the penalty box

Tonight I was working in the penalty box at my brother’s hockey game when one of the guys from the opposing team got a tripping penalty. So, as my job requires I have to get his jersey number so I can record it and put it up on the score board with his penalty. I asked him for his number and…well…he gave it to me. His phone number

Poor kid went beet red after I explained I meant his jersey number, not his phone number. I talked to him after the game to make sure he was all good and such, and he said, oh my god, “keep the number, just in case you’re ever looking for anything besides a jersey number.”

Smooth as fuck.

More about Kent Parson’s absolute hatred of Patrick Kane: that time they were both invited to test out NHL 17 on xbox and all Kent did was fight Kane. He didn’t even try to play properly

Kane: “We’re on the same team! I didn’t even know you could do that!”

Parse: *Comes out of the penalty box with his gloves already off and heads straight for Kane’s character*

But...That Was My Dad

Author: Emmalee

Player/Team: Matthew Tkachuk/Calgary Flames

Prompt: Meeting Matt Tkachuk’s parents!!! Thanks!

Rating: Pg

Word Count: 1,500 Words

A/N: Okay so I wasn’t even that pumped about this, but then I started writing and oh look at that. 1500 words. I honestly am so proud of this. This is probably my fav thing I’ve ever written, tbh. Yeah so enjoy me being REALLY enthusiastic about Matthew Tkachuk’s fam.

Thanks, loves!! Xx Em

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