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sherlock and mary hung out that whole entire time wedding planning for like, 9 months and he still never liked her, it was only after she shot his ass he smiled around her and i cant decide if (logical option) 1. hes fronting for protection 2. its some kinda stockholm syndrome 3. hes really THAT willing to throw himself on the line for john or (worse options) 4. now that he knows shes not a normie he thinks shes cool/worthy of john 5. his need to be the hero and protect people in danger is THAT blinding or what…anyway he spent 9 whole months being a petty gay wedding planner WOW

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So you can post spongebob political memes in which you and other followers agree with and apparently think are "credible" but when someone suggest not to post it all of a sudden the meme is not relevant? So why post it in the first place? It's sad to see this hypocrisy... But that's tumblr, a bunch of childish boys/girls incapable of a proper debate. Now I'll wait for some "hero" to misinterpret this for there own selfish gratification.

Look I’m getting tired of getting crap for what I post. I understand from the n-word post but this shit about politics is ridiculous. I have the right to choose what i want to post and not post. Don’t like it? Unfollow. It’s that simple. A follower count doesn’t matter to me what matters is making people happy and laugh. 

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The thing that Kylo stans need to understand about their boy is he is neither a fully trained Sith or a fully trained Jedi. This title isn't about him just like how The Force Awakens as a title wasn't about him. Maybe IX will have a title that goes something like "Flying Solo", but for now none of the titles are pointing in his direction.

I just wish some people would accept the fact that Kylo is our villain. He’s interesting and complex, yes, but he’s still our villain. We need to stop shoving aside our heroes in order to put him front and center. 

I would like to take a second to thank everyone in the Lazytown fandom

I started watching Lazytown because of a meme I found a while back. I loved the villian, the hero, the children, basically everything about it. I made this blog thinking I could just put out stupid head cannons and random thoughts and the few people in the fandom would like it. But I never expected to be surrounded with love and support. Like, for example, I now confidently dance and sing to Lazytown songs because I know others are doing the same thing. I promote my love for the show because no matter who makes fun of me for it, I still have all of you. Even aside from Lazytown stuff, the friends I’ve made through this goofy kids show are absolutely amazing and supportive. I just can’t express how thankful I am to see so much positivity and talent and enthusiasm come from this!! Seriously, everybody who is in the Lazytown fandom seem so kind and genuine. Plus, we all have our sport dad and our meme dad to guide us. If you don’t think that’s a beautiful and amazing thing to come from a simple childrens show about exercising and being healthy, well I don’t know what to tell you.

Anybody please feel free to message me if you need to talk, need support, have questions, wanna rp, chat about lazytown or are just looking for somebody to vent to. I am always jere ♡

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Dude I love the concept of your blog! I'm a 20 year old magical girl and I'm inspired by the tough girls in anime who are always ready to kick butt. I just started college again after getting licensed in Massage Therapy and I'm trying to get my degree in Exercise science. I may not be the fittest hero right now but it's so awesome when I find other nerdy fitness people, it's real inspiring, keep up the good work! :)

Awesome to hear :D and remember consistency is the key to everything! I wish ya the success

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Rules: you can tell a lot about a person based on the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs and tag 10 people.

1. Akino - Just moving on now

2. Brian the sun - Heroes

3. Phil Collins - Look through my eyes (awww love this song!)

4. Alicia Keys - If I ain’t got you (i love her voice so much)

5. Aqua Timez - Mayonaka no orchestra

6. Every little thing - Yura yura

7. Alisa Takigawa - Season

8. Akeboshi - Wind

9. Clean Bandit - Rather be (okay but when it says “when i am with you there’s no place i’d rather be” i always think about victuri….. help)

10. One draft - Wonderful days

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overwatch canon according to background info: the world has recently come out of one of the most violent and destructive wars in history and is now moving forward into a new era with the challenges of accommodating a new race of robotic citizens. a second crisis has broken out in russia and australia has been reduced to a nuclear wasteland. with the world in such an unstable condition, a group of heroes from the first war’s era, who had been disbanded following public denouncement despite their efforts to protect humanity, must come together to carry out clandestine operations in order to defend the very people who turned their backs on them

overwatch canon according to the game: twelve randomly selected people meet up and beat the shit out of each other 

I hate.. any glorification of war, but I think there is something very sweet about animals getting medals for doing a great job. I especially love it when they get to retire to comfy, non-demanding lives after their service.  In WWII, 32 out of the 53 medals issued to animals went to pigeons. They’re so helpful and brave, its a tragedy we think so little of pigeons now!

Look at this dashing picture I found of GI Joe! He flew 20 miles in 20 minutes, and saved a thousand people from a bombing in Italy. He retired alongside other pigeon heroes and lived a long life of 18 years!

… Gallantry!

Another good pigeon war story is that of Kaiser, who became the most famous jailbird — he was originally a German bird who became a prisoner-of-war after he was caught by Americans. Upon capture he was drafted into a breeding program and sired over 100 children for America’s side. He died at 33 (that is a ridiculously long life for a pigeon - almost unbelievable. An extremely healthy bird!) making him the only pigeon to serve in both world wars.

“People of color, Women, Muslims, LGBTQ+ or any oppressed group in America, we stand and fight together, because we are #StrongerTogether.”

(I’m so devastated by what is happening right now. I don’t know how else I could help or contribute but..)

Some characters from Rick Riordan’s book series that represent minorities:

Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano - Latina
Frank Zhang - Chinese Canadian
Hazel Levesque - African American
Samirah Al Abbas - Arab American muslim
Leo Valdez - Latino
Alex Fierro - Transgender and Genderfluid
Piper McLean - Native American/Cherokee
Nico di Angelo and Will Solace - Gay

Don’t attack me for the ones I had left out.. If I had the time I could’ve added more characters…


me watching A New Hope the last 21 years of my life: Aw this is so fun, what a great Hero’s Journey, Luke is so cute and goofy and clueless, my little Jedi hero

Me watching A New Hope after seeing Rogue One: wtf? Get your head out of your ass little boy and take this seriously! This is not a game or a fun little adventure! People died for this shit *bursts into tears


This woman is a hero. Freddie Oversteegen was only 14-years-old when she and her sister Truus joined the Dutch resistance during the second World War, now she’s 90.

“I remember how people were taken from their homes,” she said in a recent interview with Vice. “The Germans were banging on doors with the butts of their rifles—that made so much noise, you’d hear it in the entire neighborhood. And they would always yell—it was very frightening.”

There were times when Freddie Oversteegen and her family were living in a boat where they were hiding Jewish couples and kids and people from Lithuania in the hold of the ship. When she turned 14 she got brief military training and learned to shoot and to march.

This story highlights the fact that women always make history on their own not asking for credits for their contribution. 

So many brave women are unfairly forgotten. This is unacceptable! Freddie Oversteegen’s story deserves to be told! 

  • Piper: Why am I not a banana?
  • Annabeth: Because your genetic code dictates that you are human. However, it should please you to know that you share 50-60% of your DNA with a banana.
  • Piper: Woah, thanks, Annabeth
  • Percy: Are you telling me that some people are 10% more banana than other people?
Guys America Chavez

She is a lesbian latinx hero from a Utopian universe who came to our world just because she wanted to be a hero. 

Her moms died saving the multiverse so as a kid she runs away because she wants to be just like them.

She has superstrength, speed, flight, and she’s bulletproof

But by far one of her coolest powers is she can create portals between alternate universes. 

America started off as a stereotypical latinx character, but under Kieron Gillen, she was written as a calm person who thought through her next move. She is quick to fight, but  when it’s necessary because she knows she’ll win.
She’s also an uber dork who believes in love and hope. Not something you see from the quiet characters.  

She has appeared in Young Avengers, A-Force, Siege Secret Wars, and The Ultimates
She’s a powerhouse character who impresses heroes in the A league like Monica Rambeau 

Now after years of people asking for her own book and her increasing popularity she’s finally getting her own solo book!
It was announced at NYCC and will be called America with the first preview done by @mckelvie and Matt Wilson

We need to support this book! Show Marvel that this is our hero. 

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I wanna see more of Anxiety as a character, I feel he could be developed pretty well and metaphorically "put under control" moreso than he is. As of now he's like the very entertaining anti-hero kind of character I adore :D Also I relate to him sooooo bad, mainly bc I have anxiety too and he helps me like kind of cope with it!

Likewise!! I honestly have kept him around, partly because people are taking to him and identifying with him, and partly because I think he’s gonna become more than just Anxiety pretty soon. He’s starting to more embody my fear, my darker thoughts, my uncertainties. Much like the other three characters are actual characters and they embody several of my traits, I think that’s what needs to happen with Anxiety. And much like our fears and uncertainties, it’s important to not repress or ignore them, but to face them head on and recognize it’s a part of ourselves!

  • Homophobic: I hate gay people
  • Me: *shoves The Mortal Instruments into their face* *throws Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus onto their head*
  • Homophobic: *reads books*

Muslims, I love you

Women, I love you

People of color, I love you

LGBT+ people, I love you

Disabled people, I love you

Everyone, I love you

I know you might be scared right now and that’s okay. You and your loved ones deserve to be safe. Everyone does. Even when the people who would do you harm win, remember that they do not speak for all of us: there are so many people who care about you and want you to be safe.

You are not alone. We will reach out to each other together as we process the results of one of the worst years we’ve faced recently. We will stand up for each other.

Be your own hero. Be your loved ones’ hero, a stranger’s hero. Find the heroes among you. We can support each other. We can come together in scary and uncertain times.

If you are struggling today, please reach out to someone you love very much. Talk to them. Spend time with them. I know I will be doing this.

Remember that something ugly happening doesn’t destroy all of the beauty in the world. It’s still there. You are still loved and wanted.

RFA+V & Unknown reacting to a mc that’s really short-like 5ft tall

As a 5ft person myself, this request will be very accurate


  • He’s always been one of the shorter people in his friend circle and the RFA, so he loves it!
  • Besides, your height was an adorable asset to him
  • Loves to pick you up and spin you around
  • and gives you a lot of piggy back rides
  • If anyone ever picks on your height, he’ll be ready to tell them off
  • Finally, he gets to be the hero that takes things off the shelf for you
  • Spooning your smaller body feels amazing too
  • He also feels a bigger need to protect you now since you’re so smol


  • She wasn’t really used to meeting people shorter than herself (aside from children)
  • So when she met you, she was surprised 
  • Really, she pays no mind to it
  • Jaehee is always ready to help you grab what you need off a shelf, despite being pretty short herself
  • Needless to say, there’s quite a few stepping stools around the house


  • Right when he thought that you couldn’t be more perfect
  • He loves your height a loooooot
  • Uses it as an excuse to hoist you up to get whatever you need 
  • Zen will sometimes tease you and ask for a kiss in return for whatever he got for you
  • He loves to sneak behind you and wrap his arms around your waist, using your shoulder as a rest
  • It’s just so amazing to him he utterly adores your height like a religion


  • Jumin’s always been used to having everybody relatively shorter than him but
  • Goddamn
  • ‘MC’s so tiny…’
  • Despite thinking that, he loves your height
  • He’ll pay to help any inconveniences that your height brings you
  • Step-stools, personalized tailored clothing, he even offered to have his home remodeled to accommodate your height (to which you declined)
  • Loves cuddling 10x even more because your frame is just so small in comparison to him


  • This guy is an ass
  • Say hello to short jokes and becoming an armrest
  • He’ll watch you climb on the counters to get to the cabinets
  • Or he’ll get what you wanted and then hold it out of your reach
  • Despite anything, he’ll never take it too far; say the word and he’ll stop the teasing
  • His piggy back rides make up for it
  • and the cuddling sessions involve his body engulfing you


  • He’s a tall guy like Jumin, so shorter people aren’t a surprise to him either (not to mention that Rika was short too)
  • That doesn’t necessarily mean that he dislikes your height, he adores it to no end
  •  He’ll come up behind you, have his arms around your neck, and rest his chin atop your head
  • Hugs are his favorite thing with you
  • You’ll never feel self-conscious with him because all he does is praise you


  • Saeran’s a mix of indifference and the occasional teasing 
  • He doesn’t really mind your height, it’s eh to him
  • The rare moments he does pick on you are kinda cute, though
  • If he feels playful, he won’t bend down to let you kiss him and watch you try to reach (he’ll give in to the puppydog eyes anytime though)
  • He’ll literally obliterate anyone who makes fun of your height (in Saeyoung’s case, a smack on the head)