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Fatesona - 30 Day Art Challenge

Day 5: Their advanced class

… Part 1, probably cause the “canon” class for Lithy is supposed to be Valkyrie
But I can’t ignore the Maid class so here is a maid bump including
Pech @calamitaswrath (c’mon you saw this coming :3c)
and Liefe @jisunshines (be my senpai lol)

Also since we are talking about Maids, I can’t help but imagine Lithy doing the Moe Moe Kyun

Josef Frank, textile design Bows, 1960. Linen, cotton.  Via Cooper-Hewitt.

Frank’s interest in pattern design was not unique among Viennese architects; like Josef Hoffmann, Koloman Moser, Otto Czeschka, and Dagobert Peche, he produced several early designs for the Wiener Werkstätte. Unlike other Wiener Werkstätte designers who created a unified design scheme by using the same pattern throughout an interior—on textiles, wallcoverings, and even fashion—Frank preferred an eclectic combination of fabrics in his interiors.