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shadowhunters 2x10 (winter finale) reactions:

raphael: *comes out as asexual*


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simon: *sucks jace’s blood*


simon: i could have killed you

jace: i would’ve let you


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magnus: hello sweet-pea


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aldertree: explains his downworlder related backstory

me + alec:

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luke: *gets stabbed*


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*the soul sword gets taken*

me + everyone else:

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alec: *looking for magnus as magnus finds him again*



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alec: magnus i love you

magnus: i love you too


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simon: becomes a daylighter


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Could you possibly, if it's no trouble, do dialogue between Solas and Zevran? I've always wondered how that would go. Thank you

Zevran: You are a rather quiet fellow, aren’t you?
Solas: I do not feel the need to speak simply to fill silence, if that is what you mean.
Zevran: I see. Should I take this to mean you are shy? In need of someone to lavish you with attention? Bring you out of your shell? I can be very encouraging in that regard.
Solas: Hmm.
Zevran: You do not speak much.
Solas: You speak more than enough for the both of us.
Zevran: A-ha! Yes, true. But what fun is talking if you don’t have a partner to do it with?
Solas: I’m sure you will let me know eventually. 

Zevran: How long have you traveled alone, Solas?
Solas: For quite some time. I have kept more familiar company in the Fade for many years. Why?
Zevran: Then it must have been some time for you.
Solas: Some time since what?
Zevran: Since you last had a lover.
Solas: What?
Zevran: Assuming you’ve had lovers, of course.
Solas: That’s… That is not important right now. We have far greater concerns at hand.
Zevran: Very true. Only it helps in times of trouble to seek… release, does it not?
Solas: I prefer to focus on our current goals. Such distractions would… complicate matters.
Zevran: Suit yourself.

Zevran: You do not approve of my line of work?
Solas: Death may sometimes be necessary, but the decision to end a life should never be taken lightly. Never for reasons as shallow as greed.
Zevran: No need to sound so angry, my friend. I understand the nature of my craft. Am I to be shamed for not properly mourning the lives that I take? I would rather not waste my time feeling guilty for something I cannot change. At least now I have the power to choose who I kill - and more often than not, it’s Crow’s blood I’m spilling.
Solas: For revenge? Or in order to eliminate the competition?
Zevran: Can’t it be both?

Solas: You were enslaved by the Crows?
Zevran: A slave? I would not exactly call myself as such…but yes, I suppose that is accurate.
Solas: They owned you, held complete control over your life. And then you escaped. You sought your freedom.
Zevran: You make it sound so noble. I am flattered. Though perhaps the story is less impressive if you consider my survival depended on sweet talking the person I had just attempted to kill while trying not to spill my guts into the dirt. It was less of an escape and more… knowing how to see an opportunity when it presented itself. I’ve had to end a number of lives since in order to maintain my independence from my former employers. But it makes it so much more satisfying, doesn’t it? Killing for your own purpose, instead of someone else’s.
Solas: I am not certain… but I understand your meaning.

Solas: Assassinations are common in Antiva, I take it? If they were not, the Crows would not be such a formidable organization.
Zevran: It makes the process so much easier when you simply eliminate the competition, no?
Solas: It may be efficient, but it is a shortsighted approach. A leader is nothing without his people and fear can only be an effective tool for so long without breeding chaos. One may require death as a means to an end, but to do so simply in the pursuit of more power…
Zevran: The fallout was never my concern or my specialty. I was always long gone with coin in hand by that point.
Solas: Have you ever wanted something more than that? To have your work strive towards a greater purpose?
Zevran: (laughs) Why do you ask? Is it possible our humble apostate is in the market for an assassin?

[Romanced Solas]

Zevran: She is quite beautiful, isn’t she?
Solas: Who?
Zevran: Come now, Solas. We both know who I am speaking of. Just as we both know precisely where your eyes were lingering a moment ago…
Solas: I’m certain you are mistaken.
Zevran: I cannot blame you. Admittedly, I’ve been enjoying the view myself. Quite an ample handful, no?
Solas: Please, for once, resist the urge to keep speaking.

[Romanced Solas]

Zevran: You know the Inquisitor well, don’t you?
Solas: I would like to think so.
Zevran: Tell me… What does Lavellan look for in a lover?
Solas: Excuse me?
Zevran: How would I woo her, if I were so inclined? Does she favor dashing good looks? Passionate embraces? Someone to sweep her off of her feet? 
Solas: (annoyed) No. I would not say she cares for such things.
Zevran: Oh, Solas. I don’t think you give yourself enough credit.
Solas: What?
Zevran: Do you not think yourself handsome? A desirable lover? I could teach you some things that may bolster your confidence in that regard.
Solas: This is not a conversation I wish to have. Least of all with you.
Zevran: (laughs) Do not worry, my friend. I only tease the people I like. Most of the time, anyway.

[banter for Solas + Merrill]
[banter for Fenris + Solas]
[banter for Fenris + Romanced Solas]

Next time you find yourself adding onto your ‘success checklist,’ remember to stay true to yourself and simply do what feels right to you. If you follow your passion and embrace it with open arms, good things will come to you, especially when you’re least expecting it.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
Faithfully (Bucky Rockstar AU)

Characters: reader, Bucky, OC Ava Barnes, Steve, Clint, Tony, Wanda.

Summary: Being on the road with your rockstar husband had it’s challenges. What if you found out he was unfaithful? (Avengers AU)

Warnings: babies, pregnancy, possible cheating, tiny bit of language, sex mentions, drinking, nudity, bit of angst, mostly fluff. 

Word Count: 3k (including lyrics)

Song Inspiration: Faithfully by Journey

Tags are at the bottom

A/N: Oof. This idea struck me like lightning. I’ve been working on another fic but felt a little stuck. This one flowed out of me in the space of a few hours. I freaking love Journey and this story! I’ve sacrificed quite a bit of sleep to finish, so I hope it was worth it!! Please let me know your thoughts! Love you guys!! :)



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Brushing your fingertip over perfect round cheeks while marveling at gorgeous long lashes and her tiny pout, you fell in love all over again. This little person had your heart. Well. A good portion of it. Speaking of your heart…

You heard rustling in the next “room” followed by the partition sliding aside. Bucky stumbled out of the bedroom, rubbing a hand over his face. His chin-length hair stuck out in ten different directions and he was clad in only a pair of boxers.

“Morning, handsome,” you greeted him with an amused smile.

He let out a groan, “What time is it?”

“Almost noon.”

“And…where are we?”

You chuckled, “Somewhere in the midwest, I think. St. Louis, maybe?”

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Punk (Chap. 5)

Summary: You’re head over heels for your best friend Bucky and hate the nickname he gave you as it doesn’t exactly scream romance.

Word count: 2942

Warnings: Same as always

A/N:  FYI on Chap. 4 I had to go back and make a minor change bc of a continuity error.  Bucky’s hair is short (think TJ Hammond style) in this fic and i slipped up an put in a man-bun note (it’s my weakness). Sorry!  Now, back to the story….

Abandoning Wanda in your closet to hunt through the mass of new clothes you’d unceremoniously shoved in there earlier, you raced down the floor towards Nat’s room, ready to call the whole night off after that disaster of a dinner.  You rounded the corner and attempted to stop short but your socks had no grip and you crashed into a wall of muscle.  “Sorry, Sam,” you mumbled.  “You okay?” Sam laughed and steadied you back on your feet.

You heard Bucky snort from behind and winced. Great, he’d just seen you stuff your face full of Chow Mein and apple pie and now he caught you hurdling down the hallway like the giant boulder from Indiana Jones.  “He’s fine,” Bucky clapped him on the back.  “Not even you could crack this thick skull.”  

And with that he pulled Sam’s sweatshirt hood over his eyes and gave him a noogie before guffawing like a doofus and racing past you with Sam hot on his heels.

“Ay yo!  What the hell’s that mean?!” he hollered.  “And don’t touch my hair, man!”  Sam’s voice carried down the hallway as he chased your best friend.  A loud thud and muffled ‘ooof’ confirmed that he’d caught up to him and apparently rugby tackled him in the living room.

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Can we make it?

“Forget it okay, it’s not worth all of this! None of this is. I’m so.. It’s done.” Betty choked out, her voice strangled and raspy as thick tears dropped heavily from her eyes, her arms wrapped tightly around her body.

Jughead was staring helplessly at his girlfriend, his hands raised as he desperately tried to catch her eyes

“What are you talking about? I’m right here, I’m here for you!” His voice was raised and he could hear how pathetic he sounded, but it didn’t matter, not when the beautiful blonde was falling apart in front of him, hiding away from him.

“No.” she whispered, resigned “no you’re not, you don’t even see it do you?” She took a step back. Distance, she needed distance.

He moved closer,
“See what? What don’t I see?!” He was desperate now, reaching for her as she visibly shook.

“She told me Jughead, I should’ve seen it, how cold you’ve been, how distant, but I never thought…if you weren’t happy you should’ve told me.” She whispered.

“What? Told you what? Who told you?” The confusion was evident in his face and It only infuriated Betty more.

“I can’t do this, I can’t.. it’s over Jughead. It’s the best for everyone, your final piece of Riverdale baggage.” She stood over their booth in Pops, reaching for her bag and swinging it over her shoulder. Just as she was about to run Jughead gripped her elbow

“Don’t.” He whispered evenly, his voice scratchy and dangerous as he stared up at her, his eyes burning into hers “don’t do this. Don’t leave me.”

Betty laughed bitterly
“You did this to yourself, I hope… I hope you and Toni are very happy together.” She bit back a sob, heading for the door quickly, leaving Jughead alone in the booth, staring after the only person he had ever loved as she walked out of his life

“Toni?” He whispered to himself, his jaw hardening “Toni Topaz.” He growled. He was in his truck and pulling up to the trailer park faster than he thought was possible, his knuckles rapping on her trailer door. The dark haired girl opened it quickly, thick black eyeliner freshly applied.

“Hey jug.” She grinned “what brings you here?” She smirked cockily.

“Cut the shit Toni,” Jughead growled “you went to my girlfriends place? You talked to my girlfriend? What did you say to her?”

The grungy girl shrugged carelessly
“ I caught her when she was coming out of cheerleading practice.” She scrunched her nose and snorted in disgust. Jughead fists clenched, how had he not noticed how nasty his new friend was “anyway, we just talked. I mentioned how well you were settling into Southside High, told her about our friendship.” She looked away.

Jughead hissed
“What. Did. You. Say.”

She turned back to him, eyes dark, a wicked smile on her face
“I told her you didn’t want her. I told her about us, how close we are. I told her it would be better for everyone if she just stayed away, stopped interfering where she doesn’t belong.”

Jughead slammed his fist into the side of the trailer, startling the dirty teen.

“Stay the fuck away from me Toni, I’m done with you. I don’t want you, I’ve never wanted you. Get over yourself and stay the hell away from my girlfriend.” He stormed back to his truck, ignoring her desperate calls from behind him.

Slamming his forehead onto his steering wheel he cursed, he had wanted to fit in so bad, wanted to find someplace he belonged, he’d been so desperate for a home he abandoned the one place that he actually felt at home, with Betty.

Straightening his back he drove, and drove and drove until he saw the familiar White House. Slamming into the driveway he leaped out of the truck and opened the front door, he knew her parents wouldn’t be home, they never were. God he was such shit.

He bounded the stairs quickly before ripping her bedroom door open. His heart aching when he saw her curled up on her bed, long blonde hair messy and down, her nose was red and her eyes were rimmed and exhausted. She jumped up

“You can’t be here, get out. You have to go.” She whimpered, her eyes darting and her fingernails digging into her palms.

He ran for her then, his fingers prying her hands free and covering them with his own.

“I’m so sorry, I love you. I love you so much, and I’ve been awful to you, I just.. I wanted to fit in. I wanted to be someone. I promise you, Toni is nothing to me, nothing happened. You’re everything, you have to know that. How can you not know that?” He buried his face in her hair, tugging her onto his lap and running his hands over her body, she was unresponsive and his hands began to shake, tears falling freely
“Please baby, don’t leave me.” He whispered, cupping her chin, pressing his forehead against hers.

“I can’t be what you need.” She whispered, eyes closed.

Jughead shook his head roughly
“No. no you’re everything I need. I love you. I know you love me too, please.” He begged.

Betty finally opened her eyes
“I..” she trailed off when his lips landed on hers, pouring so much passion into the embrace, this was it, this was all he had. When he pulled away Betty sighed softly

“Okay. Okay, we can try.” She whispered.

They were gonna make it, it didn’t matter who or what got in their way, they were gonna make it, they had too.