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Hi! I was wondering if you know of any spells to conjure any past lives? Or past memories? 🌛🌝🌜 Thank you!

Try thinking of things you like in this life that are not easy to explain, maybe you’ll find there a clue to help your quest *✰

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Shawn moaned as they sank down on his cock, warm, wet tightness enveloping him. He couldn’t help the strangled moan that slipped past his lips. Then again. This was a dream he could do whatever he wanted.
“Oh god.” he heard himself say as the wetness changed, became more real. He had never had a dream this real before. Little slurping sounds reached his ears, he frowned. Too real. His eyes slowly opened, a low groan leaving him as he saw them. Lips stretched around his painfully hard cock, drool trickling down their lips as they tried to get more of his length into their mouth. They looked up sliding back up his shaft, gorgeous eyes sparkling with mischief as they circled their tongue around the tip. His head fell back as he muttered a curse. His hand buried itself in their hair as their tongue teased the underside of the head. This is what would kill him. They hollowed their cheeks as they went down, engulfing his cock in warm wetness that had him begging for more. A broken moan tore free from his lips as his cock hit the back of their throat. Their lips tightened around the base and he knew he wouldn’t last long. His hips rose slightly to meet that sinful mouth. They bobbed up and down tightening their lips as they went up. Their hand came to rest on his hip pushing it down into the mattress, his eyebrows drew together. What? He raised his head only to go crossed eyed as their tongue licked the underside of his shaft from the base to the tip. Tongue tracing the veins of his cock his hips jerked again when he felt their small hand wrap around him. They took him into their mouth again their lips a tight ring around his cock. A moan of their name turned into a plea for just a little bit more as he felt his orgasm curling around the base of his spine. He felt his cheeks heat up further as they worked him with their unholy mouth. His hand tightened in their hair. A moan rumbled out of them, vibrating through his cock and sending sparks up his spine. The rubber band of his orgasm snapped as they gently grazed his over sensitive tip with their teeth. A long drawn out moan tumbled from his lips as they sucked on his tip milking him of his orgasm, prolonging the pleasure for a few more delightful seconds.

This isn’t proofread and kinda sucky? but I had a bout of inspiration and I feel bad for not giving you guys anything substantial these days so there ya go. - m

There have been weeks were, when I step on the scale, I think “the scale is going up.” I always prepare myself for it even though it never happens and it’s just a number. But today when I stepped on the scale, the number was the same as last week. And you know what, I’m perfectly ok with that. I wasn’t really working out because of this stupid head cold, and I know so many people with March birthdays that I went out for supper twice. But you know I see it? I’m letting my body rest and heal, and I lived a little bit - nothing wrong with that. The biggest thing I’m taking away from this is that this shitty week is not going to turn into a shitty month or a shitty year. What’s in the past is in the past; I don’t have to bring it with me to the future. To quote Autumn Calabrese, “don’t worry what happened before, don’t worry about what’s coming next, just focus on what your doing right now.” 💪 Stay strong my friends 💕

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Ok so I've loved one boy since I was 14 (2 months away from 19 now) & for the past 2 months it looked like we might actually be developing feelings for each other?? but 9 days ago he told me he got a gf & my heart broke. i've been really struggling with this bc all of my dreams for the future included him, but even tho this is gonna take a long time to get over (srsly never felt pain like this b4), I think it was meant to happen bc I learned I dont need a man to feel content & I know I'll be ok

Hello there is this message from me? Because girl I’m in the same spot exactly right now. And I know how much it sucks. I’m so sorry, but I’m also so glad you’re learning how to be on your own! That’s really important. 

I wish Robert could be a fully whole character again. And not just a product of Robron. Then he could be fully bisexual, and acknowledge his own past, his long history of suffering and neglect, as well as the hope in the future of growing and fully embracing himself. Ironically even Emmerdale doesn’t believe in Robert, trust him, and allow him to be himself, let alone the other characters and the memory of his father. 

Theory: Is Intelligence Seen as a Villainous?

Out of all the fandoms and characters I love, I have only 2 pop vinyl figures on my shelf. One is of my snow cuddle bunny, Loki:

The other is of the Dark Lord Voldemort - technically, the future version of this guy.

The third purchase I was going to make was, obviously, a figure for this little precious baby (the figurine I wanted was out of stock. Sigh):

I’ve long reached the conclusion that I have a type: smart, dangerous, handsome and possibly with a tortured past as a bonus.

But the fact that I’m a bit of a sapiophile is really no surprise to me. I’ve known this for years - just like I’ve known that the reason why I love Tony Stark so much is because he is the hero whose superpower is his intelligence.

The point of this post is a realization I had today. We all know that the first two hotties of the list are canonically villains, and Tony is obviously not. But my mind made a bit of an unpleasant connection there, and I was reminded of the vilification of Tony.

A question popped into my mind: Could intelligence be seen as a feature more suitable to a villain than a hero?

The obvious answer would be no, right? I mean there are plenty of heroes who are intelligent. Seems like a bit of a stretch. 

And yet…

Exhibit 1. Thor 

Thor is not an idiot by any means, but he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed either. There’s a reason why his weapon of choice is a hammer. In some ways, he is very much of a “blunt instrument”. 

His main qualities would probably be his courage and his desire to protect his friends and loved ones. His main flaws, his vanity and recklessness. Intelligence… Not that much of a factor. Nuff said.

By comparison, Loki is known to be the clever one, the one with all the “tricks”. He’s not only more cunning but his brother, but also has an ability to actually strategize. He is the guy who repeatedly tries to make his brother see reason, although he ultimately fails. 

He has also been apparently hoodwinking people for years. We can assume that he occupied the throne of Asgard during TDW, and he’s been there ever since, with everyone completely unaware. Loki’d.  

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Jack’s weighing his distrust of this situation against his natural need to respond to politeness. It’s a painful battle indeed.

Don’t drink the tea, Jack.

I’m downgrading your decision making grade to a D. Pray I don’t alter it further.

These ghosts are just terrible liars. I understand that Jack’s nature is dragging him into their pace but still buddy, you need to get past this.

Someone can’t ghost as well as the others. Anyway I’m starting to get the feeling this isn’t the Light vs Shadow fight episode and that’s okay! Another thing to look forward to in the future, this episode is already riding its way to a ten without needing that.

I just found the giving back of the ring kind of overdramatic?

Yes, she’s hurt and upset that he hid something and didn’t trust her etc. etc. etc.

But she’s aware of his self loathing. This isn’t a new thing. They went through this when he didn’t think he was good enough to be saved in the Underworld. 

They went through this when he didn’t want to talk about Ursula because he was ashamed of what he’d done to her in the past. 

Emma’s very aware of his insecurities. I get that she was hurting too- 

But doesn’t she think that handing him back the ring; the token of their future, was a bit too much to do to the man that’s already struggling with feeling like he’s about to lose everything?

I get why she did it, don’t get me wrong - she wants to marry the man that’s honest and believes in her enough to share with her his issues… they’re a team and in this together; no more hiding…

I dunno it just felt a little too over the top for me. 

It hurt me to see her waiting for him to come home, it hurts me to think she’s feeling abandoned…. but on the flip side i’m sort of sitting here thinking “well Emma, what did you expect, you handed him back the ring when he was most vulnerable and walked off”. 

“Everyone abandoned me.” “I didn’t abandon you.” The same way she’s aware of his insecurities, she’s aware that he’d never truly leave her by choice - so I honestly hope there won’t be any thoughts or talk about “just like all the others / everyone leaves / i should have known better” because no. 

If she can tell when there’s something wrong in his kiss just weeks after dating, and can tell he’s unable to move on in the Underworld just through feeling, and KNOWS he was sent back to her by fucking ZEUS HIMSELF… she should know that Killian Jones doesn’t just leave. I hope she knows from the start that something is wrong, and if she is wondering if he left, i’m hoping the thoughts are being planted by a third party. 

Hey guys.

This is just a quick update as to where I’ve been the past few months, and a bit about my future as an admin on this blog.

In October of 2016 I was playing on my high school’s senior volleyball team as a starting right side. Volleyball has been a passion of mine since the 3rd grade, and I’ve grown up around the sport (I’m currently in 11th grade). I was offered 3 scholarships to play for university teams, and I was 100% sure volleyball would continue to be apart of my life until at least after uni.

Unfortunately, mid October (2016) was probably the worst time of my life. In a warm up before a game, my friends and I were playing 2v2 volleyball and I landed on one of my friends foot coming down from a block.

I later found out that I had completely torn my ACL, the most important ligament in a knee. It controls most of the balance in one’s leg, and also makes walking (more like limping) hurt like a bitch. I was scheduled for surgery in January of 2017 (which I thankfully got) but I wasn’t able to play volleyball until I was completely healed.
In a way of pitying myself, I cut myself off from anything having to do with volleyball, haikyuu!! included. I sank into a very depressed and suicidal state, and struggled to do basic activities (like showering). My knee is almost completely healed, but the doctors told me I’d never be able to play competitively again.

• Here’s a quick summary: ya girl had a future in vball, tore her acl, couldn’t walk, dropped everything volleyball related for a bit more than half a year, and is now trying to get her shit together

I’ve been a terrible admin, and I’m so sorry to anyone I may have let down during this time. Im working hard to become a better person, that includes becoming a better admin for this blog.

So, in terms of my future on this blog, as of this week I’d like to start posting at least 1 request per week, and interact with you guys more! Ideally I’ll be posting twice a week (consistently) by the end of April, and we can celebrate the 4th season of the anime together!!

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to read this, it honestly means the world to me. I’m excited to see what the future brings us ❤❤❤

(also, i have some headcannons posting tomorrow!! they’re very light hearted and I hope you like them)

(also jam if you see this you should message ya girl on her main @paletonics )

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Your edit of the android skin looks so good so far. I am really looking forward to having it in my game in the future. And I just wanted to say, thank you for all of your dedication in making custom contents for TS2 neighbourhoods. You're a pioneer in this department and you help us make our game look so amazing. For the past 6 months my game's aesthetics has changed dramatically, I'm really thankful and I wish I could just hug you or something.

Oh, thank you so much! This is so inspiring!
As for the servo recolor, it’s almost ready and I hope to share it in the next few days. Though, yeah. A servo recolor from the pioneer of the hood deco department – sounds weird, lol! 

Four ways the clocks will also be able to go forwards in the future

1. Future clocks will, of course, be able to move forwards in space as well as time. This is because everything will be a robot in the future apart from you. You will be a quaint relic of the past looked upon with curious pity by the robots, who will nevertheless continue doing their allotted tasks such as giving you access to elementary time data that you cannot download for yourself, because it is a matter of religious propriety for them that they honour the work ethic of their ancestors.

2. Future clocks will also be able to go forward all of your potentially-sensitive messages to the security services. Obviously this facility will only be needed if you do not have a microwave. If you do have a microwave, it may be possible to exploit a bug in the surveillance software to send secret messages by getting your clock and microwave to fight. You will need to set both to Kitchen Smackdown mode for this to work: see the respective manuals for more details.

3. Since they will be robots, many clocks will also be able to go forward for a hockey team. Only allow your clock to do this if you have no upcoming need for punctuality. Clocks often lose track of time when playing hockey.

4. Clocks in the far future will also be able to travel in time into the future at a rate of more than one second per second, to better keep in track with busy workers on time-dilated commutes. As a side-effect of this feature, the universe at the end of time will begin to fill up with malfunctioning clocks. This is one of the reasons it is never a good idea to travel to the end of time.