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Guess who is getting back in the saddle?? Like an actual saddle??

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That’s who. 

Yup, that’s right. I’m gonna start riding again, I have been out of the horsey world for way too long now.

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I’ve started advertising to exercise horses for people, and already have a meeting set up for next week. 

I can’t wait!! I can’t wait to smell the best smell in the world, @crushing83 and @hobbithorse19 know what I am talking about!!!! I can’t wait to be covered in horse hair and manure, lugging saddles and picking hooves. Winter trail rides. Soaring over a three foot jump…. I can’t WAIT!!!!!!

“why do you use crayola colored pencils and copy paper”

“why do you use ms paint and”

“why do you draw with a mouse and not a tablet”

“why don’t you use a good digital camera and not your laptop/camera phone”

“stop showing me a picture of an empty wallet”

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What the heck is a feral horse????? Do this like attack people or something?

So the southwest in general has this kinda serious problem with poorly-managed ranches where horses escape/get lost/get abandoned and run around the mountains and breed with each other and you get these horses that haven’t lived with humans for 3 or 4 generations and are only kind of domesticated.

They don’t go out of their way to attack people, but they’re not chill like regular horses that have been socialized to live with humans, and they REALLY don’t like dogs and might kick the shit outta you if you get too close.  99% of the time they just run away though.

The more serious issue is that they’re aggressive around any surface water, which discourages the native deer/elk/antelope form drinking, so they die, and they are also a major vector for a bunch of ungulate and livestock diseases.  But people get really pissy when the park service rounds them up and sells them off because sometimes foreign companies purchase them for meat/the whole “we should find homes for these animals!” Ok brenda u gonna feed this pretty much wild animal?

it’s kind of a huge mess.


just stumbled across this video showing a cavaletti exercise for pacey gaited horses

its interesting to me because ive only ever seen poles used at walk trot and canter but ive never seen them used with icelandic horses to improve the tölt?? idk i guess i just assumed that people dont really tölt over poles with icelandics so im not sure about this exercise

@madrivervalleyicelandics @islenskihesturinn @whythelongfacepals what do you guys think ??? yay or nay? is this a good exercise for pacey horses? i just wanna ask what you guys think bc i dont know shit about cavaletti work so i dont wanna do anything wrong lmao

Random horse fact: the reason that we mount from the left side originates from the military. Soldiers wore their swords on their left hip and therefore had to mount with the opposite side in order to avoid the blade getting in the way.

Possible unpopular opinion?

I feel like too many non-beginners are emphasizing “heels down” too much to each other.

Why do I say this? Because ultimately the goal should be to have your feet parallel to the ground. Too much weight in your heel leads to bracing.

How do I know? Because my trainer ended up having to tell me to pretend I was “wearing high heels” so I’d stop bracing, because my heels were too far down. Not any further down than many riders I see who are well past beginner stages of riding, if I take their word for it on how well they ride.

Heels angled downward leads to weight displacement into your heel, which leads to bracing your legs and into your seat. A flat foot should be your goal; not just “heels down!” all the time.

Please for the love of all that is holy do not bring religion in to the care of ANY animal. Horses have no concept of your ‘God’ and don’t know why they are going through so much pain. I can’t imagine something more selfish than this!! This is just as bad as the vegan that wouldn’t feed her dog meat because it 'went against her beliefs’. As an animal owner, take the damn responsibility and do the right thing and put the poor thing down!! It will only continue to suffer for the rest of its life 😡

MYTH LOKI-PSA!!! ( written with one hand at 5:30 in the morning)

Loki ( or rather Loke/Loptr/Hveðrungr) as in the original Norse god, was many things you might not know. Here are a few of them:

-gender fluid
-a mother

These things are not tumblr inventions, or Marvel inventions (both is fine on it,s own and I am a huge marvel fan, and I love tumblr etc). Marvel doesn’t acknowledge most of these points. This is the original mythology/Edda Loki.

Gender fluid:
He loved to transform and transcend between genders. He also practiced magic, which was seen as ergi/womanly ( Ergi might loosely translate as “gay”, in the sense of being “unmanly -__- . though Odin did the same and used magic, he wasn’t seen as ergi ). There are different accounts of him walking around as a woman for pure fun, enjoying male attention etc. - transformation was very much his "thing”!

Loki had a lot of sex, with any kind of living being ( and trees, and rocks 👌🏻). He didn’t care if it was man, woman or in between or neither. He was known to be sexually hungry, adventurous and daring. He had several affairs, casual sex and two devoted wives, over the cause of his life.

A mother:
Loki fathers children, but he also gave birth to officially one, but potentially more. In different versions of the myths, he might have given birth to a few of his monster children ( he is known as the “mother of monsters”).
They are most commonly told to be his giant wives children, but there are very old untranslated poems and stories where he is giving birth to a few of them. While that is debatable, he did birth Sleipnir the horse.
While people try to say Loki was raped by the stallion, the original Prosa Edda and early poems actually never say he didn’t enjoy being a female horse or the interaction with the stallion. It’s said that him sand the stallion had “such dealings” that he fell pregnant. That’s open to interpretation in my opinion. He wasn’t “raped by a horse”, he was a female horse himself at that point. If you see Loki as a cis male, it might feel odd to think he might not dislike what happens with the stallion. But if you know Loki was gender fluid and sexually very adventures, it’s suddenly a lot less weird or unimaginable. He might not have planned for that encounter, because he only wanted to distract the horse, but there is no real statement that he totally hated everything that happened. I mean, being in a mare-mindset and all? BUT it’s all up to personal opinion, and it’s fine to believe one thing or the other.

Loki as a giant ( or half giant) was most likely intersex.
The Jotnar of Jotunheimr were giants known to have both male and female genitalia, according to many versions of north mythology ( not just the Edda, but other myths and retellings too). They birthed an sired children alike, so when speaking of Lokis mother or father, it doesn’t mean them being male or female, rather if they had given birth to him or not.
There are different giants in the Edda with strikter gender presentation. But when it comes to the Jotuns/Jotnar of Jotunheimr, they were intersexual beings.
There are different versions of Lokis origin ( we ignore marvels silly attempt to make him Odins adopted son. They were blood brothers!), in some he is presented as a half-Jotun, in other just as a normal giant.
But half or full-giant, he was most likely just as intersexual as the other giants in the myths. Most likely!

These are some points people might not know about him. I researched a lot over the years, even talked to a danish Loki-expert who works with Viking museums in Denmark and Sweden. If you never heard of these things about him, please don’t just disregard these details about Loki and his rich history. It’s what MAKES him Loki.

Loki is a character that’s very often debated in depth, to the point where some people even debate if he was truly a Norse god, or if he was later written into the Edda by Christian translators to create a negative character like the devil/Lucifer. Or if he was real, but twisted to appear in a more negative light. ( I chose to believe he was an original character in the myths/religion of the Vikings, not a Christian invention )
But no matter what or who Loki was ( or is), he sure wasn’t a typical god. And I love that!
Got more cool Loki-facts? Please share!!!!!
Excuse typos, or that I didn’t post sources. This was a passion-post. Sourcing all the research I did for over 6 years, back before 2011, mostly offline , with experts/professors, as well as online, would mean I have to find really old links, scan books and articles I don’t have near me and call back people. HOWEVER, all this is 100% based on actual sources and not on tumblr or fan-canons or Marvel. I’d like to actually turn this into an article/master post or at best a video with sources and maybe even experts writing stuff for it. If anyone is interested in making this a group project - I have opened a Facebook research group for it! please join!   Facebook. com/ groups/ 255763984909514/

Please feel free to add to this, or correct anything you feel was left out or presented incorrectly (if you DO please SOURCE your claims!). I mean no offence to anyone with this post, it was written out of love for the subject. I don’t mean to offend anyone believing otherwise, or like whatever religion etc. But this is my religion too, and I identify strongly with Loki because of all these facts that make him so appealing to.
Also just to note, I am aware that Loki isn’t like “a cinnamon roll” or “a cute bae” that needs saving, etc. I don’t try to make him look good or use him for my personal agenda. This is my personal inclusion from years of research. I want to source all my claims, but for that I need time. again, if you have sources for other cool facts, or for the things I’ve stated, please share share share!