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Doods of wolf shifter Kiri and veterinarian Bakugou? I wonder how come the non-human one is always Kirishima when I draw this sort of AUs…

Some people hate the idea of Jon and Daenerys so much that they’re trying convince people that Jon is going to betray Dany or is just “playing” her…. But staying a king isn’t Jon’s priority, defeating the night king and the army of the dead is, and now he has Daenerys’ help. Why on earth would he betray her? Especially now that they’re in love. People are completely disregarding Jon’s character and what he actually wants in order to fit their own narrative. It’s so infuriating.

To The Moon And Back

A while back @carrie11 tagged me asking if I could write something for this pic. So here you go. Nothing but flufff ahead. 

Mulder is hiding in the kitchen, not touching anything, not even the dirty dishes. With his luck he’d shatter Scully’s favorite plate, or flood the whole apartment. He wishes he could just leave, disappear, but that would be selfish and cowardly. Or would it? He glances at the kitchen table where a bunch of diapers, unused, lie scattered. Scully didn’t say it, never says it, but he’s useless here. Instead of being a father, he is a second baby in need of attention and supervision. Scully doesn’t need this. Or him.

“Mulder?” She walks into the kitchen gently rocking William, who is wearing a diaper three sizes too big for his small form. He’s cooing happily, at least. Scully, hair and clothes disheveled, looks anything but. It’s his fault, of course, and he’d do anything for her right now. “I know I said it was all right but… could you maybe go and buy the right sized diapers after all? It doesn’t really work.” He sees it now on Scully’s shirt. It’s white. Or rather it’s supposed to be. Right now it’s dotted with yellow and brown spots.

“Of course.” He swallows hard.

“I found this,” Scully stops him momentarily in his haste to get away from here. She hands him a piece of cardboard. “Just… these are the diapers. If you can’t find them yourself ask someone.” Mulder takes it and nods solemnly. He considers kissing her, but she turns away from him again before he can. With a sigh, he leaves, closing the door quietly behind him.

Before he puts the three bags of diapers into his cart, Mulder makes sure they are the right size this time. Ten times. It’s the right one, he is certain. He quickly maneuvers through the aisles, trying not to get distracted again. Who knew it was this difficult to buy diapers. They should use bigger letters and numbers on their front, he thinks. Not cute babies. None of the babies are as cute as William, of course. Yet, staring at these toothless, smiling faces he’d been reminded of his own son back home, safe in his mother’s arms. So no, he hadn’t noticed the age indicator in the corner. All Mulder had seen was a baby that resembled William and he’d bought those diapers without even thinking. Not this time, though. He stops for a moment, checks the size once more, just to be sure. He doesn’t want to face Scully again, see the confusion in her eyes, hear the disappointment in her voice. He can do this. If he can do nothing else, but damn it, he can buy diapers for his son.

When Mulder lifts his head again, he notices that he’s surrounded by baby clothes. Oh oh. He tries not to look at the cute little outfits, but his legs feel like lead as he tries to leave as quickly as possible. Then he sees it, stops without even wanting to. It’s a bib, nothing more. They have plenty of those already. They don’t need any more. They don’t have a bib like this, though. Mulder picks it up, the fabric soft under his fingers, and stares at it. The longer he contemplates buying it, he figures, the later he’ll be back at Scully’s. So he throws it atop the diapers, decision made, and hurries to get back home.

Mulder hears William babbling the minutes he unlocks the door. He grins; the sound his favorite these days. He doesn’t know how he’s lived without it, before.

“Hey.” Scully sits in the rocking chair in the nursery, William against her chest. Her hand is on their restless son’s back.

“Oh hey,” her voice sounds exhausted, as if far away, “you’re back.” Her eyes wander to the bag he’s holding and Mulder shows her that this time, this once, he didn’t screw it up.

“The right ones.” He tries not to sound proud. He should have bought the right ones the first time.

“Can you take him?” Scully gets up with difficulty and hands Mulder the baby.

“Hey buddy.” William’s eyes grow big and he starts kicking his tiny feet joyfully. At least someone’s glad he is around, Mulder thinks.

“I’d like to take a shower,” Scully says shrugging off her robe right there in the middle of the nursery, “can you watch him for ten minutes? Maybe change him into a fitting diaper.” To his greatest surprise, Scully smiles at him. It’s tired and small, but it’s there.

“Sure, we’ll be fine.” He isn’t sure that’s the truth, but Scully believes him, and shuffles off into the bathroom. A few moments later he hears the shower come on.

“All right, buddy. Your mom says you need a new diaper,” Mulder tells William in a gentle voice, quickly undressing him and taking off the diaper. The boy hates the changing table, is much rather upright where he can see the world, his curious eyes always finding something new. “You’ll grow into these one day, Willy boy,” his son squeaks and Mulder nods at him, “I hope your mom lets me stay around long enough to see it. I’m not exactly father of the year, huh?” Mulder quickly puts one of the new diapers on his son, fastens it, and marvels at his accomplishment until William reminds him that he’s still there, too.

“Right. Let’s put your clothes back on. You know, I bought you something today that you’ll love. I hope you do, anyway. You’re half Scully, so I guess skepticism is part of your genetic make-up. But you’re also part me,” Mulder whispers and grins at William, who seems to have forgotten that he’s on the hated changing table, staring up at his father, listening intently to his words, “so I thought you’d like something that’s a bit more out there. I know your mom prefers these plain things saying you don’t know the difference yet anyway, but it’s never too early to start, right?” With one hand on his son’s stomach, Mulder rummages through his shopping bag. He takes out the bib he bought earlier, shows it to William who pushes his tiny arms into the air, trying to grab it.

“No, no. It’s something you wear.” Carefully, Mulder puts the bib around William’s neck. The boy gurgles, kicks his arms and legs. “You like it, huh? Yeah, me too. Looks good on you. I may not be the best, most organized dad around, Will. But I love you so much. More than I ever thought possible. I love you to the moon and back,” Mulder says, leaving kisses on his son’s stomach, who squeals in delight. “I might send you to school without lunch, but I’ll never not answer any of your questions. If your mom lets me, I’ll tell you all about these planets here, the moon and the stars. All of it, William.”

“Even about the aliens, Mulder?” Scully joins them and Will grins when he sees his mother, gurgling his own version of hello. She sneaks an arm around Mulder’s waist, leaning heavily against him. Her hair is still wet, but she smells great and he leans down, kisses her head.

“If you let me.” He whispers into her hair, closing his eyes.

“Why wouldn’t I, Mulder?”

“I’m not exactly good at this, Scully. If you haven’t noticed.” She leans away from him, picks up William. She straightens the bib, smiles at it, and Mulder just watches the two people who mean the world to him. Scully looks up at him a moment later and hands their son to him.

“Mulder, you bought the wrong diapers. It’s not the end of the world.” She tells him as she puts on a new pair of pajamas.

“Don’t you remember when I tried to do laundry the other day?” He’d rather not think about it.

“So what? Mulder, you were tired. We’ll be tired for a while. We’ll both make mistakes.”

“You won’t.” She chuckles without looking at him.

“Mulder, you’re the only one who can calm William down when he gets into one of his crying fits. Look at him,” they both glance at their son, asleep in Mulder’s arms, “this only happens when you hold him. You might not be good at shopping, but Mulder you’ve never been good at that. I don’t expect you to be anyone else. You’re a wonderful father.”

“I am?”

“Yes,” Scully whispers, stroking the arms that hold William, “you are. I love the bib you bought, Mulder.” Her fingers trace the symbols on the fabric, the smile never leaving her face.

“You know what, Scully?” He waits until she lifts her eyes, looks at him. “I love you to the moon and back, too.”

She grins, gets on tiptoe, and her lips against his, answers his sentiment with a kiss.  

The BB19 tag

A history in gifs:

The first weekend when we thought this season was going to be something special

The entire week Dominique was on the block

That one day when we thought our votes were going to help her stay

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When the tag became Josh stans vs. Jody stans

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When everyone collectively stopped caring

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Write a title, set a timer for ten minutes, and write like mad! Post whatever you come up with, whether it’s turned into a story or not. Feel free to join!

Title: Untitled Scene

“So there I was,” Jaegar goes on, swaying the cut of his sword dangerously close to Dal’s nose, “not much older than you - taller, yes, but not much older - when Captain Colt was dragging me out of some back alley and back half across the camp - one hand around my neck and the other around my nuts, if you know what I mean.”

“Yeah,” Dal answers immediately, even though no, he has no idea. But after half a year in Jaegar’s company he found out it’s better to let some things slide.

“So, the old Colt throws me right into the mud and starts to go on about how I’m a disgrace and how he should have left me for the Alliance. He makes a big speech, like really really big and the other soldiers start to laugh all in god humour. Damn good times I tell you. That was all before the Prince joined of course-”

Vinchris coughs loud enough to interrupt him and continues to jab a wet branch into the bonfire.

Jaegar waves the warning off with his sword. The blade flickers bright orange, then red. “Don’t be such a puss, Vin. The Prince ’s already asleep. Anyway, Dal, I tell you if this doesn’t kill you and the men don’t scare you off, this is the right place for you. Look at me, I’m still here.”

“Where else should you be?” Vinchris asks, but it sounds not like a question at all.

Jaegar take the whetstone and continues to swipe it down the blade. “The Company is family. They’re about the only place who will take a bastard like me. That’s just how things are.”

Vinchris stabs the branch into the fire with more force than necessary. The story is over.

“I didn’t know you were a bastard,” Dal says after a while.

“You don’t see me flinging a surname around, do you?” Jaegar laughs, but the sound is hollow from the pain inside of him. “I’m about as much a bastard as the Prince is.”

“Wait the Prince -”

Vinchris cuts them off with another warning cough. The scar around his throat flickers in and out of visor with the dancing flames.

They keep listening to the slow whistles that the whetstone leaves on the blade and the cackle of the fire between their feet.

“I think I understand,” Dal eventually says.

“He’s one of us now,” Jaegar jokes. “Fucking Bastard.“

It startles Dal enough to cut sharp into a laugh.

He hasn’t laughed since Thy.

It hurts worse than all the times before.

Zen Wisteria vs. the World


if you block me and i see you reblogging my posts there is a 99% chance I’ll block you just to be petty because?? why should you get to enjoy my creative genius and yet block me when i don’t even know you? hm? hM??


now w the rest of the boys (minus their drummer)

inspired by x

Shoutout to everyone who reads fanfics and are taller then their bias and have to deal with the fic always being written as if they are shorter…


could you please stop with all this mess about reyna not being a lesbian

if you you think she’s a lesbian it’s great, why hate on rick for not making her one?
he said many time that he’s okay with people having their own opinions about his characters

he’s the author, he created her, and he decides wether to make her a lesbian, bi, or hetero, or any other
why should he follow fans orders and desires without having his own point of view?

you people making it sound like rick is completely against representation
which is absolutely not true

it seems like the fandom will never be pleased with half of what rick thinks of his own characters

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Lol well my opinion is that I don’t actually have one on Harry and Louis’ legitimate sex life. I have a preference for the fic I read and what I blog about.

I like Louis as a bottom. Whether it’s Louis being more of a dominant bottom or a submissive bottom, I love bottom Louis. Once upon a time I fell for the “this is why Louis is actually a sub” and “this is why Harry is actually a dom” bullshit, but guess what? I’ve fucking grown up.

I’m not gonna sit here and list reasons I think Louis and Harry actually are this or that like @horsegirlharry does because it’s legit none of my business. I’m also not going to try to justify fics that glorify underage/adult relationships the way she does…but that’s another story.

As a gay™ man with years of gay™ experience, it’s been my automatic instinct to see Louis as a bottom lol but my many gay ass years of gay experience don’t mean I suddenly know anything about Louis’ actual sexual preferences. Just like you being a dominant with actual experience in bdsm culture doesn’t mean you get to be the authority on Harry genuinely being a sub.

So my opinion is that she can shove hers you know where. There’s literally nothing wrong with having a preference. The problem is that this fandom as a whole tends to be very “monkey see, monkey do”. People like to insist on their headcannons being reality, and other people like to follow as they say. It’s been that way, but i’ve been here too long to turn back now.

Unrelated Personal Junk


I’m coming out as genderfluid

this like literally changes nothing on my blog but i’ve felt like this for years but have been silent cause i dont want to be judge. dont worry about calling me whatever; he or she will do. i just really needed to say something.

sorry for bothering you guys i hope you can understand and continue following my blog without thinking twice about this.