the perfect caper


a comprehensive Lorraine set!

Stats (Highest to Lowest): Con - Str - Cha - Int - Dex - Wis

An unusual young golem from a quarry in the northern mountains. Imitating the human knights they saw, they took up the sword and shield, for CHIVALRY and JUSTICE!

They are lawful good, but their curiosity and naiveté can sometimes create havoc.

Their stone sword is rather dull, but their mighty stone shield can even reflect magic, making them a perfect ally.

twodrifters2  asked:

Hii! I love your page,it's amazing,you're doing great job!I love Audrey so much,she's my inspiration and I can't really describe how much I love her.I watched a lot of her movies,and one of my favorites are Roman Holiday,Sabrina,Funny Face,Breakfast at Tiffany's,Charade,but also there are some movies that I didn't watch,but I really wanna watch them(Two for The Road,How to still a Million,Wait Until Dark,Love In the afternoon),so can you help me which one should I watch first? Thank you

Two for the Road showcases some of Audrey’s best acting.  The plot is unlike any of Audrey’s other films and displays a rawer more mature side of her.  Albert Finney brings out the best of Audrey in this film.  She can go from playful to heartbroken in a matter of seconds.  The fashion, as always, is enviable.

How to Steal a Million is the perfect rom-com caper.  Audrey and Peter O’Toole are the ideal onscreen couple and their humor shines through in every scene.  Audrey’s collaboration with Givenchy may be it’s best and Audrey embraces the 60s mod fashions with elegance and ease. 

Wait Until Dark is a brilliant suspense-thriller and Audrey, once again, has the opportunity to truly show off her acting chops and dedication to her craft.  There is one scene in it that makes me jump every time!  She and Alan Arkin are perfectly matched.  The script is strong and so is the direction. I usually watch this around Halloween.

Love in the Afternoon is an underrated film in my opinion.  The age difference between Audrey and Gary is significant but Audrey is perfectly cast as Ariane.  She is innocent, sweet, and funny.  Her wardrobe has some of my favorite Givenchy pieces and it takes place in Paris and costars Maurice Chevalier.  If I’m being honest, I watch this film almost weekly.  It’s just the epitome of sweet and romantic.

I hope this helps with your selection process! Xo

This looks like a perfect caper for the entire Never Be Lawyers contingent, really. I mean, hey! A bear! BYRON had a bear. Why don’t WE have a bear? Are there even any rules against bears? *five bottles later* LET’S GET A BEAR I TOTALLY KNOW WHERE ONE IS *five hours later*  “all right, Combeferre, Joly, bear with us, we need some sort of sleeping dru–” “ THERE’S A BEAR. THERE’S A BEAR IN THE HALL. "  "Yes, we did SAY…”