the pastel prince

Support trans men that don’t fit the pastel, feminine, flower prince archetype. Support trans men who present as the stereotypically ‘masculine’ and trans men who don’t conform to archetypes at all. 

Support trans men who wear leather jackets and combat boots, who paint themselves as aggressive and intimidating and come home with blood on their knuckles or their lips because they got in a fight defending themselves or someone else again. 

Support trans men who aspire to having a deep voice and broad shoulders and a scruffy beard. Support trans men who are rough and tumble, who drink straight scotch, who don’t have a single feminine streak to their appearance.

Flower princes are beautiful and deserve support. But all too often, the community forgets that some of us don’t fit that mold, and we fit something a little more stereotypically masculine.

Support trans men who are rough and gruff and the opposite of soft.