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Inspired partly by an episode of Arrow & the motorcycle scene in Civil War, I think if there was an enemy attack while Bucky was out with his infant child, he'd totally shield them in that classic baby carrier strapped to his chest while stealing a motorcycle to get away. Perfect amount of cute dad protectiveness and sexy Bucky in action!

honestly god help anyone that comes after his baby 

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Daddy Wednesday™

I know Yuuri and Victor are the perfect doting Dads when it comes to Yurio, but I have to give props to Yakov, this man really deserves all the awards.

Always trying to teach his kids some manners.

Has to scold them on a daily basis.

And the scolding…


TO STOP (the poor man).

Alway trying to be patient. And having to deal with his sons whims.

He is a worried Dad.


  • Yurio: Thank you, dad
  • Everyone: ...
  • Yurio: what?
  • Phichit: you just called Victor ‘dad’
  • Yurio: No I did not!
  • Victor: Do you see me as a father figure, Yurio?
  • Yurio: No! If anything, I see you as a bother figure, ‘cause you’re always bothering me!
  • Yuuri: Hey! Show your father some respect!

There’s men who only look good with short hair. There’s men who only look good with long hair.

Then there’s Sebastian Stan who looks good with ANY DAMN KIND OF HAIR.

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When I read this:

[Robin (1993) #165]

I wasn’t sure how I felt about Bruce just letting Tim go by himself.  I get that it’s about respect and that it’s Tim’s mission but at the same time Bruce didn’t know what was in there.  What if it was someone more dangerous than he thought?

but then I read this:

[Robin (1993) #166]

Bruce trusts Tim so much.  Tim is stretching himself thin but Bruce trusts him to tell him when things are too much and he needs help and he trusts him to make his own decisions.  He has to have some faith in him, show his faith in him, by letting him make his own choices and not pushing him away or being way too overprotective and driving Robin to quit or act on his own in secret (Dick and Jason).  

Bruce is trying to have an open conversation type of relationship with Tim and that involves letting him do things by himself.  Which is definitely character growth for Bruce.

(Don’t get me started on how Dick also trusts and respects Tim an incredible amount.  Also Jason of course at this time knew how competent Tim was.)

“Silly me, I thought I had it. I came so close this time…I knew your heart was plastic…Thought I could make it…MINE.”

So how about that good ol’ Shiro angst am I right? :V This reminded me I want to see more of Shiro dealing with his PTSD damnit the poor guy needs to deal with it because he really hasn’t had time to do it…? Also WHY HAVEN’T WE SEEN KURO THE EMBODIMENT OF SHIRO’S FEARS. BRING BACK KURO 2K17

Song: Bringing it Down - Starset

7 Years Shiro AMV