the people of comic con

The only thing the malec kiss anniversary is doing is reminding me of how awful the week before it was. Everyone was either hating or loving Lydia. Promos were released like every day and everybody was trying to dissect them. That one promo that got released at comic con and everyone lost it. Theories everywhere. People were shouting. Nobody was okay. Nobody was ready but we couldn’t wait either. We were all trying to be prepared and find live streams. Trying to figure out when we could watch depending on where we are in the world and how long we would have to go without being on tumblr in case we got spoiled. Everything was chaos.

Captain and Siren AU!

“Ever so often, Lexa leaves small things by the edge of the water. A handful of buttons. A silver necklace that used to be her mother’s. Half a pastry. A little box inlaid with mother of pearl.

And slowly, the objects start to disappear.”

[Happy Halloween everyone!! =]

i’m currently neck deep at comic con, and its?? torture?? i want to cosplay so bad but i have no talent. or cash. cute boys dressed up in spider-man outfits is the worst because?? i can’t talk to them?? who gave them the right???

Riverdale Pros and cons


Veronica is not a bitch and is actually a good friend to Betty.

Kevin is secure in his sexuality. 

The Grundy/Archie seems to be in the past (Fingers crossed it stays that way)

Jughead despite being distant with Archie, they are civil. Archie seems to be giving him his space.

The characters’ issues seem are interesting and Jason’s murder doesn’t seem cut and dry.

Hermione Lodge will not be the one sided character that the comic version is.


Some people on tumblr are saying that the writers took Fred and Hermione from Harry Potter. Despite Fred Andrews and Hermione Lodge being around well before JK Rowling wrote the first book. (Okay, that’s not about the episode).

The whole Grundy/Arrchie creepiness.

Way too little Jughead.

The end scene with Moose? (where’s Midge?)

Kevin being a little stereotypical. Edited: I realized that it was more the scene with Moose just confused me. I’m not sure what I mean but I was being judgemental and Kevin is not stereotypical. 

All in all, I am going to enjoy this show.

Evidence against the argument that Superman's disguise wouldn't fool anyone:
  • Dolly Parton once lost a Dolly Parton look alike contest to a drag queen.
  • Charlie Chaplin once failed to even place at a Charlie Chaplin impersonator contest.
  • Hugh Jackman went to comic con as Wolverine, only 2 people noticed him and one told him he was too tall.
  • Christopher Reeve use to go to a restaurant in costume when filming Superman. When he went in the Superman costume he was mobbed by people all the time. When he went in the Clark Kent costume no one realized he was Christopher Reeve.
Panel: Sebastian Stan imagine

Being famous was something you never thought would happen. It just seemed like a dream almost, you still couldn’t believe it. Being in the Marvel movies gave you a huge break into the world of fame. And here you were at comic con with a cast of incredible people you thought you would never meet.

“Here you go sweet cheeks.” Sebastian deep voice startled you as he leaned over and place a cup of coffee in front of you. You quickly turned so that you were now almost chest to chest.

“God, you’re a lifesaver Seba.” You said taking the cup of your favorite coffee.

“Where’s my cup of fresh coffee?” Mackie asked with a fake pout as he looked over the the of you. Everyone noticed the sexual tension between you and Sebastian but yet neither of you ever made the big move towards the other. Sebastian rolled his eyes at his dear close friend.  

“So you nervous for your first con?” Sebastian asked as he noticed you drowning the coffee.

“What if I say something stupid?” You asked looking at him with wide eyes.

“Well then at least you’re cute.” He teased making you smack his chest. 

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THIS IS A THING THAT HAPPENED. Was (femme) Spider Jerusalem at emeraldcitycomicon, met Darick Robertson. Happiness ensued!


The evolution of the Captain’s attitude towards Felicity’s other love interests.