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Building an Unforgettable Character

Character building is one of my favorite parts of writing a novel. I love seeing where they’re going to take me and where their journey is going to end up. Even though I plot extensively before starting a new novel, I always leave room for the characters to lead me somewhere new.

So, what’s the secret to building an unforgettable character? Here are some tips to lead you in the right direction:

They need to be relatable

If your audience can’t relate to your character, that’s usually a huge problem. We relate to characters like Harry Potter not because we’ve been to Hogwarts and practiced magic, but because we can relate to his pain and to his connection with his friends. He represents emotions that a lot of us have struggled with and he doesn’t quite feel like he fits in. His struggle to find himself is relatable.

Take some time to figure out what your character ultimately represents and don’t be afraid to bring emotion into it. We want to feel connected to your characters and we want to find something in them that matches something in us.

They need to be realistic

It’s important that your character’s actions should remain realistic. Not in the sense of remaining true to our world, but to theirs. Their actions should make sense in context to what they’re going through. If you’re constantly questioning why a character would do something because it just doesn’t make logical sense, you’ll have trouble respecting that character. It’s important that we understand their actions.

They need to be proactive

A good character is a go-getter. I’m not saying they will always make the right decisions or that they’re all good people, but all main characters/protagonists should be able to do things on their own. I’m also not saying they don’t need help, but they need to overcome the big challenges on their own or through what they’ve learned. They can’t just stand around waiting for everyone else to finish things. They need to take initiative at some point, and this should be due to their personal growth throughout the story.

I understand that this point does depend on the story you’re writing. Maybe your character is an unmotivated person. Maybe they’re lazy.  This usually doesn’t matter because a story isn’t interesting if that person remains inactive. They can have periods of inactivity and become unmotivated during parts of your story, but ultimately that does need to change at some point.

They need to have flaws

Flaws will humanize your character and are usually what stands in your character’s path to success. A character that does everything right all the time and doesn’t have any growth because they’re already perfect is VERY BORING. They should fail and they should learn lessons. I’m not saying all their flaws should be fixed by the end of the novel because that’s not how people operate in real life, but character flaws should help build interesting layers.

-Kris Noel

Let me tell you a story about a girl who quit med school

There once was was a girl who really enjoyed learning. She rarely had problems with her school work. Science has been something she had a particular interest in.

She has always been one of the best students in her school and her fascination in biology and chemistry has been noticed by her teachers. She Attended an individual education program in these two subjects, where she could learn faster and learn more with a couple of students with similar interests. At that point in life she wanted to be a scientist and work in a laboratory. So whenever anyone suggested she became a doctor, she would just say that it’s not something that interests her.

Her idea of future has changed the day she started high school. She decided to leave the door open for other ideas and see what life brings. The thing she was sure of was that in adult life she wants to help people. Her family, teachers and friends were telling her that that’s where they see her in the future- in a hospital helping patients. She really wanted to become a doctor at that point.

She read a lot of medical books, did volounteer work at an organization, which helped cancer fighters and worked extremely hard to pass her finał exams in order to be accepted into med school.

And then it happened! She got several messages from several medical universities that she is accepted! But the university of her first choice said no. She felt extremely proud, because her tests went great and she could pick from university offers, but that one university she was wishing to study at the most turned her down. That’s when she started having doubts. What if she wasn’t meant to be a doctor and life was giving her a hint? But she got accepted into other schools and that had to mean something aswell.

She decided to give medicine a try. She packed her bags, rented a small flat in a completely unknown city and set off for the biggest adventure of her life. The first couple of weeks were amazing! The new books, new friends, new classes. Everything was so fascinating to read about! But after some time, after the first fascination, the struggle started.

She no longer enjoyed studying the subjects that she was taking. Some days she couldn’t concentrate at all and just sat at her desk for a couple of hours not getting any work done. She missed her family and old friends a lot and didn’t get along too well with the new buddies. She cried every night, but she knew that these studies were hard for everyone, so she kept moving on, despite the health problems she started having.  After all, she wanted to help others.

But one day something inside her cracked. Within minutes she completely fell apart. She couldn’t stop crying for a couple of hours. She decided to call her mother and ask for some comforting words. They were on the phone for 2 or 3 hours. That’s when she told her mom, that she doesn’t want to do it anymore, she just can’t handle it any longer. Her mom understood and said that she noticed that something has been wrong for a long time now, that she was miserable and forgot about her health. Her mother wasn’t angry or disappointed. She wanted her daughter to live again. That moment of understanding, her mother’s words gave her the courage to stand up and get herself out of the hopeless state she found herself in. 

And that’s when the girl decided to quit, to end the struggle. She tried her best and fought till the end, but medicine just wasn’t for her. She’s been thinking about it for a couple of weeks now, but that phone call gave her the courage to do so. The next day, she signed her resignation paper, handed it in, packed her bags and headed home.

That girl is turning 20 in a month and her name is Zuzanna, or Zuzia as people call her. 

Yes, I am that girl. I quit med school after nearly a year of hard work, many tears and generating health problems. I tried my best to fit into the med students community, to start enjoying studying again, but I failed. But I don’t feel ashamed. It took me almost the whole year to understand that medicine is not for me. It took me a year to see that it only seems so perfect form the outside and on the inside it’s just full of abnegations, disappointments and illusions. It took me a year to see that my teenage dreams of becoming a scientist are my true dreams.

I am full of respect and appreciation for all the doctors and medical students, who sacrifice their lives to serve every person in need. The career you have chosen is probably one of the most amazing and wonderful paths in life. But as doctor Luanda Grazette once said: 

“Medicine is only for those who cannot imagine doing anything else.”

And I could imagine myself doing something else. I actually want to study biology, something I’ve always been charmed by, and try to help others either by teaching or working in a laboratory. But for now, I’m planning on getting healthy and finding peace and happiness in life again.

If you are going through relatable problems, have comparable doubts about your studies or have any questions concerning this issue, feel free to message me either though this blog or through my private page here.

“Sometimes it takes a wrong turn to get you to the right place.”
― Mandy Hale 


Gemini Decans

~ Gemini Decan 1 (May 22nd - May 31st)

I am ruled by the planet Mercury. My personality is characterised by quick wit, super intelligence and an ability to communicate. I am constantly at odds with my mind and emotions. My mind tells me one thing, my heart tells me another. Because of this I seldom know which one to trust. But generally I go with what my mind tells me. I am exceptionally intelligent and articulate. My verbal skills can be utilised by me in any number of career directions including finding great success in the areas of writing, teaching and communicating. I am very quick witted and have a dry sense of humour. Because of this I am always popular in social settings and can number many friends. But I rarely get really close to any of these friends and prefer to keep a little distance between them. I am somewhat of a perfectionist and expect the very best of myself as well as others. I do have a tendency to be overcritical of myself and can be my own worst enemy.

~ Gemini Decan 2 (June 1st - June 10th) 

I am ruled by the planet Venus. My personality is characterised by charm, charisma and creativity. My natural Charm and charisma can get me anything I set my mind to. And as my mind is astute and focused I can create a great success for myself in any number of career paths. Because I have very good communication skills and have a high degree of creativity to my nature, I can become a highly successful writer, actor or entertainer. In fact, any career that combines my charm, charisma and brilliant communication skills will be successful for me. I am very attractive to many and as I am a people person I thrive in social situations. I am the perfect host when throwing parties and can instantly make people feel comfortable and at home in my company. I am very good with crowds but equally good in one to one situations. My only fault may be my scattered thoughts. Being a Gemini I can be extremely focused sometimes and ridiculously scatter brained at others.

~ Gemini Decan 3 (June 11th - June 21st) 

I am ruled by the planet Uranus. My personality is characterised by originality, flexibility and optimism. My unconventional yet brilliant mind allows me to have some very original beliefs, ideas and concepts. I am anything but ordinary. In fact, if I put my mind to it I could lead an extraordinary life. I am a natural leader and because I exude charm, people will want to follow me. I have a very optimistic and positive outlook and view each new day as an exciting new adventure. I love my freedom and like the adventure of exploring new and exciting situations. I can never be tied down. I am also very flexible in my thinking and I am constantly open to new Ideas and new interests. But I can easily become distracted and have too many interests on the go at one time, which dilutes my attention. I can flit from one project, leaving it unfinished and move on to the next, until nothing is seen through and completed.

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I absolutely love Sawamura Eijun too, but what are your reasons for liking him so much? (I guess I just wanna see an Eijun appreciation post😂)

Alright Anon! -rolls up sleeves- You asked for this.

1. Eijun is the type of person who will never ever give up on you no matter how much you mistreat him or how much you’ve screwed up. Be it his old team back in Nagano, or Chris, or even Miyuki or Furuya when they don’t treat him with respect or take their respective mental issues out on him.
He loves his friends so much and he would never ever abandon them. It’s so pure and genuine and they have such an influence on him, but he still loves them, and I think that’s truly beautiful.

2. Eijun doesn’t care about your rank or your personality, if he likes you he likes you and he will accept you no matter what. From annoying Miyuki to insecure Aseda. It doesn’t matter, he’ll just take you under his wing and treat you like you’re meant to be in his life, like your existence is a matter of course.

3. Eijun is the spirit of positivity and optimism. He is strong and resilient, and even if he breaks momentarily he always stands back up again. His optimism has saved more than one person, and people gravitate towards him because of that. I mean, he can light up an entire stadium, and stand against the toughest most intimidating opponents. Not just that but he overcame the YIPS which is a crippling mental injury that has caused more than one pro athlete to retire before time. And not only did he overcome it but he emerged stronger, better equipped and unbreakable!

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Just a Game

I keep seeing a lot of posts going around about the reset theory with Luciel, but I haven’t seen much about Jumin. So I decided that I would contribute to the cause. I whole-heartedly believe that Jumin loves the MC in every route, just as much as Luciel does. So have some angst that no one asked for. 

Second Half: Always You

He had waited patiently for thirty-three days. Thirty-three painstakingly numb days. The first few days weren’t too bad. He had just begun to get to know them; the way they spoke, the sound of their voice, the subtle quirks of their personality. The first few days were kind.

He knew that he should keep his distance. This was a game, after all—he would only be setting himself up for heartbreak if he continued down this path. But he couldn’t help himself, they were just so perfect.

He actually took it quite well the first time—when they seemed to take a liking to Yoosung. He was a good person, kind and considerate, but he was also oblivious to what was really happening. They seemed to be happy when they spoke to him, and at the time, that was enough for him.

Day eighteen. He was beginning to lose control of his thoughts. They were with Zen now, and he had become quite aware of the relationship. They laughed more this time, and flirted often. He knew it was part of the game, knew that the choices were programmed, but it hurt nonetheless. It was becoming harder to hide. He became a bit protective—anything for their happiness. It took everything he had to send them to go see Zen. His chest hurt. It was worth it though. Hearing their words of thanks and imagining their smile. Yes, it was worth it.

Day twenty-three. He thought he was going to lose it. Starting over and over again. Watching them choose someone that wasn’t him, each and every time. He knew that Luciel must be dying on the inside, he was much more obvious with his emotions. That was one thing Jumin was good at, hiding his feelings so that they don’t get in the way. He was starting to hate that part of himself. Why couldn’t he just be more open?

He was starting to lose his control. They were with Jaehee now. They seemed to be turning on him this time and his heart ached every time they fought against him. It’s just a game. He kept trying to tell himself that, but it wasn’t working. Just a game. He wondered if they thought of it as just a game. He wondered if they thought of him at all when they were going about their normal lives. Just a game.

It was day thirty.

He had begun to waver in the next few days. He knew he shouldn’t. Luciel was in the same situation that he was in, and yet he seemed to be keeping strong. Or he appeared to be, at least. For now, thankfully, he could use the need for a new assistant as a cover for his growing agitation. He—no doubt, shamefully—attempted to draw them into him under the guise that he was offering them a job. They denied, of course. It was Jaehee’s turn. He wasn’t sure how much more he could take.

It was just a game.

Day thirty-three. It was day thirty-three. He was on the edge. Luciel could sense it now. They had formed a sort of camaraderie—both attempting to survive this never-ending loop of hell. But day thirty-three was different from the start. They had chosen a different route. A tension released in him that he didn’t realize was there—or that he could even have for that matter.

They were beginning to side with him. They were flirting with him. Was it..? Could it possibly be his turn? He started to feel light for once in the past month. It was finally his turn. He could tell that Luciel was disappointed, and he empathized with him. Until now, he had been going through the same thing until just today, after all. He did not have time to dwell on that at the moment, however, he needed to enjoy every single second he could of being with them.

The coming days were blissful and exciting. He knew the words they spoke to him were programmed, but he did not care. He could finally enjoy every inch of them, and nothing was going to ruin that for him.

Absolutely nothing.

Throughout the next eleven days, he made sure to tell them exactly how he felt. He made sure that they knew that they were important to him, that he couldn’t live without them anymore, that he loved them. The others said that he was acting out of character, and teased him for his displays of affection and utmost devotion. He didn’t care. None of that was important, the only thing that was important was that they were his.

Day forty-three snuck up on him like a nightmare. He knew what was coming soon and he was absolutely terrified to lose them. He continued to display his affection, if only he could get it across to them that he knew about the game. That he was really there. If he could just get them to understand how much he needed them, then maybe this could continue. Because he needed it to continue—needed it more than anything he had ever known before. They had him under his spell, and this particular spell was forever.

As the party grew nearer, he started to become a nervous wreck. His pulse was pounding, his thoughts slurred in his brain, his words a jumbled mess. He had to stay strong.

What if they never loved him?

He couldn’t show any signs of weakness.

What if they were never happy with him?

He had to make these last moments with them the happiest.

What if they don’t remember him?

He had to savor what time they had left.

Day forty-four. Time was spent wisely. He spoke with them as much as possible. He can’t remember how many times he told them that he loved them and always would. He made sure that they knew that no matter what happened, he would always be there for them, that he would do anything for them. Because he needed them to understand that now more than ever. They had to know that his feelings were real—if only they would understand that.

He would give anything to make this day last. He would give anything just to have a real conversation with them, one without preset answers or scripted scenarios. He knew he was being selfish, but he had never needed something so much. Time was approaching, it was coming fast. Parting words spewed from his mouth, he needed to hear that voice once more, needed to see that smile.

Then suddenly, nothing. Everything was gone…it was all just gone.

Good End.

Good end for who? He had lost them. He finally had them after thirty-three days, yet he had lost them in only eleven. His heart clenched, his eyes burned. How could any one person endure so much pain yet be so numb?

He couldn’t take it anymore, he missed them so much already. How long had it been? Minutes? Hours? He didn’t know anymore. But he did know what was coming, and he wasn’t sure that he would be able to pretend this time. He wouldn’t have a choice though—it was only a game.

It was coming fast, tears stung at his eyes. He couldn’t remember the last time that he cried, but now he wasn’t sure when he would stop.

Day forty-five—no, Day one. He had lost them for good this time. They had moved on, and so, he was forced to as well. He had to keep going, he had to be the same old Jumin that he always was. He knew that he could never truly have them, that they could never truly be together.

It was just a game.

It was just a game.

don’t let me be gone

AN: I was listening to the song Goner by Twenty One Pilots and then this fic came out of me. So I guess you can say it’s inspired by that song. (listen to it, it’s a great song) (listen to twenty one pilots in general because they’re perfection)

Summary: Broken boy meets perfect boy. 

Warning: Mention of abuse and homophobia. Language. 

Word count: 2857

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Lily Evans Wasn’t Perfect

Over the course of the books, the people to whom Harry looks up go from static adults to flawed human beings. Most of the time, there’s a distinct turning point. Dumbledore’s moment comes at the end of book 5, Lupin at the beginning of book 7, James in Snape’s Worst Memory. The James moment was particularly important because James ceased to become a perfect martyr father and became a real person with distinct flaws.

And  it bothered me that Lily was never given such a moment.

It’s natural that other characters would romanticize her, and it’s natural that Harry would romanticize her. But she can’t possibly be perfect.

While I can accept that JKR didn’t have a chance to humanize Lily within the books, it frustrates me that so many people in the fandom portray her as this abstract representation of goodness and motherhood and martyrdom.

I’ve seen fics that delve into each of the Marauder’s motivations and experiences in any number of ways, but Lily often remains as blameless and saint-like as she was in canon. 

If we can give the Giant Squid a love interest, then we can give Lily Evans a complex personality.

But too often in fanon, Lily seems to exist to balance out characters like Snape, James, and Petunia. There’s an almost mathematical logic to it. If James is big-headed, then Lily must be gracious, if Petunia is finicky, Lily must be laid-back. Everything negative in James and Petunia is absorbed and inverted.

This is unfair to characters with whom Lily interacts. Petunia is not a very good person, but is it fair to say that the demise of her relationship with Lily is entirely Petunia’s fault? Things are rarely so one-sided. And painting her as the moral savior of James Potter does both James and Lily a disservice.

Lily was not a saint. She was a teenage girl.

Far too often, I hear people arguing Lily/James vs. Lily/Snape in a way that places supreme importance on the importance of James and Snape, while minimizing Lily’s agency. She becomes this inanimate object to be awarded to the person with the most moral fiber.

But no one–not Snape or James or anyone else–”deserves” Lily as a friend or a romantic partner. She’s a human being, not a Quidditch Cup trophy.

It’s damaging and dangerous to reduce Lily to Harry’s perfect mother or Snape’s object of infatuation. Lily is a flawed individual who chose her own path.  She had insecurities, fears, hang ups, and bad habits.  She had hopes and dreams that didn’t involve the men in her life.

And it’s incredibly unfair to pigeonhole and Mary Sue-ize a flawed nineteen-year-old girl.


The Sidemen x Harry Potter: Patronuses.

A list of their patronus forms and how they came to find them.

Josh - Stag // Generally a well rounded person, can be judgemental and hold strong opinions, and is a natural leader.

Josh found his patronus at a young age as he is such a powerful wizard, taking after his father with the form of a stag. He liked to think of himself as the strongest wizard in the year, so pushed himself to learn it before anyone else knew what it was.

Simon - Fox // A reserved, observant and sly soul, yet can be ambitious and mysterious. They are intelligent and are heavily rooted in the spirit world.

Simon stood in the woods, after seeing Josh perform ‘Expecto Patronum’ in class for hours, trying to perfect the spell - conjuring fake dementors to put himself in danger, a very illegal act.

Vik - Red Squirrel // They are an organised and optimistic person, very intelligent and resourceful, and holds a strong sense of foresight.

Vik tried for years to successfully conjure his patronus - he didn’t understand that it came from the power of a happy memory, not books. He eventually succeeded in the fourth year after Josh taught him.

Harry - Ibizan Hound // Can be clownish yet engaging and athletic. They are independent, stubborn, intelligent and can get angry easily.

Harry simply became bored one day and decided to try what that Josh kid was doing, so fooled around in the halls until a hound sprung from his wand. He then proceeded to try and play with it.

Ethan - Dolphin // A playful, joyful, intelligent and funny person, however can become very sensitive.

The Patronus Spell came very easily for Ethan - he’s only used it once, and that was a distress call for when he found Tobi with a broken leg on the cliff. Ethan finds it so easy because the happy memories he has come so passionately to mind.

Tobi - Hummingbird // Enjoys every aspect of life, and very free spirited. They enjoy socialising but need alone time to build on their path, and also aim to please everyone.

Much like Josh, Tobi’s a very powerful wizard. But his power doesn’t come from anyone but himself. He perfected the Patronus Charm in the second year, just a year after Josh.

JJ - Phoenix // Hard to come by and signifies a strong heart that has been through much. They are driven, daring, stubborn and have fire-like emotions.

Unlike any of the others, JJ learnt the hard way. Death Eaters were dissolved years ago, but the deluded fans still remain. JJ summoned his patronus whilst under attack by three of these people - all incredibly gifted. He wasn’t surprised at all when a phoenix flew from the silver sparks.

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Any way we can get a new positivity post girl??

Hey there,

Thank YOU (and the others in my askbox) for the message.
I apologize for the lull in activity but I’ve been dealing with some real-life stuff that kind of interfered with my ability to express optimism about much of anything. 
That isn’t to say that I didn’t feel it though and therefore the other individuals (not you) in my askbox who used my silence as a sign that I was breaking away from Caryl will be VERY disappointed to hear that they were wrong.

Some people really seem to like being wrong a lot!
I lost my Pooh, not my love for CARYL! 

I am working on a few things and I promise you’ll see a whole lot of positivity here very soon (today)! 
For now I will say that I there are plenty of reasons as to why I think CARYL has a very good chance for progression in Season 7.
Narrative CANON reasons - no interview/quotes/wording analysis needed!
Things on screen and not things that are said/hinted/buzzed/implied off screen. 

For example Carol and Daryl in Season 6 paralleled each other in a lot of ways BUT there was one major difference that will be key for their re-connection in the future. 
Carol spent much of her arc detaching and closing herself off from FEELING things. Both good and bad. Daryl on the other hand spent a lot of time learning and observing what connecting and ‘settling’ down means to other people. 

How important having and loving someone can be! 
How far someone will go to have it, preserve it, protect it and FEEL it. 

Meaning that while Carol was breaking down and running away from LOVE, Daryl was learning that LOVE is the thing that brings people back to life. 
In other words Daryl spent all this time growing in the ways that could be essential in helping Carol heal and ‘come back’ home. 

She needs to FEEL the hard things she’s been bottling up inside in order to drop her mask of restraint and see herself again. 
However feeling the bad things is just the beginning. 
Carol needs to feel the GOOD stuff too. 
She needs to see that people can see all of her - the bad and the good - and not see her as the monster she think she is. 
Carol needs THAT realization not just because of the guilt she’s feeling but also because that’s the only way she can survive both physically and emotionally. 

In TWD you have to kill to survive and those who don’t, can’t or won’t become casualties very quickly. 
Carol is a survivor and we all know that she CAN kill.
She didn’t leave because she couldn’t kill. 
She left because she is afraid of what KILLING was doing to her humanity. 
The hard things she’s had to do to protect the others have made her feel like a monster. 
Someone who is ‘too far gone’ now. 
She wants to be alone because she knows that if she’s around the people she loves she will only continue down that path. 
Being alone is practically a death sentence and Carol knows that. 
The end of the line so to speak. 

Daryl who has seen how valuable love was to Denise and Tara, Rick and Michonne, Abraham and Sasha AND Glenn and Maggie; is in a perfect position to show and get Carol to see that too. 
Combine Daryls experiences with all these love lessons, and the fact that he not only knows Carol best but is also most in-tune with her emotionally, and he becomes a very likely candidate to help Carol in the exact way she needs to be helped.
He is also the person who has always seen Carol completely, and has always accepted her strengths, weaknesses and actions unconditionally, without judgment or need for any kind of justification. Daryl doesn’t and wouldn’t see Carol as a monster, regardless of what she does or doesn’t tell him. 
If anyone has a chance of convincing her that she isn’t defined by the list of the people she killed but IS defined by the list of people she saved and loved, it would be Daryl. 

Carol needs to see and feel that someone can know everything about her and LOVE her anyways.
That she’s okay.
That she can kill to protect LOVE without losing the ability to FEEL it.
That feeling LOVE is worth everything.
That someone LOVING the real her is possible and worth holding on to.

After all,this very well could be their LAST DAY ON EARTH and if that’s not an incentive then I really don’t know what is.
I hope that’s a little helpful.

CARYL On My Lovelies - The Best Is Yet To Come!



anonymous asked:

How do you manage to be consistently holy? I admire your wisdom and everything else.

I assure you that I am not “consistently” holy. But I have a good good Father, he makes me free and alive.

The biggest thing that helped me in my faith, was finally understanding that mistakes and setbacks are not the end. We are always called back to his table, to the table of Christ. When walking out in a forest, you stumble and fall. Is that the end of your journey? Do you decide to die? Of course not! You get back up and keep walking. In the case of our faith, Christ is there to pick us up again. We need others to help us, to keep us accountable and steady before the Lord. One thing is interesting though, when we continue to walk, we begin to get stronger. Suddenly we don’t fall as much, we know the path and our guide more than ever. Following Christ is not about being perfect, it’s about becoming holy every day.

I am only who I am because of Christ, nothing I have done is because of me. Nothing, and I mean nothing. God is good to work in those who simply are open to him, sometimes he makes a way in those who are not willing but that is for another time and person.

Look to Jesus, accept his redemption everyday, and live in his light. It’s the most beautiful place to be in.

-T.B. LaBerge

Hate at First Sight (pt 1)- Peter Parker Imagine

hey guys! there will be a part 2 simply because I love this idea too much to do it all in one part. sent in from @l-moriarty-who :Can you do number 37 and 7? Where the girl really dislikes Peter at first cause he’s so smart (and they have a bit of a rivalry cause she’s super smart too) and then she finds out he met Tony Stark and shows up at  his house. And then it progresses to them becoming friends and then to dating. They would probably banter and sass each other a lot! This would be so awesome! Thanks! (prompts from this post:

Summary: Appalled at the fact that your intellectual rival is apparently is close with the renowned genius Tony Stark, you find yourself somehow enjoying his company.

Sentence Prompts: 37. “Why are you stealing my clothes?”+ 7. “I don’t believe in love at first sight, but I believe in hate at first sight.”

Part 2 here!:

gif credit to: @natashabarnes (seriously, go check em out. great gifs, great blog)

Everything has a pattern, a rhythm. Eventually, the circle closes, the path ends, and becomes uniform. Everything’s trying to find its perfect still water, no ripples or changes. Yet someone always throws a pebble in, and the turbulent current returns. 

Your water had been perfectly still. It sat there in, in your clear plastic bottle with the filter and the pristine white cap. It had remained there, perfectly untouched until it was sent tumbling to the ground.

You looked up at the assailant, narrowing your eyes when you discovered it to be your intellectual rival, Peter Parker. You were a relatively nice person, but Peter got on your nerves like no other, like how on the rare occasion he made it to class only a few minutes late, it was panting and red-faced, breathing down your neck as he sat at his desk directly behind yours. The rivalry dated back to the freshmen physics fair when he narrowly beat out your wind turbine with a plasma conductor (how he got his hands on that, you had no idea) and had persisted since then. Neither of you had ever acknowledged the races you participated in, neck and neck to do better on the next test, get a higher mark on the next project. 

He looked down, palms leaving smudges on the surface as he bent down to pick the bottle up. “Sorry. Guess I should be looking where I’m going.” He strolled back to his seat, not taking notice of the crumpled white piece of paper that had fallen out of his pocket.

You had no intention of reading the note, simply picking it up to return it,  but as you leaned down, you saw on the corner the symbol of… Stark Industries? That couldn’t be right. You knew it was wrong, but you scanned the note. Pick you up at 7, kid. Got some new tech for you to try out. Tony. How could Parker of all people know the billionaire inventor well enough to be called kid? 

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poetandthemuse  asked:

Since I saw that you answered a question about voice acting. How does one become a videogame writer? Not just for you guy's but in general? I have always wanted to do it but never knew how to actually start.

Alex Toplansky, Senior Writer at Volition, took some time out of his day to offer advice to aspiring writers looking to break in to the industry:

People who design game stories come from a huge range of backgrounds, and unlike some career paths, there’s no single track to getting work as a narrative designer. That said, if you’re the kind of person who loves dreaming up interesting worlds, giving a character the perfect line to read, and studying complex systems, it’s probably a journey worth taking!

There are a few ways to get started. If you are an aspiring author, screenwriter or playwright, consider looking into Interactive Fiction. Freely available IF engines like Twine and Inform can help you write text-based games and stories that react to your decisions. They can be as simple as “Choose Your Own Adventure” books and as complex as Roleplaying Games (RPGs). Play through some existing IF stories and take a look at how they’re written. It often helps to work through someone’s method first before trying to write your own.

If you’re more of a world builder, you may want to get involved in tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun or FATE. Telling improvisational and collaborative stories as a Game Master (GM) is fantastic practice for the kind of brainstorming and adapting we do in game development. I particularly recommend this approach because you learn to let go of controlling every event and interaction that happens as the game plays out. Players do unexpected and wonderful things: our job is to make those moments magical.

Finally, if you tend to look at yourself as a game designer, consider learning to script in a popular game engine or develop modifications (“mods”) to your favorite games. Mods tend to be developed in teams that include artists, coders, testers and producers: a microcosm of a typical game studio. Not only will you gain key technical skills from understanding how an animator thinks or why a framerate is choppy, you’ll develop a portfolio of practical, hands-on development experience that will impress prospective employers!

In order to make the jump into the professional world of narrative design, you’ll want to have some experience with all three of those perspectives: writer, storyteller and game designer. Assemble your work into a game-related portfolio, with samples of things like dialog scripts, character bios, in-game text and mission concepts. Be prepared to talk about projects that have been completed and delivered, even ones that are distributed for free like mods and small indie games. It may take some time, but always remember that it’s as much about the journey as it is the destination!

Hope your own story is full of adventure and heroic triumphs. -Alex Toplansky, Senior Writer - Deep Silver Volition

ushiokaze  asked:

So I was thinking, if the good ending is with Asriel, Chara, and Frisk be happy up with the gods, would a bad ending be Chara able to corrupt Frisk to where they are no longer the Emissary of Mercy? It kind of fits the whole 'no mercy' run of Undertale, but even without that it would be interesting if Chara was trying to corrupt Frisk during their journey.

Yupyup, basically!

You see, the context around Frisk not being able to die is because Sans had promised Toriel that he wouldn’t reap their soul as long as they stay on their path as being an Emissary of Mercy. When Frisk diverts from that path completely (starts a “geno” path and goes beyond the point of redemption (according to Sans)), Sans will break that promise and reap them. This is different to a neutral/redemption run because even if Frisk does slip up occasionally, Sans will let it slide because he still hopes Frisk will do the right thing in the end. This path is the most interesting and possibly the true path Frisk would take– because humans are not perfect, are liable to slip up, and when Frisk goes off on their journey, they do go through personal growth and hardships.)

But yes, in a truly bad end, Frisk will have too much determination to be reaped by Death (Frisk defies both Sans and Paps), and becomes corrupted like Chara– then Frisk and Chara destroy the world together, basically ;w;

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This is literally just me rambling so please please feel free to ignore it… 

Warning… LONG and also I wrote this a many months ago, like right at the end of season 13 and I literally just found it in my drafts soooo… Ehh?

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I know a lot of people that don’t think Dragon Age is great, but I think about the fact that I can interact with fictional characters and say “I’m going to romance them or I’m gonna be friends with them”

How many other games out there have this opportunity? Sometimes, when you play a game, you are just a watcher, you see the characters interacting and you wish you were part of that world.

In Dragon Age you are part of that world. You can literally create yourself and make your own path. You can watch your faves become friends, you are their friends.

Give this game more credit and thank people behind it more. I know we all have different opinions, experiences and different point of views. Nobody and nothing is perfect. But when you share your opinion politely and clearly, you are part the change. You can change the game and the world around you.

Tltr; Dragon Age is awesome! Let’s make this fandom a better place, more positivity and hard work!