the peoples key

Albus Severus, the name isn’t about forgiving. It’s to honor and pay respect to two key people who gave so much to win the war. If they had lived, I believe Harry wouldn’t have named his kid after them. Harry wants to respect the sacrifice they made, as the public will rip these men name’s apart. The name is to pay honor to sacrifice they made to win the war.

Indie party playlist 🎉🎉

Pay the man - Foster the people
Ready for the floor - Hot chip
Do you want to - Franz Ferdinand
Good grief - Bastille
Joy ride - The killers
Silvertongue - Young the giant
Love me - The 1975
Shut up and dance - Walk the moon
Dancing shoes - Arctic monkeys
Dead and gone - The black keys
Let’s dance to Joy division- The wombats
Young chasers - Circa waves
Bad decisions - Two door cinema club
Olympia - Sundara karma
Juicebox - The strokes
Matchbox - The kooks
Skeleton boy - Friendly fires
Boyish - Hippo campus
Boyfriend - Coin
The less i know the better - Tame impala
My number - Foals
Fallout - Catfish and the bottlemen
J-Boy - Phoenix
Until we can’t (let’s go) - Passion pit
The moment - Tame impala
Run - Vampire weekend
My type - Saint motel
Fever - The black keys
Down and out - The griswolds
Bad bad bad - Lany
Loyal blood - Night riots
Heads will roll - Yeah yeah yeahs
The sound - The 1975
Handshake - Two door cinema club
You only live once - The strokes
Life itself - Glass animals
Work this body- Walk the moon
Time to pretend - MGMT
Naive - The kooks 
Don’t stop (color on the walls) - Foster the people 

You can listen and follow this playlist here:

anyone who dissociates semi-constantly, please avoid traditional mindfulness

I have now been told by two mental health professionals in two days that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES EVER am I to practice traditional Mindfulness exercises

Apparently ‘feeling like I’m dissolving’ and also that ‘I’m rising out of my body’, and being passing-out-exhausted afterwards, are all the complete OPPOSITE of what’s meant to happen

Who knew???

But seriously - this is something that apparently happens to people who are low-key (or not so low-key) disassociating semi-constantly, and is really really not good for you. So if you’re one of those people, like me! then there are other forms of mindfulness that may be more appropriate for you - specifically touch/sensation based, rather than the guided-thinking, breath- and sensory-focusing exercises that make up traditional mindfulness programs/exercises. Talk to your local health care professional if at all possible. 

But basically, if you know you have issues with disassociation, and somebody recommends a mindfulness program to you, BRING UP THE FACT THAT YOU DISASSOCIATE. Because normal mindfulness can be super bad for you. There ARE apparently mindfulness programs that can be helpful, but they have to be catered to the disassociation. So.

Please bear that in mind, everybody.

Some songs to make a perfect playlist 👇

Fluorescent adolescent- Arctic monkeys
Machu picchu- The strokes
The sound- The 1975
Sweater weather- The neighbourhood
Kathleen- Catfish and the bottlemen
Best friend- Foster the people
Runaways- The Killers
Westside- The kooks
Time to pretend- MGMT
Take me out- Franz Ferdinand
Fever- The black keys
Things we lost in the fire- Bastille
Live this nightmare- The griswolds
Sun- Two door cinema club
Reflektor- Arcade fire
Distant past- Everything everything
Unbelievers- Vampire weekend
Inhaler- Foals
Emoticons- The wombats
Satellites- Mew
What a pleasure- Beach fossils
If I ever feel better- Phoenix
Aviation- The last shadow puppets
Trouble- Cage the elephant
Do I wanna know- Arctic monkeys
Islands- The xx
Joy ride- The killers
You- The 1975
Girls like you- The naked & famous
Howlin’ for you- The black keys
26- Catfish and the bottlemen
High enough to carry over- CHVRCHES
Naive- The kooks
Alien days- MGMT
Evil eye- Franz Ferdinand
Oblivion- Bastille
Horchata- Vampire weekend
Someday- The strokes
Awkward- San cisco
Prey- The neighbourhood
Greek tragedy- The wombats
Something good can work- Two door cinema club
Trojans- Atlas genius
Everything is everything- Phoenix

You can listen and follow this playlist here:

“Unless we’re talking heteronormativity and having to hide who you are in order to be accepted, because that doesn’t sound like much of a privilege to me.”

(Gifs are from A Little Bi Furious by @claudiaboleyn)

shinee goes grocery shopping


  • picked up a package of dubu and carried it around (”don’t talk to me or my son ever again”)
  • rotisserie chicken 
  • fried chicken tenders 
  • takes a sample, waits five minutes to casually walk by and take another one 
  • buys a pineapple to remember his boy pinee 
  • if lost can find him watching the crabs in the tanks 


  • smells candles until everything is just one indistinguishable strong scent and he has a huge headache 
  • pls no more chicken breast 
  • stress bought a whole chocolate mousse cake 
  • reenacting risky business in the aisles 
  • people are staring but what is shame???
  • uses most of his time choosing a body wash (”we are going to leave you here if you don’t pick one in the next three minutes”) 


  • buying fruit for juice cleanse and jam 
  • wallet is full of receipts and coupons 
  • actual coupon master. his total goes from $56.35 to $24.70
  • buys french baguettes and cheese to feel fancy 
  • another trip to the store, another pair of house slippers (he has too many for a person who has only two feet but this one is pink and has bunny ears so) 
  • ketchup 


  • avocados + bananas + protein powder 
  • buys all the practical shit like toilet paper and garbage bags 
  • helpful bagger 
  • lines up the shopping carts so well people keep asking him if he works there
  • doesn’t have the heart to tell them no so he helps customers get things from high shelves and stuff 


  • waits until he’s surviving off cup ramen to even go
  • puts random shit in the cart 
  • buys a jackfruit bc “it looks cool” but doesn’t know how to eat it so it’s just there… in the fridge… mocking him 
  • also never knows which groceries are his??? 
  • rides the shopping cart like a scooter (push, push, weeeeee)
  • makes direct eye contact with all the video cameras and doesn’t. look. away. security is v uncomfortable 
My (super honest) Take on the Moon Signs

Aries: Moody but energetic. Unaware of the other person’s feelings sometimes only because they’re total realists. Overall just A LOT of energy. 

Taurus: Calm and cool, very connected to family and somewhat cut off from people. Has witty moments and likes to make people laugh. Low key mean all the time though. 

Gemini: Very pleasant to be around, light and airy vibe. Can have very deep but also light conversations. Easy to get close to and will be there for you on their terms. 

Cancer: Brutally honest and if you’re good to them, they’ll be amazingly good to  you. Has very sudden mood changes that come as a surprise. Kind and caring to their friends (or acquaintances). 

Leo: Very egotistical and bossy. Has good moments and they’re very rare. Surprisingly hard to get close to. A little bit on the mean side. 

Virgo: LITERALLY THE MOST RESPONSIBLE WOW (maybe besides capricorn moon). Kind of a worry wart, and very analytical. Has a tough time with emotions. 

Libra: I know so many holy crap. Pleasant and serene vibe. I would say they’re both optimistic and pessimistic at the same time (depending on the situation one or the other). Really fair with everyone and tries to be a mediator. 

Scorpio: Has this struggle of wanting others to know them more deeply and yet won’t them. Quite creative and isn’t afraid of dark or mysterious things. Independence is a blessing and a curse with them. 

p: Sagittarius: Quite optimistic, (maybe) has an interest in other countries, travelling, or languages. Like Scorpio moon, independence is a blessing and a curse. Very intelligent but more prone to laziness. 

Capricorn: Uptight people to be around. Is very prone to negative attitudes. Probably the most responsible moon signs. Emotional matters are not their forte. Not a lot of sympathy for others. 

Aquarius: Truly doesn’t understand their own emotions. Especially when it comes to people. Astoundingly (no offense) has a lot of friends despite their emotional nature. 75% of the time they can be fine, other times they can be outright rude. 

Pisces: Supportive and sympathetic. Will be there for you thick in thin. A little bit out there, and low key lives in their own world. Lets people walk all over them unfortunately (only because they have a good heart). 


So basically, I’ve got a cool idea, and thought I’d share it with y’all. 

-The team has a tough mission, but they get through it.

-After the mission, the team is agitated and fighting over their next moves against Zarkon

-Lance sees a flaw in the plan and tries to point it out, attempting to keep his calm but not really

-He finally just starts shouting about why the plan is flawed because nobody is listening to him

-Keith and Shiro don’t see how those points are flaws

-Lance tries explaining, gets interrupted, starts fighting again

-Allura is just as pissed as the others are and says “If you aren’t contributing, leave.”  and Keith adds in “Why doesn’t he let the real fighter pilots plan?” Lance is shocked, offended, and leaves with a growl

-Coran follows Lance, discovers Lance angrily shoving his belongings in a bag and grabbing rations. He tries to console his angry boy, ends up helping Lance to a map back to Earth and a pod. 

- “They need to treat you like an equal. You are right about the plan having flaws, and if they are too stubborn to see it your way, then they will fail as heroes.” Coran the beautiful man gives cool advice

-Lance makes his way back to Earth, but is intercepted by a rogue group of alien fighters

-The rogues at first want to kill him and keep his pod, but then explore his psyche with their light empathetic abilities and think “Oh man this kid is emotionally destroyed. Let’s keep him.”

-One rogue in particular takes a liking to Lance and teaches him how to fight close range, use different types of guns, and even build his own weapons on the fly

-On the other hand, it takes the team a day to realize that Lance has left, and they can’t track him down. Coran points out why Lance left, but doesn’t tell them he is still in contact with Lance.

-Lance’s ‘adoption’ by the rogues has pleased Coran, and he hopes his fav paladin stays safe

-It’s been a year, the team can’t form Voltron nor can they replace Lance, because Blue had a hissy fit and refuses to take down her barrier because if Lance is still alive, then she don’t need a new paladin. 

-The paladins are tired and just want their boy back.

-Back to Lance, the rogues test on him (because they’ve never met a human and are genuinely curious)

-Turns out Lance has Altean dna

-They begin to train him into using the abilities his dna has given him (Such as growing taller and turning colors), this training teaches Lance more patience.

-Lance forgives the paladins for their mistreatment of him, but he likes fighting with the rogues better

-Lance is eventually sent into an undercover mission for about a month as a Galra soldier, learning their strategies and gaining intel for his rogue brethren

-Eventually, Allura has to go undercover as a Galra soldier in a large warship to shut down their power in hopes to aid the working lions.

-Lance and Allura meet, Allura is sad and starts freaking out while Lance shuts down the power for her and listens to her speech of “Where were you? We have been looking everywhere, etc”

-Lance promises to meet them again, and gives Allura coordinates

-The mission ends, and Allura is freaking out about Lance as she takes them to the planet that Lance directed them to

-The rogues are already there when the castle lands, and Lance directs them in the direction of a partnership.

-Lance and his alien bestie are touchy-feely, flirty, and cute to each other during dinner later that evening

-Everyone thinks that Lance and the alien are dating

-Especially Keith, who’s jealous and dismayed about the fact that his jerk behavior towards Lance is part of what caused him to leave and therefore leave Keith with no chance of getting Lance

-Lance starts flirting with Keith and Keith is like “I thought you and that rogue were dating, it’s bad to cheat you know.” 

-Lance is like “lmao dude he’s just my bestie, but I guess you were pretty jealous.”

-The idea finishes with Klance becoming a thing and Lance piloting Blue again with the rogues by their sides.