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hello this is my purple gf

  • Aries: i lost my VIRGINITY how do i find it?!
  • Taurus:
  • Gemini: easy ways to become instagram famous
  • Cancer: Does crying burn calories?
  • Leo: how to make a lot of money without going to college
  • Virgo: How does one make friends?
  • Libra: Is dabbing still cool
  • Scorpio: when will the purge take place
  • Sagittarius: list of useless facts
  • Capricorn: 1 hour of chill classical music
  • Aquarius: is it possible to drown yourself by drinking too much water
  • Pisces: all these retrogrades are ruining my life HELP!!

More Adrienette for the soul

  • Henry: Where do you think she went?
  • Regina: There's no way to know for sure, but I bet she ended up with Wish Robin.
  • Henry: What? Why would it send her to a world where she's a wanted criminal who's just killed the reinging monarchs, made off with the princess, and has a price on her head? I wrote 'the evil queen gets a fresh start' not 'the evil queen has a public execution'.
  • Regina: I'm sure it'll work out.
  • Henry: Didn't you say Rumple was trying to kill you when you left too?
  • Regina: I'm sure it'll work out.
Korean Grammar- Past Tense

To conjugate sentences into the past use ㅆ+ 었/았어요

This looks more confusing than it is, trust me.

  • When conjugating a verb that ends in a consonant (받침), after the verb stem just add :었/았어요
  • When conjugating a verb that has no 받침 add ㅆ to the bottom of the verb stem and then add  었/았어요 


저는 김치를 먹었어요. — 먹다 has a consonant (받침)

저는 숙제했어요. — 하다 has no final consonant 

저는 백화점에 치마를 사로 갔어요. 

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No Offence But


Just, lil teethy nuzzles pressed to your cheek, forehead and hand. Chillin then bae wraps his arms around you from behind and presses his teeth to the curve of your neck. The slightly awkward first kiss when it’s all tense romantic atmosphere and then haha you don’t have lips thisisfine. Intimate kisses when he parts his jaw and lightly traces the tips of his teeth to your skin and you can feel each puff of his breath. Heated nips and tiny bites.