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Me: Wow first Stranger Things and now IT these kids really know how to act. I just hope that the communities will remember that these are kids and th… 

*sees some people have decided to sexualise the kid actors* 

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Now that this season of big brother is over, who are your overall favorite blogs?

Hmm well lets see. I actually followed a lot of knew people this season and I’m glad I did. @huntyhex is super funny and we were always thinking the same thing. Just overall really cool. @sexologii is dramatic, but a sweetheart. @bbad-orwell is pretty amazing. He get’s really passionate about the show and is really easy to talk to. Definitely one of my favorite new bloggers and I could go on. @tahny-lew @cirie-won-thirty-four @joshmartinezisdaddy  @bitterzero @eaerth@kingoftwilight @matthewdaddyclines @bbcrackedt @usernamegameon1000  @versacethotty are  other nice people I got to know this season. Also @muvaship  but I think I was following her through her main blog for awhile.

Other people I followed were @jackie-ibarras and @normani-x-kordei who alongside @hoh-robe @danielles-curls & @davonnelickey are on the younger side so if you grown ass adult are sending hate to people that are 15-17 you really do need to reevaluate your life. Especially since they’re all just really nice people.

Then you have the people I followed since bbcan5 like @juliechicken who will just drained the life out of you with her attention seeking behavior is in a league of her own. I believe I started following @cocoabutterbetch @bb19flop @pizzapocket24@sarahshanlons @sindysnguyen @sarahtilleke @missdominiquecooper during bbcan5 too and they all are really cool people with great post and personalities. @missdominiquecooper really did that with that Dre stan though lol. @youaregoinghome is a legend. @brimlies has been killing the game all around. I also followed @bigbrothermusings during bbcan5. I lurked during bb18 and like some of her stuff, but she kept talking about the plastics during bbott so I blocked her lskajsajsjajsla, but she’s super chill. 

Then going back to when I first started blogging you have people like @sirdippinghotsauce and @daeneryslegend who typically share the same opinion with me and have really great taste in video games! I remember seeing @d0nnythompson posts randomly and was like this girl is crackedT out of her mind, but I love it! I will forever follow her and @spunkyspy, I don’t know a better person! Nothing, but good things to say about these two. @dayslostson @dumbeatrees are a dynamic duo and absolutely hilarious. @davonneday is THAT bitch and @knightjackie is just a bitch. @whats-up-whats-the-issue is super witty and iconic. @snakole @bitchwebroke @j–wdj @ikamwong @tlffanypollard @helen-kim-was-pushed @cjcdeeezy are all cool. So is @notjustawave  when he’s not playing ***** *****.  @feelsg0od is also a quality blow with quality opinions! I’ll round it out with @shaolinbynature who has produced banger after banger, hit after hit. All around a great person. 

If I forgot you, that’s your fault, not mine!

Yall be doing too much on Tumblr

social media be the death of some relationships

Well not social media but people who overshare on social media

I think that’s why Tumblr famous couples don’t really last

You’re allowing too many people into your relationship

I’ve had multiple friends say they or the person they were dating received death threats, were harassed, etc from the other persons followers after breaking up even when the break up was mutual and that’s not okay

Share your happy moments that’s cool, but don’t share anything else. If you want to keep a happy and healthy relationship than communicate with each other not with your followers.

Unless that person really fucked you over then keep shit between y'all 🤷🏾‍♀️

(This does not apply if you’re in an abusive situation, please reach out for help)

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What jonsa shippers do u recommend following ?

@theonbaejoys / @bravegentlestrong, @grahamewill, @goodqueenalys, @riahchan, @sardoniyx @manbunjon, @obiwan-katnobi (+ @sansypantsfanfic for the good shit), @greyjoyvs, @sansaslove, @direwolvess, @elizabthturner

If you want blogs to follow check out @dailyjonsa, @jonxsansafanfiction, @jonsansasource and @jonsameta if you’re into the reading of stuffs.

émiko headcanons!! @lgbttlcweek

  • at scarlet’s wedding they started chatting. since they’re into similar things (fashion, their friends, romance) they really hit it off with each other.
  • when cinder and iko leave to go back to luna, émilie and iko promise to keep in touch. they text every couple days, and com once a week. 
  • several months later, iko goes back to earth for a week to see émilie. they go to paris, and go shopping at the huge warehouses, eat at lot’s of cafés, go to fashion shows, and see some plays (the romantic ones the french are known for)
  • émilie is falling hard for iko at this point, and iko notices the little grins and giggles from her, but just shrugs it off as being friendly. she’s still not sure who she’s into romantically anyways. 
  • over the next year, their visits, whether in person or over the net, become even more frequent. 
  • iko’s feeling a flutter in her stomach she thought she’d never feel.
  • they go to paris again, to celebrate the anniversary of their friendship. they stop at the eiffel tower, and émilie (who’s acting casual but kinda nervous) just asks, “date me?”
  • iko: *is not computing that this gorgeous girl she’s in love with just asked her out* 
  • iko’s screech of happiness is cut off by émilie’s kiss.
  • next june, they go to pride in toulouse with the benoit-kesleys then in new beijing with cinder and kai. 
  • iko is a lesbian, and dyes her braids pink. émilie is bi and dyes her tips purple. they both buy lots of different rainbow dresses for the month and to people who know them they’re #girlfriendgoals
Ridiculous Ladybug Theories #167
  • Ladybug: Lucky Charm!
  • Ladybug: *gets a gun*
  • Cat Noir: A gun?! How could a gun possibly help us?
  • Ladybug: Just a second *uses the gun to shoot a bell, signaling something is over, sending crowds into the street, somehow knocking the akuma over and giving Cat a chance to grab the item*
  • Ladybug: *Throws the gun into the air* Miraculous Ladybug!!

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As cliché as it might sound, Harry really makes me safe. He makes me proud to be who I am, I've struggled with my sexuality for so many years and to see him showing love and support for me, as well as many many others, is so heartwarming. It's a feeling that's quite difficult to explain with words but, he truly makes me feel like home.

that’s the best and only way to put it anon, he truly makes me feel like home.


And I don’t think that’s an unfair question. Everything’s basically on hold until Neville makes up her mind about what she’s doing next. She’s the best they have, so obviously everyone’s hoping she’ll return and holding all those doors open for her. But while they’re doing that, they can’t move on and adjust to how things will be without her. I don’t know that anybody would be pressuring her for a concrete time frame right now, so much as just to know if she’s planning to come back or not. Clearly Neville’s hurting and scarred, but it’s not like there isn’t a literal army on their doorstep coming to kill them all or anything.

A yes or no is all anyone wants right now, and uncomfortable or not, I think they’re due.