the pen lane

dc characters' fighting styles
  • batman: bat-flips
  • superman: fricken laser beams
  • wonder woman: ass-kicking when positive feminism fails to subdue buffoonery
  • shazam: SHAZAM
  • black canary: bullshit tolerance & ear bleeds
  • green lantern: giant fisting
  • green arrow: boxing glove arrow
  • hawkgirl: mace in yo face
  • lois lane: the pen is mightier than the-*stabs you with pen*
  • flash: whiplash
  • aquaman: sharknado
The signs as TØP songs
  • Aries: We Don't Believe What's On TV
  • Taurus: Forest
  • Gemini: Stressed Out
  • Cancer: Ode to Sleep
  • Leo: House of Gold
  • Virgo: Car Radio
  • Libra: The Judge
  • Scorpio: Guns for Hands
  • Sagittarius: Doubt
  • Capricorn: Addict with a pen
  • Aquarius: Lane Boy
  • Pisces: Heathens

I did a quick sketch this morning of this guy as he sat across from me at breakfast. He was having an intense conversation with a woman, whom I thought was a coworker of his, in his booth. I could see his face over her shoulder and he seemed pretty intense during the conversation…not angry…just focused.