the past is practice

I had a dream I was standing in my yard watching levi, hange, and mike repeatedly ding dong ditch my next door neighbor, and I just watched as a pair of giant pink hands descended from the sky, plucked up mike and carried him away

I think the assumption is Ahsoka recruited Hera, but picture a freshly promoted Fulcrum Cassian. He’s just a teen, tough as nails and still figuring out this whole leader/spy thing when he meets a teenage twi’lek in dirty flight clothes. And she hates and misses her father, and she misses her mother, and she hates the Empire, and they have a lot in common really. She’s scraping by with odd jobs but he can see she’s got the sort of magic with anything that can fly that only comes when you have that rare trio of talent and passion and durasteel determination to keep practicing past the point others would consider it insanity. 

And maybe Cassian is a little insane himself because there’s a race coming up and he tells her she should enter. He tells her she should put up her battered old astromech for the entry fee and she punches him in the face. Later when his cheekbone stops throbbing he tells her a face punch hurts you just as much and it’s better to go for the gut. She takes the advice with the same sort of practicality they both understand too well and it’s not friendship but it’s something. 

When she scrapes up the entry fee somehow he takes one look at the odds against her and puts credits on her, a lot of credits. Maybe he’ll be chewed out and demoted but he can look into hard green eyes and see the same sort of… something that’s helped him win in worse odds.

She wins, of course, and the winner’s prize is enough to keep her in fuel for a while, maybe let her be a little pickier about the jobs she takes. To maybe breathe and rest and start fighting instead of just surviving. Or maybe… 

“Here. Your half of the credits you made me.” He presses them on her and she tries to refuse. Credits like these always come with strings, but it’s enough to keep her comfortable for a long time. Or to trade in her old junker of a ship and astromech for one of the new light freighters for sale in the shipyard. 

She trades in the junker, but not the astromech. 

 When everything’s all signed for he shakes her hand. 

“Congratulations Captain, I’m Fulcrum.” And with the way her eyes narrow just a bit she maybe knows how new the title is in his mouth. He doesn’t care, they both know she’s not going to pass this up. 

He doesn’t stay her Fulcrum of course, he passes her off to someone with more experience with something like disappointed relief and he keeps fighting and lying and doing what he does best. He never asks. The cells are all called by their codes and he never asks if behind one of those code names is a twi’lek who flies like she was born to. It’s easier that way, it always is. 

The first time he hears the words General Syndulla his first thought is that somehow they managed to pry that old clone war veteran off his planet. Then he sees green eyes as hard as gemstone and he stands a little straighter. 

It doesn’t come close to balancing his scale, not with everything he’s done. But sometimes it makes it a little easier to carry the weight. 

And then maybe the next time he meets someone with hard eyes, who misses her father and mother and hates the Empire and believes she can do something about it, he’s willing to stay beside her. 

Ronin Diaries: Baby Blue Saga

Tonight was my first class as a blue belt and it was pretty surreal. It felt odd not grabbing my tattered white belt that I had drug with me to practice the past 4 years. We arrived early to get a good parking spot and I sat and chilled and watched two people belts drill some smash passes while we waited for the Muay Thai class to clear out. One of the purple belts hand me come over so he could better illustrate the smash pass to the other. 

Class soon circled up and we started going over half guard. We covered the basics and covered a few ways to get to the persons back and other ways to get your hooks in. Afterward, I stayed for 3 rolls and tried my best to start in half guard and to work what we learned. Had a blast and got to land a few of the things we did in class which is always nice. 

Silent Dreams [Part 1] Mark Tuan

Characters: Mark x Reader

Summary: You have this huge audition at JYP Entertainment and it’s your last chance to get into the entertainment world. You’ve been practicing so hard all day just to have your best friend come in and make things worse.


I silently cursed myself as I stood in the silence of the large practice song. The only thing I could hear was the sound of my lungs gasping for air instead of the fire that was consuming them and the pounding of my heart as it tried to catch up with my feet. I had to get this dance routine perfect before I went to my audition at JYP Entertainment. I started the music over and continued to practice. I had to take my mind off of everything, but it seemed to be making me angry every time I started dancing. JYP was my last chance of getting into the entertainment business.

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anonymous asked:

How would one get into storyboarding or character design? I'm just a lil high school baby and I wanted to know if there's a best path to take or things to look out for. Or just any random piece of advice past "practice until you hate yourself".

step 1: cry

…nah. Start experimenting.

In character design, my favorite “drill” is to grab my sketchbook, print out a bunch of pictures of an animal, and spend all of my free time that day filling up a page with drawings. Vary facial features, body proportions, shapes and angles. If you’re in school, I’m guessing you’ve got at least a little free time to do this. It does help, but it takes a while.

Peoplewatching I mentioned in another post also helps a lot. Do a similar thing, sit in a public space, and draw random people’s caricatures. 

As for storyboarding? Storyboard songs. Voice files. Movies. Any audio file, anything that you can map out gestures and motion in. Print out a powerpoint or illustrator-made template with a grid of resolution-sized rectangles and use that.

As much as I hate to say it… really the only thing to do is practice a metric shit-ton. I, from experience, cannot recommend learning in a studio environment or with a group of animators; personality conflicts, variation in skill and a lot of other things tend to hinder the actual “learning” and promote drama more than anything. Teach yourself, and wait for an opportunity.


Some people might laugh at how much Yuuri and Victor missed each other after being apart for like 3 days at most, but friendly reminder:

Victor and Yuuri spent every single day of the past 7 months together.

Every single day.

Whether it was practice, or taking a bath or mealtime or competitions, for the past 200+ days they were living together and literally saw each other every day.

I’d say it’s even fair to assume that the first and last things they saw on some days were each other.

Then suddenly they’re torn apart and it’s really no surprise that they desperately run towards each other and hug when they finally see each other again. It’s always when someone is not by your side that you realize how much you’ve always loved and appreciated them.

Yes, they’ve been apart for no longer than three days. But after being together for so long, they realized how different it suddenly is to be alone now, versus being alone before they met each other.

And I think that’s important.

More Adrienette for the soul

It’s okay to be slow when you’re making art.

So I kind of wanted to make a post about this.

I know some of you look around, and you see all these artists making such beautiful art in time spans of like an hour or a few hours, and then you look at your work and you get so demoralized because you’re taking so long.

I’m here to tell you that that’s perfectly okay. You’re not other artists. You are you, and your work defines you. If you need to take 10 hours, or even days to complete your art piece, it is okay, because it’s yours. You’re doing your best to make your art what you want it to be, and just because you can’t do it in a few hours like other artists do, it doesn’t make the value of your work any less. In fact, your patience and perseverance is absolutely admirable.

Take your time. You’re using your hands to create something that you love. Don’t let the people around you that you see hinder that in any way. You will definitely get faster in time, but if you give up now, thinking that you’ll always be this slow when you make art, you’ll never reach that stage. This applies not only to art, but also to other skills that you’re trying to pick up.

So look at what you yourself are doing, instead of looking around at others. Don’t worry too much, and enjoy yourself in the process of creation and learning! :)

A doctor from the year 2217 gets thrown back in time to 2016. She tries to make the best of it, but the world of the past is grim, the people are savage, and the medical practices are downright medieval.

I’m so proud of tsukki from the last episode so i drew him

Watch Me Babygirl

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A/N: I’m a ho for highschool!bts so I began writing a series literally nobody asked for so this is part 1 of ?

Summary: Jungkook is your brother’s annoying best friend. You can’t stand him but he just can’t resist teasing you. How far will he actually go?

Warnings: language, implied sexy stuff(?), fuckboy!jungkook 

[pt.2] [pt.3]

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Cassian (& Nesta) Headcannon

This got a bit…. long


•Cassian, with his 500 years of living, has picked up how to play some musical instruments out of curiosity
•BUT, he’s never really played in front of or for anyone
•His favorite instrument is definitely the piano
•He just- he loves the way the chords flow together and the sounds that resonate in a room even after he’s stopped pressing down on the keys
•He loves to lose himself in the notes; to let everything in him be consumed by the way music affects him so intensely
•So one day, Cass is in the House of Wind or something when everyone else is gone doing their own thing
•He’s wandering around and just so happens to walk past one of his favorite rooms, where his beloved piano is bathed in golden sunlight in this open, airy balcony, music room type of thing
•And his fingers twitch as his side, yearning to create melodies long since suppressed, considering he hasn’t played in what seems like forever
•So he gently crosses the room and sits down on the bench; runs a hand lovingly across the lid of his piano before placing his fingers tentively on the ivory keys
•And with a deep breathe to calm his nerves, he begins to play
•It’s messy at first; years of not playing has caused his brain to muddle his usual technique, but he still continues, pushing on
•Slowly, slowly, the notes start to come out smoother
•Memories and notes come back to him in waves; his fingers dancing across the keys in excitement, having almost forgotten how good it feels to release his emotions and craft them into something beautiful
•He remembers now, why he started learning to play piano in the first place
•He remembers: a younger Cassian wandering around Velaris, centuries ago, and hearing something that stopped him in his tracks
•It was music- a type he’d never heard before; music that burrowed itself in his skin and settled along his bones
•So he followed that sound, coming to a shop with its door open, and peered in to see an older woman sitting at a piano bench
•He watched her for a few moments, losing himself in the movement of her hands- how intricate the chords seemed to be, and he wanted it so bad- wanted to know how to create something as breathtaking as that
•So after her musical piece came to an end, he approached her, swallowing his pride to get out the following breathless words, “Can you- can you teach me?”
•From then on, he would go to that little shop to be taught the ways of the massive instrument
•She taught him & he learned to know which pedals to push and how long to hold each note; how to build a piece higher and higher until the crescendo shattered into existence, all from the tips of their fingers
•Eventually, when he was quite advanced in learning and playing after months of practice, the woman told him that her job was done, all that was left was for him to create his own music instead of learning hers
• “You have so much inside of you,” she had said, gently pressing a palm to his heart. “You must take all those deeply buried feelings and let them out. Forge them into something useful, something that brings you peace instead of turmoil. You must understand that music is your companion, it will be there when all else is lost. Don’t forget to share your burdens, your happiness, your sorrow, with the one thing that will never betray you.” With that, she had taken the hand that was still on his chest and placed it on her magnificent piano, letting her own memories sweep her into an inviting embrace as Cassian quietly left for the day
•A few weeks later, as Cassian was making his way back to the old lady’s piano shop for a visit, he walked in to find the place empty- all except the piano they had played on together for hours on end
•And as he made his way over to the instrument, he found a note laying on top of it saying, “She is now yours, and she is your friend. Treat her well.”
•Cassian has never seen her again, but the memory of her will live on with him for as long as he’s alive
•So now, he is currently sitting still at the House of Wind, having lost himself in the memories of his earlier life, and he just - starts crying
•Like, it hits him so hard and he misses the old woman who taught him how to play and he wants to go back to the time where everything was not quite so hectic; before Amarantha and the King of Hybern and all the wars that he has fought in
•He wants to go back to the time where his soul wasn’t so heavy, even though he has never experienced a time where he’s been completely light hearted
•Not until her
•With that thought, his silent tears instantly slow until they stop
•When he’s with her, everything seems so simple
•Although she’s a pain in the ass a lot of the time, he wouldn’t have it any other way
•He recalls a past conversation with Rhysand, where his brother had confessed to him that when Feyre and him had first gone to the Summer Court, Feyre had told the High Lord Tarquin that, “It would be very easy to love you.” Rhys had been a wreck whenever it came to his mate (during the time she didn’t know she was his mate yet)
•But those words had stuck with Cassian for a while
•It is very, very easy to love Nesta
•With that notion, and feeling of love in his heart, he begins to play again
•But this song is slow, peaceful, and effortless
•He let’s his heart compose this piece, as his hands do the work
•The music is lovely, resembling the most cherished of his feelings
•And Cassian can’t help but memorize it; he knows it’s dedicated to his love- to Nesta
•And after this afternoon is over, and he has created the most graceful tune he has ever played, he knows he has to show her
•So when the opportunity arrives a week or two later, and Nesta & Cassian are alone, he brings her to his music room, and plays the piece he crafted for her
•And she knows, can feel it deep down in her soul, that the music he plays for her is for her ears alone
•She cherishes it, loves it, spills more than a few tears over it
•Cassian is so nervous and anxious because this is his first time showing someone this part of him, this love for piano
•But Nesta just comes over to sit next to him on the bench, and leans her head on his shoulder as she gently grabs his hand and entwines her fingers with his
•And he’s just silent, so full of happiness and he’s content and he’s proud to have a woman like Nesta in his life
•He tentively asks her, “Do you like it?”
•She turns her head to peer up at him, her eyes shining silver, “It’s perfect.”
•And the purest smile appears on his face and it just breaks her heart and mends it back together again all in the same instant and she leans in to kiss him
•And the kiss is slow and extraordinary, and it reminds them that they have the rest of their immortal lives to be with each other, and even in death they will not be separated


“He said that you’d never amount to much. You didn’t even pass you Sergeant’s exam.”