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Okay, guys, I keep seeing people who keep thinking that only a few or some of the characters in RWBY follow the color naming rule, and people don’t fully know the details of what the rule actually is, so… here’s the image Monty released way, way back before volume 2. He tweeted it, and I saved it before Twitter made it impossible to view the full size image.

Knowing the naming rules can be helpful in creating an OC, which is exactly why Monty released the color naming rule. So, regardless of whether or not you’re interested in the rest of the info in this post, I hope you find the above image useful! :D Also…

“Thus all the names in RWBY (Minus Ozpin… for reasons….) follow this rule.” Every single character except Ozpin “for reasons.”

No more of this “Ironwood doesn’t follow the color naming rule” “Glynda doesn’t follow the color naming rule” “So-and-so doesn’t” stuff. All of them do. And paying close attention to the rules will help you understand how they do follow the rules.

  • Be a color
  • Mean a color
  • Sound like a color
  • Make people think of a color

The name can live up to one or more of those requirements, and it can be

  • First name
  • Last name (Example: Lisa Lavender, the female reporter from volume 1 episode 1. Lavender is a purple flower.)
  • First and last name (Example: Weiss Schnee. Weiss means white, and Schnee means snow, which reminds people of white. Or Dove Bronzewing. Doves are white/gray birds, and Bronzewing has the word bronze in it.)
  • A combination of the first and last names (Example: Cyril Ian, the male reporter from volume 1 episode 1. Miles said his full name is Cyril Ian because it sounds like cerulean.)

Below the Read More is a list of all the named characters as of volume 2’s finale and how they follow the color naming rule, as well as my take (shared with many other people, I’m sure) on how Ozpin doesn’t follow the rule.

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Penny (Outfit A)

Come on, I’m sure you ALL saw this one coming!

For out penultimate returning veteran we have the Sex Kitten- Penny! Penny’s popularity in the Toon World blew up after Go! Go! Hypergrind, managing to not only become a world-famous celebrity: star of her own television series, leading lady in lots of award-winning films, and still be considered one of the top models in the world, but she’s also seen as a skateboarding legend. All of this fame and power led her to create her own intricate, elite skate park high in the mountains, Penny’s Winter Wonderland, where only the top of the class experts get to experience the privilege of skating in the snow against the Queen of Ice herself, Penny. If you’re lucky in surviving her icy gauntlet, she might even autograph your cast!

I did have to save one of the best for last, and despite not having as great stats as Vert, her base skating style suits more of my needs in the original game. Plus she’s sexy, and despite being the fanservice character, she’s no less entertaining than the rest of the cast. So yeah, she’s an easy favorite. Of all the returning veterans, Penny’s the most altered by far, not only is her outfit completely different, but her personality is slightly more egotistical than she was in the previous game. In the time where Go! Go! Hypergrind: Take Two! is at, she’s pretty much on top of the world, so it’d make sense for her to have a bit of an ego- only more motivation for the player character to wreck her at her own game!

… but who does that leave left?

Anyway, enjoy! ;D
Penny, Go! Go! Hypergrind © Atlus
Art by @blumoontoons 

Beneath the Waves (Part 2)

Part 2 of my mermaid!snowbaz AU! @ismill is doing the amazing illustrations for this story! 

Part 1



That dirty thief, I thought, scowling as I hunched against the early November winds. My fingers felt brittle, like they were about to break off. I pulled my sleeves down as far as they would go.

If only bitterness kept you warm.

In my haste to chase Bunce down, I’d forgotten a coat, so all I had was this sweater I wore way too fucking much. But it wasn’t like I could just go out and buy new clothes, not on this godforsaken island.

If we wanted to get things that didn’t come from fish or livestock, we had to spend three hours of our lives making it down to bloody Ponteland. And if we wanted chocolate, it was damn near a day to get to London.

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A trip down memory Lane.

15 years on and Kate Hudson’s breakthrough role as 70s rock ‘n’ roll groupie Penny Lane in the film Almost Famous is more relevant than ever before. And not just at dress-up parties. Fashion has zeroed in on the decade’s flared denims, fringed waistcoats and shaggy furs (thank you, Hedi Slimane) in a big way. Just think of all the Penny Lane looks pinned onto designers’ and editors’ mood boards.

So when the opportunity came to interview Hudson about her activewear business, Fabletics (read about it here), we couldn’t resist asking a few questions about her most famous on-screen outfits. It appears she is still as enamoured as we are.

Are you surprised by how strongly Penny Lane’s look resonates in fashion today?

“Costume designer Betsy Heimann is amazingly talented and a fantastic costumer. The looks she created for Almost Famous were perfectly of the era. Betsy worked with Neil Young and travelled a lot in the rock world during that time, so the looks were very authentic to her experience. It’s no surprise that they have maintained that kind of longevity. I believe that Penny Lane’s signature coat, which Betsy designed, is actually on exhibit at a museum, and I think that shows how that character’s look really resonated with people. I feel very lucky to have been able to do that film.”

How closely did you work with Betsy Heimann on the look?

“In any film, when a character is created, the look starts with the director and the costume designer. When the actor is hired, they come in and add little touches as well. As Penny Lane, I made decisions, such as to wear a sheer chiffon top without a bra. I myself would never do that, but Penny would definitely have that freedom with herself, and I think it adds to the authenticity of the character if you are willing to take certain risks. There are little choices such as these that the audience may not recognise individually while they’re watching, but they feel the essence throughout the film.”

Did you keep any of the clothes you wore?

“I kept a couple of the crop tops and a pair of the jeans.”

What is your favourite Penny Lane look?

“I love my outfit in the scene where we’re boarding the private plane for the first time – it’s a little skirt paired with a crop top worn with a blousy shirt over it and some wedges. And I have to admit, I did like wearing the red star panties that were worn alone with a coat [laughs]! That’s another one of my favourites.”

by Julia Frank

Kitten's Change of Luck Spell

I thought I would share this, thanks to an ask I got.

You Need:
1 shiny penny (or other small denomination coin)
Salt (any kind works)
Bay Leaves
A hot spice (I use Paprika or Curry)
A bowl

Okay, mix the spice and salt together. Take the penny, place it in the bowl and sprinkle a little of the mixture on top.

Take bay leaves and cover the penny (if they are chopped, that’s okay too).

After all that is done, envision the penny coated in happiness and light. Leave it there overnight.

Now take the penny, and hold it. And say, (yes this is cheesy) “Bad luck go away, my good luck is here to stay!” However many times you want to.

Then keep the penny with you. You can drill a hole and make it into a necklace or bracelet.

Recharge as needed, or break the spell by throwing black pepper over the penny and leaving overnight.