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Make Believe Part 5 - Luke

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Luke tried to pay attention, he really did.

“Aaaaand I’ve won again” Calum smirks, placing emphasis on his final word.

“What?” Luke pulls his gaze away from the screen.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Calum frowns at his best friend, “you’ve lost 4 games of Fifa in a row.”

“Nothing” Luke mutters, standing up, “do you want a drink?” He walks to the kitchen, without waiting for an answer. His mind is on you. He doesn’t know why, he just knows he can’t stop thinking about your mouth on his, how soft your skin is, the smell of your perfume, the quiet moan you’d made. He wanted it again. He wanted everything, and he knew he couldn’t have it. Sleeping with you would only complicate an already murky situation. The fact that he couldn’t think of your mouth without his jeans beginning to tighten wasn’t helping.

“Here you go” Luke hands his friend a bottle of Heineken, before pulling his phone out of his pocket, checking it for the 15th time that afternoon.

“You not heard from your girlfriend?” Cal smirks.

“Not my girlfriend” Luke mumbles, more out of habit than anything. He could text you, you could go out tonight, get ice cream and walk around the town, he knew you liked seeing the stars. And he could kiss you in the main square, where there’d be enough people milling around that he could use it as an excuse for his actions. He could kiss you again and, quite frankly, that’s all he wanted.

“I’m guessing you’re not coming to Ash’s tonight?” Calum watches his best friend type furiously.

“No” Luke doesn’t respond to Calum’s words until you reply to his, “I’m meeting Y/N.”


“Who the fuck orders vanilla ice cream?” You frown at his flavour choice.

“Who the fuck doesn’t like vanilla ice cream?” He argues, waving his ice cream filled spoon in your face.

“Don’t you dare!” You lean back as he gets close to your nose.

“Wouldn’t dream of it, princess” he laughs, before touching the spoon to your nose, leaving a white blob of vanilla ice cream.

“You’re such a dick” you try not to laugh, failing miserably.

“Wait” he pulls your hand away as you go to wipe it off. Leaning forward he licks the tip of your nose, amusement in his eyes.

“You’re so disgusting” you wipe his saliva from your face, “and vanilla is shit, it’s boring.”

“I’ll remember you said that” he drops you a wink.

“Your mind is pure filth” you stammer, trying to rid your head of thoughts of him in bed.

“As is yours, so it seems” his eyes darken as they look at you.

“Why did you ask me out tonight?” You blurt out.

“I thought we were pretending to be a couple?” He raises an eyebrow.

“I thought that was just public appearances kinda things” you shrug, hating the disappointment you felt in your chest.

“‘Public appearances’! You make us sound like the monarchy.” He laughs, draping his arm around your shoulders.

“I feel like bloody royalty with the way people are staring at us” you mutter, leaning into his chest.

“Let them look” Luke leans down to murmur, pressing a kiss below your ear.

“Your plan’s working, Hemmings. Everyone thinks we’re a couple” you turn, not realising just how close his face was to yours. His mouth is inches from your own, his eyes glance down at your lips.

“They do, don’t they?” He breathes out, his mind was screaming at him that this wasn’t real, the kiss he was about to give didn’t mean anything to you, and it shouldn’t do to him. He knew he should end this, he didn’t know why, but it felt wrong. Something about this whole situation felt wrong and he couldn’t figure out what. He didn’t know anything other than he wanted to kiss you, so he did. You kissed him back instantly, almost as if you’d been hoping this would happen, the thought made him smile.

“What?” You mumble against his mouth.

“You taste like strawberry ice cream” he runs his fingers through your hair.

“You’re so weird”

“You’re one to talk” he runs his thumb over your bottom lip, “now shush and kiss me.” Seeing as there nothing else you’d rather be doing, you comply. You don’t know how long the two of you are there for, neither of you seem to care tat you’re stood in the middle of the town. Your entire focus is on one another.

“Fucking hell, get a room” that is, until you’re interrupted by the ever loud voice of Michael Clifford.

“W-why are you here?” Luke turns his gaze to his three, smirking best friends. His hands are still in your hair, your body still pressed against his, neither one of you wanting to move away just yet.

“What? In the place we live?” Ash raises an eyebrow.

“I thought you were all staying in tonight” Luke frowns.

“We fancied a walk” Michael has a glint in his eye that you don’t trust, “such a surprise seeing you two here.”

“You’re a dick, Clifford” Luke glares at him.

“I know” Mike laughs.

“You’re very quiet, Y/N?” Calum turns everyone’s attention to you.

“Oh!” You begin, not knowing what to say, you start by stepping away from Luke’s body “I…um…does anyone want a drink? Because I could absolutely, definitely do with one.”

“Absolutely, definitely?” Luke smirks, lacing his fingers through yours. You try to ignore his thumb tracing patterns on the back of your hand.

“Absolutely, definitely” you nod once.

“Come on, lovers” Ashton laughs, leading the way to the pub. People weren’t as surprised to see your hand entwined with Luke’s, but the interest in your relationship was still very much apparent. Calum and Luke go to the bar, leaving you alone with the other two, their too happy faces making you narrow your eyes.

“You looked like you were having fun” Mike starts.

“Pretend fun, of course” Ashton adds.

“We’re very good actors” you insist.

“Course you are” Ashton murmurs, shutting up as Lu and Cal arrive back at your table. You like being with them, even Luke. They make you laugh, you never laugh so much as when you’re with these four boys. You know it’s all pretend, you know that the entire town was watching every aspect of your relationship unfold, you know that Luke’s words and actions weren’t as real as you wished them to be. But here you were, in a pub, with him, and he was holding your hand under the table. Under the table. Where no one could see. You didn’t even know if he’d done it consciously, but he’d still done it. His fingers were entwined with yours and no body could see. And that made you smile more than anything.


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