the perfect blanket

anonymous asked:

but are you a top or a bottom?

I’ve always liked the top bunk because i’ve got long limbs i can get up there pretty easily without the ladder but also the bottom bunk is perfect for making blanket forts.

I haven’t made a blanket fort in years.


This is what a blessing looks like. 

Sorry for the late BNHA medieval animatic, the individual panels are too complex for my computer to handle so editing is impossible with my computer the way it is. I do still plan to finish it, but it’ll be a bit late since I need to buy a new core before I will be able to edit. I expect the animatic to be done some time next month

For now, here’s some line art I made a few days ago. I love bakugou’s cape its a perfect blanket for cuddling

So the square a day blanket is complete! It was meant to be a year’s worth but I stuck to 6 months otherwise it would have been massive.. (at least more massive than it is now)

It’s really heavy and smells lovely so it’s the perfect comforting blanket, giving off cosy and safe vibes.

I’m hoping to back it with some brushed cotton just so it has a nicer finish, but I may have to pay the tailor to do that for me as my sewing skills are pretty dire.

I reckon I’m well on my way to the victorian granny reincarnated as a 21st c girl aesthetic that I aspire to.