the people are too big to fail


“There is a reason why I like Baekhyun so much! At SM, there are a lot of pretty juniors… but Baekhyun never fails to contact me. He will always ask “Hyung, where are you? What are you doing?”. In our company there isn’t anybody like him! We became closer when I came back from the army, and felt like I was new to the company again, I felt different when meeting and greating people, but Baekhyun did the first move to talk to me about games, he said “Hyung, I play LOL too”. I remember till today. This is how we became closer and I hope our relationship will last long!“ // 161223 SM Super Celeb League

Random (mostly domestic) Blitzstone headcanons:

  • Blitzen loves pumpkin spice. Absolutely loves it. Hearthstone doesn’t get it but he always buys him some when he can anyway, whether Blitz asked him to or not.
  • Hearth loves Blitzen’s hair. He loves feeling it and will play with it when he gets the chance. 
  • Blitz complains about him killing his hair/hurting his head when he plays with it but lets him do it anyway.
  • When Blitzen finds out about stop motion animation he is super impressed with the technical aspects of it and loves it.
  • Hearth is such a freaking cuddler, but he’s only comfortable when he’s the one to initiate contact with people.
  • (big spoon all the way)
  • They kind of wanted to get Magnus birthday presents, but they both feel like they can’t because they couldn’t keep him alive on his last one.
  • They didn’t need to say it, they both felt it separately and didn’t want to bring it up because they feel too guilty about failing to protect him, even if he is happy now. 
  • Hearth is a little older.
  • Blitzen starts watching mortal TV and gets hooked on Project Runway// and Say Yes to the Dress// (One’s his drama show, the other’s his comfort show)
  • This gets him thinking about how many weddings he knows end in violent battles and he starts designing a line of Battle Ready Wedding Wear.
  • Hearth cries at movies with found family plots. A lot.
  • Neither of them actually consume that much media, they’re usually too busy with their work/magic pursuits. 
  • They had a lot of free time and nothing to do when they were hiding out in the safe house so they got into most of it then.
  • After enough time has passed, Blitzen can’t get away with anything because Hearth pulls the, “Last time you didn’t listen to me you almost died in my arms” card.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my future.. lots of doubts and insecurities of whether or not what I want to do is right, and if it’ll be successful to live a fulfilling life and a comfortable one. Sometimes, I am so afraid I won’t be the person I want to be. Maybe I am chasing too many rabbits—being a great book publicist, someday becoming a book reviewer, create a life changing project, have my own imprint, and hopefully a NY Times bestseller (and be a bestselling author). These are all big dreams. They seem so unattainable and makes me question if it’s even worth it at the end. What if I fail? But then, some mornings I wake up, proud of all I have done, all I am trying to do, and all I will one day accomplish. I think the passion and desire to make a good difference in people’s lives will make it all worth it in the end.. to slowly, but surely have a good impact and change the world, even if it’s one person at a time.



  • One of MC’s videos was on his recommended page and he was like
  • W U T
  • he subscribes ofc and then comments on the most recent video
  • “MC is that you???????”
  • so MC just calls him and explains everything and asks him to please not spread the information
  • Constantly asks MC to make a LOLOL playthrough
  • When he feels lonely he just watches to all the videos in one sitting


  • How did she find you??? She can’t remember
  • All she knows is that MC is very flustered when she asked them and also told her to keep it a secret
  • Jaehee is pretty surprised when she watches MC singing
  • if MC had a merch shop online Jaehee’s going crazy
  • MC walks home one day and why is Jaehee wearing a shirt with lyrics they made on it and a pin with their face on it
  • Jaehee insist that MC should share the channel because it’s too good to deprive people of it
  • Tries to not make it a big part of her life but miserably fails and is always the first watcher to every video


  • He finds a video of MC making a cover of one of his songs
  • he is shook but in a good way
  • calls MC “is your channel on youtube this one????”
  • from there on he’s gonna be so bubbly and happy
  • helps MC with video plans bc he’s an angel
  • offers making a cameo with MC for a video
  • a supportive boi


  • walks in on MC recording
  • asks “what. are you doing?”
  • MC rlly embarrassedly shows him the channel and Jumin is happy MC has a nice hobby
  • buys MC better camera equipment
  • “just don’t expose yourself too much on the videos”


  • boy knew from the very start
  • eventually MC tells him bc they don’t know that he knows
  • he reveals his yt account and MC is like
  • “wait but that account literally comments on everything I do saying they’re my biggest fan??”
  • helps MC edit the videos
  • if he reads one (1) hate comments rip the asshole who said that

Tony had threwn one of his big parties once again, this time for Captain’s birthday. Being friends with Steve, you got an invitation too. You hadn’t met anyone else but Natasha before so Steve wanted to introduce you to everybody. You didn’t mind though, these people were fascinating and interesting, especially Pietro. He was doing his best to get you laugh and enjoy your time at the party, and he wasn’t failing. You were having such a great time and when he actually asked you out later, you couldn’t say no.

Some things I think people need to understand about Killing Stalking

To start, I was to preface this by saying this is coming from someone who typically doesn’t like these types of stories (I like psychological thrillers, but not too big into gore and such) and, this is coming from a gay person (a girl who likes girls). So please, Don’t say I like KS for “””yaoi””” 

It seems many on tumblr have an innate hatred for KS…without having ever read it. “It’s problematic!” you scream, “It’s abusive!” yes…yes, it is. And what many fail to understand is that these are main parts of the story. The relationship between Yoonbum and Sangwoo is never shown in a positive light, every interaction is menacing and foreboding (even the “lovey” seeming ones) it’s all portrayed in a manner that just screams “Stockholm Syndrome” and the more the story goes on, the more we as readers see the deterioration of Yoonbum’s love for Sangwoo and his desperation to escape (he even has thoughts of killing him, for christs sake). It’s an abusive relationship….portrayed as an abusive relationship. I will admit, some fans do romanticize it, but that’s no fault of the stories own or the author, that’s a whole other conversation. Abusive relationships are real, and it should be no surprised to see one portrayed in a story, especially a story such as this. 

“It’s homophobic!!” …what? Are people suggesting that because it’s a gay abusive relationship, that makes it homophobic? I’d say to think that every gay relationship is bright and happy and healthy is slightly homophobic in it’s own right. We’re just like anyone else, gay relationships can be just as toxic and unhealthy as another relationship. And sure, Sangwoo says some homophobic things, but he also comes to accept that side of his sexuality too (he’s also a serial killer so….what are you really expecting)

KS is a psychological horror featuring a gay toxic, abusive relationship. It doesn’t glorify these things. Are there some problematic KS fans? Definitely, but just because someone reads KS doesn’t automatically make them a shitty abusive scumbag like some of you seem to be thinking (looking at you, rude anons in my ask box). Look, I get it if KS isn’t your cup of tea, it’s definitely not for everybody. But don’t go around assuming things and attacking people when you don’t truly understand what you’re talking about. KS portrays abusive and problematic things, but does that make it problematic itself? I don’t think so, it’s a horror story, and has a plot and characters to fit that. Sangwoo is a merciless serial killer, is he sometimes portrayed sympathetically and given a background? Sure. But Criminal Minds does the same thing with it’s serial killers, why arent you complaining about that? Jojo’s Bizzarre adventure does that with Kira and he’s one of the most believable and effective villains i’ve ever seen. And Sangwoo is just that, a villain, just because he can be portrayed sympathetically and given a personality doesn’t detract from that. It’s never really been implied that Sangwoo is a good person that deserves good things. Do some fans seem him that way, or see him a positive light and want him and Yoonbum together all lovey dovey? Sure, theyre out there. But that’s them and their prerogative, not the story (I don’t agree with that but that’s them, not me) Do some people only read for ~yaoi~ they sure do. But again, that’s them, NOT the story itself. 

But you can’t blame the story for some of the fans or your own assumptions about it. KS is a psychological horror, it’s plot is well thought out, its characters are believable and everything is portrayed amazingly through the writing and art. If you think of KS as a “love story” then yeah, it’s “problematic” but that’s not what it is. It’s HORROR, and it’s horror done right. 

Dating Isaac Lahey would include:

* Him being sassy 24/7

* Cuddles 

* Having designated movie nights

*Him agreeing to watch chick flicks with you

* Him teasing you about your height

* You wearing his scarfs all the time

* Comforting each other

* Him taking you on surprise dates

* Him helping you get over your anxiety

* Standing on your tiptoes to kiss him

* Him holding your hand while driving

* Protective Isaac

* Being people’s relationship goals

* You cooking meals for him

* And failing so you order pizza

* Going out for ice cream all the time

* Sleepovers

* “I love you shorty”

* “Love you too, you big tree”

* Inside jokes

* Always making each other laugh

* Being in love 


The Royals: S03E04 - “Our (Late) Dear Brother’s Death”
subtitled: We didn’t think we could love Jasper and Eleanor more, but we were wrong.

When Jasper yelled out “Hello, GUVNOR!” upon meeting the new Royal Stiffie, Robert, we died. For a micro second, “Jas-pah” thought yelling out “HELLO, GUVNOR!” in a fake Cockney accent would be well-received. He was wrong.

Jasper Frost can mess things up. The beautiful Eleanor, too - she failed to give her man important hard data - e.g: how to talk to people like Robert. (“Hm?”). Len could only use her adorable goofy smile (seldom seen) and a sheepish “Hi, my boyfriend’s kinda jerk but he’s really sweet so don’t hate us” elbow clutch

Jaspenor - dorks just like us - except one of them may look better in leather mini leiderhosen. Or maybe not.

Some quick notes from Matt's Twitter Live chat

Because I couldn’t live tweet during it:

Matt got rock candy for Valentine’s Day and suspects it’s from Kat

He loved last night’s episode, his favorite scene was Jace and Simon in the bar. He also thought Alec and Magnus were really sweet and are working really hard to make it work.

Re: Izzy last night. Emeraude deserves a round of applause, and Alec is too preoccupied to notice what’s wrong with his sister, so that’s a big failing. “Hopefully he doesn’t use violence to solve the problem but logically discusses this.” (Basically, Alec is going to use violence.)

Valentine’s Day is for calling people you love and telling them. It’s not just about romantic love, and also he and Jade had a conversation earlier about how it’s about moving from apathy and loving all things. He later Matt commented that the hearts on the side of the screen are for Valentine’s Day, because you should tell people you love them on Valentine’s Day: family, friends, everything.

Re: Meliorn. Jade is really great, we’ll see more of him soon.

Matt said he gives a lot of spoilers, and we only catch about half of them.

Re: 2x08. There are vibes of the AU episode, but it’s highly relevant to storyline, there are discussions of things that have been bottled up, and we’ll see interactions between Magnus/Alec and understanding more of them and their healthy relationship.

After being notified it was almost time to film, he started looking at the script off screen while he chats.

Our $20 trillion debt is almost entirely made up of war spending and economy-collapse-fixing. The military industrial complex coupled with a psychotic banking system that is undeniably too big to fail have milked our tax base for decades. If we stopped occupying and bombing countries that pissed off millions of people and necessitated future bombings and occupations, think about how much less debt we’d have. If the destruction from derivative banking wasn’t entirely put on the government’s credit card because conservatives always pretend that sociopathically greedy bankers are capable of responsibly regulating themselves, think about how much less debt we’d have. Big banking and military contracting in America is the biggest corporate welfare in the history of human civilization.
—  Levi Olson
Please don’t made fun of him crying at the end

Please, don’t immortalise that moment of embarrassment and vulnerability for the Internet to see forever just like every other misunderstanding or mistake he makes. It’s not fair that we pushed him over the edge in the first place, but making memes of it isn’t on. It’s making fun of him when he’s feeling frustrated and attacked - how would you feel if millions of people made fun of you every time you did something silly, or failed to appreciate a big project you put lots of work into just because a small moment in it was funny or silly? As sarcastic and meme-orientated as he is, he has limits too and has the same capacity to feel hurt or offended as anyone else. Throughout the video, when I first watched it, I became increasingly uneasy because I could tell that many of the memes made him feel uneasy, so when he started crying I did too. I started crying because my idol was crying and I’d never seen him look so vulnerable and upset. I’m surprised he left that bit in at all, but that’s an experience I never want to be repeated.

So please, don’t immortalise or make fun of that moment, and while we’re on the matter, take it easy with all the memes in general this year guys. I never want to have to see him that upset again, and I know you don’t either. Thank you for reading, and I hope you understand my case here.

(Edit: I ended up writing a second part to this here which brings up other important points.)

SECOND EDIT: I heard that he left a comment assuring us that he’s fine. I’ll happily accept that I was wrong on the basis that I’m really relieved that he’s okay, but for real, 2017 should be the year where we show our love and support more :)

The reviews are in!!!

Its good its officially good!!!!

So FFXV is currently at 86 on metacritic!!!

Now, I know a lot of people were hoping that it might be in the 90′s, but lets be realistic here - japanese games generally reveiw poorly in the mass audience western gaming media. And unfortunately outside of the indie scene games are punished for being odd and taking chances. 

In all honesty this game is the most experimental big budget, high profile game of the console generation. Possibly the last console generation too.

The game tries so many, many different things that some will fail in peoples eyes, making a score above 90 hard to expect. 

So considering this, 86 is amazing.

The modal score is 90. 90

The game is good

If you have a dream, follow it and make it a reality. Never let anyone tell you your dreams are too big, not realistic enough, or stupid. If you truly want something, you will attain it. Work hard, never give up. Never let the world stomp on your hopes. Never let the world make you feel inadequate, or like you’ll never be good enough because you are and you will. Never throw your life away because of others. Yes it’ll take time. Yes it’ll be difficult. Yes you will fail sometimes. Yes people will disagree with you. Yes there are going to be countless ups and downs. Yes it’ll be hard to foresee the exact plans of your future. Yes it’ll be scary. But it will always be worth it.

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Not that it's a surprise but Russell and Jessie are in Miami with Louis. No promo for Louis' performance in Ultra on social media, but Russell and Jessie sure are showing off themselves in Miami on their social media accounts - by the pool and by the beach. No surprise there either! Anyway, big entourage there for Louis since Helene, Preston and the lad crew are with him too.

It never fails to annoy me that Louis needs not one, but two people from his management company to do absolutely nothing to promote his work at all times.

They are so fucking useless.

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Ned has all kinds of trauma but Cat doesn't. She was her father's heir then acting lady of Riverrun, & a good political advisor to Robb so why was Sansa so painfully naive & politically unaware. She knows her courtesies but nothing in a political sense. Cat knew at minimal Sands would marry into a Great House. Sands has in an actively hostile court her tomboy sister & a drunk septa. Cat was responsible for Sansa's education why did she fail so miserably.

I’m not sure it’s fair to say that she failed miserably with Sansa’s education. Sansa learned all about heraldry, all about running a household. That she had a septa at all is a big departure from previous daughters of the lords of Winterfell, IIRC. And Septa Mordane drinking too much after a tourney doesn’t mean she was overall a bad tutor. Clearly Sansa was underprepared for what her life was likely to be, but she had learned some things. 

More than that, though, trauma isn’t the only reason people drop the ball in life. (With the issue of Sansa’s education specifically, it’s kind of like she was encouraged to be an honors student and really discouraged from learning how to drive.) People are adaptive, and Catelyn is more so than most people. All those day-to-day decisions she made in the years before we meet her, she made in this framework where Ned has completely set the terms. Ned doesn’t plan for the future and Ned calls the shots, so practical planning for the future wasn’t on the agenda. Thus, Sansa’s education is all about what she’s supposed to know, rather than what she needs to know.

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Tell me about the most important people in your life?

taylor: strange music taste, loves cows more than herself, sends me a lizard picture almost everyday at 4:20 in the morning, sends me a snapchat that says blaze it at 4:20 every night without fail, has the best makeup, an overall flawless human

erika: short little green bean, would fight over anything, eats too many cheez its, loves dogs and cats so much even tho shes allergic, has the cutest hair

rae: my big sister whom i love, has the best advice, the cutest cheeks, actually an angel walking on earth, can draw so good??, tells you sweet things when u need them the most, a giant sap 

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🎁, 🐇, 😌?

🎁- what never fails to make you happy?
Food, Dave, Boo, saatan, hiro, and youtubers
But everything makes me happy
🐇- what do you daydream about?
Finally hugging dave and boo because one day I will and being a big cosplayer and artist that people look up too

This is my story...i hope it helps you too

So alot of people look at me like I am just a fangirl of Guns N Roses. Like my mom, my dad, my stepdad, my friends, ect…thats not the case. And Ill tell you why. What they fail to realize and what I have never told them, is that Guns N Roses saved my life. Big time. And they dont understand this. So here is my story… I WAS going too kill myself, because of everything that was going on in my life. My parents divorce, Moving outta state, leaving my family and friends, moving into a house with a stranger, and cause of alot of the stuff going on with my dad, and it was tolling on me. My mom was making me choose between my dad and her and i didnt want to choose. I was going to do it after school one day.. I had everything planned out. But I was contemplating it because i didnt want to seem like a weak person. But i knew if i didnt do it, i was going to hurt someone i love and i didnt want to do that. So i started listening to music and I remembered a song my dad would play for me when i was little and it was “our song” and it was Sweet Child O Mine. And i listened to it and told myself that i couldnt do it because i had to be here for him and to help him because he is an alcoholic but he is my bestfriend. I had to be there for him and to take care of him because really, I am all he has. My sister doesnt like going to see him, my mom hates him, and he doesnt see his family much, I am it. And it sucks when my friends or family dont talk to me because i talk about them alot and when they call the “just a dumb band” because they arent a dumb band to me. At one point, they were all i had. I wouldnt be here if it wasnt for them. GNR is my passion, music is my passion. Dont let anyone stand in the way of your passion. And they have taught me about things in life. Each and every one of them taught me something: Axl taught me that no matter what happens, you can do whatever you want with your own goddamn life, to be myself, say what I want, never let an opportunity pass you by and that even though youve had it rough in the past you can move forward. Slash taught me to be a humble person, inspired my to play guitar and let out my feelings that way. Duff taught me to always have fun Steven taught me to always have A smile on my face and a bright attitude even during the toughest times And Izzy taught me to be conservative If I didnt listen to that Guns N Roses song in those 20 minutes of being home, I wouldnt be here today. That 5 minute and 56 second song spared my life. And in the 6 minutes, I realized my passion and what I had to do. Just now, I was trying to show my mom a concert picture of the recent Guns N Roses show and she turned to me and said “ I dont give a shit.” And it got me thinking, if she doesnt care about them, than she honestly doesnt care about my passions. I know others have to experience something like this with family or friends and I just wanted to let you know that just because someone else doesnt want to hear about something youre interested in or something that youre passionate about, does not mean you should give it up. It should motivate you! It doesnt matter if its not gnr related, it can be anything! If it is your passion, keep going! Dont stop! My passion has kept me alive.

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My feelings about the Captain America Marvel thing:

1. Tone deaf is almost TOO KIND.

2. Feels like it was written by people who’ve never had grandparents insist on keeping some cash in jewelry form, just in case it happens again. YES, WHILE THEY LIVED IN AMERICA, THEY KEPT THIS FEAR. THAT IS HOW USED TO BEING KICKED OUT AND KILLED THESE PEOPLE WERE. IT WASN’T JUST THEIR GENERATION. JEWISH HISTORY IS INDEXED BY THE COUNTRIES WE WERE THROWN OUT OF.

3. Marvel is playing a game of ‘To Big To Fail’ which is to say, someone decided they’re popular enough to try something that’s likely to have what they probably estimated as mild to moderate kick back (see: tone deaf) b/c they can take it.

4. Which is hilarious because they could do SO MUCH with that confidence. LIKE I dunno, hire an actor who isn’t white and named chris. Give a female super hero a solo movie. Maybe not fridge every girlfriend ever, and also some daughters? [Insert rant about how they absolutely do not need Benedict Cumberbatch or Karl Urban in their movies and maybe they should try expanding a bit here] Or, b/c yes Marvel comics is not Marvel Studios. do some more of THOSE things in the comics.

But no. They went with this.

5. Because when you hire from the same circle jerk of endless white dudes who somehow manage to only find other white dudes worthy of mentoring, you wind up telling the same damn story 12 times and this is where you land because you can’t seem to imagine anything but a tone deaf metaphor that ANYONE can be a bad guy and hurt you, even if they 100% read as a total good guy. They might one day snap and do bad things.

News Flash: Only white men between 18 and 65 still think that’s a shock.

Trust me. Women and And Minorities are very well acquainted with the idea that anyone could hurt them or kill them. Even friends.

and finally:

6. It’s just really shitty writing. Replacing shock where genuine plot related drama should be.