the passion of the ruckus

anonymous asked:

maybe this was done before but what kinds of kissers are the champs?

Cute, quick pecks: Makoa, Inara, Torvald, Cassie, Willo, Buck, Maeve, Grover, Ruckus 

Hot, sloppy, passionate kissers: Fernando, Ash, Drogoz, Sha Lin, Viktor, Zhin, Evie, Grohk

Long, sweet kissers: Barik, Kinessa, Tyra, Lex, Skye, Pip, Ying

Do not: Androxus

What’s a kiss?: Bomb King, Mal’Damba

Never kisses on the lips, only hands: Seris

tefuna  asked:

It seems like a lot of white people (and non-black poc, as my hispanic mom says this too) use the excuse that the show makes them uncomfortable as a way to avoid having to think about it too deeply honestly. I mean, the show does and should make people uncomfortable, but because of the /uncomfortable/ truths it discusses, not for the reasons I think they mean. And the previous asker's right, if we can handle South Park, we don't have much of a case for not liking controversy.

Hello, I agree some of the episodes are really heavy like “The Passion of Reverend Ruckus” is one of those episode where you almost feel physically tired by the end of it cause it’s heartbreaking and touch on the anti-blackness of the judicial system, institutionalized racism and as Huey is on that hill crying you can feel his despair, and Huey is hella pessimist and cynical so for him to be that hopeless it was such a poignant scene to watch.

Most people I know are most uncomfortable with Uncle Ruckus character and that’s just how it should be, Uncle Ruckus often serve as a proxy to show just how outrageous, repulsive and senseless racism is.

If you are made uncomfortable by something in the boondocks shouldn’t you be just as ill at ease with the aspect of real life society it’s parodying?