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How Utah Keeps the American Dream Alive
Economic mobility to rival Denmark’s, but without big government. Can the rest of the U.S. emulate Utah's success?
By Megan McArdle

Columnists don’t talk as much as they used to about the American Dream. They’re more likely to talk about things like income mobility, income inequality, the Gini coefficient — sanitary, clinical terms. These are easier to quantify than a dream, but also less satisfying. We want money, yes, but we hunger even more deeply for something else: for possibility. It matters to Americans that someone born poor can retire rich. That possibility increasingly seems slimmer and slimmer in most of the nation, but in Utah, it’s still achievable.


The American Dream dies once those in power have to apply it to non-white people. When Conservatives realize that their social programs and government handouts will be utilized by more than just poor white people, they cinch the purse strings and pit the poor against each other. The poor white man forgets how poor they are as long as they still have someone to look down on, namely a poor Black man, and forget about the fact that their government should have been looking out for them all.

Utah is one of the whitest states in the country. What works there won’t work elsewhere because racism won’t allow it to and the only reason it has worked for so long in Utah (because there are a handful of states with a higher percentage of white people) is because Mormonism as a platform lends itself to social welfare more than your usual brand of American Evangelical Christian politics.

  • black people: are rightly critical of white mediocrity and overjoyed when black art wins and gets its deserved praise
  • y'all corny asses: hey um... let's maybe not pit people against each other okay? like let's not be mean about it, those white people are sad :( try and be more gracious
  • dog people: Oh hey cool dog! My family had a golden retriever when I was a kid, is it ok if I say hi?
  • Dog People™: This is my dog Bark Twain. He's 30% pit bull, 45% albino Mongolian wolverine herder, and 25% Mexican silver back coyote. I guess that makes me a #pibblemommie! I saved him from a high kill shelter; they were literally about to put him to sleep him when I found him. Like, literally they were putting the needle in his leg when I burst through the door and swooped him up in my arms. He's simultaneously the most difficult dog to handle and won't listen to anybody else except me because I'm the Alpha, *and* he's the most sweetest cutest harmless baby angel in the world!!!!!!!! It's all in how you raise them! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Im gonna have to be honest, as amazing as being in the pit was and seeing our boys up close, tonight was absolutely ridiculous and uncalled for. Yes I understand we are excited to see them, but when it gets to the point where Jungkook and Namjoon noticed and personally had to take the time to tell us to move back ??? Not only did security tell us to move back and chill out multiple times, but our own idols have to tell us too? And we still did not listen. Its unacceptable and embarrassing that we can’t even behave properly infront of them.

Yes i know we are in the pit and people are going to push but I saw so many people faint tonight because of it, and it is terrifying. People were being jabbed in their sides, climbing ontop of each other, shoving, even headbutting to get a closer view.

At one point, the two sides of the pit kept battling to get close to the boys and I actually fell down underneath everyone. i was so scared that i was going to get trampled. Someone had to shout that I fell so that people could make space so I could get up.

So take this as a lesson for all you fans that are going to the upcoming concerts. PLEASE PLEASE try your best to contain yourselves, you may not mean it but you may injure others and yourself. BTS openly expressed that we needed to step back and calm down. We need to listen to them for our own sake. I hope we will not dissappoint them like this again. Thank you.

leaving bandom is such a foreign concept to me at this point like i will never not love mcr i mean eventually at some point i’ll leave tumblr but i’m always going to be 100% mcr garbage ill be going to franks shows as long as he keeps touring catch me decking people in the pit to dear percocet when im in my 50s

the only thing that’s making me uncomfortable about all the focus on nazis and the alt-right is that white people always want a “bad guy” to fight, especially in the states where media has conditioned people to think that’s how it is

but while we obviously need to focus on the presence of nazis and how much power they have, it always becomes a way for people to absolve responsibility away from themselves. it becomes the fault of nazis rather than the fault of the white privilege and anti-semitism that led up to the development of nazis. suddenly it’s not the overwhelming numbers of white men and women that voted trump in. people who are the cause of these problems get to pit the entire blame on a group of people that they helped create, and then they don’t have to analyze the way they interact with the world whatsoever

the reason nazis still exist is because white supremacy never went away, and it was constantly strengthened by microaggressions, by ‘blue lives matter’, by day to day racist actions. the amount of people who i have seen be racist and anti-semitic, tone police and be violent towards people of colour, are the same ones making think pieces with 5,000 shares about punching nazis

there needs to be better accountability than this and nothing is going to change or get better if white people always react to their own race fucking others over by refusing to admit they did anything wrong