the path of misery

Then and now; Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn
  • Ike: You've done an amazing job, and I think you always will.
  • Elincia: Oh milord Ike~
  • Ike RD: Yo.
  • Elincia RD: S'up.
  • Ranulf: *funny line* *witty quip* *being a bundle of blue fuzzy joy*
  • Ranulf: Ugh! Someone put me out of my misery already!
  • Leanne: -frail heron princess saying frail heron princess things-
  • Leanne: F***! S***! S*** S*** S*** F***!

‘I feel I am on both paths, but you said that it is not possible to be on both paths.’

I said it is not possible, but I have not said that if you try hard you cannot succeed a little bit. If you try hard, really hard, you may succeed a little bit. Even the impossible can become possible if you do really hard work. And I know you can do really hard work because you have made many impossible things possible. For example, to be miserable is an impossibility. Through hard effort and perseverance you have made it possible. To be happy is natural; to be unhappy is unnatural. It needs really great effort, much capacity, much ability, efficiency, to become miserable; it needs long practice. In fact, when I look at you and I see that you are miserable, I am simply surprised: it is a miracle. How are you doing it? In the first place, it should not be there, it cannot be there. But man is a very impossible animal: he can do things.
I say it is difficult to be on both paths—the negative and the positive—because they are diametrically opposite, but you can try. Listen to this anecdote.
The rather broad lady showed up at the theatre just before the performance started and handed the usher two tickets. ‘Where’s the other party?’ asked the usher. ‘Well’ said the lady, with a blush ‘you can see one seat is rather uncomfortable so I bought two. But they’re really both for me.’ ‘Okay with me, lady’ the usher replied, scratching his head. ‘But you’re gonna have a rough time. Your seats are numbers fifty-one and sixty-three.’
But you can go on doing… you can sit on this seat for a few minutes and then you can move to the other, and then come back again; you can alternate.
To be on both the paths is impossible really, but you can alternate. For one day you can be on the path of the positive, another day you can be on the path of the negative—and your mind is so contradictory that you can make it possible. So one day you make something, another day you destroy it. Ultimately you will find that eventually you are standing where you have always been; you have not moved a single inch. In the day you make the house, in the night you destroy it; the house is never built. Yes, you can do both. You can be both the builder and the destroyer but it is impossible.

To be on the positive needs a totally different approach: affirmative, yes-saying. To be on the negative needs a diametrically opposite approach: no-saying, negating, eliminating, NETI-NETI, neither this nor that.
On the positive you become bigger, bigger, bigger… so big, so huge, that one day, the whole existence is covered with your being, the whole existence becomes part of you. On the negative you go on denying, denying, denying, and you come to a point where you are just a zero, a nonentity. Ultimately both bring you to the same goal. Either you become so huge that you are the whole existence or you become so much a nothingness that you are just a zero. In both cases duality disappears—I and thou disappear. In one case, thou is dissolved into I; in the other case, I is dissolved into thou. But the ultimate result is one: that there remains only one, two are no more. The positive person will try to grow, to expand; the negative person will try to shrink and disappear. Either grow so big that only you exist and nothing else, or become so small, so small, that everything exists except you; and from both standpoints you will take the jump into oneness, the organic unity of the whole.
Expressions will be different. One who has moved on the positive path will say ‘I am God’, AHAM BRAHMASMI; ANA EL-HAQQ, ‘I am truth.’ And the person who has moved on the VIA NEGATIVA will say ‘I am not’, ANATTA, non-being. But you will see that both are tremendously blissful, silent. Their silence has the same taste, and their blissfulness has the same colour. If you meet Buddha and if you meet Krishna you will find that they are the same, but they talk differently. Krishna talks in positive terms, affirmative, and Buddha talks in negative terms. But if you watch them, you will find the same presence, the same overflowing love, compassion, blissfulness, cheerfulness; the same silence, the same celebration—but their statements will be different because they have learned different languages.
But one who is still trying to seek cannot be on both. One who has arrived… both have dissolved for him. One who has not yet arrived… it is better for him to choose. That will be more practical and you will be less in trouble, conflict, schizophrenia. Never choose two opposite things together otherwise they will create a split in your being.

—  Osho (Tao: The Pathless Path, Vol. 1)
Red Jamie and the White Lady - Part 8

Here it is! Thanks for all of your encouragement and excitement about this story! @diversemediums and @outlandishchridhe are my amazing team that have been so much fun (and a fair amount of craziness) to work with. I couldn’t have made this chapter without them.

Important note: The ever amazing @diversemediums wrote a sort of companion ficlet that goes along with this story and is referenced within this chapter. You can read that HERE.

The previous chapter, which takes place before the Legend of the Faerie Wife, can be found HERE.

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lovesaikochan  asked:

Why Saiko is doing nothing in this arc? Im SO mad, she deserves appearing more on the history!

Thank you for the ask! Love your username by the way; Saiko deserves all the love XD

According to Ishida, the reason Saiko, Hsiao, and Higemaru aren’t here is because it’s their hours off. Which is… strange given that it sure isn’t Mutsuki’s hours off or like anyone else’s in the CCG’s, but my guess is Furuta gave them the day off because he knows they aren’t exactly super loyal to the CCG (given Saiko’s friendship with Yoriko, etc.)

But I think there are thematic reasons Saiko isn’t doing much yet in this arc. The Quinxes arcs are all somewhat intertwined, and until recently (with Urie’s development) they were all headed in tragic directions. Saiko’s major flaw is that she sleeps–i.e. passes off responsibility to others in her life. When she had her amazing outburst over wanting to save Yoriko and how she wanted to leave the CCG, afterwards she ends up concluding that nothing can be done.

But when Urie tells her they’ll become terrorists, she smiles. And then she leaves it all up to Urie and Kuroiwa to act to save Yoriko, because that’s what’s comfortable for Saiko. Urie acts for her. Saiko’s never had much agency (her mother signed her up for the Quinx program after all), and while she paradoxically takes her freedom by slacking off on her duties at first, she also happily trades her agency to others, possibly (tragically) because she’s never really been allowed to stand on her own before, and that’s what she needs to learn to do. 

Urie, Mutsuki, and Saiko are all still suffering from their tragic flaws, though Urie’s beginning to break out of it in this arc, and that gives me hope Mutsuki and Saiko will soon follow suit (plus, there’s Shirazu’s impending return to shake everything up). None of the Quinx can grow in a positive direction while they’re still aligned with the CCG, as their paths towards becoming better investigators led to Urie’s misery as he focused all on success and lost what really mattered (his family), Mutsuki’s focus on being a better investigator to get Sasaki back and keep his family together has only encouraged his worst instincts, and Saiko’s path towards being a better investigator has led to her submitting to others’ orders and concluding that she can’t do anything. All of these flaws too have hastened the destruction of what they all prize: their makeshift family.

The return of Hide as Scarecrow–who has been foreshadowed to oppose Saiko–probably signifies a coming arc for Saiko. 

I think she, Mutsuki, and Urie will be separated for awhile (though quite possibly Urie and Saiko will be together in Hide’s terrorist group, though I’m not sure, but if so, I think they’ll come to opposing opinions because Saiko really does need to learn to stand on her own two feet). I think Saiko will indeed have an arc and it’s coming soon. And I do think the Quinx will unite again… my theory is that Shirazu will be what brings them together again. (But that’s just theorizing and I could absolutely be wrong about that part, though I am confident we will get a more Saiko specific focus soon enough, possibly around the time Mutsuki’s downward spiral ends–and if I may make one more prediction, I think it’s likely to end soon.) 

BTS “Run” MV Theory

The main thing everyone has been noticing is how Jin is not in the photo Jimin holds and burns at the end of the music video despite having been shown in the “prologue” video.

My conclusion–he’s dead. 

Throughout the “Run” MV, several shots foreshadowed Jin’s upcoming death. Here, the stack of cards that he built fell down and you can even see the look of worry on Jin’s face as he wonders what’s going on. 

After piecing things together (as much as I can), it seems that “Run” takes place prior to the “I Need U” MV. That explains why this comeback, the concept is carefree youth and even supported by the bright hair colors such as mint, pink, and orange and bold clothing. In “I Need U,” the concept is much darker with an overall gloomy atmosphere.

If you remember, Jin’s shots in that MV all took place in one room. 

It was all white and extremely tidy with ambient light seeping through the window. Remind you of heaven a bit, doesn’t it? In the room, he burned white flowers as a symbol of the chaos occurring amongst his friends and even looks out the window as though he’s looking out desperately at the members. 

There’s even a scene where Jin is shown with a flower in place of his heart. Because he no longer has a beating heart. He appeared lost and confused throughout the video as one would be if one found themselves alone after a sudden death.

Therefore, all of the tragic events originate from Jin’s death. The members, one by one, get torn apart as they continue to lose their friends and mourn over the deaths. First Tae, breaks and kills his father after losing control, and then proceeds to kill himself. From there on, each member begins to descend into their own path of misery as we can see from the scene where Jungkook is trying to help out an extremely drunk Yoongi. 

Jin was Peter Pan and without him, the Lost Boys truly did become lost. There are also scenes alluding to the events that happen later on in “I Need U”:

Namjoon shown with a lollipop just like the one who had at the gas station–

Jimin being pushed into the bathtub–

Jungkook staring at the car–

Taehyung thrashing around in the water–

Hoseok in the hospital for narcoleptic treatment– 

Jin being outlined like a corpse at a crime scene–

Again, this means that “Run” took place first, the prologue second (past the beginning scene), and “I Need U” last (minus the group shots). That’s why, in the prologue, when Taehyung’s about to jump off, Jin can’t do anything to stop him and can only record him because he’s not actually there with them.

Everything he sees is from a camcorder, basically an illusion where he can watch them but cannot actually be there alongside them. Before jumping, Tae even smiles at Jin as if he’s glad to finally be able to join him…

…on the other side.

So, in other words:

Everyone. Is. Dead.

Thanks Big Hit…

Bad Marilyn Manson lyrics master post

“You can’t get none of my sandwich, bitch” -Styrofoam Raps, 1990

“Mamas got a scarecrow gotta let the corn grow” -Lucy in the Sky with Demons, 1992

“I’ve got abortions in my eyes” -Irresponsible Hate Anthem, 1996

“Jaws wired shut to save the dick” - Little Horn, 1996

“I want to be your little girl” -Mister Superstar, 1996

“I’m as fake as a wedding cake” -New Model #15, 1998

“I’m sorry you never check the bag in my head for a bomb” -Target Audience, 2000

“We’re on a bullet and we’re headed straight into god” -The Death Song, 2000

“I’d kill myself to make everybody pay” -Coma Black, 2000

“Babble babble bitch bitch rebel rebel rebel party party sex sex sex and don’t forget the violence” -This is the New Shit, 2003

“Trumpet-mouth junky-saints go silver-tongue marching down the stairway to substance” -Doll-Daga-Buzz-Buzz-Zigety-Zag, 2003

“I am a big car” -Kaboom Kaboom, 2003

“Haters call me bitch call me fagot call me whitey, but I am something that you’ll never be (hey)” -The Better of Two Evils, 2003

“Bottomless celebrity scar staged circuses for schoolgirls us boys are all dressed up like a suicide omen” -The Red Carpet Grave, 2007

“We’re on the line between the Devils tits” -Are you the Rabbit, 2007

“You are an unmarked car I don’t remember where I parked you” -are you the Rabbit, 2007

“Fuck you (x3)” -Mutilation is the Most Sincere form of Flattery, 2007

“She has been forecasted with an attempt to kill herself but the ending didn’t test out well” -Eat me Drink me, 2007

“Tax free face life abortions nervous breakdance” -Arma-goddamn-motherfuckin-gedon, 2009

“I wish I was still dead but the tv says its a tropical depression” -Arma-goddamn-motherfuckin-gedon 2009

“Or else sounds like a stupid fucking thing to say to someone like me” -Wow, 2009

“I’m worse than what you’d think you’d catch from me” -Wow, 2009

“It’s not rain you rapist werewolves it’s god pissing down on you” -Into the Fire, 2009

“There’s no drugged out Devils or square halo Angels” -Hey Cruel Work, 2012

“Stare into my Kodak Rome Jack hammer ice eyes” -Overneath the path of Misery, 2012

“The rape of Persephone was choreographed by all the wrong Greeks the rape of Persephone was a marketing scheme” -Overneath the path of Misery, 2012

“And I can’t feel your tits with my new camera equipped with a flash” -Slo mo tion, 2012

“Watching monkey suicide Sunday AIDS and church wine wash it away” -Children of Cain, 2012

“404 ERROR face” -Disengage, 2012

“Shadow of consensual rape” -Murderers are Getting Prettier Every Day, 2012

“Panties to the side bitch I wanna see yo camel toe” -Fancy Bitch(pussy wet) 2013

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“Do you like our bed do you like our bed” -Deep Six, 2015

“I don’t know if I can open up I’m not a birthday present” -The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles, 2015

“I’m a coat of fists” -Cupid Carries a gun, 2015

“My dagger and Swagger are useless” -Odds of Even, 2015

“We don’t just eat the street the asphalt is the good meat” -We Know Where You Fucking Live, 2017

Ursine witcher Yang focusing on tanking hits and dishing the pain right back with adrenaline. She’s a wanderer, and she’s been looking for her sister for years now. She refuses to concede the point that her sister may not have survived the wolven trial of the grasses.

Feline witcher Blake focusing on assassination of targets using speed, precision and critical hits. She’s a half-blood, an elf, and in a school built for outcasts, she finds too many who share her anger. Too quickly she finds herself wrapped up in the intrigue of Novigrad, and when she looks in the mirror she can’t recognise herself anymore.

Viper witcher Weiss with oils, potions and bombs, preparation and careful balance of compounds being paramount. She wasn’t meant to be a witcher, because when her father promised a child they’d been intending to take Winter but the snows delayed the witcher’s return to Nilfgaard, and Winter aged out. She’s always been second best, and the pursuit for perfection drives her to take on the riskiest contracts.

Wolf witcher Ruby with the focus on decoction and mutagen, her silver viper eyes unusual but a tell-tale sign of her affinity for both. She’s one who would have chosen this path, for all the wretched misery she’s seen, because if she has the power to act and does not, then this world really is lost. Like Weiss, she takes on the very worst of the monsters in the land, but not for gold or glory.

anonymous asked:

What kind of abuse did Regina suffer in her marriage to Leopold ? Sorry it's been awhile since I watched that episode .

My answer to your question comes simply in these photos - do these look like someone who was part of a happy marriage? 

The whole marriage itself is despicable. Regina did not accept his proposal. Cora did. When she tried to voice the fact that she did not want to marry the King (shocking given that he was old enough to be her grandfather!) she was silenced or told that it was “cold feet”. Regina was at most eighteen years old and was for all intents and purposes sold off to a man at least triple her age. 

Her marriage has often been referenced as a time of neglect and loneliness as seen in 1x11 and in Season 3 where she referred to herself as the Queen of Nothing. In Season 5 she tells Snow that she never knew how to dance because the King never wanted to dance with her. In her marriage to Leopold she was an object in the castle. He treated her with distance and neglect only showing interest when it looked like she could make him look bad, as shown through the fact that he openly admits to reading her diary and then locks her away when he does not like what he reads. 

Regina’s face when Cora says “I never should have made you marry the King” says it all. That marriage, for her, was full of pain, loneliness and misery which ultimately put her on the path to being the Evil Queen. 

Leopold, though they may show him as a kind and loving King/father etc, is an awful character. He showed zero regard for Regina’s wishes and treated her the way he would an old vase. He showed no care and no interest, exiling her to a life of despair and darkness. 


Tommy Shelby x Reader

(Not my photo, credit goes to its owner/s)

“Fancy a whiskey (Y/N)?” Tommy offered as he approached his drinks cabinet. It wasn’t unusual for Tommy to get the whiskey out so early in the evening but tonight he was particularly unsettled knowing there was a certain piece of news he needed to tell you, he couldn’t really determine for sure why he was so worried - after all you were just friends.

“Tommy, need you really ask?” You huffed jokingly, knowing that he knew the answer would always be yes.

“Point taken.” He chuckled, handing you a tumbler of whiskey. “(Y/N).” He started rather apprehensively as he sat next to you on the sofa before crossing his legs in his usual fashion. “There’s something I want you to know before everyone else, something you deserve to know first as my closest friend and confident.”

“Oh no you’re not in trouble again are you?” You guessed, exhaling deeply.

“No, no nothing like that. I wanted you to know that I’ve met someone - the new barmaid at the Garrison to be specific. It’s only right you should know before anyone else got wind of it, especially considering everything we’ve been through together.” Tommy explained, watching you closely for your reaction.

You and Tommy had known each other for years, way before the war and eventually you had become his only consistent correspondent during his time in the Somme. No matter what cards life dealt you both, you’d alway remain close to his heart.

“Oh wow, that’s such great news. I don’t really know what to say apart from being really happy for you.” You said, forcing out an award worthy congratulations.

In truth you were utterly heartbroken and shamefully jealous. For so long you had grown to love Tommy and all his many faults despite promising to yourself that you wouldn’t walk that dreaded path - a path that’d cause you nothing but pain and misery.

“You have no idea how much it means to me to know I have your blessing.” He replied, hoping to feel an overwhelming sense of relief. A relief that never came.

“You know I want nothing but happiness for you and if she gives you that then who am I to disagree.” You smiled meekly before downing the rest of your whiskey, hoping to numb the wailing banshee that was threatening to escape from the pit of your stomach.

Tommy softly returned the smile back at you, promising to himself that he’d analyse the conflict in emotion he was currently experiencing later. “What ever happens (Y/N), you’ll always be close to my heart.”

“If only.” You sadly thought.

Learn To Let Go

there’s no reason to put faith in the faithless

because it’ll only end up wasted 

sometimes you are faced with difficult decisions 

and every choice may seem like the wrong one

but merely accepting your misery will never be the right path either

you can’t always choose to at least feel something over feeling numb

because that numbness can blossom into something greater

but the same old heartbreak will never truly be anything more than that

learn to let go and move on

because there’s something far more beautiful just over that mountain



in the end you’ll only be stronger

I can’t (I’m sorry)

Already I can feel myself changing

into something I never was before;

metamorphosing, but is it into

a butterfly or a moth?


We are nothing but

the sum of all our actions -

what I was, what misery I wreaked

led me to this unkempt dirt path.


Whomever I was is

another sad spectre-face that stares

from frozen currents at the

vibrant living.


I might yearn still for who I was

as I yearn for blankets on a

desolate winter’s night -

the wind’s bite kept at bay.


No matter what form I adopt,

there are the hated constants:

the social awkwardness, pride,

envy and



A garish thorn,

a splinter,

extruding yet never retrievable.

Why can’t I just forget?


I want to speak to her, but

I know I can’t.

I’ve lost that privilege.

I don’t want to hurt her that way again.


Only when I no longer want to speak

to her may I.

I’ll stay silent,

touching the glass outside of the café -


it’s better for her that I stay away,

I was only ever a weight to chain her down,

glue her lips shut

with mine.


There’s still the occasional twinge

of pain; regret at how I faltered.

If all our mistakes die with us,

we must live with them until that day

of absolution.


Til then, I’ll live with it,

if it’s for her in the end.

How alone I feel doesn’t matter

if it’s for her in the end.

You Were A Kindness

Chapter 1: Rebel With A Cause

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Summary: After his father has been arrested for stealing from the Serpents and Hiram Lodge, Jughead Jones is forced to pay off his father’s debt by being a get away driver for the Serpents. Their next target is the Blossom mansion. Jughead is forced to transfer to Riverdale High undercover. His mission is to fit in as a normal Northside student while gathering information to help the Serpents with their next crime, but Jughead runs into a few distractions during his mission.

A/N: New story!! So I saw Baby Driver last week and I was inspired to write this story. The only similarities to Baby Driver is that Jughead is forced into being a get away Driver. 

I edited this myself, so please be nice! Sorry for any mistakes!

Jughead’s eyes are glued to his white and red leather gloves that are gripping the wheel tightly trying to control his shaking hands. He takes a deep breath trying to calm his nerves.

He looks up from his gloves finally, scanning the perimeter. Nothing, but the still of the night.

A deer runs across the street and Jughead jumps out of his seat. He takes a deep breath calming himself. Everything is going to be okay. He has done this several times, he still shouldn’t be this shaky.

A gun shot is fired in the distance, Jughead flinches. He should be used to this by now, but it still haunts him every time.

He doesn’t care what happens to himself, but he can’t stomach the thought of where or who that gunshot hit.

His eyes are fixed on the road ahead. He turns the headlights of the car back as he spots the men with masks dressed in black run towards his direction. Jughead positions his foot over the gas ready to do his job. He looks up at the ceiling thinking,’if there is a god I want you to know that I am sorry’. He doesn’t pray for himself, but for the sins he is committing.

The door to the silver mercedes is thrown open, the men pile into the car. “Let’s go!” The car doors are shut so loudly the car shakes causing Jughead to jump remembering the gun shots from moments ago.

Jughead slams his foot onto the gas pedal as he focuses on the escape path. Down Main Street, left on Archer Ave, right onto the dirt road until they reach the farm on the right after forty miles.

Police Sirens begin to ring in Jughead’s ears. “Fuck it’s the cops,” Joaquin says paranoid.

Jughead keeps a stern look on his face. He feels numb as he speeds up the car staring at the darkness ahead.

“Jughead’s got it,” Mustang says confidently in the front seat. He roughly squeezes Jughead’s shoulder giving him an evil grin. He always had it. Jughead has out run the Cops several times by now. Sometimes they are lucky and get away before the cops show up because Jughead is so quick. He is the best get away driver in New York, considering he is one of the few that isn’t dead or behind bars.

Jughead knows he is a good driver. He has been driving cars since he could remember. Whenever his father was too drunk to drive home, he would have to take the wheel as a child. He knows how to control ever turn and every angle of a car at any speed. That’s why he was recruited.

Jughead veers a bit off course of their planned route to avoid the oncoming police cars. Jughead backs the car into a parking lot with several cars and he makes a sudden sharp turn.

“Fasten your seat belt boys,” Mustang cheers wickedly. He backs the car into a parking space that has two cars next to it.Jughead turns off the car and the headlights.

“Get down!” Jughead orders. Everyone in the car leans back, so that they cannot be seen.

The sirens are growing closer. They listen as the sirens drive right past the parking lot without any suspicion.

The men sit up as soon as the sirens are way off in the distance.

”Atta boy Jughead.” Joaquin gives Jughead a pat on the back. Jughead double checks to make sure that the coast is clear.

He quickly turns the car back on and races out of the parking lot.

He veers off the main road on purpose in case the cops that just passed them call for back up.

The men begin to crack jokes about their latest job. They remove their masks. Mustang lights a cigarette in the front seat. He holds out the pack to Jughead. “No thanks.” Jughead declines.

Jughead drowns out the laughing in the back seat as he keeps his eyes on the gravel road searching for the dirt path. As soon as Jughead found the dirt path all of the adrenaline was replaced with his usual misery and emptiness.

Another job done.

An hour later the silver mercedes pulled up to an old abandoned looking farm.

The garage door in the small building next to the farm opened. Jughead pulled inside. He hesitated before turning the engine off. The men cheerfully hop out of the car.

“Jughead you coming?” Joaquin asks.

“I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Don’t keep the boss waiting too long,” Mustang warns. Jughead knows. Their boss is not a person that you want to piss off.

Jughead learned the ugly truth when one of his I guess you could call it “coworkers” Joe accidentally left his gun at the last robbery with his fingerprints all over it. Their boss called the men in for their pre job planning, Jughead noticed a new man in Joe’s place. The boss had told Jughead to take the car to the impounder upstate to get rid of any evidence of their previous robbery. Jughead would have hopped into the car quickly without a problem, until he saw the limp bloody fingers sticking out of the trunk. “Ugh kids.” His boss walked to the car and opened the trunk revealing Joe’s bloody dead body squished into the trunk like garbage. The older man shoved the body with no care into the trunk. “Better?” Jughead nods wordlessly. He is too shocked for words.

Jughead took the keys out of the ignition. He double checked the car to make sure that none of the men left anything behind. He does not want anymore blood on his hands. Jughead reaches into his back pocket and pulls out his signature grey crown shaped beanie. He places the hat back onto his head checking the mirror to make sure the hat looks okay.Once he confirmed that the car was empty, he headed for the bar

He looked up at the stars admiring how beautiful the night sky is in the countryside. He kicked the dirt in front of him with his hands in his pockets wishing he could feel something, anything.

Jughead opened the barn door where the men were congregated around a table.

“I am glad you could finally join us Jughead.” Hiram Lodge flashes a devilish smile with his perfectly white teeth as the teen as he enters the barn. Jughead shivers as he makes eye contact with his intimidating boss. This man gives him the creeps. He is a well known millionaire business man who has no business in crime. Jughead can’t help, but wonder if he is just evil by nature. He enjoys taking from people. He definitely enjoys torturing others.

The barn has been converted into a warehouse with a drawing board, table, and cots.

“I was doing a final sweep of the car to make sure that nothing was left behind.”

“Good boy. Find anything?” The men all exchange paranoid looks as they wait for Jughead’s response.


Hiram nods at Jughead and then continues counting the money.

Hiram Lodge was not the usual suspect for these kinds of crimes. He is a well known man. A wealthy business man from Riverdale with a family. He is the secret boss of the Southside Serpents. Not all Serpents are bad. There is the stereotype that the Serpents are a crime gang. Less than half of them are into crime. There are some really good people that are apart of the Serpents. Jughead’s dad is a serpent. FP has his demons, but he had once been a good man. Jughead really believed that.

Hiram throws the last bill onto the table and all of the men look nervous as hell waiting to listen to Hiram’s opinion of their work.

“Did the cops see you?”

“No Jughead parked in between two cars and the police didn’t notice a thing,” Hiram gives an approving nod to Jughead.

“All right here is your cut.” Hiram passes out the cuts to everyone, but he jokingly takes back the money that he was holding out to Jughead.

”You can go. Do you all know your routes?” The men nod and get up.”Not you Jones, we need to have a chat.”

Jughead scans his brain nervously trying to figure out what he had done wrong. The police hadn’t seen them. He drove them without being followed. He had the car impounded last week and he watched it burn himself. He hasn’t done anything wrong. Jughead can feel his heart beating so spastically he feels like it is going to fall out of his chest. He couldn’t have screwed up.

“Jughead we have a really a big job coming up. This is the major leagues. These jobs have been a practice leading up to this. We are going to rob Clifford Blossom, the most corrupt business man in Riverdale.” Jughead had thought that was Hiram, but he would never say that out loud. Only if he has a death wish for himself and everyone around him.

“Riverdale? I thought we are trying to keep a low profile?”

“We are. That is why this job needs to go off without a hitch. I need eyes and ears everywhere. Clifford has two teenage twins that are your age, Cheryl and Jason. You and Joaquin are the only teenagers, I have. Joaquin is a known serpent. You are unknown Jughead, which makes you perfect for this job.” ‘How does that make him perfect for the job?'”I need you to do your research on the Blossom twins. As you know Monday is the start of the school year. I submitted the paperwork and it has just been approved. You are the newest student at Riverdale High.”

“What?” Jughead asks pissed and confused. Is this a joke? If he thought Southside High was bad socially, imagine Riverdale High with all of the rich kids.

“Yes Jughead. This mission if very important. I want you to become a normal Riverdale High student. You need to fit in, become popular. I want you to make friends, join the football team, extra circulars, attend parties, hook up with girls/boys whatever you teens are into these days. I need months of research to make sure that this job is done flawlessly. Make this cover work or you know what happens if you fail me. Do you have any questions?” Jughead swallows nervously. He knows. Hiram constantly reminds him. It’s embedded in his brain now.

“No I get it.”

“If you do your job Jughead, your debt has been paid off.” Jughead can barely believe the words that he’s heard from Hiram Lodge’s mouth.

“I am really done after this job?”

“Go to the store in Greendale and get yourself a nice iPhone and some new clothes for school.” Hiram hands him a large wad of cash.“Enjoy your first day of junior year Jughead Jones.”

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1992. The Karelian Isthmus

is the debut album by band Amorphis, released in 1 November.

Although The Karelian Isthmus took its name from a historic Finnish battleground, Karelian Isthmus, its lyrics focus on Amorphis’s well known epic themes from the history of Finnish warfare and religion, but drawing more from celtic mythology rather than the later traditions of Amorphis’s own native land. The epic side is sometimes broken up by the occult lyrical themes in tracks including “Pilgrimage”, “Misery Path” and “Black Embrace”. In recent years, songs from this album have been receiving more play during Amorphis’ live performances, despite being of a different style than their later works.

Amorphis are one of those Death Metal bands from the early 90s who seemed to get fed up with the style not too long after, changing into a more progressive and mellow style. This, their debut, was their only Death Metal album, featuring a focus on heavy riffs and a generally mystical, evil atmosphere.
 what happened to the old good Amoprhis? In the beginning of my review I stressed that the new Amorphis are nice, but I truly wish that we could have more of this.

    Tomi Koivusaari   Esa Holopainen  Olli-Pekka Laine   Jan Rechberger