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When You Fall: Part 2

A/N: Ok so this story is Dylan but kind of like a Mitch character? It’s an AU… but yeah this is part 2! @sumcp

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Summary: A boy with a dark past and a girl that dreams of saving him. Stuck between running and fighting, he’s learned to hate everything he once depended on. Finding out secrets that his father hid from him, he can’t find himself to forgive. With that, he finds his enemy to be the one that used to protect him but in the midst he may find a new guardian angel.

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Leaning on the brick wall of the back of the club, Dylan could hear the two idiots that were supposed to be keeping an eye on him still fighting. It made him wonder how low the bar was to be eligible to work for his father. Looking over his shoulder, back into the building full of smoke and sweat, he almost forgot why he was here in the first place. Glancing at the bag at his feet, he hated bringing this stuff out. He felt as if he was just handing over the end of people’s lives. Not only that but he had found something out about his father that put a bad taste in his mouth.

Stumbling out of the building, one of the men huffed out loudly before straightening out his black leather jacket. He was grumbling under his breath violent thoughts as he looked around the small alley way that was the back of the club. “Uh… are you gonna distribute that or wait for it to grow legs and do it itself?” the man sneered, nodding towards the bag at Dylan’s feet.

With a blank stare, Dylan barely reacted. “You do it,” he spoke simply before pushing himself off of the wall and shoving his hands into the pockets of his black jeans.

“Whoa kid. You’re not my boss,” the man laughed. Crossing his arms, he was ready to go back into the club but Dylan grabbed his arm. “Hey! Hands off,” the man growled which only annoyed Dylan. Shoving the man back, away from the doorway, Dylan sighed in frustration.

“I said do it,” Dylan spoke firmly again as the man caught his balance. “I’m leaving…”

With that, Dylan kicked the bag over to the man and then quietly walked into the dark. Having had suppressed the thoughts that seemed to always be bouncing throughout his mind, he let them flow again as he strode towards the street. He needed to escape this hell he was born in but eyes always seemed to be on him. Ever since he had discovered a file that had been deliberately hidden from him, he had always been surrounded. Knowing any second there would be someone working for his father following him, he contemplated eradicating the main problem.

Barely feeling the cold breeze traveling through the streets of the city, Dylan was trapped in his thoughts. He had no choice but to head home but even just seeing that house made him feel sick now. All he wanted was for that mansion to burn to the ground. Every brick held some painful meaning in it and it was suffocating to be surrounded by it.

The worst part was that he hadn’t had a problem with it until it was personal. Killing for business seemed normal to him for most of his life but as truths resurfaced, weight was added onto his shoulders. Walking down the dim street, he heard another pair of feet behind him and he knew it was just another body guard.

To ignore being followed, he pictured that file in his head. The pictures that fell out and the corruption written all over it. He didn’t have all the proof he needed but he would eventually. In the meantime, he would have to keep his knowledge a secret or else he would be next on the kill list.

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From the portico of whitewashed arches drawing a series of gentle curves above his head, seeing the boat that had brought him disappear towards the horizon, engulfed by the light, the world seemed finally like a friendly place to him. So different from the offices and courts that had dominated his life for so long. Too long.

How to not love the breeze suddenly agitating his shirt, tousling his hair – that he still felt the need to spruce up, though?

Air conditioning seeming like an aberration from another planet or a past life, a foreign feeling of freshness assaulted him. For once, there were no appointments, no obligations, no meetings or consultations. Nothing scheduled, no one waiting for him. In fact, the thought that he knew absolutely no one on the island made him rejoice.

No. It was the fact that no one knew him on that island to make him want to scream in joy.

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Solar Arcs for 18 October 2017

There are two dates that are pretty big deals in the Benophie fan chart for October. The 18th and 25th both have a trine active. This is where something happens without effort.

Let’s just focus on the 18th.

10/18/2017 SA Chiron 11 Gemini 42 H4 Trine Pluto 11 Libra 42 55 H8

For the fans, the pain comes from things communicated about travel, relationships, family and the past. The fact that it is trine another planet from the natal chart should be a very strong energy. For the fan chart, Pluto represents partnerships, issues with intimacy, darker aspects of life, joint assets, and control or being controlled.

Basically, communication about something painful works easily with a disruption with shared relationships.

SA Chiron is just a hair’s breadth away from being conjunct asteroid Olympia (staged battles) and opposing Ostara (goddess of spring, Easter). Pain may have something to do with a staged battle, and struggling with birth/rebirth.

Also on the 18th, Benedict has this:

10/18/2017 SA Node 18 Sagittarius 47 H3 Opposite Jupiter/Midheaven 18 Gemini 47 H9

An agenda of communicating with community struggles with expanding something about his career or public life. Gemini and the 9th House could indicate knowledge and information.

The day before, Sophie has this:

10/17/2017 SA Jupiter 06 Leo 01 H1 Opposite Sun/Vertex 06 Aquarius 01 H7
10/17/2017 SA Jupiter 06 Leo 01 H1 Binovile Sun/Lilith 16 Taurus 01 H11

SA Jupiter for her is feeling lucky or optimistic, dramatic, and loving attention. Her desire for attention struggles with bonding with others, seeking a relationship, and dealing with people from all walks of life. The second aspect indicates that her desire for attention constricts her ability to be friendly and charming, and working on dreams for the future. But it also constricts having problems with people one allies with, and issues of feeling secure.

A double-negative is usually a kind of “positive” for the chart owner, which means whatever is on the 18th isn’t likely the end of things. But it may be interesting, because the fans will likely take notice of it!

Here are some interesting transits which will also be occurring:

Oct18 Bandersnatch 23° Aries 29’31" Rx
Oct18 Mousa 22° Gemini 1’35"
Oct18 True Node 22° Leo 25’44"
Oct18 Saturn 23° Sagittarius 24’0"

Bandersnatch and Mouse are sextile, so that’s an opportunity between them. Remember when there was a sextile between Benedict and Sophie during the sightings of them together in August? Now he and the Mouse have an opportunity together this month. He was already seen briefly in a few videos for the Marvel anniversary photo shoot that took place in Atlanta.

Also the lessons we all need to work on (Node) is trine (works easily) Bandersnatch and sextile (opportunity) Mousa. On the 18th, Bandersnatch and Saturn’s responsibilities are inconjunct/quincunx, which means he could be a little inconvenienced by responsibilities at this time. Saturn moves much slower than the asteroid, so that doesn’t last long as Bandersnatch will move away quickly.

In addition, Harvey and Zero are conjunct this month. Also, something unexpected works easily with them (Uranus trine their name asteroids).

Oct18 Uranus 26° Aries 35’38" Rx
Oct18 Harvey 25° Leo 29’46"
Oct18 Zero 26° Leo 23’33"

Might people start linking Harvey’s scandal with Zero? Some commentators in the tabloids already alluded to it.

What comes out tomorrow may not be the end of the showmance, but it might have big impact on things for the fans. And possibly something that happens next week, too.


Probably the only doctoral thesis with a cult following, Michael Lesy’s Wisconsin Death Trip sets out to capture a time and place—Black River Falls, Wisconsin, shortly before and after the turn of the 20th century—that’s not too far into the past but in some ways as alien as another planet. The book combines photos from the collection of commercial photographer Charles J. Van Schaick (taken between 1885 and 1915) with pieces from the area’s newspaper, case histories from a mental institution, excerpts from appropriate writers, and Lesy’s own Faulknerian accounts of regional history. The A V Club

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What about Cat comforting a fever dream ridden Kara?

“Kara, Kyrpton is your home.  We are your family” Her mother said with a smile gesturing towards her father and a teenage Kal-El.

“No, this isn’t right.  I was attacked by a monster in my apartment on… on…”  Kara pressed her hands to her temples.  “None of this is real.”  


“Get out of my head!”  She cried out, fleeing from the ghosts of her past.  

“Kara… please.  This is where you belong.”

“No, stop it!  STOP!”  


“Wha?”  Kara turned around in confusion.  In place of her parents was the diminutive form of her boss.

“Miss Grant?”  It was strange seeing Cat in her normal office clothes, sitting on alien furniture, bathed in the golden light of  Krypton’s sun.

Cat frowned at her in disapproval. 

“What are you doing here?  Wasting time while my coffee gets cold and my phones are unanswered.  These copies are not going to walk themselves over to editing.”  

“Yes Miss Grant.”  Kara said automatically.  

Cat waved her hand dismissively.  “This is not where you are suppose to be.”  She looked around her with distaste.  “Where ever this is.  You are my assistant. You belong at Catco, with me.”  

She stood up and smoothed out her skirt, turning to look back at Kara.  “Time to wake up.  Chop chop.”  

Kara gasped as she jolted awake.  She was relieved to make out the familiar surroundings of her living room, she must have fallen asleep on the couch.  And oh shit that’s her work phone ringing.  She hastily snatched it up.  

“Kiera!  I’ve been calling you for ages.”  Cat’s voice snapped. 

“I’m sorry Miss Grant, I must have fallen asleep.”    She rubbed her eyes and glanced at the clock.  It was only 8pm, but she was exhausted.  You know it’s a bad week when a hallucination inducing monster was only the tip of the iceberg.

There was a pause at the other end.  

“That’s not like you.”  

Kara knows her well enough hear a note concern, she has become very adept at Cat-speak.  

“I’m sorry it took so long for me to answer, I was having a dream, you were in it.”  Kara said before her brain had a chance to catch up.  

Realizing exactly how that sounded, she added hastily.  “I mean it was a nightmare… but not because of you!  What I meant to say was you were in it… but not in a bad way.”  She babbled.  

She winced as she was met with silence at the other end.  She hoped Cat wasn’t planning to ask what the nightmare was about because she’s terrible at lying, and the ‘whole alien parasite made me hallucinate my past on another planet’ is going to be hard to explain.  

“Well, I suppose you are useless until you’ve gotten some rest.  You aren’t catching that nasty cold you had last time are you?  If that’s the case, take the tomorrow off too.  So I don’t get whatever you have, obviously.”

“Yes Miss Grant.  Thank you for your concern.”  Kara said with a smile.  

Cat scoffed.  “I’m not doing you a favor, I need my assistant at 100%.  Good night Kiera.”  

“Good night Miss Grant.”  

Kara ended the call and stretched, before heading to her bedroom.  She knew she’ll have a good night’s sleep, with Cat to protect her in her dreams.  

I freaked out a little today when I started watching the video of last night’s Harmontown and I heard them start the show with a song I had submitted some time ago. It has been my favorite podcast for a while now and it was an incredible feeling to be a part of it in my small way.

also pretty great that Dan sang over it a few times too. dream come true.

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Firefly || interdimensional-kickerofbutt

Tony frowns at the engine above him.  The port compression coil isn’t at its best and they’ve been driving this poor machine too hard these past weeks.  Lacking the funds for replacements and a terraformed planet another day away, he’s spending all day navigating the engine room, through cabled that should have been replaced months ago and nearly shock him every time he brushes past.

Tony huffs and rolls out from under the engine after tightening a few things, dodging the blades as they spin.  Once he’s satisfied nothing is going to fall apart in the next ten minutes he leaves he engine room, walking backwards and eyeing the engine as he goes, as if it’ll explode the second he looks away, just to be contrary.  His back hits something not so solid and he jumps, spinning around to see-

“Amy,” he breathes, “sorry, darlin’, you alright, there?”