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Drafts. The second one’s my wakfu huppermage <3
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ok but how about a ‘we’re both actors on this new tv show and we’ve only met a couple times before casually but our director says we need to get to know each other better so on the first day on set you decide to prank me to break the ice by surprising me when i first come out of my trailer except i freak out and punch you in the nose out of reflex and now i feel super bad and we’re sitting in the medic tent together and at first things were awkward and now we’re bonding and i actually really like you and you’re actually super cute’ plot

Ryan and Atla are asleep. I’m eating a pb&j with WAY too much peanut butter and playing Mass Effect.
It’s nice having much needed me time but I am kinda over this insomnia.

I struggled with insomnia badly before having Atla. Ever since my brain surgery I’ve just had a super hard time falling asleep; I would sometimes lay in bed all night just to say fuck it at 7am and get up without a wink of sleep.
But after Atla was born it was different. I’ve just been SO exhausted from getting up with her so many times a night that when I actually could sleep I would just knock out.
The past 3 or 4 days my insomnia has been back with a vengeance. Last night I tossed and turned in bed until 5am & then was up with Atla just before 8. I’ll be bone tired & sleep just won’t come. I don’t know what to do.
I used to be prescribed alprazolam to help me fall asleep because once I fall asleep I’m good. I don’t need help staying asleep. But no way do I feel comfortable taking anything like that now since we cosleep with Atla.
Idk, I’ve tried tea, magnesium, hot showers before bed… hopefully it’s just a phase & will pass.


“You would protect Y/N rather than have your grace back? Rather than be whole again? Castiel, you’re making a mistake,” the angel said, flanked on both sides by two others. Cas glanced down to the blade in the angel’s hand, thinking of the havoc they would wreak if they were to find you.

“Y/N makes me whole,” Cas said, his eyes burning fierce and the angels before him almost took a step back with the force of his words, almost believed for an instant that maybe he wasn’t as mortal as they’d heard. 

“Listen to reason, brother,” one of the others said, but Cas only shook his head, his jaw set tight.

“I would rather die a mortal than give Y/N up. You’d be wise not to ask me again.”

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okay but what about a soul mates plot where you have dreams of your soul mate up until you meet them? Like you only see parts of them like maybe they are super blurry and you only notice their hand holding yours or they hair and maybe they get more vivid and less blurry the closer you are to meeting them and the day before you meet them or when you do you dream of them crystal clear and can see all of them and like the dreams could be of your future together and it could be really angsty and be someone they absolutely hate like dear god NO it can’t be them! and the fights and fear and just???