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OtaYuri fic recs #20

Lurk by Sicknote, explicit, 5.9k, bar AU, married!Otabek, warning: infidelity

“Hey, since we’re asking questions, does your wife know what you get up to every Friday night?”

The muscle in Otabek’s jaw tightens. “Don’t talk about her.” He warns.

“Why not?” Yuri gets up close to Otabek and his eyes gleam dangerously, openly goading him. “You’re the one that mentions her whenever you’re trying to pretend that you don’t want to fuck me.”

This shitty dive bar had been Otabek’s weekly sanctuary from his mundane white picket fence life – that was until Yuri Plisetsky dug deep under his skin and fucked it all up.

I’m more than a shot in the dark by StrikerEureka, explicit, 24.4k, A/B/O AU, warning: mentions of mpreg

Part 4 of the Loved you from the start series

After Otabek’s rut, Yuri travels back to Almaty to spend his heat with him. Afterward, he meets Otabek’s mother and sister, and his best friend, Maxim.

It almost doesn’t feel real. The stretched, aching bond between them tugs tight and fresh, knocking the breath out of him.

Yuri shoves his way through the people in front of them, ignoring their shouts as he elbows past. Otabek meets him with open arms, catching him as Yuri practically leaps against his chest. He knocks his jaw painfully against Otabek’s shoulder, but he ignores it, clinging and pressing in as tightly as he can. He buries his nose behind Otabek’s ear and takes his first deep inhale of his scent in over a month.

It’s a Mess, It’s a Start by larkscape, explicit, 5.4k, warning: underage

It wasn’t like Yuri hadn’t noticed before, though. Otabek had been watching him with speculation is his eyes since they first saw each other across the hotel lobby Wednesday evening and the scrutiny had only escalated since, particularly after Yuri showed up at the club last night. And when Yuri asked — all right, demanded — that Otabek join him in the exhibition skate, Otabek had given in without even the slightest hesitation, and his fevered expression during the performance left no room for doubt. No one was that good an actor. Yuri was sure he’d read this right.

Ninety percent sure.

After the GPF exhibition, Yuri knew exactly what he wanted, and what he wanted was to get his hands on Otabek.

Crushed by tootsonnewts, general audiences, 1.4k

See, here’s the thing: Otabek has a lane. He likes to stay in that lane. He knows the speed limit, he knows where the buttons on the dashboard are, he knows the best way to push the gas pedal. Yuri’s been his passenger for a long time now. He thought Yuri knew and understood everything there possibly was to know and understand about Otabek’s lane and the proverbial vehicle he drives in it. So this is an interesting speed bump.

or, the time yuri found one of otabek’s old costumes.

I’m A Bad Bitch by annabeth, explicit, 1.7k, small town AU, Otabek/Yuri/JJ, warning: underage

When they walk into the club, Yuri knows every eye is on him. This is because he’s clad in next to nothing: a lace bustier that shows off his nipples and bite marks…

Coin Laundry by Anonymous, mature, 2.4k, laundromat AU

Yuri is sitting on the broken washer doing homework when the new guy walks in.

Vain in Costume by notgneissatall, explicit, 3.3k, warning: Yuri/OMC through a glory hole

There’s nobody more impatient than Yuri Plisetsky.

In Parallel by BoxWineConfessions, explicit, 1.5k, warning. underage

Otabek reaches for something, anything to clean up with. He finds a discarded sock among the rest of his clothing, and hastily wipes his skin. Although Yuri can be petulant at times, it’s nothing in comparison to what Yuri does to Otabek. Otabek ceases to be the third place medalist at Worlds in 2016. He ceases to be the gold medalist at this year’s NHK. Instead, he’s reduced to being a child all over again.

Control issues by Blownwish, explicit, 3.5k, warning: underage

Taking control of Yuri is not so easy.

Size Matters by ignaz, explicit, 3.8k

Yuri tries to convince Otabek of the virtues of measuring one’s dick. When Otabek says no, Yuri accepts the answer with all the grace and maturity you’d expect, which is to say none whatsoever.

Full Service Tops by Blownwish, explicit, 1.9k, Otabek/Yuri/JJ, warning: underage

Yuri likes putting Otabek and JJ together. That combination is so good and nasty.

Untitled by yuri-with-the-good-hair, 796, PG-13, summer vacation AU

Yuri smells like bubblegum—the potent sugar-sweet kind from the gas station on the corner. For Otabek, it’s the smell of summer. School lets out and Yuri is instantly shoving two pieces of the contraband into his mouth, discarding the wrappers into Otabek’s hands and smiling devilishly as he darts off towards Otabek’s bike where it waits for their first adventure.

Dream Smotherer by notgneissatall, explicit, 2k

Yuri tests out a new look.

As most of you probably know (I assume??? I don’t know if it’s common knowledge of if I just know weird shit that nobody’s ever heard of??? anyway) you cannot simply translate a word into runes. Tables such as the one below only allow you to transform runes into letters of the latin alphabet, not the other way around. But I chose to get a tattoo of the runes equivalent of the letters of the word ‘heathen’, using the runic alphabet Elder Futhark.

Vikings used the Young Futhark but for aesthetic reasons I chose the Elder.

This is ‘heathen’ in Younger Futhark :

Maybe none of you care about my new tattoo or the explanation of the thought process behind it but I’m so happy with it that I had to share <3 I had a pretty shit day up until the moment I walked past (or almost walked past) a small, practically unnoticeable tattoo shop and decided to go for it. I’d been scribbling these runes everywhere for a while. I am now officially a member of the Heathen Army, no one can take that from me.

Also before that, and to make me feel better, I bought another bunch of honey mead bottles. Sue me.

The Sun’s Touch - Part 4

It had been some time now, since Helena found herself the guest in a beastโ€™s lair. She loved it out here with the beast. The past six weeks had practically flown by; Regal and Helena did everything together, and Helena had even been able to sneak home and steal from her own old cottage for some of her things; three times! She took important things like clothes, books, food, and seeds. Helena planned to start a little garden near the cave. Regal did protect her, just as he promised.

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happy birthday, amanda 💙

September 11, 2017// “my love is beautiful deception” 

one year ago, I started bullet journaling, and it’s really impressive seeing how far I’ve come since then (especially considering that this spread has the same colour scheme as my first spread).  

so throughout this past year, I’ve learned: 1) it’s cheesy but practice makes perfect!! you don’t see improvement every time you make a spread, but don’t get frustrated and give up because it’s a learning process, and 2) studyblr classics like Tombow, Muji, and Mildliner always will have way cheaper counterparts (especially the latter two) so know the alternatives if you wanna save money! I recently found gel pens at an Asian mall for a fraction of Muji’s prices, and crayola supertips are honestly the best investment I’ve ever made. 

For once, let’s take a moment to appreciate SM’s GENIUS planning and the MASSIVE influence EXO has worldwide and especially online. We never hear much abt EXO’s social media presence bc they never had a twitter and some took that as an excuse to say they were “not as powerful” “declining” unlike other groups in this day and age who utilize social media.

But the SECOND EXO opens an account, THE SECOND the account changes their dp of all things, the SECOND they make a post, #EXO, #kokobop, #thewar ALL start trending worldwide, their followers skyrocket to the hundred thousands, and everywhere from WEIBO to INSTAGRAM to TWITTER, EXO’s taken over. Twitter Korea itself welcomed EXO….they introduced exo logo emojis…..the teaser hasn’t even been released for an hour and everyone’s running round in circles

THIS is what you all forgot in the past year or so where EXO was practically inactive. When a top tier group is quiet it’s easy to pretend they’re not at the top anymore. It’s hilarious that the second EXO comes back that delusion crashed and burn. Say hello and make way for the kings 

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Imum Coeli (IC)

The  Imum Coeli (IC) is always the polar opposite sign of your Midheaven (MC). While the MC covers your career and external path the IC  has connections to family, past, and even family karma.

Aries IC: Growing up has become separated from the family somehow, not necessarily physically or emotionally. Independent, different views. The past is filled with times of loneliness and/or aggression somehow. Karma has ties to standing out in the family. The past is usually not visited a lot. Anger, conflict, passion, or times of excitement are remembered most.

Taurus IC: Likely center of family somehow, probably the glue that holds everyone together. The family’s rock.  Karma revolves around bringing stability and routine back to the family or receiving stability and safety that was lacking. Past is easy to remember, proof of memories, sentimental items, clarity, but also possibly scars, broken walls, torn papers.

Gemini IC: Always the communicative family member, always knows what’s going on, nurtures and shares beliefs. Past can have a lack of communication, a lack of people to talk to/who will listen, and detachment. Is pushed by karma to connect family members, to be the messenger, to have an open mind when it comes to family. The past and memories are tied in communication, ideas, and information family members are attentive of and push forward.

Cancer IC: The karmic family ties are STRONG here. Might have to learn how to let go or there to teach the family to let go. The past is filled with hardcore family attachment but also withdrawal from nurture.Clings to family members, traditions, and views. Karma pushes them to reflect on family a lot, might be the most introspective and perceptive family member. Karma might make them the protector of their family. Can still feel the vibration of family traumas even if it was generations ago. Memories and the past are part of their being. Emotions are always tied to memories. They interpret memories via emotions.

Leo IC: The golden boy or girl of the family, rarely disappoints the family but also fears disappointing them. There are themes surrounding pride in the past, good or bad. Karma gives them an abundance of attention and self-esteem. Shines in the family, maybe restores honor, fame, or general pride in the family. Others in the family always remember them. Their memories are tied to ego and actually security somehow.

Virgo IC: Being overly protected, attempting to meet high standards, maybe extreme innocence, and worry/anxiety is tied to their past. Karma pushes them to bring order, routine, practicality, and self improvement to family members. They are the family critics but also helpers. They never forget or miss any detail from their past and present. Karma could push them to help family members in the physical world like take care of the sick, tidy up, financially support, etc.

Libra IC: Karma pushes them to bring harmony and peace to the family. They help members reconnect. Suppression of individuality, pressure to please others, and lack of training to deal with tension/conflict can be seen in the past.  The past is known to them mentally, intellectually but they can hide their feelings of the past for their own protection/fear.

Scorpio IC: Lots of mystery when it comes to this persons past. Maybe adoption, family members have many of their own secrets, or trauma. Karma pushes them to discover family secrets, to contain the family of its troubles, and to push family past long-standing pain. Can still feel the vibration of family traumas even if it was generations ago. Memories are tied to passion and emotions. They remember what they felt more than the events.

Sagittarius IC: Karma pushes them towards freedom and independence that was lacked in the family somewhere. The past is filled with control or a push to make them find inner security via independence and vitality. Their past can contain intense family beliefs, traveling, and judgment, either tolerant and open or closed and intolerant. Revisiting memories and regret is not common for them. They have their experiences and then move on.

Capricorn IC:  Family expects a lot out of them, past is filled with responsibilities, seriousness, maybe pessimism, and they grew up too fast. Karma gives them security and control of themselves and within the family. They can develop to be the family’s rock. They can regain the family’s authority. Memories tend to be painted in melancholy or over-practicality. They don’t like to share memories but keeps them like a picture in a wallet.

Aquarius IC:  There is karma surrounding being the family outcast/black sheep. They have a unconventional family and views of family. Karma pushes them 2 ways, to detach themselves from family for their own growth or learn to be apart of it in their own way. Can be forgetful of memories, they are stored in a mental library to only be visited if forced to or for practical means.

Pisces IC: Past has many illusions. Could have been mislead, highly sheltered, or manipulated by family. Engulfed in family’s emotions and history. Memories can get lost in emotional translation or trapped in subconscious. Has a hard time separating self from family. Karma pushes them to heal many different types of long-standing family wounds. Despite healing influences karma pushes on them strongly to find their own destiny away from family, likely healing in itself. Can still feel the vibration of family traumas even if it was generations ago.

It’s okay to be slow when you’re making art.

So I kind of wanted to make a post about this.

I know some of you look around, and you see all these artists making such beautiful art in time spans of like an hour or a few hours, and then you look at your work and you get so demoralized because you’re taking so long.

I’m here to tell you that that’s perfectly okay. You’re not other artists. You are you, and your work defines you. If you need to take 10 hours, or even days to complete your art piece, it is okay, because it’s yours. You’re doing your best to make your art what you want it to be, and just because you can’t do it in a few hours like other artists do, it doesn’t make the value of your work any less. In fact, your patience and perseverance is absolutely admirable.

Take your time. You’re using your hands to create something that you love. Don’t let the people around you that you see hinder that in any way. You will definitely get faster in time, but if you give up now, thinking that you’ll always be this slow when you make art, you’ll never reach that stage. This applies not only to art, but also to other skills that you’re trying to pick up.

So look at what you yourself are doing, instead of looking around at others. Don’t worry too much, and enjoy yourself in the process of creation and learning! :)

More Adrienette for the soul

if i’m ever gonna open that Reimi blog, first order of business is actually be capable of drawing Reimi

What can be done about gentrification?

I saw this on a reblog and I started answering it, but it turned into something I wanted to stand alone and not be tacked on to another post.

@rafi-dangelo I’m curious, I understand how harmful gentrification can be but what can actually be done about it? I really can’t think of anything.“

Nothing.  Movement of populations is natural and neighborhood demographics always change. But I'ma take a moment and describe the different ways irresponsible or disrespectful gentrification displaces and disregards the current residents.  This is all from a NYC point of view, but I’m sure it applies to other metro areas.

1) Choosing personal preference over neighborhood character.
I know plenty of people (mostly white, but some POC as well) who move to big cities from their small towns and they’re appalled at how little space you get for the money.  They want the same amount of living area they had in the suburbs of Omaha but they don’t have the money to pay for it in DUMBO or Chelsea or the Upper West Side or whatever.  So, instead of downsizing their expectations and living where they initially wanted, they move to brown neighborhoods where their money will go a lot further.  You don’t actually need that second bedroom so you can do yoga or work on your art projects.  You made the conscious decision to speed up gentrification in an area because you wanted more space than you could afford coming into a very expensive city to follow your dreams or whatever.

2) Using non-white neighborhoods as a transitional period.
I know plenty of people (again, mostly white) who will move to Harlem or Bed-Stuy or Washington Heights until their paycheck rises to a point where they can afford to move to a different neighborhood.  In terms of gentrification, it seems initially that it would be the proper way to do it – they didn’t stay for years and years and brown people can move back in after they leave.  But obviously that’s not how it works.  Businesses follow those transitional whites who make more money than the surrounding POC, but not enough money to live in the white neighborhoods they’re aspiring to.  So they bring with them the Starbuckses and the Whole Foodses and the juice bars, all business that lead to rapid increases in rents.  And then they get their raises or their careers advance and in a few years they’re gone.  It’s basically drive-by gentrification.  

3) Disregarding the local character.
I know plenty of people (mostly white) who have lived in gentrifying neighborhoods for years and have never met a neighbor.  Never gone to a community meeting.  Never gone to a block party.  I can accept that kind of passive existence, but then there are those who take it a step further to complain about things in the neighborhood that have been part of the fabric for decades before gentrification.  If you have a baby, don’t move to Washington Heights and rent an apartment on the main drag where all the clubs are and then call the police every night because of noise to the point where liquor licenses are threatened.  Don’t call the cops on the Ecuadorian lady selling dinner plates out of her living room for extra cash.  Don’t call the cops about the old Black dudes barbecuing on the sidewalk because they’re blocking the way.

Gentrification is a hard pill to swallow and there’s absolutely no way to prevent it.  However, as with most things, if you conduct yourself like a considerate human being, you can help mitigate the damages.

1) Think about where you’re moving.
If you tour a place on a block full of older buildings and you walk into your prospective apartment and everything is brand new, somebody probably just moved out (maybe not of their own volition) and the landlord renovated so he could jack the price up.  You can look up the history of a building and in NYC that’s helpful because shady landlords regularly force longtime tenants out of a building once the surrounding neighborhood starts to support a higher rental price due to the influx of gentrifiers.

2) Think about why you’re moving.
If you have X amount of dollars and you’re choosing between some neighborhood you love and another neighborhood you just plan to live in until you can afford the same amount of space in the neighborhood you love, ask yourself if you really need all of that space in the first place.  Sometimes the answer is yes, and that’s absolutely your prerogative.  I just want everyone to take a beat and seriously consider it first.

3) Don’t rent more than you can afford and then crowdsource the rest.
Y'all know I deleted a potential friend/date-person because they rented a two-bedroom they couldn’t afford with the intention of putting the other bedroom on Air BnB to cover the rest of the rent.  That is the most disrespectful form of gentrification.  You’re taking an apartment that was probably needed by a family who can no longer afford it because the landlord can get a much higher rent out of you…who also can’t afford it, but have the luxury of just being one person so you can crowdsource the rest of the rent.  It’s gross and there’s no part of me that will ever see someone in the same light once they rent an apartment with the explicit plan to cover the rent using a shared economy model.

4) Know where you’re moving and make sure you’re fine with the area as is.
Don’t move and then be shocked that a church is having choir practice on Wednesday night, the same practice they’ve had for the past three decades.  Don’t move and then decide the neighborhood is too loud.  Don’t move and then act like the Saturday afternoon block party is inconveniencing your life.  If you’re going to contribute to rising rents and corporate chains putting mom & pops out of business, the least you can do is let the people live and enjoy themselves the way they did before you got there.

I do recognize the benefits of gentrification, partly because I live in Harlem, partly because I follow trends and statistics, and partly because I recognize the unfortunate fact that a whole host of institutions from law enforcement to capital investment don’t give a damn about an area until white people move in and those improvements can benefit everyone, not just the new white folks.  But if you’re really committed to awareness, justice, and equality while also being a (possibly even reluctant) gentrifier, it’s your duty to make sure you’re doing it as responsibly as you can.


I’ve been itching to play around with the idea after seeing really good arts of body!swap, and the prompt was a perfect chance for me to do just that. /u\ 

For some reason, I wanted to see Sans suffer on a date with Mettaton, haha!