the patriachy

When a woman has made the descent and severed her identity as a spiritual daughter of the patriarchy, there is an urgent yearning to reconnect with the feminine, whether that be the goddess, the Mother, or the little girl within. There is a desire to develop those parts of herself that have gone underground while on the heroic quest: her body, her emotions, her spirit, her creative wisdom… If a woman has spent many years fine-tuning her intellect and her command of the material world while ignoring the subtleties of her bodily knowings, she may now be reminded that the body and spirit are one. If she has ignored her emotions while serving the community, she may now slowly begin to reclaim how she feels as a woman. The mysteries of the feminine realm will appear in her dreams, in synchronistic events, in her poetry, art and dance.
—  Maureen Murdock, The Heroine’s Journey

I’m sorry but why are girls on their periods expected to keep quiet so we don’t gross males out and go about our days pretending nothing is happening? 

Because you can’t  even try to tell me that if once a month dudes experienced the pain of their testicles wringing out blood and chunks that got expelled out of their dicks they would just carry on with their day to day lives because you KNOW they would be shouting about their pain from the roof tops, expect to be waited on hand and foot, and somehow use it as proof that men are superior to women. 

Mr. Krabs and Male privilege.

Mr. Krabs is problematic as fuck with the way fact that he only hires males to work for him. Look at the gang working at the Krusty Krab (Which, I remind you, is one letter off from being an acronym for the KKK). He only has Spongebob and Squidward, both who are oppressed by wage labor, being only allowed an $8.00/hr minimum wage. 

Furthermore, Sandy is unemployed (some say she is a scientist but she works independantly and has no visible source of income) and has several connections to workers at the KKKrusty Krab, a racist institute (Look at how he is a white capitalist male Mr. Krabs enslaves the FOC workers with wage labor).

Despite her connections, Sandy has never been offered a job. Perhaps it is her foreign accent, and the fact that she is an immigrant, but also due to her female oppression in a Male Fish dominated Patriachy that is Bikini Bottom (Notice the sexist and exploitative name of the town.) Even if she did get a job at the KKKrusty Krab, she’d be given only $0.55 for every $1.00 her male workers make, given she is an imigrant SOC (Squirrel of Color). 

You know what makes me really sad? Women who say they don’t need feminism. Not only do they only have the option to say that because of feminism, they also completely ignore the fact that other women in the world might not be as fortunate as them. Yes, white, upper-middle-class girl, you’re pretty good. You could benefit from feminism, but your life is pretty nice. You know whose life isn’t very nice? Millions of women all over the world being sold into practically slavery or prostitution, child brides, victims of rape and abuse.
It’s nice that you’re comfortable and all, but it’s pretty fucking selfish to renounce feminism just beacuse you don’t need it. Others do. So pick up the pitchforks and smash that patriachy, for your sisters who aren’t as fortunate! This isn’t just about you!

The more time I spend on tumblr… the more I think… the patriarchy doesn’t exist… does it?

There are people who base their entire livelihood on this idea, people who use this idea to form a framework for their understanding of the world, and people who have beliefs built firmly upon a foundation of the patriarchy existing. The argument behind a great deal of certain privileges is built upon the idea that the patriarchy exists…

And then I just, for a moment, think… “What if it doesn’t exist?” And then I imagine what the world would look life if it didn’t. Where there isn’t this insidious conspiracy to keep the womynz down and where men bleed red too and then I realize that’s the world we actually do live in and I just go…

Whoa, man.


Forever mad that society dictates I put a fucking napkin on my lap when I, and a majority of adult women, have almost never dropped food on my lap. It hits the tits first.

It always hits the tits first.

  • Me: When is it ok to have sex with a girl?
  • My brother: When she's sober and consenting
  • Me: Does it matter what's she wearing?
  • My brother: Not really, as long as she's sober and consenting, it doesn't matter what she wearing
  • Me: What counts as consent?
  • My brother: When she's sober, when she agrees, when you don't man handle her, or force her to do anything she doesn't want to do. Even if her lips say no no, but her eyes say yes yes, it's not consent.
  • My brother: Smart men have will power, stupid men don't.