the people setting it up at burning man were probably the only people wearing pants

The Kindness of Strangers

Square Filled- In heat

Rating- Explicit

Tags- Alpha!Sam x Omega!reader, being in heat, dom/sub undertones, smut

Word Count- 2800ish

A/N: For @spnabobingo. The reader is in heat and needs an Alpha to take care of her. Hope you enjoy! XOXO

Everyone is downstairs, trying to catch a glimpse of anything happening inside Mrs. Miller’s apartment. You feel bad, you really do. No one deserves to be murdered, let alone in their own home. And the fact that it seems to be a completely random, nonsensical murder in your apartment building is unsettling.

But you can’t join the rest of your neighbors outside her door, peeking in over the caution tape and straining their ears to hear the police talk. Not when you’re sweating and cramping and curling your toes at a very ill-timed heat.

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Kiss It All Better

Requested: “A fluffy soulmate au with Jacksepticeye/Sean where the only way for scars to disappear is for your soulmate to kiss them, and reader was caught in a housefire years previous and is covered in burn scars and she asks him to get rid of them.”

Fandom: Jacksepticeye

Pairing: Jacksepticeye/reader

A/N: I tried on this one, but it’s still not all that good. I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting! I’ve been dealing with stuff lately but I’m feeling inspired now so hopefuly I can keep the ball rolling. I hope you all enjoy!

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            You smiled at yourself in the mirror, hoping to rid yourself of your unpleasant nerves and gain some confidence. Today was your fourth date with Sean and you wanted to look perfect.

               You and Sean, or Jack, met at comic con. He had bumped into you when he was running around aimlessly from the unlimited energy he seemed to have. He apologized as soon as he realized what happened and that was when you recognized him. He seemed to recognize you from your own small YouTube channel and you both hit it off. You kept in touch ever since and when he texted you saying he was going to be in L.A. for the next month, you both decided to go out. One date turned into two and two into three. Soon you had been seeing him more in face than you did with most of your other friends over skype.

               The only downside to this was the condition of your body. When you were very young, maybe four or five, your apartment building caught on fire. Your parents tried to get you out to the best of their ability but you lived on the fifth floor. By the time the firefighters had made it to your apartment, you and your parents were badly burned. You’d had ugly scars all over your body ever since. Your parents were able to get rid of their own by kissing them away. They were soulmates after all.

               It took a long time but your father had managed to save your mother from the judging eyes of society by kissing away every scar. Your mother returned the favor. You were left with an ugly body, though. You didn’t have a soulmate with you then which meant you would have to live with the discolored and rippled scars that covered your body from head to toe. Nearly half of your face was burned in the fire but you managed to hide those scars with makeup. The others scars, like the ones on your stomach, arms and legs, were hidden with your clothing.

               “Aren’t you hot? It’s like a thousand degrees out here and you’re wearing a hoodie, scarf and pants!” Jack exclaimed as you both walked down to a nearby coffee shop. You pulled your sleeve down further.

               “No, I’m used to it.” You responded casually. Jack gave you a skeptical look but you ignored it, pointing out that you both had reached your destination.

               Jack walked to the counter and ordered what you liked while you grabbed a table. He had learned a lot about you over the one year that he had known you for. It was charming how he remembered everything you told him.

               Jack plopped down across from you in your usual booth and you struck up a conversation. It changed every few minutes from YouTube to the Game Grumps new dating sim to your daily lives. Jack gave you such a bright smile that made your heart melt. You forgot all about your deformities when you were with him.

               “Here are your coffees.” A barista set two large cups on the table and you each took your preferred drink. You sipped them in comfortable silence.

               “Hey, uh,” Jack began after licking coffee off of his lips. “I’ve got a question.”

               “Shoot.” You said, giving him playful finger guns.

               “Why do you always hide your body? I mean, you always wear scarfs and jackets with pants and hoodies. Hell, you wear leather gloves.” You looked at your hands and appearance. He was right, you always wore clothing that was much too warm for L.A.’s even warmer weather. Many people asked you if you had had a heat stroke.

               Jack was a good man and he deserved to know the truth. You knew this but you didn’t want him to see you differently. You had managed to hide this from him for so long and you were still unsure if you wanted him to know about it. You had been in relationships before and usually when you told them about what happened, they left.

               “You don’t have to tell me.” Jack said once he noticed your hesitance. “I don’t want to pressure you into talking about something you don’t want to talk about.” You looked around the room, knowing that Jack had every right to know what was happening.

               “It’s fine.” You said, looking back down and staring into your coffee. “When I was little there was this fire in my old apartment building. It burned the place to the ground.” Jack gave you his full attention.

               “(y/n), wait. Are you sure you want to talk about this?” Jack asked. It made you smile whenever he sis this. Making sure you were okay.

               “We lived on the fifth floor.” You continued. “My parents did all they could to try and save me but it didn’t help much. It took a long time for the Firefighters to finally reach us and by the time they did we were all severely burned.” You pulled off your left glove and held your hand up for jack to see. “I still have big scars all over my body.”

               Your hand was covered in bubbly skin that felt as leathery as your gloves. As if on cue, all of your horrid spots throbbed and ached.

               “I’m not going to be one of those people that says they’re glad they have scars littering there body because I’m not. They don’t show that I survived, they just remind me of the darkest points in my life. I can’t tell you how many nights I’ve cried myself to sleep as a kid from all the bullying.” Jack looked to you with lidded eyes. You stared down at your hand, ignoring the stares from the people around the restaurant.

               “I-I’m sorry that you had to go through that.” Jack said. He took your hand into his own and looked at your scars. An idea came to him and he lifted your left hand up closer to his face before brushing his lips against your knuckles in a gentle kiss.

               You felt a pleasant tingle in the area that he kissed. Jack watched with astonishment as a circle appeared where he kissed your hand. A small light shined there and when it dimmed to nothing, your skin was clear, but only in the one spot. Your eyes widened in shock as you realized this was the same thing that your parents had done to each other.

               “You don’t think that…” You trailed off and looked back up to Jack in hopes that he would understand what you meant.

               “Come on,” Jack got up and held out his hand. “Let’s go see if this is what I think it is.”

               Jack lead you out to his car and opened your door for you. The whole ride was filled with excited talk about what you both would do if you were soulmates. You couldn’t help but feel that it was all just talk. Part of you kept saying, ‘don’t get your hopes up,’ but you couldn’t help but get excited. Jack held your hand the entire way back to his house, his thumb gently running over the new soft spot.

               Jack was shaking too much to unlock his door and when he dropped his keys for the third time, you decide to step in. You picked the keys up and quickly unlocked the door before pulling him inside and quickly shutting it.

               “S-so, uh, what now?” You asked as he sat you down on the couch.

               “Um, I guess I just kiss you.” He looked up to your eyes and blushed. “O-only if you want me to!”

               You giggled at his nervousness and nodded your head gently. Jack’s face broke into a wide smile and he picked up your right hand. He raised it to his lips and kissed your palm. You blushed and covered your face with your other hand, attempting to hide your embarrassment. Jack took your hand away and held it in his other one.

               “Look,” he said, “it’s working.”

               You looked down at your hand to find another smooth spot that wasn’t there previously. Tears came to your eyes from the realization that you had found your soulmate. The fact that you wouldn’t be deformed was like the cherry on top of the ice cream!

               “Woah! What’s wrong? Does it hurt?” Jack held your face in his hands as tears ran down your face. He searched your eyes, trying to find the reason for the waterworks. You simply shook your head and gripped his wrists to gently pull them down.

               “I,” a sob left your lips, “I’m just really happy!” You smiled at him and whipped your tears, causing you makeup to run. “I-I should probably get cleaned up really fast.”

               Jack nodded with a dumfounded look and pointed you in the direction of the bathroom. You quickly rushed in and began washing our eyes. You sighed as you looked in the bathroom and saw the disaster that was your face. You would have to wipe the rest of your makeup off to look relatively normal, but that also meant revealing more scars.

               Jack wouldn’t be put off by how bad it was, right? Half of your face was covered I scars, but he wouldn’t mind would he? He could just make them all go away. He would do that for you, right?

               “(Y/n)? Are you okay?” You jumped when you heard Jack knock on the bathroom door. How long had you been in there? You shook your head and turned to face the door.

               “Yeah, I’m fine. I just,” you sighed and gripped the door knob tightly, thinking once more, before opening it. “I was just thinking.” Your eyes slowly ran up Jack’s body before stopping once they met his own.

               “This is awesome!” He suddenly exclaimed. You jumped back in shock from the volume alone, not to mention the confusion you got.

               “Excuse me?” You asked, looking a little offended.

               “No, no! I didn’t mean it like that, I swear!” You gave jack a wary look before stepping closer. “I just meant that I could do this!”

               Jack squished your face between his hands and smothered your cheeks, eyes and basically everything else in kisses. You giggled at the fleeting kisses and tingling feeling they gave you.

               “S-stop it! Your whiskers tickle!” Jack began laughing with you, keeping your face squished between his palms.

               “You’re fuckin’ awesome.” Jack said before rubbing your smooth cheeks and giving you a passionate kiss. You kissed back with everything you had, feeling so much love being transferred between the two of you.

               “So,” You pulled away for a moment, “You got any booboos that need to be kissed?”


honestly i dont even really know how to begin this like??? i feel like i have so much to say it was just the best day of my Entire Ugly Life. im so honored i really am it was just the most beautiful experience ever nd also so funny lkafsfsa i can’t wait to share with you !! 

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Bend Heaven, Raise Hell

Characters: Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup, Zelo (OT6)+Side Characters

Setting/Genre: Gods!AU, Heaven and Hell!AU, Chapters

Length: 2061 words

Warnings: None

Summary: One Single Law can change how three realms work.

Chapter 1

CHAPTER 2: Wind, Water and Serenity.

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[Stop. Before you even scroll down any further to read this post, please read this. I’m writing this list for 3 reasons, 

  1. Someone asked me recently why I ship Johnlock
  2. There’s been a lot of crap going round with people, not everyone, just certain individuals saying Johnlock isn’t going to happen, how its hurtful, disgusting blah blah blah. (If you don’t think it is, brilliant. But don’t slag the shippers off, please. I know again, certain individuals aren't kind about certain ships but it’s not all of us). And then..
  3. Because I purely want to.

I don’t mind what you ship. I ship Johnlock, obviously. If you ship Sheriarty or Sherlolly or whoever and whatever else. Well done. I don’t mind. This isn’t something I want hate on or want to be accused of hating other ships. I know there’s other ships out there and I’ve tried to leave out as many points as I can that will go against other ships and people may find offensive. This is a Johnlock blog, so I shall write about Johnlock. Take this as seriously as you want. Some of the points are very vague. This took me a while so, yeah, I hope you enjoy and thank you!]

100 Things that make Johnlock believable

  1. John lends Sherlock his phone. This isn’t really a big deal I know but I wouldn’t even let my friends borrow my phone let alone some random stranger I’d never even spoken to.
  2. They have undeniable chemistry. You can’t deny that, whoever you ship. 
  3. This isn’t really a reason why Johnlock is believable it’s more a reason why people ship it. People are scared. If someone else comes into the Sherlock/John equation, (Molly, Moriarty even Mycroft), will it affect the duo? The flow of them both. Maybe. That’s what I think anyway.
  4. Sherlock can’t handle John’s girlfriends. Yes, he’s coping with Mary (sort of) (okay, lets miss out the bit where she shot him) but he’s jealous of her. All of the time.
  5. Sherlock didn’t have friends. Not one. John had barely known him a day and he was running around London with him. They have an instant connection.
  6. John killed someone for Sherlock.
  7.  Sherlock killed someone for John.
  8. They stare at each other. Constantly. 
  9.  Sherlock never denies him and John being a couple.
  10. John can manage to remember 30+ moans coming from Sherlock’s phone throughout the day. I can barely remember what I did 5 minutes ago.. 
  11. “People might talk”. That’s John’s only issue. ‘So what if you just stripped some of my clothes off. I only care that people didn’t see’. Maybe he didn’t mind it at all then, because no one saw. 
  12. Sherlock is back on drugs after John leaves him to go on his honeymoon, basically has withdrawal symptoms. John replaced the drugs, but then he left again.
  13. Sherlock is incredibly sad at the wedding. John choosing Mary to dance with him over Sherlock seems to push him over the edge and make him leave.
  14.  John is the only man to render Sherlock speechless.
  15.  Sherlock taught John how to dance. That’s not really a reason but it’s incredibly intimate.
  16.  Mark said the BBC version is mostly inspired by The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. In which Sherlock basically falls in love with John (incredibly cute, watch it). It’s probably one of the gayest adaptations.
  17.  Irene likes women, but she admits she fell for Sherlock. John is the same, which is basically what she’s saying.
    (John: “Who the hell knows about Sherlock Holmes, but if anyone out there still cares, I’m not actually gay”. 
    Irene: “Well, I am. Look at us both”).
  18.  Sherlock takes him to a gay club. He notices things. Surely he’d notice that. 
  19.  The drunk scene is so flirtatious it hurts.
  20.  "I don’t mind".
  21.  Sherlock came back to life for John. Came back from the dead. From. The. Dead.
  22.  The scenes in Sherlock’s mind palace are the places he and John had their first case together. Sentiment, obviously.
  23. They say you look for one of your parents in the person you fall in love with. Well Sherlock’s parents basically cosplayed them. 
  24.  "You. It’s always you. John Watson, you keep me right.“
  25.  When Sherlock’s solving cases with Molly, John’s voice is there, in his head. Always.
  26.  Sherlock stuck John’s head on a picture of the Vitruvian Man, which was Leonardo Da Vinci's representation of an 'ideal man’. 
  27.  "Bitterness is a paralytic. Love is a much more vicious motivator”. That’s why Sherlock shoots Magnussen for John. (I know I already mentioned this but I found a cool quote okay). 
  28.  Can’t believe I nearly missed the cheeky wink when they first met.
  29.  The moment at Angelo’s when Sherlock thinks John is hitting on him. Sherlock doesn’t get things wrong. 99% of the time he’s right. So when he thinks someone is flirting with him, he’s probably right.
  30.  John definitely takes a peek when Sherlock drops his sheet at Buckingham Palace. 
  31.  The hug at the wedding. We’ve never seen them hug before so it’s kind of a new step for their relationship.
  32.  At the pool Sherlock gives John a glance and John nods, knowing exactly what he’s thinking.
  33.  John makes him beg. Twice.
  34.  John forgives him. His best friend left him for 2 years, pretending he was dead and John forgave him like that. You’ve gotta love someone pretty bad to do that. (Even if he did tackle him to the floor.. and punch him.. though he did deserve it).
  35.  On the tube, in John’s last moments, he spends it telling Sherlock how much of a great man he is. 
  36. 'Not gay’ doesn’t imply he’s straight.
  37.  John was willing to get shot to take down Moriarty, telling Sherlock to run and save his own life. 
  38.  My best friend doesn’t point out my cheekbones.
  39.  The best man speech. Nobody could even imagine Sherlock saying anything like that but he said it all, for John. 
  40.  "Is yours a snorer?“. John kinda just gives up denying they’re a couple here.
  41.  John says he doesn’t like his middle name, though he exclaims it when he’s jealous over Irene and Sherlock. 
  42.  Sherlock says to Irene: "Why would I want to have dinner if I wasn't hungry?”, yet he does that an awful lot with John. 
  43.  Their lack of personal space is unbelievable.
  44.  John looks to see if Sherlock is wearing pants at Buckingham Palace under the sheet. Looks. At his crotch.
  45.  The look across the car park when Sherlock realises John shot the cabbie. 
  46.  Sherlock gets rid of John’s armchair, presumably because he doesn’t like seeing it empty.
  47.  Mrs Hudson had it from day 1: “There’s another bedroom upstairs if you'll be needing two bedrooms”.
  48.  “You're hardly going to need me around now you’ve got a real baby on the way”. Cries.
  49.  "Remember Redbeard? Don't get involved”, e.g. Remember the last time you loved and then lost.
  50. Sherlock acts more like the bride at the wedding then Mary actually does: 

    A) The photographer says, “just the bride and groom, please”, and he doesn’t even move.

    B) He’s the only person we see giving vows.

    C) He throws his flower to Janine (just like the bride would traditionally throw her bouquet).

    D) He taught John how to dance, which actual is quite a feminine role too.

  51. John looks extremely unimpressed that Sherlock has a girlfriend.
  52. Mary sort of acts like a romantic shield, as John in the third series seems more open to discuss relationships and his feelings, even about gay matters, for example when being searched by one of Magnussen’s men, he makes an innuendo joke.
  53. . “I don't understand, why would it upset YOU?”, because he cares Sherlock, duhh.
  54.  The determination Sherlock has to get John out of the fire, yes I know, this one could be seen as just a friend helping a friend but the panic on Sherlock’s face and the way he had no fear of burn marks or anything. 
  55.  In His Last Vow, John wakes up from dreaming about Sherlock, even though he was laying next to his wife.
  56.  I know I’ve already mentioned Sherlock shooting Magnussen but he does sacrifice his career, freedom and life to protect John.
  57.  Sue said to, "treat the music like a script in itself”, e.g. they play 'We Found Love’ in the background of the stag scene.
  58.  When Sherlock shakes John’s hand goodbye, he takes his glove off to touch his skin one last time.
  59.  "Since it’s unlikely we’ll ever meet again I might as well say it now…", I really don’t think that, “Sherlock is actually a girl’s name”, is what he was going to say. 
  60.  That scene (in point 60) was quite obviously set up to make us think Sherlock was actually going to declare his love. So it could happen.
  61.  The tears in Sherlock’s eyes when he’s on the plane, leaving John. 
  62.  Sherlock says the case (when they’re drunk) is 'touching’. He describes a case including same sex romance as 'touching’. That’s surely saying something. Sherlock doesn’t find many things touching..
  63.  Molly mentions having met Tom’s parents. Shortly after John meets Sherlock’s, however, he hasn’t (I know, it’s impossible, but still, my point) meet Mary’s. 
  64.  Sherlock says, “All the nice girls like a soldier”, to which John replies, “it’s sailor”. Did Sherlock slip up there on purpose because he likes a soldier???
  65. “I want to be up there with the two people that I love and care about most in the world. Mary Morstan, and… you”. Ouch. The feels. 
  66.  "Today you sit between the woman you have made your wife and the man you have saved, in short the two people who love you most in all this world", and now Sherlock hits me right in the feels too.
  67.  While we see Sherlock telling everyone how much he loves and cares for John, it’s interesting in the fact they don’t bother showing the ceremony between John and Mary. Not even a glimpse. 
  68.  John talks about Major Sholto in a way in which a lot of fans implied they used to have something going on. I think Sherlock thought this too as he seems jealous. 
  69.  "Oh, Sherlock! Neither of us were the first, you know". Even Mary can see he’s jealous.
  70.  John calls Sherlock, “nurse”. Mary is a nurse so can be seen as a parallel? 
  71.  The only two people we see John perform medically on is the man naked from the waist down at the clinic and Bainbridge, who’s naked from the shower. Two naked men. Coincidence? Hmm. 
  72.  An 'Elephant in the Room’ actually means, an obvious fact that nobody is pointing out. It’s mostly said when talking about someone’s sexuality, for example homosexual attraction. One of their cases is called 'The Elephant in the Room’.
  73.  In His Last Vow, in the scene where Sherlock brings Mary to the house and John is secretly there when Sherlock makes Mary identify herself, there is a shot taken from above. It clearly shows Sherlock at one end of the corridor and John at the other, Mary coming in between them.
  74.  Sherlock says, “I was waiting until we got married”, so obviously avoiding sex with Janine as marriage was never going to happen. Or maybe not avoiding sex with Janine, more the fact he didn’t want to have sex with a woman?
  75.  "I’d be lost without my blogger". Uses 'my’, basically labelling John as his own. 
  76.  John went out with many women, but only married one of them (Mary) when Sherlock was dead. Maybe if Sherlock was alive and hadn’t approved, like he did with John’s other girlfriends, the proposal may not have happened.
  77.  Before they met, John was a broken war hero and Sherlock was lonely and isolated. After they met, they both seemed to cure each other. They both became happy, especially being around each other.
  78.  If I had human body parts in my fridge, I’d have to love the person quite a lot who put them there to let them stay in my house.
  79.  Moffat said that John is, “infatuated and fascinated” by Sherlock. Sexually? Well, that’s your judgement I guess.
  80.  When John breaks up with Jeanette his (sexual, most probably) partner, he barely batters an eyelid, yet when Sherlock leaves, he’s affected, massively. (Okay it’s kinda different because Sherlock 'died’ but I’m promising you 100 reasons and I’m at 98 haha)
  81.  John had to trust Sherlock with his life, many times. He did it without even hesitating.
  82.  Sherlock healed John’s leg. Basically.
  83.  Not really a point but, 99% of the things done in Sherlock are on purpose. You don’t do things by accident on TV and they keep them in. The stares, the touches, the facial expressions. They are all there for a reason.
  84.  The stars scene. Where Sherlock points out the stars in The Great Game. I find that awfully romantic. 
  85.  Sherlock drugs him. It’s an awful thing to do but John practically, instantly, forgives him. 
  86.  At the end of The Hounds of Baskerville when Sherlock is laughing with John when John is eating, that look the innkeeper person gives Sherlock. It’s like a sort of knowing look.
  87.  "I asked you for one more miracle. I asked you to stop being dead”. Sherlock’s reply to that is the most sincere, kind and heartwarming way I swear we have ever heard him spoke (not including when he lies to victims haha) when he says, “I heard you”. You can hear how much he cares in just those 3 words.
  88.  Sherlock remembers how John takes his tea. John’s tea habits are more important then that the earth goes round the sun.
  89.  In Reichenbach, John punches a police officer just because they say something bad about Sherlock.
  90.  Sherlock says, “Alone is what I have, alone protects me”, but I think he soon realises he does in fact need John by his side, that’s why he goes back to the drugs.
  91.  Sherlock jumped off the roof to save John’s life. If he had came away from that situation alive, John would have been shot, as well as Mrs Hudson and Lestrade. But he had to sacrifice himself for the people he cares most about.
  92.  So this isn’t in the series but on John’s blog so it does count. Sherlock writes, 'John would ask me if he was here’. Another sign he needs John with him. 
  93.  John shaved his moustache off purely because Sherlock said it didn’t suit him.
  94.  "Girlfriend? No, not really my area". “So you’ve got a boyfriend then?”. “No”. So a girlfriend is off the list completely, not his area, but when asked if he has a boyfriend the answer is a straight, 'no’. (Sorry to anyone who ships Sherlock with Molly/Irene/Janine, etc, I guess he could have changed his mind).
  95.  I prefer my Doctor’s clean shaven. Pretty flirtatious. 
  96.  The picture taken of the drunk scene. It’s an official promo picture and they’re holding hands. Yes, they’re 'drunk’ but they are, in fact, holding hands.
  97.  Sherlock see’s Mary shooting him in her wedding dress. Some kind of metaphor, surely?
  98.  Everyone. Absolutely everyone assumes they’re together. Mycroft, Mrs Hudson, Kitty Reilly, Angelo, etc.
  99.  Sherlock outs Mary in front of John because I think he’s concerned for John. I think he’s scared John might get hurt so he manages to get Mary to admit who she is when John is present.
  100. In The Hounds of Baskerville when John goes all military, Sherlock’s face is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

Thank you!

Look, I don’t even know, okay. It kinda started with this ask. But then it spiraled with @armsbendback ‘s suggestion. And now it’s strangely part fluffy, part grumpy, part doggy-style, and part birthday. 


I think it could be funny if he was trying to do nice things for his SO all day, like buying what he thinks are her favorite flowers but he gets it wrong, attempting to bake a cake and ruining it and finally conceding that the one think he can do is fuck her right and he still messes up? Maybe it’s her birthday idk. This is probably way too cutesy for Nevada but I think he does have that side.

You were utterly exhausted, barely able to drag your feet home from the subway. Having to work a twelve hour shift on your birthday was bad enough, but it seemed as if all of your patients had conspired today to be as awful as possible. Your scrubs were covered in spit, and blood, and various other bodily fluids that you would rather not think about at the moment. And all you wanted was a shower; a nice, hot, scalding shower to wash the stench of sick humans off you.

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Say My Name

Pairing: ReaderxJackson Wang

Plot: Lynn is an exec at JYP Corp. Everything was perfect until a second exec was added to the company. And she hated him. Or did she..? What happens if they are alone in the meeting room?

Genre: Smut! Please read at your own discretion, you have been warned.

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Part 5/9 of my ’Cloud’s Birthday Week 2k14’ challenge! :)
title: Chicken Soup for the SOLDIER’s Soul
summary: Cloud is spending a solitary Friday evening at a cafe in Sector 8 when Sephiroth himself wanders inside, soaking wet and miserable from the massive storm outside.  Buying the man some soup was the least he could do.
pairing: Sephiroth/Cloud Strife friendship / pre-slash.  Fic below the read more!

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COF Kyoto Night Live Man Festival REPO: PART 1

Disclaimer: I did not write this report. I read this report on Weibo and immediately messaged for permission to translate. He was really nice about it and agreed. If you prefer the original Chinese version, please click here. (Some of the jokes are probably funnier the way he said it since I couldn’t translate it perfectly – most of it is kinda rough and I omitted some minor stuff.) None of the words below represent my own thoughts, but only the thoughts of the original author.

PART 1: Before the live + general descriptions of everyone


ALRIGHT? Let’s go –> 

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[RoyEd] Forever

Summary: Roy and Ed have a little chat–one has been made General, the other comes back from a three-year trip.

Note: My fmass to @obersten! I really wanted to write something much better since you have awesome AU ideas, but the result didn’t end up as I expected urgksnd. And this isn’t even shippy, it’s more like pre-slash? I hope you will like it all the same, happy holidays!
AO3 link.

Roy pauses at the exit of Central Headquarters’ building, processing what he is seeing. When he fully registers the grin and the laid-back demeanor, he allows himself to smile a bit, half-happy and half-amused.

“Well, if it isn’t a surprise,” he says.

“Wanted to get rid of me for good, huh?” Ed drawls.

Ed hasn’t changed a lot, in the past few years. He got tall, yes, but he had already reached a reasonable height during his journey against Father, meaning that his body just needed to build enough muscle to fill all that new flesh—on top of training the right arm. He keeps his hair long, tied in a ponytail, eyes still blazing with a fire that Roy isn’t sure if it will ever die, and a shit-eating grin that seems a lot more relaxed and sincere than before.

Roy descends the stairs and stands next to Ed—they’re now the same height, which is rather disturbing.

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a modest proposal pt. 2

a shenko regency era au

pt. 1

Shepard knew she’d never forget the day that she stole from the wrong person. She didn’t like stealing from people, mostly merchants, or latching herself onto a man for a night just for a warm dinner or a bed with blankets on it. And for her, it was never stealing or sex or even prostitution. It was survival. She always thought survival began once people removed themselves from who they were just to survive another night.

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anonymous asked:

Carmilla is at a concert with Will while Laura is with LaF. A tall girl is blocking the view in front of Laura so Carmilla puts puts Laura on her shoulders. After the concert they exchange numbers and maybe kiss? Your choice on that


“Laura, calm down. Was your soda spiked or something?” LaFontaine asks. You turn around, rubbing your hands together excitedly. 

No, I’ve just never been to a concert before! Dad said I might trip and get trampled.” 

Just like a lot of times in the past few weeks, LaFontaine gives you a strange look. “Wow, your dad didn’t think you would survive this long, did he?” 

“He just had safety concerns–hey! It’s starting!” 

The crowd starts converging to get a better look. You end up bumping into two other people. 

“Oh, hey, sorry!” You shout as the crowd starts cheering on the band. The man and woman look at you. 

“Hey, no problem! I’m Will, this is my sister Carmilla.” 

The woman standing next to him, a punk looking girl wearing patent leather pants and dark eyeliner, nodded her head silently, not taking her eyes off the stage. 

“Cool! I’m Laura, and this is LaFontaine,” you answer, “I’ve never seen Possess the Voodoo before, so I’m really excited!” 

“Seriously? Hey, kitty,” Will nudges Carmilla, who looks at him. “This girl says this is the first time she’s been to a Possess the Voodoo concert.” 

“Really?” Carmilla looks at you now. “Can’t say I’m surprised, from the way she’s dressed.” 

In your defense, it was cold, and the owl sweater is the warmest sweater you own. “Haven’t you ever hear, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’?” 

“So you bought these tickets because you’re secretly a heavy-metal punk fan.” 

“Uh…no. Radio contest.” 

Carmilla smirks. “Well then, buckle up creampuff.” 

“Hey, Laura, the band’s about to play!” LaFontaine says, pointing at the stage. 

You look back at the stage, where the band members were finally set up. “What’s up Silas? We are POSSESS THE VOODOO!” 

You’re shouting and stomping your feet along with everyone else standing in the quad, and then there’s a huge column of fire before the lead singer strums the first chords on his guitar and starts playing. 

Of course, that’s when a much taller girl decided that directly in front of you was the perfect spot. 

“What the…? Hey! HEY!” 

She can’t hear you over the heavy metal screeching of the band and the screaming of the crowd. You end up spending most of the concert jumping around the woman trying to get a view. 

About halfway through you see Carmilla looking at you with an amused smile. You pout at her and mouth ‘shut up’. 

“…Having some trouble, cupcake?” She asks. 

Yes. I haven’t been able to see anything, because this lady is ignoring me!” 

“Laura, I can’t see anything over all your jumping,” LaF says, rolling their eyes. 

Carmilla sighs. “Okay, cupcake, come over here.” 


“I’ll give you a lift.” 

Will looks at his sister. “Wait. What are you doing?” 

“Mind your own business, baby brother. I’m just tired of Laura’s jumping around and complaining. It’s distracting.” 

“So, by a lift…?” 

“Stronger than I look, Laura. Do you want to see the band in the last song or not?” 

LaFontaine looks at you. “Your call, Hollis. A serial killer wouldn’t do anything in a crowd of people, if that helps.” 

“Gee, thanks…” But you do want to see the band. You push your way past Will and, through some very awkward maneuvering, get on Carmilla’s shoulders.

“Hmmmf! Be careful!” 

“I’m sorry! I–hey, I can see them now! Thank you so much Carmilla! Oh my God, there is so much fire, LaF, are you seeing this?” 

“Of course I am! Burn, baby, burn!” 

You raise your fists in the air and cheer at the performance. You bend down so that you’re looking at Carmilla. Upside down. 

“Seriously, thanks! You sure I’m not too heavy for you?” 

Carmilla smiles. “Like I said, cupcake, I’m stronger than I look. Plus, I have to admit, you’re kind of cute when you’re freaking out over a concert. Now get out of my face.” 


Carmilla laughs. 


You, Will, Carmilla, and LaFontaine stick around after the concert to talk. You’re so excited you hit LaF in the face a few times as you talk. 

“Seriously, it was so cool. And I would have missed all of it if it wasn’t for your sister, Will.” 

“Yeah, well…she can be nice. Sometimes,” Will nudged Carmilla in the shoulder. “Especially if–” 

“Shut it, Will.” 

Will rolls his eyes. “Fine, Kitty.” 

You’re kind of confused. Will whispers something to LaFontaine. 

“We’re going to go use the bathroom,” LaFontaine says, “Meet me back at the dorms?” 

“Sure, LaF.” 

“I’ll see you, Kitty.” 

“Wait, Will, you better not–” 

It’s too late. They’re both pretty quick to get out. You guess they really needed to use the bathroom. 

“…So. Seriously, Carmilla, I can’t thank you enough for giving me a lift so I could see.” 

“Don’t mention it. It’s not a problem. Possess the Voodoo needs as many fans as it can get.” 

“They were awesome! I totally want to see them again.” 

Carmilla looks uncomfortable. 

“Something wrong?” 

“Oh. Naw. My brother is just a douche.” 

“Who, Will? What did he do?” 

Carmilla looks away, where Will had been standing before, then back at you. “…He’s been trying to get me to ask you out all night.” 

Your eyes widen. “Uh…what? Oh. That’s, um…flattering.” 

“Yeah, and the little jerk is still trying. Seriously annoying.” 

“Annoying because I’m not your type, or…?”

“No,” Carmilla answers quickly, “You’re definitely my type. But I don’t like my brother trying to set me up on dates. It’s weird.” 

You’re her type. Well. You can’t remember how to form a coherent sentence for at least thirty seconds. 

“…You know, they’re going to play another show next week.” 

You don’t trust yourself to say anything, so you nod. 

“I don’t have to tell my brother about it to prolong the annoying ‘I told you so’.” 

“Good. That’s good.” 

Carmilla rubs her arm. “Well, would you want to go? A word containing more than two syllables would be nice.” 

“Sure! I mean, yeah. I mean…okay. No. That’s only two. Um…absolutely. Yes. That’s three, right?” 

Carmilla is struggling not to laugh. “Yes, cupcake. That’s three.” 

You nod. “It’s a date then.” 

“Should probably get your number if it’s a date.” 

You fumble in your purse and find a pen and paper, writing it down. “Right! Sorry!” Carmilla grabs it and, impulsively, gives you a quick peck on the lips. 

“I’ll call you later, cutie,” she says as she walks away, “You have no idea how hard it was not to do that earlier when you were looking upside down at me.” 

You’re left standing alone, in a field, concert goers walking around you, wondering what the heck just happened. 

Cherry Pink Wedding [Dean/Cas, T, 4.4k]

on AO3

The place was a cherry tree haven. Pink blossom adorned the grounds like a pastel carpet over the grass, and as the breeze swept by, flurries of colour danced like nymphs between the car park and the church. It was almost ungodly, and Dean would have remarked as much to his mother, Mary, as they trouped from the hired 1926 Bentley down the dusty path towards the chapel – but there was serenity here, it stilled his tongue. He hadn’t expected it to be this beautiful.

Today, Dean’s little brother Sam was marrying Jess, the girl of his dreams. And it was perfect.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Soulmate King!Ryan AU where Ryan the Mad King found his soulmate in a forgotten corner of the castle/kingdom without really meaning to do so. (I LOVE your writing, thank you so much for all the writing you do! It's always so much fun to read.)

Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy what I write. Thank you for the prompt!

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