firm.. And kinda long. Immediately I thought that it was gonna scratch my skin and pick up way too much product.. I tried it gently, and applied my powder to my scar and wow this brush is def a favorite, I just have to be light handed when applying! But it picked up product and applied it right where you put it, I then brushed and diffused the color with the spoolie. My brows look so refined but natural in combination with the M160-1/16 brush, I used the M413 towards the ends and middle. I think this brush is also great for people who like bolder brows bc of how easy it is to shape and apply product with it. Andddd lastly, for not at least! G20 - this brush is great for packing on shadow! It works great for my eye shape. I mean there’s not much to really say about it other then it does its job! I also like the gunmetal color, I got a few brushes from gunmetal collection but haven’t tried them out yet. The bristles are soft, the shape is perfect, the size is great. It can also be used as a concealer brush for blemishes. Overall I’m super happy with my order and I think it’s money well spent!! Sorry about the longgg post but I tried to sum up my favorites so far as best as I can. I haven’t washed these brushes yet so I don’t know how they shed or how they are after washing but I’ll keep all you updated!:)

This Means War

Juvia started it—he’d be sure to end it.

Series of short and silly prank wars/battles between Gray and Juvia set during their 6 months together.

Previous chapters: 1 2

Next chapters: 4  5

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When a snowball exploded against his bare back, he knew the fight was on.

Gray slowly turned around, eyes dark slits as he searched his surroundings for the culprit. She was somewhere in the garden, he knew as much, possibly lurking and planning her next attack or just as likely hiding as a friggin’ puddle, laughing to herself over her lucky one-shot victory.

But it wasn’t over yet. It had barely started. Throughout his childhood, snow was all he’d ever known. When he wasn’t moulding ice, he was moulding snowballs to lob at Lyon. They’d build separate snow-forts, mountains of frost setting them up for a whole winter of battles ahead, and when the battles began, there were no rules, no time-outs and certainly no walking away from combat. It was snow warfare and the pair would never give in until they were both on the ground, numb, bruised and battered—or until Ur intervened, refraining them from killing each other.

If anything, the snow was his territory and he wasn’t going to let Juvia get off that easy. He didn’t go through years of snowball fights with Lyon and Natsu to get his ass handed to him by her so quickly, damn it.

And so, Gray brought his hands together, fist striking into an open palm while his eyes seeked her out.

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Do you love witchcraft? Do you drink hot beverages? Are you a climate-change denier? Well then I have the perfect low-cost, high density kitchen investment for you! A heat-sensitive mug that reveals my glorious visage as you pour into it your hot liquid of choice. Let’s face it, this fiscal quarter was rough on us all, and with the Pope’s imminent declaration of sharia law, I know we could all use a break. So take a break! And buy this mug.
thank you

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gabriellaclaire  asked:

“What are your favourite brushes for creating a flawless and well blended face? (like foundation, blush, highlighter etc)”

Without the right tools your makeup isn’t going to look the best that it can possibly be. Good quality brushes are essential for creating a flawless face and the right ones should help make your makeup application process quicker and easier. Now good quality brushes don’t necessarily have to be expensive ones, in-fact some of my all-time favourite brushes come from the very affordable Beau-Make brand.

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Favorite affordable eye brushes. From left to right:

- Wet n Wild Crease Brush, $1. I don’t know how they do it but Wet n Wild has AMAZING brushes and this is by far my favorite blending brush. It’s so soft and perfectly domed for any eye shape.

- Sonia Kashuk Core Tools Brow Brush, $6. When I first got this brush I was a little disappointed if I’m being honest. It was the perfect thickness for precise lines on my brows, but I couldn’t use it with my dipbrow pomade because of the type of bristles it has, BUT it’s bristles work great with powder! On days when I use pencil and powder, this brush works perfectly.

- e.l.f. Cosmetics Eye Shadow Brush, $1. This is the only brush I’ve found to work for me when it comes to cleaning up my brows with concealer. It’s one of those essential brushes that my brush collection would be incomplete without.

- e.l.f. Cosmetics Concealer Brush, $1. This brush is super versatile, I plan on buying a couple more of this brush. You can use it to apply lipstick, it'a perfect for inner corner highlight, detail shading, glitter application, and of course spot concealing. It’s the do it all brush.

- e.l.f. Cosmetics Eye Crease Brush, $1. This is the best brush for creating cut crease looks because it helps blend in a precise area. Also great for blending out the lower lash line on smaller eyes.

- H&M Beauty Crease Blending Brush, $7. I haven’t bought any makeup products from H&M (yet) but as soon I saw this brush, I had to buy it. The natural hair and shape of it make blending so easy. It’s the perfect density for smokey eye looks. A word of caution: this brush is capable of fraying but all you have to do is be gentle when cleaning it, as you should be with all brushes, and dry it so it keeps its shape.

- Wet n Wild Eye Shadow Brush, $1. Another versatile brush! I’ve used it to apply and blend out concealer underneath my eyes, blend out eye primer, apply all over lid color or eye base. A simple brush that everyone should have in their collection.

Favorite affordable face brushes! From left to right:

- Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, $9. Super dense brush that I used to use for my entire face, but it was a little too small for that so it took a while to blend out all my foundation. I now use it for buffing in my under eye concealer, it’s the perfect size for that and it does it perfectly.

- Real Techniques Setting Brush, $8. Best brush for setting the under eye or applying highlighter to the cheekbones and face. A personal essential for everyday!

- e.l.f. Cosmetics Selfie Ready Powder Brush, $6. Although this says it’s meant for powder foundation, I use it with liquid foundation with no problem. It buffs in every thing with ease. I don’t like to use circular motions, instead I use dabbing/tapping motions so that the foundation covers my face evenly and doesn’t disrupt the baby hairs on my face.

- e.l.f. Cosmetics Contouring Brush, $6. I’ve seen similar brushes to this one that cost sooo much more. A little tip when using this brush with powders: less is more! The brush is super dense so it will pick up a lot of product. I would say this is better for cream contouring and liquid products.

- e.l.f. Cosmetics Powder Brush, $4. I’ve used this with liquid foundation but I’ve found that it soaks up liquids a lot more than powder. I use it to set my whole face with powder. I feel like other brushes only wipe powder on but it doesn’t really set into the skin so this is definitely my favorite.

Those are my fav affordable face and eyes brushes! Hope you all found these helpful, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.


Snow Day [A Reigisa Fanfiction]

SO IT’S SNOWING HERE AND IT NEVER SNOWS HERE AND I WAS SO EXCITED SO GUESS WHAT I DID I stayed inside and wrote snowy Reigisa smoochies here goes.

2700 words
No warnings except for cheese, so if you are lactose intolerant, it’s okay, that’s just a metaphor.


            "Hurry up, Rei, It’s gonna melt before you find the perfect pair of gloves.“

            "But I’ll require sleek enough gloves,” Rei stamped his boots onto his heels securely, “in order to obliterate you with my superior snowball technique.”

            Nagisa threw open the front door of their flat.

            “Ohhhhhhh myyyy goooooood LOOOOOOOOOOOOOK AAAAAAAAT AAAAAALLLLLL OF IIIIIT!!!!” he yanked Rei out the door by the arm just as he, luckily, had swiped the proper purple pair. Nagisa was too ecstatic to notice the evil grin behind his glasses.


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Fudge - DP

Jack Fenton had a soft spot for three things: his wife, ghosts, and quality fudge.

So when his beautiful wife brought home a tray of fudge with little ghost-shaped sprinkles on it, Jack was beside himself with delight.  Although Maddie was no where to be found, Jack settled himself down at the table and decided he would have just one little bite of fudge.

Just one.  The rest he would save to enjoy with his favorite person in the world.

He picked it up, carefully analyzing the dimensions and weight in his hand, noting that the fudge seemed to be the perfect density.  It was even slightly gooey in his fingers - fresh and warm from the confectionery.  He sniffed it like it was an expensive glass of wine, savoring the rich aroma.  Was that a hint of pecan and butterscotch?

Then, at last, he settled a small morsel onto his tongue.  He let it slowly dissolve, taking in the taste of perfection, his eyes closing, his shoulders slumping, and his body seemingly to go boneless with delight.

Never once noticing that the fudge… glowed.  It was a faint glow, but a glow nonetheless.  Although, to be honest, Jack would have probably eaten the fudge anyways.  Ectocontamination was a flavor Jack was starting to appreciate.

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