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Do you ever get hate? If yes, how do you deal with it?

I tend to get constructive criticism quite often and I’m ok with that since people are usually very respectful and polite but every now and then I just get very rude and mean asks/messages telling me that this or that sucks about my art or that x piece looks like crap.

Tbh whenever I get hate I just delete the ask/message immediately after reading it. 

I used to always let negative messages affect me. Every word would get to me and be stuck in my head the entire day but you know what? You always have to remember that people have different opinions and taste and it’s impossible to please everyone so .. just ignore haters. Don’t let their words affect you and keep on doing what you love :)


I walked into my partners band rehearsal last night and they stopped what they were doing and immediately said I looked Absolutely gorgeous and honestly? What kind of validation

So I have Best Stuff First off, but I still think it’s applying to my dashboard. Or at least, that my dash is a lot more dead than it should be . I refresh my dashboard after like 5 minutes and there are only like 3 more posts above what was at the top of my dash the previous time. Anyone else having this problem?

Listening to baby Zelo’s HOWLER, dancing sloppily at 3AM while smiling like a proud mom…

Ps. No. He isn’t following JB’s trend nor is he inspired by JB’s cover of Despacito. He also isn’t cashing in on the said trend nor is he trying to be relevant to the American people who idolises JB.

Zelo has been talking about liking and loving Latin and Latin inspired music since last year. Both him and Bbang has been learning Spanish for some time because they love the culture and the language itself. The maknae has, also, always been vocal about how much he loves J Balvin. So I really don’t get how some people keep on insisting things that aren’t even remotely true.

The amazing track the kid has put out is free. Let yourself enjoy it and try not to taint it with your delusions that everything is western artists’ influence and everyone is after your country’s audience share and money. Okay?

I think we should all strive to keep a deed which is something we only carry out with our beloved mothers.

Like I occasionally sit with her and we just go through a few pages of Qur’aan, not so that I can test her or even teach her, rather it’s something I realised that she admires. One of the best things about this is that it’s improved our relationship, and rightly so, with the rememberance of Allaah, two hearts can increase in love for one another and become much closer.

Also if she is to pass away before me, then it’s things like this that I’ll forever remember; everytime I recite, she’ll come to mind and I’ll make duaa for her and from the acts the benefit the dead is that they have a child who makes duaa for them after they’ve left this dunya.

Or if I was to pass away before her, then I know whenever she recites Qur’aan, she’ll remember me and make duaa for me and what more can a dead man ask for, other than his precious mother to make duaa for him?

So you see, it doesn’t have to be anything huge, just a little deed between you and your mother and you’ll witness the fruits of this in this life and the next In sha Allaah.

so about likes and reblogs

loads of people say “likes don’t do anything, you should reblog a content creator’s work if you really want to help them.”

i personally feel this is utter horseshit. yes reblogs are great, but saying “likes don’t do anything” is stupid.

we can all agree that reblogs are better than like, but likes DO ALSO serve a purpose: they let a content creator know that their work is appreciated.

moral of the story: likes are not useless, they just serve a different (non-publicity-based) purpose, thank you for your time, this was written by an idiot.

y’all: send me a user’s URL and i’ll tell you what i think of them

me: i accidentally type my friends’ real names into the search bar when i am looking for their tumblr and also i know people better by their icons than their urls

my dash is dead

Hey guys! So I follow over 250 blogs, but recently my dash has gone quiet, so I want to boost the amount I follow to 400 maybe. So if you post any of the following, reblog this post! If you want to follow me then that’s also cool, but I’m not bothered if you don’t.

-harry potter

-doctor who

-star wars


-z nation

-american horror story

-if you post any edits

-or just have an aesthetically pleasing/vintage vibe blog

If we’re mutuals but you know of blogs I should be following, then also please reblog to signal boost, thank you!

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Unpop. Opinion: the phandom is like, really great??? I mean we have our ups and downs but it’s the best community I’ve ever been apart of tbh

I can only speak for my experience but agreed ?? I’ve been in fandoms that are WAY more toxic than this one and for the most part what I see on my dash is people being supportive of each other and enjoying things together ?? there is a culture of blaming people whenever something goes wrong (like the tour being leaked) and hating on people for speaking out against problems (read: racism) but overall I’ve seen far, far worse.

send in unpopular opinions and i’ll agree/disagree

Growing increasingly tired of seeing the same shitty group of people lunging for throats and now publicising drama that should relate only them. If it effects the community, fine. But if you’re outting personal information about people that you felt personally wronged you…

Don’t start a witch hunt to get back at them. Just let it go. They aren’t your problem anymore.