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StarCraft Remastered Announcement

Blizzard Entertainment presents a modern take on the original StarCraft experience in StarCraft: Remastered, coming in Summer of 2017. 


Bloody, Beastly Bastard | A Wilhuff Tarkin Mix (Listen)
based on the novel ‘Tarkin’ by James Luceno

“Never try to live decently, boy—not unless you’re willing to open your life to tragedy and sadness. Live like a beast, and no event, no matter how harrowing, will ever be able to move you.” 

We’re thinking of getting some new games off of steam to play for the channel. PLEASE let us know what you would like to see!! Have a favorite game and wanna see us play it on the channel? Let us know! Have a brand new game in mind that you would like to see us play?? LET US KNOW!!! Feedback is important to us and we love to try out new games for you guys! Let us know what you’re thinking and have a wonderful day guys!

  • Chireadan: It was my parents wish before they passed...
  • Yaevinn: You're an orphan? Of course! I'm an orphan too! God, I wish there was a WAR!
  • Yaevinn: mmh?
  • Chireadan: ...
  • Yaevinn: MMH?
  • Chireadan: *bursts into tears*

Okay so, would anyone be interested if I started like, a communal e-shrine to Hylia and the Golden Goddesses? You’d be able to submit stuff, like offerings and devotional pieces and such. You could tag the blog in stuff too, then I could reblog it. I’d probably need one or two other people to mod it with me, who work with the GG more than I do. Idk, it was a thought