the pen lane

dc characters' fighting styles
  • batman: bat-flips
  • superman: fricken laser beams
  • wonder woman: ass-kicking when positive feminism fails to subdue buffoonery
  • shazam: SHAZAM
  • black canary: bullshit tolerance & ear bleeds
  • green lantern: giant fisting
  • green arrow: boxing glove arrow
  • hawkgirl: mace in yo face
  • lois lane: the pen is mightier than the-*stabs you with pen*
  • flash: whiplash
  • aquaman: sharknado

Fans being crushed against a fence in the Liverpool enclosure at the Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield, England. 96 were killed and 766 injured. 15 April 1989.

The crush occurred in the two standing-only central pens in the Leppings Lane stand, allocated to Liverpool supporters. Shortly before kick-off, in an attempt to ease overcrowding outside the entrance turnstiles, the police match commander, chief superintendent David Duckenfield, ordered exit gate C to be opened, leading to an influx of even more supporters to the already overcrowded central pens.

In the days and weeks following the disaster, police fed false stories to the press suggesting that hooliganism and drinking by Liverpool supporters were the root causes of the disaster. Blaming of Liverpool fans persisted even after the Taylor Report of 1990, which found that the main cause of the disaster was a failure of control by South Yorkshire Police (SYP). Following the Taylor report, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) ruled there was no evidence to justify prosecution of individuals or institutions. The disaster also led to a number of safety improvements in the largest English football grounds, notably the elimination of fenced standing terraces in favor of all-seater stadiums in the top two tiers of English football.


Today, I went for a walk with my Olympus E-PL1 and a 35mm f/1.7 CCTV lens.

External image

It’s been a little while since I used this combo, but today I was instantly reminded of why I love it so much. My EPL-1 turned 4 years old today, and it’s still an exciting experience each time I use it.