the passion according to g. h

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Hi, this is such a great Tumblr page, thank you for having quality content. I have, because of you, just started my first Lispector novel: The Passion According to G. H., and it is quite wonderful. But, I want to ask you something else about film. Do you have any suggestions on readings, perhaps theoretical or technical, that could help me in analyzing film? Your help is greatly appreciated, I hope your course is going well.

Thank you! Susan Sontag’s essays on film are impeccable, would definitely suggest those. She was downright brilliant at comparing cinematic works & simultaneously discussing her favourite directors. It’s not a dry analysis with Sontag; it has a life of its own and it’s her subjectively very brave outlook on things which makes all the difference. The writing is efficient in the sense that she makes you sense – you might not even agree with her when she gets a little bit passionate and argumentative but my god she could lure her readers into watching the films she had already seen and reviewed. Now Kazan on Directing (by, surprise!, Elia Kazan) I found incredibly useful at some point – well, not “useful” but somehow…illuminating in a way I hadn’t known before. I’m not one to handle terminology very well but he’s drastically persuasive when talking about cinema; he treats it not only as his art of preference but also as his highest point of self-expression and I respect the way he stands humble before it in this book. I also love Laura McMahon’s Cinema & Contact; it’s not overly theoretical but it’s a solid read in a captivating sense. Lastly I cannot afford to omit Ingmar Bergman so I’d say…read his screenplays. They’re better than fabricated analysis, they’re better than “wholesome” analysis – they just mean more & are better, better, best.

For the inexpressive is diabolic. A person who isn’t committed to hope lives the demonic. A person who has the courage to cast off feelings discovers the ample life of an extremely busy silence, the same that exist in the cockroach, the same in the stars, the same in the self - the demonic precedes the human. And the person who sees the presentness burns as if seeing the God. Prehuman divine life. Is of a presentness that burns.
—  Clarice Lispector, The Passion According to G.H.
Everything could be fiercely summed up in never emitting a first scream–a first scream unleashes all the others, the first scream at birth unleashes a life, if I screamed I would awaken thousands of screaming beings who would loosen upon the rooftops a chorus of screams and horror. If I screamed I would unleash the existence–the existence of what? the existence of the world.
—  Clarice Lispector – from The Passion According to G. H. trans. Idra Novay