the pathetic fallacy

He wasn’t ok.

College was hard, harder than he’d expected, and he wasn’t ok.

Nursey had barely slept last night, thinking about college and exams and how he was going to fail and he might as well drop out and move home because he was going to end up back there anyway and disappointing his parents and his team. 

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Haunted Manor

It was bound to happen, me writing a Supersons fic. I mean, Jon and Damian are just too cute to stay away from for long. So I hope you guys enjoy this little adventure I’ve cooked up. Thanks to @audreycritter​ for helping me workshop this. @komadoriwonder​ I told you I’d do something fluffy, even if I’m a little late with it. ;)

Summary: Damian and Jon go on a ghost hunt in the manor

Rating: Gen

Words: 4,700

Warnings: None

AO3 Link

A high pitched scream tore through the manor, accompanied by the heavy crashing of panicked feet on wood as Damian and Jon tore down a hallway. Their pace was one of panicked teens running from a ghostly apparition after late night tales of horror. Despite the lack of scary stories or jump scares, Damian could almost be certain of the presence of a ghostly apparition. One he didn’t want following them by Jon’s yelling.

“Silence, Kent.” Damian hissed as they slid to turn, their feet in unison pounding down the next hallway.

Jon gulped and managed to cut off his cry as the two reached the main staircase. He was glad of his new attention when Damian stumbled on one of the steps and he had to reach out and haul him back. Damian grumbled a thank you as they reach the bottom step and continued running.

Their mad dash only stopped when they’d reached the safety of the well lit living room they’d set up camp in. Jon feel onto the couch, tossing a pillow off it to meet the other ones scattered around the sleeping bags on the floor.

Titus looked up from where he’d been curled up on one of the pillows and tilted his head at Jon. Damian stepped over to scratch him behind his ears. The simple action started to calm Damian’s frayed nerves.

“I thought you said the manor wasn’t haunted.” Jon said, his words broken as he attempted to catch his breath. Neither boy was out of shape, but both still struggled to slow their racing hearts and control their heaving chests.  

“It’s not.” Damian snapped.

Titus shook his head, discharging Damian’s hand from its task, and laid back down. Damian crossed his arms and let one foot tap on the floor as his mind tried to come to terms with what had just happened. For it had happened. Damian was sure of it. What it was, he wasn’t sure of. Surrounded by the normality of the living room he was starting to wonder what it was they’d encountered.

“Well,” Jon said, absently reaching for the half-finished bowl of popcorn on the coffee table. “It sure seems that way to me.”

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you have more hands than a child
trying to catch the cool rain / which,
in february, holds just a second too
long in the sky / as if deciding whether
or not it’s time to come down. or

if this is another day for staying in
bed. & you say / “not everything is
pathetic fallacy / the weather is not
about you / the sky is not always
about you.” / & maybe not but I’m not

the only one who prays for winter
anymore. when I talk about grey
clouds / I picture you on my window-
seat / a replica marble david we
had to break in half to fit inside
the display case. & I try and talk

about the window even though we
both know there’s nothing to say.
just like how / when the snow
piles up past the door you can
turn the handle / but there’s nowhere
to go. I want to talk about the dark

& the colour & the faint
blue of your fingertips. / but you
remind me of something you did
last night / when the ice was just
starting to form and the coldest

place in the house / was the 3
centimeters between my reaching
hand and your broad back. you like
the sternum before the first incision
& the oak before acorns start to

grow. you climbed out of bed in the
untouched morning to look at something
pure. listen to me—I’m trying to tell you
something important / about how
much this youngness hurts.

Eliel Vera, My Last Thought Before We Skidded Off The Road
for the prompt “driven snow”, @nepenthenet

Happiness Comes When You Are Numb. (Pt 1)

I’m feeling pretty down right now so I’m up for some angst. I was listening to the Heathers soundtracks ((if you like musical theatre and haven’t seen the Heathers, I recommend it)) and “Freeze your Brain” came on so I wanted to do a little fic around that.  

    Jughead wasn’t happy. That in itself was an understatement. Jughead was a pessimist, never seeing the good in anything. Drugs and alcohol were a mere escape from the life he called his own. With an alcoholic for a father who could blame him for resorting to such extreme coping mechanisms. With a mother who runs away from every small obstacle, including her son, who could blame Jughead for being afraid of sticking around. And with a best friend who is persistent on keeping him alive, who could blame him for hating himself.

     “Juggie, we’re leaving. Now.” Betty shoves through the crowd, roughly grabbing hold of her beanie-less best friend who was sat in a bong rotation eagerly waiting for his turn. The jocks and cheerleaders all either wolf-whistled or laughing in Betty’s face. Ridiculing her without even having to breathe a word. Jughead rolled his eyes so hard you could almost hear them. 

     “Get off me, Cooper.” He growled towards her, clearly drunk out of his mind and as high as a kite. Betty flinched at the harshness of Jughead’s voice but still stood her ground, tugging him lightly. She was silently hoping that in some alternate universe he would see the error of his ways and walk out with her, never returning. But this was the real world and this was a different Jughead. 

     “You heard him Blondie. Get off him.” Reggie Mantle, still in hysterics, shouted over to Betty. At this point, she was starting to see why Archie gave up on him. Jughead Jones will never change and he will never care for anyone but himself. Tears stung her eyes as she nodded slowly, releasing her grip on the boy’s shirt. 

     “I see. I’ll just-” Betty couldn’t finish her sentence before she raced out of the room, dodging the drunk teens in the halls of some jocks house. Parties weren’t her scene, especially when she was in this frame of mind. Jughead was all that kept her stable. She felt safe with him, like the world around them wasn’t turning. Like her sister wasn’t pregnant with a dead mans baby or like her parents weren’t forcing perfection every 5 minutes.

     Perfection, Betty hated the word. She tightly curled her fist at even the first syllable. Perfection wasn’t achievable yet that’s what was constantly expected of her. She was always compared and contrasted. She was always told that what she was doing was okay but it wasn’t good enough. Nothing was ever good enough. Sometimes she thought it may just be easier to disappoint on purpose. 

     “Betts!” She heard the familiar voice call after her. It was slurred and desperate but she knew who it was. And right now it was the last person she wanted to see. Betty proceeded out of the door and in to the darkened street, her jeans and cardigan probably soaked in the stench of alcohol, smoke and weed. 

     “What, Jughead? What could you possibly want from me now? You need extra money for more weed?” Betty angrily mocked to the boy still stumbling behind her. He was trying to catch up but couldn’t make his feet fast enough. To be honest, he couldn’t really direct his legs either but he didn’t want to show that. 

      “Betts, I’m sorry. I’m gonna clean my act up. I promise!” Jughead stuttered out. The fear was clear in his voice but in this moment Betty didn’t care. It was all lies she’d heard before. Why should she stand for this constant heartbreak. Someone she so deeply cares about is wasting his life away and for what? A short lived escape. 

      “I’ve heard it all before. You never change. You’re just like your father.” Betty blurted out, regretting what she said almost instantly. It was the truth but she could’ve sugar coated it. His face visibly changed. Tears began streaking the cheeks of his face almost the second the words left her mouth. He let out a breath he didn’t realise he was holding in, a small cry escaping his lips along with it. He looked distraught.

      “Betty, I- how could you say that.” He sobbed out, wrapping his arms around his shaking body for comfort. He looked in Betty’s eyes, hoping for even a glint of the same fondness he usually saw. But there was nothing. Her eyes were stone cold, full of tears and full of disappointment. She turned to walk away.

      “I’m sorry Jughead.” She muttered, squeezing her eyes shut and letting the tears flow freely. Her chest was aching to hold him close and tell him it’d all be okay but she knew that it wouldn’t work. Nothing could fix him. There was no hope.

      “Betty no, no please. I can fix myself. Betty please don’t go. Please don’t leave me. Betty!” Jughead screamed out for her to return. He fell to his knees sobbing uncontrollably. All he needed was a friend and now he has no one. Betty was all that mattered to him. Betty was his lifeline. And now she’s gone he has nothing. How is he supposed to live. “I love you.” he breathed out, closing his eyes and inhaling the cold night air. 

      The wind was bitter and harsh that night. Almost perfectly portraying the pathetic fallacy of the situation. Both hearts were broken that night. All that they had were the memories of the past, when everything was so innocent. Betty enjoyed revisiting the memories of when they first started the Blue and Gold. Jughead was so happy and optimistic.

      That soon faded when Jughead was given his first bottle of alcohol and bag of weed. He was never the same. Betty missed her best friend. She was truly in love with that boy. The boy who wore the same beanie everyday, the boy who loved writing, the boy who loved movie nights, the boy who fixed her and showed her that someone could care. He single-handedly saved Betty Cooper’s life. 

      “I can’t do this.” Betty viciously cried into her pillow, hugging it close and hoping it would somehow be replaced with the boy she loved. “I miss you.” she whimpered before drifting off to sleep after one of the worst nights of her life.Or so she thought. 

      Whilst Betty was asleep in bed, Jughead gazed through the window of her house, contemplating whether to go in or not. Instead, he decided to leave the note he had previously written and continue with his plan.

       “No turning back now.” He whispered to himself over and over again on the walk to his destination. Once he made it, he took in the view. The waves were crashing destructively against the sides of the cliff. The cliff. This was it. Jughead took his first step, his first breath. “Happiness comes when you are numb, who need cocaine.” He sung softly before taking the second step. This was it.

I hope you enjoyed the part one to this fic! It’s probably only going to have one other part but yknow! My asks are open if anyone wants to send in their ideas I’ll be happy to read them x

letters to you, to you, to you right at the back, yes you.

i hope you’re doing fine. did you remember to smile today? if you didn’t, then here’s a reason to smile: i’m smiling because you’re going to be smiling in three, two, one.

okay, smile! nice and wide, gargantuan and stringy cheesy, the flash right in your eyes and the bright glimmer that is going to be left behind.

still stay smiling because let me tell you all the reasons why you should be smiling.

you’re doing the best you can be and that is okay and being okay is much better than not being okay. you might not be at the top, but you’re not at the bottom. isn’t that better? a happy medium—it’s happy for a reason (because you’re smiling. keep smiling).

your life is going to sort itself out in one way or another, it might not be working now, but as time goes on, the cogs will start to move and a little box full of happiness will come rolling on the conveyor belt. it’ll ask you to open it and you will, because big things come in small packages and that package is going to have that lifetime you think you couldn’t fix, yet look at it. all wrapped up in a bow of your favourite colour—mine’s blue, what about you?—for you to string your favourite colour’s fate around your pinky, to promise you’ll stay smiling.

still sitting there (or standing, maybe doing a handstand. i don’t know you, you don’t know me, but i hope to know you a little bit more after this) smiling? good.

you probably have a list of dreams you want to do. a bucket list, a to-do list, it’s a list at the end of the day and in the morning, remember: you are breathing. that’s more than enough to be smiling about. the sun is shining, sometimes it’ll rain, it’ll snow too, the weather fluctuates a lot just like our moods and pathetic fallacy makes us best friends with the weather. the sun is hidden behind a cloud, our smiles stay locked up and out of sight, but don’t take it out of your mind. smile even in the light afternoons, in the dark nights where it’s 3 am and you begin to question every speck the universe offers. at least you’re questioning when others are just waiting for the answers—that’s doing something, you’re doing something. it might not be what you want it to be, so far, right now. in due time, it’ll come and you’ll start to question why you weren’t patient before.

one final reason to smile: dogs. dogs are your friend and i hope to be your friend too. i may not talk to you, i may not know you, but if i made you smile, then you’re a friend in my book.

i hope your cheeks are hurting. your eyes are glimmering. your heart a little bit lighter from all the words you needed to hear.

yours sincerely, a me who wishes to see you smiling at the future.

I’m watching Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet and I forgot how incredibly trashy it is

but at the same time it’s a very good adaptation because it gets the sense of violence and simmering tensions in the city (both a representation of the factional violence peculiar to catholic countries of the time, and to the fighting of apprentices and youths in London). it even has the laughter at Mercutio’s made up move, mocking his punto and passado and ‘hay’. and it’s got the youthfulness, it’s believable for being about teenagers, posturing teenagers who shouldn’t have guns.

you have the play of authority and individuality, seen in the translation of the prologue into news report and monologue by the friar, two different systems of power and dominance. and the way Juliet is made commodity, a power tool for her family.

and it has the language of difference, the Capulets made clearly foreign in their Italianate stylings, Shakespeare intervening in the discourse of aliens in London.

Lurhmann gets the epic scale perfectly; it’s about framing the narrative of two lovers into something bigger and demonstrating the horror of it all. the two teens are fitted into something much bigger than them, epic music and extreme pathetic fallacy combined with shots where only one character addresses the camera. when Mercutio dies, he dies framed by a ruined stage at Sycamore Grove… their lives have been wedded to calamity through their interaction with power greater than them, and they became the play

and you have the madness, the utter idiocy behind all of the plot, the dizziness of the party and the way Romeo falls in love under the influence of ecstasy. and the water’s never far away, they see each other through fish tank, swimming pool and rain - what’s the truth?

it’s visceral, with the trashy flashy realism and the brilliant soundtrack… and that’s what Shakespeare is. pop entertainment that hits you in the stomach with emotions

also I forgot that Paul Rudd was in this film

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you have any tips for studying literature? My bf has tried to pass his literature exam 12 times and he's desperate. I really want to help him.

Heyo! I’m not sure what the format of your literature exam is, but I’ll try to give some tips :)

Taking Notes on Books: I don’t take notes in the book–I highlight key quotes, then on another sheet of binder paper, I write down the page number of the quote and my notes/thoughts on it. Remember too look for themes and motifs, as well as character traits that come back again and again. This can be particularly useful when writing essays. Furthermore, you’ll be able to look at your notes on the novel more efficiently.

Active vs Passive Reading: Passive reading it what we do when we read fiction for fun, usually (at least it’s what I do ^.^). You read through it quickly, and after a week you generally will only remember the key parts. But if you do active reading (taking notes as you read, following along by highlighting/underlining) you’ll be paying more attention to the book, and you can remember stuff more clearly!

Literary Devices: Make sure to memorize key terms as well! For example, some books have a lot of imagery, some books use pathetic fallacy, and some books have a lot of personification.These all can be useful in analyzation. If you’re reading poetry or Shakespeare, literary terms will really be helpful.

I hope this helped! Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions~

GCSE English Literature Help - Macbeth

Here are some key parts of every scene, by me, a Macbeth enthusiast and GCSE taker. I shall do a scene per reblog.

Act 1, Scene 1 - The Witches Plan to Meet Macbeth

In this scene, the witches are ambiguous - we do not know what they look like.

Shakespeare’s Techniques: “Thunder and lightning” begins the play. This sets a dark and violent mood. This language device is called pathetic fallacy. Historically, the Elizabethans believed that witches affected the weather.

“When shall we three meet again?” This tells us that the witches will be meeting again and that they are not finished with their evil intentions.

“There to meet with Macbeth.” Macbeth has been introduced by the witches, which already links him to the supernatural and suggests evilness.

“Fair is foul and foul is fair.” The witches suggest that things aren’t what they seem. This theme is developed over the course of the play. This quote can be used for the themes reality and appearances. They promise to change Macbeth.


The Italian (novel)

The Italian, or the Confessional of the Black Penitents ( December, 1797) is a Gothic novel written by the English author Ann Ward Radcliffe. It is the last book Radcliffe published during her lifetime (she would go on to write the novel Gaston de Blondeville, which was published posthumously in 1826). At the time of the novel’s release, she was already a well-known and well-received Gothic writer. She had gained fame from several of her earlier works, most noticeably The Romance of the Forest in 1791 and The Mysteries of Udolpho in 1794. Her reputation was successful enough to allow her to be read by learned gentlemen as well as young men and women. Because the term ’gothic story’ was not commonly used in this period of time, Radcliffe’s contemporaries used the term ‘romance’ to describe her genre. This term was classified as writing about miraculous tales through the use of poetic prose.

“…the first poetess of romance fiction..” – Sir Walter Scott 

The Italian has a dark, mysterious and somber tone, and concerns the themes of love, devotion and persecution by the Holy Inquisition. The novel also deals with issues prevalent at the time of the French Revolution, such as religion, aristocracy, and nationality. She uses the technique of scene imagery to evoke emotion in characters & to describe landscapes & surroundings in extreme detail. All of the imagery presented in The Italian pull the novel together by way of description, which sets the scene for the reader and the characters.

“…the Shakespeare of Romance writers.” – Nathan Drake

Radcliffe’s renowned use of veiled imagery is considered to have reached its height of sophistication and complexity in The Italian; concealment and disguise are central motifs of the novel. In line with late 18th-century sensibility and its parallel fetishisation of the sublime and the sentimentally pastoral, the heightened emotional states of Radcliffe’s characters are often reflected through the pathetic fallacy. The novel is noted for its extremely effective antagonist, Father Schedoni. Read More || Edit

i’m so tired of this ‘the only way to develop your characters is through ADVERSITY & TERRIBLE CONFLICT, the WORST THING THEY COULD POSSIBLY GO THROUGH’ hard-and-fast writing rule nonsense.

Like if you want to the only possible way that people grow and change is through pain, and the best expression of a person’s true self is when they are battling through eight metric tons of PTSD after something horrific has happened to them?

Fine, that’s your prerogative.

But no, the only important thing in a story isn’t just the conflict, and some people dont want stories that are just wellsprings of one misery after another.

There are a couple reasons this bothers me.


It is especially the case when you’re dealing with marginalized characters, when you’re dealing with vulnerable people who already go through enough **** in their own, that maybe you need to rethink why you are so dang intent on putting them through misery, especially if you don’t share that marginalization. And even if you do, how much of your storytelling instincts are the result of rarely seeing any other kind of story afforded to people like you?

When queer people only get stories involving pain, when disabled people only get stories of pain and pity, I don’t feel like the characters involved are being developed more honestly and authentically as being fully human. I feel the exact opposite. I feel like you don’t see me as human at all, some days. Like for all the complexities of my own life, I’m really just there for the moments when I can nobly suffer, so others can feel better about things.


It’s boring.

So you write a child dying suddenly, and the main character has to react to that.

The main character is gonna be sad, probably, right? Like. Children dying is a sad thing, right? They’re gonna go through so much? Right?

But you know what? It’s comparatively pretty easy to write that.

Shock, sadness, add in a bit of anger, a cheap metaphor about how quickly things are taken away from you, innocence of youth, add some regrets and you’ve got a quick recipe for some Universal Human Feelings™ and instant audience emotional reaction.

I’m not saying you can’t write that well. You can. 

But maybe try something else.

Shove your same character into the middle of…

Let’s say that same child’s birthday party.

What’s the party like? How are they gonna react? It’s going to be a heckuva lot more subjective. It’s going to tell me a lot more about who the person is, how they relate to people, what their preferences and life’s worldview is.

Shove your character into a situation most people would find banal, would find silly, would find too happy or ridiculous, and draw out enough that I can tell you who the person is, who this character is, on a fundamental level, from that small scene.

You know why? Because you stop relying so damn much on shorthand. You have to actually think about it, about the detail and the reactions and the actions, instead of just ‘THEY WORE BLACK AND IT WAS RAINING AT THE FUNERAL, LOOK AT ME AND MY PATHETIC FALLACY, I’M SO DEEP’.

There’s this idea that stories have to be nothing but darkness and sadness, and everything else isn’t worth putting in the work. I just. I just don’t agree.

Write your main character at a children’s birthday party, and make it just as compelling as if you went with your first instinct where little Suzie dramatically died, and the main character cried about it, instead of just her… Turning six, and having some balloons.

That takes work.

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How'd you revise for English Language (GCSE) please? 💕

English Language Survival Guide

Do as many past paper questions as you can - This ensures that you’re fully familiar with what the paper involves, and you’ll have a better understanding of what specifically you need to revise (terminology, specific quotes, etc.), as well as letting you know how long you need to spend on each question and how long to spend planning.

Learn your terminology! - To maximise your marks on an English Language paper, you need to use relevant terminology accurately. Get familiar with terms such as onomatopoeia, similes, metaphors, pathetic fallacy, juxtapositioning, etc, and write flashcards for each one. A great list of terms to revise can be found here.

Get familiar with your characters - Go through whatever novel you’re studying, and make mindmaps for each and every character. Include key quotes, descriptions of personality, and personal turning points in the story. This will help cement that character and their journey into your mind.

Mr Bruff! - This guy is a lifesaver. He makes YouTube videos and writes study guides on everything to do with English language, including most of the novels on the specification. Make notes from his videos, as he does all the analytical work for you! His website is here, and his YouTube channel is here.

Variety - Get some variety in your revision notes. It’s no use trying to work from one big block of text: you’ll never absorb everything. Get creative with mindmaps, flashcards, flowcharts, etc.

Make me time! - Most importantly (and I know you’re probably getting sick and tired of hearing this by now), don’t let revision rule your life! I know you’re probably super busy, and stressed, but if a new episode of your favourite TV show has just come out, watch it. Go out with your friends for one evening, and take minimum ten minute breaks every hour.


In Sickness and In Health - Chapter 4

{ I’m excited and nervous to see what everyone thinks <3 }

Read on AO3

aurora: (n.) dawn

It had rained for weeks it felt like, weather reporters in the Evening Broomstick had claimed it was the wettest November on record, Graves told Credence they said that every year.

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hi!!! do u have any harry potter au's u know and could recommend please? thank you so much!! (:

OMG YES now hp!aus are definitely up my alley (I might have written a few myself lol) I’ll hook you up dw 

the world is in your palm now so take a breath and calm down by fifty-one sunsets (idyleski) | junghope 
I can’t do this,“ Jungkook hisses to Jimin, eyes following Hoseok who makes his way to the table.

Chapter 20: The Dank Dungeon Detention Disaster by Merixcil | zico/suga
After one of Kyung’s schemes gets found out, Jiho and Yoongi wind up taking the fall (Hogwarts AU)

it’s a flashlight, not a wand by hakho | yoonseok
Hoseok stumbles into what is most definitely not his home in the middle of the night. or AO3

It’s a Flashlight, Not a Wand Pt. 2 by hakho | yoonseok

95z and the Horrifically Attractive Hufflepuff Head Boy by sheepishfiction
Taehyung is an unregistered Animagus and Jimin is not that bad at Charms. Jungkook spends an excessive amount of time in the first stall of the second floor boy’s toilet. But none of these things matter, because holy shit, Kim Seokjin.

i’m sorry for my silence, my love by hakho | namjin
Seokjin doesn’t want to talk about what happened last Christmas. Harry Potter!AU 

I Need U - Chapter 6: Harry Potter Au by ifyou | yoonseok
we stumble into the mirror of erised together. we look into it. neither of us know it’s anything special. we just see our reflections 

I Need U - Chapter 14: Harry Potter Au - Potions by ifyou | yoonseok
“you are already dating someone else, and during our love potion unit, you get asked to explain what you smell, and of course you’re gonna be smelling things that describe your partner right? uhm, but then why are you explicitly describing me…?" 

always tickle a sleeping dragon by paradoxicy 
a series of bts one-shots in which jungkook is a brooding, emotionally constipated slytherin and hoseok can’t shut his big mouth up (and yoongi is secretly shagging hufflepuff’s prefect, kim seokjin). 

are you a dementor (because you take my breath away) by pearhunt | vkook
It’s not like Taehyung chose to help rising star Quidditch player Jeon Jeongguk. Even if he’s a Hufflepuff, he’s still allowed to hate Jeongguk’s guts. 

Amorbrall by basilpyrrhic | vkook
V is literally a world class idiot and Jung Kook is all talk. 

pathetic fallacy by shikae (39smooth) | (fuckign amazingsdjhbfdbespiu) 
HP Wizarding War!AU. Don’t let the light go out. Remember. Never let the light go out. 

The Second Circle by Merixcil | Jin/Hyosang 
How to grow up together (told backwards) - Hogwarts AU 

Wicked Witchcraft: You Arouse the Need in Me by hunchul | namseok (absolutely bae) 
also known as 5 times namseok got caught and one time they didn’t. inspired by/based on kore-chan’s numerous hp au fanarts

Amortentia by Tosun | yoonmin
Jimin didn’t think his love potion would actually work.

Happy reading, my young padawan!
-admin sarah


10 Literary Terms to Impress (or Annoy) Your Friends

You might not know it, but you have probably put a prolepsis into play recently. Did you know that a signature isn’t necessarily a scribbled name on a credit card receipt? You know that classic character that Gilda Radner played on “Saturday Night Live” who’d confuse “violence” with “violins”? Do you know what kind of mistake that is? You probably know what a climax is, and maybe even how to pronounce denouement, but do you know what part of a plot makes up the anagnorisis?

Tips for Analysing Texts (GCSE English Literature)

Hey, so I got an A* in GCSE English Literature (OCR) last year so I thought I‘d share some of my top tips on revising for english and writing analysis paragraphs (by the way some of my gcse english notes are here).

  • PEEL paragraphs- structure your paragraphs with PEEL (Point, Evidence, Explanation, Link). For example: “POINT: In the novel Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck uses setting to highlight the lonely and constrictive lives the characters lead. EVIDENCE: For example, ‘supportive quote’. EXPLANATION: Here, the adjective ‘~~~’ reveals that _______. LINK: This loneliness is also seen later in the novel when ______________.” You may have been told to write paragraphs in a different way but this is the way I recommend!
  • Memorise quotes- this is especially important if you have a closed book exam but is also useful if you don’t so that you won’t have to flick through the whole book to find a useful quote. Look through your text and notes and pick out some really key quotes that come up a lot. Write them on flashcards or on a poster and look at them every day! Get someone to test you on them frequently and you’ll know them soon enough.
  • Know the story- this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to read the whole book five times! Make chapter summaries as you read the book (of things like events, characters, symbols, etc) so that you can look back on them later to refresh your memory.
  • Flashcards- make flashcards of examples of devices used in the text, for example; metaphors, similes, pathetic fallacy, symbols, etc. Try to learn examples so you have them on hand to throw into your essays!
  • Links- make lists of links in your text that you can add to your essays; links really help to strengthen arguments and make points about themes. 
  • Practice!- really try hard to practice your essay skills; maybe answer an exam question every fortnight (you can find old papers on your exam board’s website) and ask your teacher to mark it for you and give you targets. You also need to be able to write quickly in your exam so practice writing essays with a timer.
  • Explain- it can be really hard explaining your ideas so please practice this (by doing past questions) and try to write your ideas down as simply as possible first, then explain them in more detail.
  • Use a Success Criteria- I always followed a success criteria when writing for english. Here’s one that I followed for Of Mice and Men (the same rough ideas can be applied to nearly any text though):
  1. Pick out and comment on key words
  2. Use quotes
  3. Use good analysis words (below)
  4. Talk about the effect on the reader
  5. Use words from the question to explain your answer
  6. Offer alternative interpretations and evaluate (for higher levels)
  7. Talk about the author’s message
  8. Make links to other areas in the book
  9. Talk about the devices and techniques used by the author and their effects
  10. Offer focused, high quality comments- no ‘bolt-on’ paragraphs or waffle
  11. Refer to the context/era the novel is set in
  12. Include an introduction and conclusion
  • Vary your language- for example, instead of using ‘shows’ (eg; the colour red shows that there may be danger ahead) use other words such as: reveals, highlights, suggests, exemplifies, connotes, etc. This will show the examiner that you’ve got a good vocabulary!
  • Revision guides- I really recommend buying a revision guide/help book for all of your set texts (York Notes have really good ones). They have key information for your text in, as well as exam tips.

I hope this helps somewhat and makes sense (you can probably tell that I didn’t take english at A-level!), please message me if you’d like any help! :)

Rhetorical Devices

I found my notes from AP English Language (actually one of my favorite classes ever) and thought some people might benefit from the definitions in there. A few are common knowledge and a few are probably things you’ve never heard of. Examples included! The ordering isn’t completely logical, but here you go.

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Time’s Up Part 3

Summery: You’re yet to confront Kai about what happened and your possible feelings for him but how will he react when he sees Sehun all over you?
Member: Sehun, Jongin (Kai) x Reader (ft. Various Idols)
Type: Angst, Fluff, School!Au
Warnings: Violence and Graphic Language
Length: 2,228 Words

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

I’m sorry this took so long but I’m a lot happier with this version than the original. In part 4 we will see the introductions of Sehun’s narrative voice (POV) and the introduction of 4 new characters from the idol requests so I hope you’re excited!

- Admin Kain

Originally posted by blondejongin

Kai found it’s hard to describe the feeling of watching your “best friend” pursue someone they know full well you have been interested in longer than you’ve been able to jack off. It’s a conflicting mix of emotions because although Kai would be lying if he said he hadn’t been fantasizing about putting Sehun’s pasty ass in the deep fryer and cooking him like the piece of meat he lets others treat himself like there’s also the years of countless, heart-warming memories that never fail to print a smile on Kai’s lips and have him laughing until he can’t breathe. On top of that, there’s the knowledge of what led the boy to have so little self-respect and make Oh Sehun the monster that he is today.

Still, none of that quiet explains why Kai and Sehun are sat on opposite ends of the sofa outside the headmaster’s office, Sehun surely with a broken nose judging by the cringe-worthy sound that seemed a mix of cracking and crunching and the apparently endless  river of blood spewing all caused by Kai’s fist and a natural reaction to Oh Sehun’s shit eating grin. Who can blame Kai, though? He fucking had it coming.

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