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day 22 - pacific rim au

Day twenty-two of the November Fic Challenge is a Pacific Rim AU! My one hundred percent self indulgent prompt for the list, I love PacRim AUs. Established Pepper/Tony with future Pepper/Tony/Rhodey, featuring the boys as Jaeger pilots and Pepper as a Shatterdome tech.

Tony and Rhodey share everything. They have no secrets, haven’t since they became best friends in the Jaeger Academy, and that’s even before they started drifting together. Tony trusts Rhodey with his life, and he knows Rhodey feels the same about him. So why the hell is Rhodey being so shifty lately?

“This is the third time you’ve pushed back testing our Conn-Pod upgrades this week,” Tony says, frowning even though Rhodey can’t see him over the phone. “What gives?”

“Sorry, Tony. I’ve just been real busy,” Rhodey replies, apologetic, and normally Tony would believe him, but Rhodey hasn’t said what he’s been busy with at all. “Next week we’ll get it done, I swear.”

“What if a kaiju attacks in the meantime?”

“Then we’ll test the upgrades on the fly. Stop worrying so much, Tones. Take Pepper out for dinner tonight or something. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Rhodey―” Tony scowls at his phone as the bastard actually hangs up on him. Fine then, if Rhodey wants to be secretive, Tony’ll just have to figure it out himself.

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Small Things (Great Love)

Author: Pikapegasus
Rating: general
Word Count: 2-5k
Genre(s): comfort, romance
Film-specific: no
Tropes: injured!pepper, worried!tony, protective!pepper, love declarations

Summary: Tony is a target for violence for many reasons. Pepper, meanwhile, isn’t sure which makes her more of a target: being the C.E.O. of Stark Industries or somebody who is close to Tony Stark himself, something of an “emotional attachment” or “Achilles’ heel.”