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Omma, my heart hurts :( I don't want to get back with my ex, but I do miss the life we had. I feel like if I wasn't aro maybe I would want him back? But we weren't good together, and we both have new s/o's. On the bright side, we still have a good, strong friendship

It’s okay to occasionally miss the past, to think about the good that happened. It might help to think on the good that’s happening now, on your good friendship and your relationship with your new s/o. Whenever your head hurts just say “yeah, that was nice, but this is also nice. We’re great friends, that’s great. And the past relationship lead us to this great friendship. Awesome!”

-Lou the Lobster

my father has told me in the past with great sincerity and feeling that our family are (in chronological order) russian royalty, russian peasantry, spanish aristocracy, ruska roma, space aliens and leonard cohen. now he’s actually definitively traced his ancestry he’s bored with it and has moved on to claiming to be a reiki energy being sent to earth to teach humans how to love. at last i’ve reached the important point of my development where i understand that my father is a literal crazy person who believes whatever he wants to believe and that’s ok


This week has been so busy and everything is a blur but I’m making a point to make note of ~stuff that happened~ so here are some stuffs:

- Met with my former research advisor about grad programs and I feel very unprepared? How do I know if I am even good enough to get into ANY grad program? I’m trying so hard

- Working on datasets upon datasets at my one job to meet so many deadlines/complete deliverables while also doing a big group project for my Planning class AND being slammed at my restaurant job pretty much every night this week and I am dead

- Hey! I’ve been seeing someone new and I already like her a lot and I am NERVOUS? Also me putting this out there for you all to know is probably a terrible idea but

- I’ve been riding my bike/climbing more this week than I have in the past 2 months combined and I am feeling so great about it. I hope the spirits in the cemetery I got lost in on my way to work today didn’t mind that I was just passing through

- How do I do ALL THE STUFF????

- I should listen to my mother and be nicer to my physical self or something. She is very concerned about my health and I feel bad

- I have to wake up in 4 hours

Today, March 26, in 1836 Abraham Lincoln’s mood went from great to almost desperate.

In the past few days of this particular spring, things had been going rather well for the deeply indebted state legislator and former store owner and surveyor.

Just about ten days earlier, Lincoln had made his way from his then home in New Salem to Springfield in order to purchase from the federal government 47 acres at $1.25 per acre, on the Sangamon River, 12 miles northwest of New Salem.

Abraham Lincoln was shaping up to finally become successful.

During his stay in Springfield he was announced as candidate for the legislature again and also had himself registered as a “person of good moral character”, the first of three steps in obtaining a law license.

He also purchased from Thomas Edwards, a farmer living near New Salem, his first Springfield property, two lots on the north side of Jefferson Street between Sixth and Seventh.

Things were looking rather well…until Lincoln’s horse was stolen from a stable in town.

On the night of March 18th, his trusty steed was taken and a search turned up no results.
Unable to commute and short on cash, Lincoln posted an ad in the Sangamon Journal, asking for assistance in retrieving his horse that he could not simply replace at this point.

Abraham Lincoln posted the following:

From a stable in Springfield, on Wednesday, 18th inst. a large bay horse, star in his forehead, plainly marked with harness; supposed to be eight years old; had been shod all round, but is believed to have lost some of his shoes, and trots and paces.

Any person who will take up said horse, and leave information at the Journal office, or with the subscriber at New-salem, shall be liberally paid for their trouble.


It is not known whether the horse was returned or if Lincoln had to walk back to New Salem – but he IS recorded back home on April 1st on his, then, second job as postmaster.

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They say that ExTJs are the best partners for an INTP, but I seem to click the best with ENTPs - I feel like each of us intuitively understands how the other thinks, and unlike with two introverts, there's always someone to initiate conversation, haha! Thoughts on theoretical ideal type combinations vs. who you get on best with in practice?

I think the whole ideal relationship types thing is total bullshit.
Having said that…I tend to get on great with J’s…at first. After a few months I get annoyed with the way they can sometimes seem controlling.
Feeling types are great, too, as long as I can get past the rocky beginning where we argue endlessly over logic vs feeling. It makes for some really great debates, though!
All in all, I’d say as long as both parties can agree that the other has valid thoughts, anyone can get on great.
(And ENxP’s are fucking hilarious, just gonna put that out there)

Until my family gets retribution from the US I will not consider this in the fucking past. The only compensation my great grandmother got from nearly dying in the three major Japanese bombings (Tokyo fire bombs and the atom bombs) was from JAPAN. And all it fucking was, was fucking rice. Because that was all they could fucking pay her. My family almost stopped existing. Do not tell me that it is in the past. -mod karkles

Cute past!Ardyn with his black chocobo *_*
I want to know more about Ardyn’s past life before he became evil guy…

Listen I love the X-Men movies and all but just a thought: maybe you wouldn’t have such a hard time trying to shove everyone’s character development and backstories into one ensemble film (and subsequently cutting important characters out of the majority of said film) if you gave someone other than fucking Wolverine a solo movie.


I screw up a lot, alright. And being around you, I just don’t want to be that guy anymore. Who do you want to be, Nathan? I want to be somebody who’s good enough to be seen with you. You should have thought of that last night. You know, I keep putting myself out there and you keep blowing it. That’s probably a good thing…


bringing out the big guns as the year changes. here’s to hitting 2017 with everything we’ve got. 

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