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Princess Diaries Appreciation Post

Reasons to love The Princess Diaries:

Anne Hathaway

Julie Andrews

Heather Matazarro


Mattress Surfing

Advice from Joe

Anne telling off jerks

Anne dancing

More Advice

LGBT Acceptance

The SOUNDTRACK That Includes Lindsay Lohan, Avril Lavigne, Pink, Julie Andrews, Raven Symone, and Jesse McCartney

Raven Symone

The Part Where Anne Says It’s Stupid That There’s A Law Saying She Can Only Be Queen If She’s Married And Abolishes It.

okay so im one of those people who sing random songs in the shower, okay?

so, during my shower today, i suddenly remembered a song from one of my favorite childhood movies, Oliver & Company, called Perfect Isn’t Easy.

So, i start singing it while i’m scrubbing my hair, and then i suddenly start laughing.

See, the reason i started laughing is because i suddenly imagined Lance from VLD singing that song while doing his beauty routine XD

It would fit him perfectly!!!

“Pretty is nice, but still, it’s just pretty! Perfect my dear, is meeee~!”

You cannot tell me you don’t see Lance singing that song.

I will fight anyone who says otherwise.



“I think that after the film starts, past the opening credits you’ll forget that it’s any of these actors…Fahadh Faasil or Nivin Pauly or Nazriya Nazim. You’ll forget all that and it will become Aju and Kuttan and Divya…”~ Dulquer Salmaan

the opening credits of Bangalore Days. 

The title montage of Bangalore Days was created by Rajeev Gopal & Jayaram Ramachandran with special crayon drawings contributed by producer Anwar Rasheed’s children - Aadil & Aditi. Personal childhood pictures of all three actors playing the cousins Aju, Kuttan, and Divya (Dulquer Salmaan, Nivin Pauly and Nazriya Nazim respectively) were gathered at request and photoshopped. It establishes both the nature of the relationship the cousins shared as children and the individual personality and back story of each cousin within the span of 2 minutes. Older photos of the actors playing parents were also photoshopped to create family photos.