the pbs way

When you want to collect all the idols, get Jake to love you, have a beautiful wedding, get Kenna a nice wedding dress, wear pretty outfits, have fun with your friends and romance Maxwell but you only have like 5 diamonds:


Drafts. The second one’s my wakfu huppermage <3
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GASP! a conspiracy?!!

(pearl dont lie u just wanna get ur sneaky little hands back in jaspers mouth)

Maxwell Beaumont in black-and-white. This took about thirty minutes of me scrolling through Xavier Serrano’s photoshoots, and another three hours to actually draw it.

on one hand, i spent too much time doing this. on the other hand, if i didnt have to rest for a flight out of the country tomorrow, i wouldn’ve spent a lot MORE.

a fun let’s play. rip joof.

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So on one hand it’s a bit disappointing that they have to censor on PBS, because we won’t get to hear Tracie Thoms sing “light bulbs up the ass”, but on the other hand, “chess ain’t how your boyfriend thinks” is gold.

i’m in such pimmbits mood…..

  • Bitty coming home from his job and tiptoeing around bc he knows that his two boys are napping in their room
  • Kent being woken up by a kiss because it’s dinnertime and Jack got up early to help make burgers
  • the three of them talking about their day in the kitchen and laughing at the things that happened
  • kent and bitty laughing hilariously at jack’s terrible jokes because they love him too much and ergo jack thinks that he’s a genuinely funny guy
  • keeping kit away from the table is hard because kent used to let her jump up all the time when he was in vegas
  • bitty complaining about his coworkers and jack and kent nodding along
  • talking about how the game went, how the goals were and the defense of the other team
  • examining injuries and getting massages from each other 
  • they all sleep in same double king sized bed but there’s a smaller bed in their bedroom that one of them take when they want room for themselves
  • throwing bombass dinner parties where bitty gets to make dozens and dozens of minipies and quiches and other party favors and kent gets to lounge around holding a wine glass
  • kent is not as easy pick up and throw over the shoulder as bitty is, so jack bridal carries him when he wants to pick him up
  • the two of them love ganging up on bitty because he’s so small that they can toss him around with ease. not even in a sexy way but in a regular roughhousing way

people shipping sean with someone who cheated on him ;/ people shipping james with someone who is TAKING ADVANTAGE OF HIM ;/////////////

i dont know how to say this but… this fandom needs more gay content

ok but how about a ‘we’re both actors on this new tv show and we’ve only met a couple times before casually but our director says we need to get to know each other better so on the first day on set you decide to prank me to break the ice by surprising me when i first come out of my trailer except i freak out and punch you in the nose out of reflex and now i feel super bad and we’re sitting in the medic tent together and at first things were awkward and now we’re bonding and i actually really like you and you’re actually super cute’ plot

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¿Hablas español? Tus tags....

I was born in the US but I didn’t learn English properly until I was around 5