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Everyday Bread

This is a perfect example of an easy bread that can be made every day. I mean, sure, it would be just as easy (if not easier) to use a sourdough starter, or to bake a large batch for several days in a row*, but if you are a fan of fresh, chewy, crusty bread every dang day than this is the one you want to use. This is the recipe I use whenever I need (or want) fresh bread for dinner. It’s easy. Seriously, it can be done in less than an hour. Plus it’s one of the best breads I’ve ever made, so there’s that too :)

*When one is involved in all the menial tasks to survival that we take for granted, sometimes we forget just what goes into ‘survival’. Peoples of Middle Earth would naturally have to work very hard, since not everyone can go on adventures and have everything taken care of for them. I like this little saying, even if it’s just household chores (leaving out planting, weeding, butchering, harvesting, thrashing, preserving, spinning, weaving, knitting, chopping firewood, etc.) I suppose I’m guilty of romanticizing the ‘olden lifestyle’; it sure sounds fun but if it came down to it I’ll stay in the 21st century, thank you very much.
“Wash on Monday
Iron on Tuesday
Mend on Wednesday
Churn on Thursday
Clean on Friday
Bake on Saturday
Rest on Sunday.”

Everyday Bread (printable)
makes two loaves

2 ½ cups (595 mL) warm water
2 tablespoons yeast
2 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon salt
5 ½ cups (660 g) flour
1 tablespoon olive oil


In a large bowl, mix warm water and yeast until yeast has dissolved.  Next add sugar, salt and flour. Knead ingredients together till it’s a soft uniform dough.

Now place a thin towel over the bowl with the dough in it and let it rise in a warm place for 15-30 minutes.

Preheat oven to 450° (232° C). Separate dough into two, and begin shaping dough into long loaves, and place on a baking sheet.

Make slits with a knife and brush with olive oil. If you are garnishing with herbs or cheese, do so now.

Cover the dough with the towel once more and let rise 5 minutes or so (the longer the better).

Remove towel, and bake for 12-15 minutes or until tops are brown and crusty.

Recipes adapted from Urban Strawberries

When you’re trying to fall asleep but then you realize that if you take The Peoples of Middle Earth as canon, both Fëanor’s eldest and youngest sons burned to death: Amrod because he tried to turn back too soon and Maedhros because he was determined to see the quest to the bitter end.


This is to prove to SOME people that we chicas can love it too and it is not just designed for lads!!

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Any details from the Peoples of Middle Earth you wish was in the published Lord of the Rings?

I have an immense fondness for the mushroom-hating Edain. 

More seriously, three of my favourite things are in POME:

1) the whole thing about the Rohirrim being secret Hadorians is largely self-serving nonsense the Númenóreans in Gondor tell themselves to choke down the loss of Calenardhon

2) the Stewards originated as a family of Sindarin-speaking Elrosian Faithful back in Númenor

3) Elrond preferred to identify with his Sindarin heritage, rather than Noldorin (though this is from “The Problem of Ros” which—sorry, friends—I’m mostly glad Tolkien rejected)

Nobody’s going to deny that, as it’s conventionally depicted, Middle-Earth - the setting of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings - is awfully monochrome. In art, basically everybody is drawn as white, and all major depictions in film have used white actors.

When this state of affairs is questioned, the defences typically revolve around “accuracy”, which can mean one of two things: fidelity to the source material, and the internal consistency of the setting. Being concerned primarily with languages and mythology, Tolkien left few clear descriptions of what the peoples of Middle-Earth actually look like, so in this case, arguments in favour of the status quo more often rest on setting consistency.

Of course, we need hold ourselves neither to fidelity nor to consistency - the author’s dead, and we can do what we want. However, what if I told you that there’s a reasonable argument to be made from that very standpoint of setting consistency that Aragorn - the one character you’d most expect to be depicted as a white dude - really ought to be portrayed as Middle Eastern and/or North African?

First, consider the framing device of Tolkien’s work. The central conceit of The Lord of the Rings - one retroactively extended to The Hobbit, and thereafter to later works - is that Tolkien himself is not the story’s author, but a mere translator of writings left behind by Bilbo, Frodo and other major characters. Similarly, Middle-Earth itself is positioned not as a fictional realm, but as the actual prehistory of our own world. As such, the languages and mythologies that Tolkien created were intended not merely to resemble their modern counterparts, but to stand as plausible ancestors for them.

Now, Aragorn is the king of a tribe or nation of people called the Dúnedain. Let’s take a closer look at them in the context of that prehistoric connection.

If the Dúnedain were meant to be the forebears of Western Europeans, we’d expect their language, Adûnaic, to exhibit signs of Germanic (or possibly Italic) derivation - but that’s not what we actually see. Instead, both the phonology and the general word-structure of Adûnaic seem to be of primarily Semitic derivation, i.e., the predominant language family throughout the Middle East and much of North Africa. Indeed, while relatively little Adûnaic vocabulary is present in Tolkien’s extant writings, some of the words we do know seem to be borrowed directly from classical Hebrew - a curious choice if the “men of the West” were intended to represent the ancestors of the Germanic peoples.

Additionally, the Dúnedain are descended from the survivors of the lost island of Númenor, which Tolkien had intended as an explicit analogue of Atlantis. Alone, this doesn’t give us much to go on - unless one happens to know that, in the legendarium from which Tolkien drew his inspirations, the Kingdoms of Egypt were alleged to be remnant colonies of Atlantis. This connection is explicitly reflected in the strong Egyptian influence upon Tolkien’s descriptions of Númenorean funereal customs. We thus have both linguistic and cultural/mythological ties linking the survivors of Númenor to North Africa.

Now, I’m not going to claim that Tolkien actually envisioned the Dúnedain as North African; he was almost certainly picturing white folks. However, when modern fans argue that Aragorn and his kin must be depicted as white as a matter of setting consistency, rather than one of mere authorial preference, strong arguments can be made that this need not be the case; i.e., that depicting the Dúnedain in a manner that would be racialised as Middle Eastern and/or North African by modern standards is, in fact, entirely consistent with the source material, ethnolinguistically speaking. Furthermore, whether they agreed with these arguments or not, any serious Tolkien scholar would at least be aware of them.

In other words, if some dude claims that obviously everyone in Tolkien is white and acts like the very notion of depicting them otherwise is some outlandish novelty, you’ve got yourself a fake geek boy.

(As an aside, if we turn our consideration to the Easterlings, the human allies of Sauron who have traditionally been depicted in art as Middle Eastern on no stronger evidence than the fact that they’re baddies from the East, a similar process of analysis suggests that they’d more reasonably be racialised as Slavic in modern terms. Taken together with the preceding discussion, an argument can be made that not only is the conventional racialisation of Tolkien’s human nations in contemporary art unsupported by the source material, we may well have it precisely backwards!)

Contrary to popular belief, Glorfindel and Erestor have not always been friends.  

They are too different, in every aspect of the word, to get along.

Glorfindel is the Golden Lord, Balrog Slayer, and Hero of Gondolin. He walks with the grace of Manwe, brings joy to the healing halls of Imaldris. Where he goes, life follows, flowers bloom at his feet and the sun shines bright above him.

He is talkative and social, a friend to all, and  a beacon of light and hope for the people of Imaldris—for the people of Middle Earth. People sing at his arrival , and hold feast in his honor.

Erestor is the exact opposite.

He is dark in spirit, sickly and pale. There are no songs or ballads sung of the silent chief councilor, only mournful laments and hateful sneers. Where he walks,  wallows follow, and the souls of his victims cling to his mind like beggars to coins.

He is the murderer, the Kinslayer. He limps with Mando’s breathing down his back, and with Melkor sitting on his shoulder. He brings sadness to halls of Rivendell. Brings agony and anger.

His only friend is Elrond, if he doesn’t count the books.

And Elrond teams them together for that very reason.

So that Erestor can be forgiven, and so that he can allow a sliver of happiness into his life.

So that Glorfindel could hurt, so that he could lose his “happy” front, and so that he could feel.

It isn’t easy, sorting out their differences, and they understand very little of why they have been made to work together.

 Why does Erestor have to work with a man who hates everything he is, and why must Glorfindel be civil to a Kinslayer (though the word Kinslayer never makes it out of his mouth, not when Elrond looks at him with a raised, irritated eyebrow).

As expected, their friendship starts slowly.

It’s nothing but long stretches of silence while they pour over reports, or grunts as Glorfindel hands an inkwell to Erestor.

Things change when Erestor comes to work with his sleeves rolled, and Glorfindel sees the marks—the scars. And he asks, silently, if the councilor did those himself, and Erestor tells him yes.

When Glorfindel shies away from the fire light, tugging his hair instinctively, Erestor asks if it is the Balrog, and slowly, the Slayer nods.

A wall is breached, and normality is established soon after. They talk about their time in Valinor, talk about their love for Middle Earth, for the people—for Elrond.

Erestor, in his tales, brings with him a humanity to the Feanorians that Glorfindel never thought existed (which is only reinforced by Elrond who casually passes by, never missing the chance to sneak in certain quirks and  ticks the brothers had, and how he loved them all the more for it).

In response, Glorfindel speaks of Gondolin—of its hush-hush society, of the threat of death that hung over their heads had they dared to leave. Of the ruling family that walked with their noses in the air. He regrets what he didn’t to do save it though—what he didn’t do to save Maeglin.

Never did Glorfindel expect the Kinslayers and their host to be human. Never did Erestor expect the people of Gondolin to be monsters.

Another wall is breached.

Glorfindel makes himself at home in the library, and it becomes his hide away when he can no longer put on his joyful mask.

At the same time, Glorfindel helps Erestor mingle back into Elven society.

Together they heal each other, together they are there for each other, and over the years, their friendship only strengthens.

Lotor Season 3 theories and the Robot Romance Trilogy

There’s a lot of theories going around concerning what Lotor will be in Season 3 of Voltron.  The hilarious thing is that all these varying portrayals are competing for each other for attention with nothing to ground themselves on.  But I see a lot of the theories, purposefully or not, reflecting ideas from one of the oldest classics of the super robot genre, and a major influence on Voltron (to the point where many a fan viewed GoLion and Voltron as ripoffs), the Robot Romance trilogy.  What often gets lost in the shipping discourse is that Voltron is essentially serving as a massive homage to super robot shows from Mazinger Z to Gurren Lagann.

The short version is that the Robot Romance Trilogy were three shows released by Sunrise during the 70′s with the explicit goal of making giant robot shows that had more complicated plots than being 22 minute toy commercials.  Specifically, the Lotor theories come from the latter two shows, Choudenji Robo Voltes V and Tosho Daimos.

Lotor is Keith’s half brother - Prince Heinel and Voltes V:

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Voltes V is the story of three brothers, who, along with the daughter of an Earth general (and a ninja, no seriously) and a cowboy (no, seriously), pilot their missing father’s greatest creation, Voltes V, against an alien armada led by Prince Heinel on behalf of his father, Emperor Zu Zambajil.  

However, midway through the series, it’s revealed by the returning father of the Go family that Heinel was adopted by Zambajil.  He is in fact, one of the alien Bozonians, exiled by the schemes of the current Emperor to deny him his position on the throne, at which point he took Heinel as his own son.

So if we applied that to Keith and Lotor?

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Keith and Lotor, with the same mother, but clearly different fathers.  A mother, who through her, gives them both legitimate claim to the empire.  A current Emperor, who steered the Galra towards being conquerors and has done everything in his power to ensure no one has the claim to usurp his throne.  And a son, who, like Heinel, realizes the issue at play, but is too loyal to his father and the empire to betray them.  It doesn’t hurt that Keith’s new personality is no longer the calm leader of the 80′s, but he now runs on HOT BLOOD AND RAGE at almost the same levels as Kenichi Go did in Voltes.

It makes for quite the dynamic, doesn’t it?

Lotor is Allura’s sister - Richter, Erika, and Daimos

Showrunner Lauren Montgomery, when discussing Lotor at a panel a few months back, joked that it would be funny if they went full Tenchi Muyo in re-imagining Lotor and Allura’s dynamic from the old one of Lotor wanting to marry Allura.  Essentially, that they would be brother and sister.  Well, this is also the exact dynamic used in Tosho Daimos.

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Daimos is quite different from the other two Robot Romance trilogy shows in that well, it is a romance.  So much so that the boys that watched it often suspected it of being director Tadao Nagahama’s testing ground for ideas later found in Rose of Versailles!

Anyway, the dynamic here is that the survivors of the destroyed planet Baam journeyed to Earth in order to essentially purchase land for their now homeless people.  Unfortunately, during the middle of negotiations, the Earth delegation was framed for the murder of the Baam’s leader, Leon, and in an act of revenge, his son Richter leads a campaign against Earth to essentially Kill All Humans.

Naturally, the only defense against an alien armada and its giant monsters is the giant robot Daimos, piloted by Kazuya Ryuuzaki using a motion capture control system that lets the karate champion move the giant robot like a second skin.

In the midst of all this, Richter’s sister Erika, believing that she was responsible for the death of an Earth delegate by accident, goes to work as a field medic, but ends up in a catastrophic accident where she loses her memory.  She then ends up meeting Kazuya and the two fall in love.

Richter is NOT happy about this, seeing Erika as a traitor and duty bound to get revenge against Earth, even though he’s being manipulated by the man responsible for his father’s death. People on both sides of the conflict are not pure evil nor pure good, a fact that the star crossed lovers soon find.

So if we were to apply that to Voltron?

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What if Lotor and Allura were half siblings, or even if Lotor isn’t truly Zarkon’s son, but an adopted son from Alfor?  Naturally, Lotor believes Allura should return to the Galra empire and stop running the way his disowned father had done, and views her gathering of the Paladins as an act of treason not just against the Galra, but against him as a family member?

Or if you really want to complete the dynamic, what if Lotor saw his sister fall in love with a half-human, half-Galra, and decides that the only way to end the war, end Voltron, and bring Allura back into the fold is to kill the human/Galra who may or may not have stolen her heart?  

Again, these are random ideas based on the shows that influenced Voltron’s forebearer in GoLion.  They could go in a completely different direction and just make Lotor completely like Sincline in GoLion.  After all, they are on Netflix.  They could get away with it.

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They had begun to forget: forget their own beginnings and legends, forget what little they had known about the greatness of the world.

It was not yet gone, but it was getting buried: the memory of the high and the perilous. But you cannot teach that sort of thing to a whole people quickly.

—  J.R.R. Tolkien, Unfinished Tales of Numenor and Middle-earth

So this was totally suppose to be for Valentine’s Day but I just got around to finishing it lol! 

A little comic (?) about Ulmo cause seriously he’s like the coolest. Constantly helping out people of Middle Earth when he could. Obviously wasn’t able to stop a lot of horrible things that happened but still he was like the most active of the Valar. 

And also since it was for Valentine’s Day this was just kind of for everyone and especially all you single peeps, to celebrate all kinds of love and not just romantic cause you really don’t need romance in your life to be happy. 

So I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and a good weekend. Thank you to all my awesome friends (especially The Company you know who you are), followers, and people in general who support my art by liking and reblogging. UuU 

You’re all wonderful <3

P.S. I’m sure there’s a lot of grammar mistakes so forgive me for that. Grammar isn’t my forte ;w;


They were clothed in the bodies of old men, restricting their powers so that they would only assist to the peoples of Middle-earth and not seek domination like Sauron, who was also a Maia. By inhabiting the bodies of Men they were ordered by the Valar to assist the people of Middle-earth through persuasion and encouragement, not force or fear. Being clothed in the bodies of Men they also became susceptible to all the weaknesses of a physical body, they felt hunger, pain, greed, sorrow, joy, and all other emotions and pains of Men.

While a young Elros usually keeps his hair short due his fascination with men, he originally got the hairstyle from Maedhros. He was the only elf Elros had ever seen who had kept his hair short, like men. And since he was a child, Elros had been taken aback by it.  

When he was little and asked Maedhros why he’d worn it like that, he simply told him that because he was  the only redhead elf in all of Middle Earth, people often tried to steal his hair, and he cut it to preserve it.

It’s when Elros gets older that he realizes that Maedhros started cutting it short after his time in Angband, when it was repeatedly  pulled by the orcs. Not only that, but Fingon’s death played a role in it.

Elros wears the style with more reverence after learning that.

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Theory: all of the Maiar in Arda are Melkor's.

Okay I’ve been putting this off because ouch, but here we go (list from here, may not be complete):

Arien Was one of the attendants of Laurelin before it was destroyed. Was also one of the few beings Melkor was pants-wettingly afraid of. So how, exactly, did he get at the tree unless they were in cahoots? (we are going to ignore the ‘ravish’ draft because fuck off)

Aiwendil (Radagast) Was supposed to hold watch against the shadow growing in Dol Guldur. Did not actually do this even slightly, allowing Sauron (Melkor’s BFF) to regroup and launch a renewed assault upon the free peoples of Middle Earth. Clearly evil.

Alatar (one of the Blue Wizards) “Their task was to circumvent Sauron: to bring help to the few tribes of Men that had rebelled from Melkor-worship, to stir up rebellion … and after his first fall to search out his hiding (in which they failed) and to cause [?dissension and disarray] among the dark East.“ Good fucking job guys, you sure did keep all those oliphants out of the war. Assholes. 

Curumo (Saruman) Came to serve Sauron who, in turn, served Melkor. 

Eönwë Was blatantly evil. Check out his list of deeds:

  • Had the opportunity to arrest Sauron and…didn’t, leading to everything awful that happened in the Second and Third Ages. 
  • Played a baffling game of keepaway with the silmarils to maximise collateral damage (”no you can’t have them because you’re horrible murderers- oh you’ve murdered more people? Yeah that’s fine then, take them.”)
  • Taught the Edain, who went on to become the Numenorians and, later, corrupt Morgoth worshipers, everything they knew. 

Durin’s Bane Like, duh. 

Gothmog Also duh. 

Ilmarë We know basically nothing about her except that she was bros with Eönwë. Suspicious

Mairon (Sauron) Literally the founding member of Melkor’s fan club cult

Melian Abducted and corrupted the king of one of the three kindreds of the Eldar and successfully kept him from offering any support during any of the battles against Morgoth. Created a realm of unfathomably evil sorcery in concert with Sauron. When her daughter turned against her and overthrew her (and so may all evil undo itself), peaced the fuck out rather than face any consequences. 

Olórin (Gandalf) Seems like a pretty good guy on the surface. BUT. Sauron is not the final arbiter of Melkor’s will (whatever he might think), and his overthrow, which Gandalf spent years scheming towards, is not the end of Melkor’s influence on Middle Earth. Gandalf’s machinations ended with the notoriously corruptible line of Numenorian kings reinstated and, barely a hundred years later, in the reign of Aragorn’s son Eldarion, we see the seeds that he had planted come to fruition in the flourishing of a new Melkor worshipping cult amongst the disaffected youth of the city. With all the Eldar neatly removed from the playing field, Rohan married into the fold, and Gandalf himself well out of the way - he learnt from the Akallabêth, even if Sauron didn’t - there is no one to oppose its rise. 

Ossë Does an ex still count as Melkor’s? Gonna say yes. 

Pallando (one of the Blue Wizards) See Alatar.

Salmar lmao who even is this guy? Apparently he made, like, the conch from Lord of the Flies? Well we all know how that ended. Clearly Sauron 2.0

Tilion Telperion was the elder of the two trees so why is the moon, its flower, so fucking ineffectual that it does absolutely nothing to hinder the movement of Melkor and his orcs? Cause Tilion is blatantly in league with him. 

Uinen had excellent publicity and used it to draw her husband, corrupted by Morgoth, back into the fold where they could both act as spies. Killed many of the Noldor when they crossed to Beleriand, under the guise of grief for the slain Teleri. Revered by the Numenorians who, of course, also revered Melkor. 

To me one of the most tantalizing lines in HoMe is this passage from the “Last Writings” chapter in The Peoples of Middle-earth:

That Olórin, as was possible for one of the Maiar,  had already visited Middle-earth and had become acquainted not only with the Sindarin Elves and others deeper in Middle-earth, but also with Men, is likely, but nothing is said of this.

The last words were later amended to “nothing has yet been said of this”, suggesting Tolkien was thinking of actually writing something about Olórin’s early adventures in Middle-earth; but in the event he passed away within a year of writing this note and the idea never came to fruition. Possibly he intended to give Gandalf some role in the Silmarillion, much as he had already done with Galadriel; but that version of the Silm, alas, will never be seen.

IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! You know what that means! 

A Long Anticipated Thank You Party!!

         Instead of having you guys praise me on my birthday, I want to praise you! I feel so incredibly lucky and I have been so blessed to have gotten to know you guys and I’m incredibly grateful for the support and love you’ve given both me and Créa, it means the WORLD to me! The Tolkien fandom has been so kind and amazing, and I’m so thankful to be apart of it and spend yet another year of my life writing with all you wonderful people. Here’s to many more years spent in the world of Middle-earth!


@telcxntar​ / @nalkhith​: Dearest Seb, to the person who has probably influenced my writing and Créa the most: I want to thank you, fully and wholeheartedly, for being such an amazing partner, though we only wrote for a few short months (it hardly feels like that at all, does it??)! Your writing inspired me to shape my own style though I could never write as well as you. You listened to my dumb ideas and encouraged them, and you helped bring out an entirely new side of Créa I never knew was there, and you helped create a verse in where she lives- which is now my absolute favorite verse, and one I pretty much consider her main. Thank you so much for being an amazing rp partner and a wonderful friend, though I pester you a lot. I hope someday we’ll write again, and if you ever come back, Créa will be patiently waiting for your smelly rangers return <3. And a bath will be ready for him too.

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         To all those I love rping with, to those I haven’t before, and to those I simply read on my dash in no particular order– THANK YOU! I love you all! <3 You all have been so wonderful and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next year with you guys!

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