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When you want to collect all the idols, get Jake to love you, have a beautiful wedding, get Kenna a nice wedding dress, wear pretty outfits, have fun with your friends and romance Maxwell but you only have like 5 diamonds:


Drafts. The second one’s my wakfu huppermage <3
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Maxwell Beaumont in black-and-white. This took about thirty minutes of me scrolling through Xavier Serrano’s photoshoots, and another three hours to actually draw it.

on one hand, i spent too much time doing this. on the other hand, if i didnt have to rest for a flight out of the country tomorrow, i wouldn’ve spent a lot MORE.

a fun let’s play. rip joof.

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i’m in such pimmbits mood…..

  • Bitty coming home from his job and tiptoeing around bc he knows that his two boys are napping in their room
  • Kent being woken up by a kiss because it’s dinnertime and Jack got up early to help make burgers
  • the three of them talking about their day in the kitchen and laughing at the things that happened
  • kent and bitty laughing hilariously at jack’s terrible jokes because they love him too much and ergo jack thinks that he’s a genuinely funny guy
  • keeping kit away from the table is hard because kent used to let her jump up all the time when he was in vegas
  • bitty complaining about his coworkers and jack and kent nodding along
  • talking about how the game went, how the goals were and the defense of the other team
  • examining injuries and getting massages from each other 
  • they all sleep in same double king sized bed but there’s a smaller bed in their bedroom that one of them take when they want room for themselves
  • throwing bombass dinner parties where bitty gets to make dozens and dozens of minipies and quiches and other party favors and kent gets to lounge around holding a wine glass
  • kent is not as easy pick up and throw over the shoulder as bitty is, so jack bridal carries him when he wants to pick him up
  • the two of them love ganging up on bitty because he’s so small that they can toss him around with ease. not even in a sexy way but in a regular roughhousing way

people shipping sean with someone who cheated on him ;/ people shipping james with someone who is TAKING ADVANTAGE OF HIM ;/////////////

ok but how about a ‘we’re both actors on this new tv show and we’ve only met a couple times before casually but our director says we need to get to know each other better so on the first day on set you decide to prank me to break the ice by surprising me when i first come out of my trailer except i freak out and punch you in the nose out of reflex and now i feel super bad and we’re sitting in the medic tent together and at first things were awkward and now we’re bonding and i actually really like you and you’re actually super cute’ plot


i’m not sure if this calls for an ‘i’m sorry’ or a ‘you’re welcome’ so let’s just go with both??

once upon a time, he says, people were not born separate from each other. they were born entwined, kind of coupled with each other. so there were boys attached to boys, and there were girls attached to girls, and of course, boys and girls together in a wonderfully intimate ball. and back then we had eight limbs. there were four on top,  four on the bottom, and you didn’t have to walk if you didn’t want to. you could roll, and roll we did. we rolled backwards and we rolled forwards, achieving fantastic speeds that gave us a kind of courage.

and then the courage swelled to pride.

and the pride became arrogance.

and then we decided that we were greater than the gods and we tried to roll up to heaven and take over heaven. the gods alarmed, struck back!  zeus, in his fury, hurled down lightning bolts and struck everyone in two, into perfect halves. so all of a sudden, couples who had been warm and tight and wedged together, were now detached, and alone, and lost, and desperate, and losing the will to live.

and the gods see what they had done, worried that humans might not survive or even multiply again. of course, they needed humans to give sacrifices and to pay attention to them, so the gods decided on a few repairs. instead of heads facing backwards, or out, they would rotate our heads back to forward. they pulled our skin taut and knotted it at the belly button. genitalia too, were moved to the front, so if we wanted to, we could.

and most important, they left us with a memory.  it was a longing for that original other half of ourselves –the boy or the girl who used to make us whole.  and that longing is still so deep in all of us, men for men, women for women, men for women, for each other, that it has been the lot of humans, ever since, to travel the world, looking for our other half. and when, says aristophanes, when one of us meets another, we recognize each other right away. we just know this. we’re lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy. we won’t get out of each others sight, even for a moment. these are people, he says, who pass their whole lives together, and yet if you ask them, they could not explain what they desire of each other.

they just do.
—  aristophanes’s speech from plato's symposium as re-told by robert krulwich, desperately seeking symmetry // radiolab

Happy New Financial Year!
Hello Dry July!
30 June - 1 July 2017

Buttery scrambled eggs at lunchtime (because breakfast food is perfect any time) to mark the End Of Financial Year with The Husb. The café owed me free coffees because they lost my favourite serving spoon catering My Girl’s 21st.

I stuffed myself today in fact - healthy fare like hearty vege-packed stew with shredded chicken & haloumi croutons for dinner - but preceded by celebratory EOFY wine & cheese and followed up by pb pretzel ice cream! Way too much. With rain forecast for the weekend, I am going to have to be creative about working off those excess calories!

Rain may be on the radar but booze is off. The EOFY wine flurry was the last hurrah before Dry July, starting TODAY. Thirty-one days without alcohol is the goal. A friend has offered me a free massage if I go the distance. (I haven’t had a decent massage since she went to live in France. She’s back!)

So herbal teas for me! And a new book about an Aussie ultra-marathon runner and the little desert dog who adopts him.

This morning I was sitting in the kitchen with my nose pointed at my phone (still am actually), and almost missed the sneaky sunrise. Today’s forecast is for squally weather. I glanced up to catch a brief blaze of glory. A reminder to look at the world not the screen.

Anyway, this rain shower will pass soon, so I am kitting up for a run. The little dog will struggle up if she hears my keys but right now she is curled and cosy and not invited! …Later… it’s piddling down. The wind is howling. Yoga indoors today I reckon.


“You would protect Y/N rather than have your grace back? Rather than be whole again? Castiel, you’re making a mistake,” the angel said, flanked on both sides by two others. Cas glanced down to the blade in the angel’s hand, thinking of the havoc they would wreak if they were to find you.

“Y/N makes me whole,” Cas said, his eyes burning fierce and the angels before him almost took a step back with the force of his words, almost believed for an instant that maybe he wasn’t as mortal as they’d heard. 

“Listen to reason, brother,” one of the others said, but Cas only shook his head, his jaw set tight.

“I would rather die a mortal than give Y/N up. You’d be wise not to ask me again.”

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