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my views on the whole drama about the new merch bc this is important

ppl are calling it “constructive criticism” when some ppl are directly hating on them for it and unfollowing them (srsly wtf guise ???)

honestly i think dan and phil probably put the most effort into their merch more than any others, i mean come on. a stationary range ? two different backpacks? flower crowns ?? jewellery????? mugs ?????? phone cases???????

pls just appreciate the work they put into making us happy instead of bashing them for making a necklace that u dont like the material of, putting a llama on a shirt and making “over priced flower crowns” (srsly tho wtf the flower crowns i see in stores are like £12 for ones smaller than that ??)

even if u dont like the merch, at least appreciate how happy and proud they are and how much effort they put into all of this


So my sister and I agreed that Obi-Wan would make an awesome president. Called to serve, he would be fair-minded, compassionate, intelligent, and impossible to intimidate. 

Qui-Gon would be a good VP but my sister and I came to the conclusion that Vice President wouldn’t be Qui-Gon’s chosen job. No, Qui-Gon would actually really love being the First Spouse. Think about it, he could passionately support social issues, tour the nation fighting illiteracy and AIDS, help out LGBTQIA youth and the poor, etc. But he would also be able to do all the traditional stuff of you know, redecorating the White House, showing up at political events at his husband’s side, and dealing with critical, obnoxious reporters — all with a new, I-don’t-give-a-fuck abandon and sense of fun. He’d encourage nationwide fitness through some archaic, oddball and slightly dangerous sport. He wouldn’t just write a book about his pet, he’d have an animal rights blog with pictures of all of his kittens AND updated info about animals needing rescue/adoption. He’d go to White House dinners wearing a trim, elegant blazer with a Save the Whales T-shirt. He’d go on a hunger strike for starving children around the world, and he would use his gift of sass to basically reduce his husband’s critics to jokes. Hey, you can’t impeach the First Spouse. 

Also, this man would totally have the time of his life with the White House Easter Egg Roll.     


Shawn was absolutely, unbelievably incredible. He is an actual angel I swear, his voice is beautiful. He’s so so so so perfect and his passion for his music makes me so happy. The best experience of my whole life.

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Dating Nate Maloley Would Include...

Late nights

Bringing him lunch at the studio

Hearing him rap anytime

Hearing raps about you

Being close to the guys

Tracing his tattoo’s

Him cooking you breakfast

You cooking him dinner

Lunch is pretty much take out

Touring with him when your job lets you

Phone calls when your job won’t let you tour with him

Sexting when he’s on tour

Sexting when he’s not on tour

Being close to his family

Stew having a crush on you

Rough sex

Sex on the tour bus

Passionate sex when you two haven’t seen each other for more than a week

Forehead kisses

Being in all of his music videos

High sex

Movie nights with the guys

Going to the guys for advice

The guys getting mad at Nate if he hurts you