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So in the past month, this blog has gained around 450 followers. I’m truly speechless. Anyway, I was thinking I should do something to celebrate the huge increase. Here are my ideas so far:

1. Create a giveaway: 1st prize would be a 20k word fic, 2nd prize a 10k fic, and 3rd place a 5k fic. This is a major increase from my usual one shots. They usually range from 500-2500 words.

2. Have writing sessions where I open the google doc and allow people to see me write and chat with me. We can chat about anything and not just the fic. This also allows you as followers to also throw out ideas and influence the fic. 

3. I’d offer to take peeps out to dinner, but everyone is from all around the world. So that’s not possible, haha. I’m also broke, or well need to worry about my school loans… (This isn’t a real option, don’t vote for it).

So which options appeal to you? Or do you have other ideas?


I’ve hit 300 (!!!!) followers! So here is my dumb face reveal! With makeup, because I hate my actual face, ay.

But thank y’all so much for the support, I’m so happy this blog soared past 50 followers and ended up here! ; u ;

Name: You can call me by my Mod name, Rei, or by my actual name, Reah.

Age: 20

Favorite music type: New wave/Dark Wave, 80′s music in general, early 2000′s, Emo pop, Synth pop. 

Favorite band(s): Tears For Fears, Depeche Mode, Til Tuesday, The Cure, Blink182, Panic At The Disco, The Dixie Chicks, MCR, Radiohead, ONE OK ROCK, A Day To Remember and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Favorite Movie(s): Interview with The Vampire, IT (2017), Lost Boys, Spirited Away.

Favorite Anime characters: Ling Yao from FMA:B, Greed from FMA:B, Ulquiorra from bleach, Kai Chisaki (obviously) from Bnha, Dabi from Bnha, and if we’re gonna be honest, every villain ever. Ayyyy. 

Random Facts:

  • I’ve moved 14 times and gone to 9 different schools.
  • I binge watch Supernatural (I’m not a cringy superwholock i promise)
  • I own 162 volumes of manga, and all are in storage so I’m SAD.
  • I have a possum in my garage named Jeeves. He eats cat food but wont eat fresh spinach or lettuce i leave for him. He is a spoiled brat.
  • I’m 5′1.5″. My best friend is 5′11″. Fun times.
  • I have a vinyl collection and my prized possession is infact my Disintegration album by The Cure.
  • I wrote a 23 chapter kingdom hearts/multi-anime crossover self insert in 2011. It was awful. I orphaned the work on, but i think the person who adopted it deleted it. Thank god.
  • I’m an only child, but my cousin (the one who got married) is the closest thing I have to a sister.
  • I’m saving up to visit Scotland, and my best friend who lives there!
  • @bnha-hcs and I live relatively close to each other and since we’ve become pals, we’re in the works of attempting a meet up one of these days, lmao.

i think i’ve talked about this before (a lot), but there’s a reason i get so touchy about “please update” comments. like, at a baseline, i understand their good intent. i know people who ask me to update are excited about my stories, and want to know how what happens next. and this is a very relatable feeling that i think everyone who’s engaged with a long-form, more than one shot thing has felt. i’ve felt it, i understand it, i often sit on my heels for months or years waiting for the next issue or book or installment of my favorite stories. so like, i get you. i’m very appreciative that you like my stories enough to be clamoring for the next chapter.

but here’s the other side of that. i work really, really hard on every piece of writing i post. in chaptered works, i try to put as much content and story into every installment. i never want anyone to read a chapter and go away feeling unsatisfied, or that i posted just for the sake of it. i want each part to feel like a story unto itself.

and i’ve gotten increasingly bad at being succinct, over the years. my one-shots stretch out to 10k+ words, my chapter fics are enormous behemoths that i cannot tame to any manageable limit. on good weeks, i can write 5k in the space of a couple days, and then edit and post a chapter, and feel pretty good about myself.

but not every week is a good one. my creative brain is so tied to my mood it’s a little infuriating, sometimes. but there are weeks when i’m burnt out, or busy, or lazy. and during those weeks, i don’t write. i don’t feel compelled to. when i sit down for the express purpose of writing, i don’t like what i produce. it’s taken me a long time to be ok with not breathing down my own neck about this— i like my free time, and a good part of it i spend writing! but there are things that are more important than my updating schedule on ao3 dot com. my professional life and mental health rank far above my stories, as much as i love writing them.

so when i’ve already come to terms with the fact that i won’t be updating as quickly as i’d like (and have made that clear and public), it’s really demoralizing, and sometimes just plain irritating, to get a string of comments that just say “update when” and nothing else. like maybe you think you’re being cute by adding an emoji or telling me you’ll die if you don’t know what’ll happen next in a story, but it’s not cute. it’s not encouraging.

and for heavy, long stories like my current ongoing, it’s so irritating to see a person rip through 50k of content and then just say “update” at the end of it. like, i’m sure there’s something else within all that content that you can comment on. and if there isn’t, maybe just don’t comment.

Heyyy, I don’t know if you guys would be interested but I would absolutely love it if anyone wanted to drop a follow on my personal Instagram page!

Often like to post my photography as well as random cool moments from my life and it would be great for them to be seen by more people.

Appreciate the support & I’ll try and follow back anyone who does :)

Masterpost: Yana Toboso’s blog/twitter post translations

People who visit my blog on PC probably know that there’s already a masterpost of all my past blog/twitter post translations, but the majority of people seems to use the mobile version of tumblr and therefore have no access to it (?), so here’s a masterpost that is hopefully accessible to everyone! Also, I’d appreciate it if you could check this masterpost *first* before asking me “Has Yana ever talked about XX on her blog?” xD

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional translator but just a normal Japanese Kuro fan with intermediate English skills, and I primarily translate all these Kuro related posts for myself, namely to improve my English! All posts marked with * are proofread by my precious, lovely friend minacchin though (thank you for your help<3), so you can expect a flawless English translation :)

Yana Toboso:

Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler:

Sebastian Michaelis:

Ciel and the Phantomhive household:

Lizzy and the Midfords:

Grim reapers:

Other characters:


Live action movie:

Drama CD:

“Nijishitsuji2” scanlations in cooperation with frederickabblerline:

Tips: If you don’t know where to start reading, here are some tips. The posts in bold are the ones that got over 1000 notes. And the ones in italic are my personal faves that I found funny/interesting and definitely recommend you to read! :)

And finally, thank you to all those people who read and liked my translations and sent me lovely, encouraging messages in the past 2.5 years! ♡♡

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Have fun reading Yana’s posts<3

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“i’m back.”

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Hello~~. I’m just wondering how close all of yous are? Do you guys protect each other from bullies? (P.S Love your blog so cute)Have a nice day!

YG: The fact that Hoseok was a former bully still baffles me. Maybe that’s why he feels strongly against bullying - because he regrets his actions? I don’t know, maybe he’d tell you one day