the people at the background walking by smiling

Soulmates AU feat. Youtube Suspected OTPs

What if that little voice in your head was actually your soulmate?

Featuring Phan, Tronnor, Kickthestickz, and Hangrid.

Dan stood on a busy London street, watching as people and cars passed him by; this cacophony of lives mingling and mushing and crashing headfirst into each other. What would happen if you just…walked into traffic? said his thoughts.

A smile tugged at his lips. Phil, stop thinking so psychotically. You are a lot less innocent and marshmallow-like than the internet would have us believe.

Connor was had a script, dammit. He had a specific list of things he was going to say in the background of shots of the beach and other pretty things. He was pretty into it, too. And then there was a voice in his head with a strange Australian accent, that caused him to ruin it.

“I love you,” he accidentally said out loud. Shit, Twoye. You wuined the whole thing!

Sorry! his thoughts whispered back, laughing.

Chris’s flat was getting warmed by the sun, which was an odd thing for the middle of winter. He sat and adjusted his hair for a bit, when an odd voice in his head said, It’s cold in here.

The kitchen that Chis was seated in was suddenly very hot. PJ, I don’t have control of the weather.

Can I at least come over?

Chris sipped his tea, which in an odd way reminded him of the green eyes he was talking to. If you must!

Hannah seemed to be away from her phone, Ingrid thought. She would have gotten annoyed if she hadn’t just gotten off the phone with her. Distances, man, she said to herself, lounging back on her couch and tasting her own lip balm.

Can you give me peace for one minute? The voice in Ingrid’s head sounded somewhere between loving and pissed off.

But Hannah! she told her thoughts. I wanted to know if I left my lipstick at your place!

The sigh that she knew was just in her mind was still deafening.

Videos I’m referencing are, in order: Dan’s “Psyco Thoughts” video, that little bit in Connor’s “More Than Words” video, all of PJ’s “Slurp” videos, and the last one is kind of set after Hannah’s “My Drunk Kitchen” that Ingrid featured in.

This idea came to me at 1 am. I should really stop thinking after 10 at night, I think.

Five tips for a bad day:

1. Go for a walk. Somewhere nice, where it will lift your spirits. Take your headphones and play music that will only bring your mood up, ie: Come on Eileen (Dexy’s Midnight Runners), Alphabeat, Walk the Moon, The Wombats etc.
Whilst on a walk, try smiling at passers by. Notice how people’s arms swing when they walk (it’s quite sweet.)

2. If you’re home, open the curtains, the windows, and move about. Rearrange your bookshelf, clean your face and put on jewellery, watch your favourite show/programme and notice background details. Avoid things which may trigger you; if Tumblr is likely to do so, maybe relax and read a book, create a to-do list. Learn something new!

 3. Create a time lapse of the sky. Notice how the clouds are constantly moving, even through the darkest of skies, until it is clear.

4. If you prefer the silence, maybe get a clean sheet of paper (in a notebook, sketch pad, or even post-its) and write down how you feel. Alternatively, you could buy a plant or do some gardening.

5. Talk. If a phone call or face to face conversation isn’t ideal, message someone (a friend, family member, Tumblr user.) Even if you can’t bring yourself to talk about how you feel, it’s nice to remind yourself that there is always someone there, no matter how far away. It gets better.


*I smile when I see I’m getting a call from you, picking up and hoping that you won’t be able to hear all the background nose from the airport* Hey! Did you have a good flight? *I stand close to the door so I won’t miss you, searching for you in the crowd of people* -Jamie

Yeah I did… long and boring, but I got here safe. All that really matters. I wanna see you tonight… when do you move back on campus? *he walks right by you, not even noticing you, keeping his head down* -Niall