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Top 3/4 Core Performers (all):

Mini Female (3)
Kameron Couch
Dyllan Blackburn
Crystal Huang

Mini Male (3)
Gavin Warfield
Marcus Taylor
Ethan Huang

Junior Female (4)
Sarah Moore
Selena Hamilton
Sophie Santella
Kalea Hidalgo

Junior Male (4)
Kyler Lewis
Hayden Folse
Michael Trojan
Anthony Curley

Teen Female (4)
Ashlynn Chong
Paige Litle
Abby Summers
Tori Caro

Teen Male (3)
Sam M
Alex Shulman
Sage Rosen

Senior Female (3)
Jazz Smith
Erica Grabowski
Brianna Penrose

Senior Male (3)
Graham Feeny
Ryan Williamson
Marcus Sarjeant

It has been said that, in scale, a human being is about halfway between an atom and a star. Interestingly, this is also the regime in which physics becomes most complicated; on the atomic scale, we have quantum mechanics, on the large scale, relativity. It is in between these two extremes where our lack of understanding of how to combine these theories becomes apparent.

The Oxford scientist Roger Penrose has written convincingly of his belief that whatever it is that we are missing from our understanding of fundamental physics is also missing from our understanding of consciousness. These ideas are important when one considers what have become known as anthropic points of view, best summarized as the belief that the Universe must be the way it is in order to allow us to be here to observe it.
—  Bang! The Complete History of the Universe, Brian May
“Kiss the Girl” Glamour Spell (Disney Inspired Spell)

A spell to encourage the person you like to kiss you (under their consent). Wonderful for dates~

You will Need:

  • Lip Gloss or lipstick (preferably red or a vibrant pink)
  • Rose Incense
  • Pink paper
  • Red Marker or Pen
  • Rose Water or Rose Quartz Gem Elixir
  • Mirror (preferably on the wall)


  1. Set up your area in front of the mirror you will be working with. Light your rose incense. Let it burn during the entirety of the spell.
  2. Do your make up as you would normally though leave your lips for last.
  3. Take your lip gloss or lipstick and hold it up and view it in the mirror. “Tonight will be the night, for me to meet your lips.” Uncap/open your lipstick/lip gloss and apply it to your lips. While doing this visualize drawing a heart on your lips in pink/red energy and it entering your lips and leaves them glowing, beckoning someone to partake.
  4. “Tonight, I will be kissed by (name of date/person of desire).” On the paper write the person’s name. Kiss the paper to ensure you leave a kiss mark on the paper, imagine it glowing and fading into the name.
  5. If needed touch up your lipstick again but be sure to still be visualizing them glowing in a beckoning manner
  6. Place the piece of paper into a bowl of rose water/rose quartz water and leave it there for the duration of the date. 
  7. Before leaving wink at yourself in the mirror and blow a small kiss at it to close the spell and boost yourself with a bit more confidence. Also be sure your incense is out before you leave.

Note: this is to encourage a kiss, not force someone to. Please, don’t forcibly kiss anyone, that is not okay. This spell is to help set the mood and boost the likely hood of you both sharing a happy kiss.


Those who do choose to make their homes in the stormlands—whether along the stony shores of the narrow sea, amidst the dripping green forests of the rainwood, or on the windswept marches—are a special breed, however. The people of the stormlands are like unto their weather, it has oft been said: tumultuous, violent, implacable, unpredictable.



When coal is brought to the surface, it has to be separated from possible debris, such as pieces of rock. To do this a system was developed that is called “washing”. In this washing installation the dug up coal is put into large silos that have grids at the bottom through which water is added in pulsating movements. On the grid there was a bed of felspar. Due to the pulsating movements the coal moved over the felspar bed while heavier pieces of stone sank through it onto the grid.

This washery was built in the fifties and stayed in service of the surrounding mines for almost twenty years. The building was protected as heritage and the outside already got a makeover in light of the plans to turn it into a public building. After having invested 13 million euros (almost 14 million dollars) the renovation stopped because the necessary funds were no longer available…

Upon entering the building it becomes instantly clear why this location is called ‘House of Escher’. The building has stairs that seem to be going everywhere, while leading nowhere. The association with the renowned lithograph by M.C. Escher “Ascending and Descending” (1960) is easily made…

On this impossiblee staircase it seems you can walk up (or down) the stairs all the way round and always end up on the same step. In three dimensions this is an impossible object. It only exists in two dimensions by toying with the perspectives.

Catelyn, Smart

Much like her elder daughter, Catelyn Stark is a character whose intelligence is seriously underrated. There’s less of an intellectual arc apparent in her story as compared to Sansa’s, as Catelyn is a grown woman, but that doesn’t mean her thinking is static. It must be said that she is one of the series’ most staggeringly unfortunate characters, as the tragic structure of her arc demands that her decisions and risks to protect her family fail and rebound upon them.

Yet lack of success does not equal lack of intelligence. Even in her mistakes and failures, it is more than possible to see that this is not a woman who didn’t think before she acted.

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athenalestrange  asked:

How do you feel about Ser Penrose? And what was the point of him being in the story?

@racefortheironthrone​ nailed Ser Cortnay’s role here:

I think Penrose’s own extremism is also meant to critique Davos’ own extremism on this score. While in many areas, Davos tempers his idealism with the hardworn pragmatism as a Flea Bottom urchin turned smuggler, when it comes to Stannis, Davos like Penrose may well push his loyalty beyond the bounds of reason.

As I’ve suggested above, a good part of Davos’ respect for Ser Penrose is that Davos sees in Penrose a symbol of his own ideal – in a world where men change their cloaks all the time, Penrose keeps the faith. However, the fact that he’s also called out as stubborn and hungry for death – with even Davos wondering whether “could it be that Ser Cortnay seeks for a way to yield with honor? Even if it means his own life?” – the comparison also suggests that extremism in the pursuit of loyalty might actually be a vice. For Penrose, we must ask, what is the value of loyalty to a dead man whose closest followers have abandoned his cause (Loras Tyrell is going to want revenge, but you don’t see him trying to put Edric Storm on the Iron Throne), especially when your stubbornness might lead to the death of thousands? For Davos, we have to ask, what happens if his loyalty to Stannis leads him to embrace bad means for a good end?