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Claire's Theme
Super Lesbian Animal RPG
Claire's Theme


first in this week’s line up of [SLURP] music, a theme for Claire!

with SLARPG’s new protagonists, i wanted to create themes that would speak to each of the characters’ personalities. @ponett​ described Claire as someone who means well, but whose know-it-all tendencies can make her seem intimidating, bossy, and even reckless. nonetheless, she believes she’s doing the right thing and really wants to prove she’s a good friend.

with this track, i hoped to capture Claire’s awkwardness and know-it-all-itude while still keeping an optimistic vibe to the song. the odd rhythm (7/4 time!) keeps things just a beat shy of symmetrical to represent Claire’s tendency for good intentions falling through. meanwhile, her brainy qualities come through as a super patternistic arrangement: each instrument plays very strict and mathy-sounding rhythms and melodies in each section.

i geeked out a lot while making new tracks, which made me think of how something magic happens when you get to nerd all over your passion—and since Claire’s nerd passion is witchcraft, it seemed fitting to let some of that rigid mathiness loosen up and bring in some mystical vibes with smooth sax action (saxion???), to end on a note that ultimately says “this is what i love.”

also, lots of cowbell LOL

very very excited for the next theme coming up—i’ll be posting it in a couple days. stay tuned!