the pepper's

“No. It wasn’t 10 years ago.”
-Me, everytime I listen to a very old song from my bands

Fire 🔥 Joshy

RHCP honor Hillel Slovak on the 29th Anniversary of his passing, followed by a cover of “Fire” with original RHCP drummer, Jack Irons

RHCP - The Getaway tour
Grand Rapids, June 25, 2017

So, about two weeks ago I posted this and asked people if they would like a scanned version. Got lots of feedback, so here it is, at last! @chilipeppers

A kind request: please do not repost this without crediting me, as I paid money to buy this original print (1989). If you repost this on Instagram, please credit @sabineh87 ~ that is my username here as well as on instagram. Thank you, Fru fam! ♥ 

Yeoreum: Have I ever told you how much I love you and would do absolutely anything for you because you deserve the world?

Exy: …

Yeoreum: …

Exy: I’m not giving you any of my food.

Yeoreum: Pleaaaaaaaaaaaase.