the passing of the night

A Mistake (2)

If I could turn back time, I want to be the greatest man in the world.

Word Count: 3.2k
Genre: Angst
Pairing: Kim Seokjin x Reader

Description: Inspired by Jin’s Love Yourself Teaser Photo. I saw the teaser photo and decided to write the Part 2 of my fiction A Mistake. It was written from reader and Jin’s point of view. I hope you guys like it! :)

Few days had passed since that night where you disclosed your feelings towards Seokjin which ended up having your hidden relationship came to a halt. You had not heard anything from him ever since that night. That night where you let yourself unfold all the things you had kept hidden inside your heart. The same night where you let him tear your crippled heart like it was made of paper, you let him crush your pride to the lowest pit as he spoke the most disheartening truth you wished you would never have to hear from his mouth.

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No Control | Chapter Twenty-Six


Micky Bennett: college student, loyal friend, aspiring nurse, One Direction fan, Harry Styles enthusiast. Her best friend, Trevor, wins tickets to a show in New Jersey with meet and greet passes. Micky expects a quick photo op with the boys and a great night at the concert with her best friend. What she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

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A/N: honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of this chapter, until the very end, so be nice, please lol. Next chapter will pick up, however.


When we land in Manchester, and I can’t help the anxiousness I feel wash over me. I told my parents I was coming, since Harry and I were going to be staying in the house for the night before driving down to Holmes Chapel the next day. It’s already late evening when we arrive, and Harry and I are in a weird state of exhaustion from traveling but also alertness from having gotten a bit of sleep on the plane on the way over. We’re mostly silent on the short drive from the airport to my parents’ home. Harry had someone drop his Range Rover off at the airport before we landed so we’d be able to drive ourselves around this weekend as opposed to calling cabs or renting a vehicle.

My mum is stood in the doorway of my childhood home when we get there, the light from inside the house illuminating her from behind. I can see she’s in a pretty thick jumper to keep out the chill that’s settled over the night. The display in Harry’s car read that it’s only about five degrees now from the lack of sunlight, and I can feel it as I step out of his toasty cab. 

Mum is by my side in an instant in her house slippers, wrapping her arms around me and enveloping me in her sunshine scent. I hug her back tightly, only letting her go when I see Harry come from the back, having gotten our bags. 

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McCree, Lucio, and Doomfist with a really introverted s/o? Thanks a bunch!!!


  • Often does most of the talking whether it is a conversation between the two of them or if his S/O wants something but are afraid to ask.
  • He enjoys silently sitting with them in his arms as they watch movies all night long until one of the passes out on the couch.
  • Loves to tease them and make them blush. He can’t help it, they look so cute!!
  • Reads his S/O’s mind as if he is psychic. So if his S/O doesn’t want to go out one night, he respects that. In fact, McCree likes to sit at home too and not always have to go out unless he has to or his S/O wants to (will literally do anything for them).


  • Lucio loves playing the question game with his partner. Just seeing hearing them speak sounds so lovely that he can’t get enough of it.
  • Always asks how they are feeling. Lucio doesn’t want to go out somewhere crowded and loud if his S/O is not into it.
  • Tries to encourage his S/O to come with him to his concerts but wouldn’t be upset if they felt uncomfortable or would rather do something else.
  • Loves to just chill at home with his partner, listening to tunes and doodling! It’s a relaxing and much-needed break from his energetic lifestyle and allows him to spend more time with his partner <3


  • Absolutely loves his S/O for who they are. Introverted or not, Doomfist would go to the moon and back to give them anything.
  • Sometimes Doomfist has his introverted moments and doesn’t want to deal with anyone (except for his S/O of course).
  • Most dates are often at places that aren’t busy, say going to a cute cafe in the morning or evening. He loves going on night walks and quietly talks about the day, hopes and dreams.
  • Before the couple goes to bed, Doomfist insists that he reads them a story while holding them in his lap, brushing their hair gently as he is engrossed in the story. It’s so sweet and relaxing.

but the stars don’t shine as bright as you

7k words, canon-verse, explicit.

Conversation peters out, as it often does with them, and they sit together in a familiar and comfortable silence. It’s what they do a lot these days, his thumb staying pressed down on the com button of the radio and hers doing the same on her end, minutes going by with just the sound of their breathing passing through the radio to each other.

They’ve spent nights just like this before, barely a few words passing between them, and sometimes that’s all there is, and they’ll eventually fall asleep like that, to this odd state of being both together and apart.

But Clarke does eventually speak up again, and that’s not much of a surprise either.

“Are you alone?” She asks, and he knows it’s one of those nights.

“Yeah, Clarke,” he says. “I’m alone.”

Or, a post-season 4 radio-worked AU.

Sanvers OTP prompt - Goes for midnight drives to see the stars

Alex was restless and couldn’t sleep. She groaned and glanced at the clock – it was only 2 a.m. Her and Maggie had spent last night basically passed out on their bed, cuddling as they drifted off to sleep. They hadn’t even changed out of their clothes from the day before. Alex smiled as she looked over at Maggie, her face peaceful in sleep, and reached over and gently stroked her hair. The quiet and subtle sounds of early morning traffic drifted in through the open balcony door, a warm gentle breeze blowing the curtains. Alex glanced at the sky and felt a tinge of disappointment when she couldn’t see the stars from all of the artificial light.

“Mmmm,” Maggie groaned in her sleep, and Alex couldn’t help but chuckle. She tucked a strand of hair behind Maggie’s ear, and Maggie turned her head and smiled, groggy with sleep. “Hey,”

“Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you babe.” Alex pressed a gentle kiss to Maggie’s temple.

“S’okay.” Maggie blinked a few times, waking up and propped herself onto her elbows. “What time is it?”

“Two. Go back to sleep, Mags.” Alex pressed another kiss to her temple, but Maggie sat up and tilted her head at Alex.

“What’s wrong?” Alex wanted to keep insisting Maggie went back to sleep, that everything was fine. But those damn dimples were making it hard to argue.

“I couldn’t sleep …”

“And?” Maggie pressed, gently.

“I can’t see the damn stars, Maggie. It’s silly I know, but look, you can’t see the stars and I miss them.” Alex looked away, cheeks burning. “I’m sorry, I didn’t even mean to wake you. It’s silly – “

“Let’s go for a ride, then.”

“What?” Alex blinked.

“Let’s take the bike and go for a ride somewhere we can see the stars.”

“Maggie, it’s 2 a.m. and I’m just being – “

“Don’t say it again, Alex. C’mon, we’re both awake and 2 a.m. is the perfect time to go for a ride.”

Alex stared at Maggie for the longest moment, her eyes searching Maggie’s smiling face. Her eyes were glistening in the streetlight, eager and excited. And good god those dimples made any faltering argument Alex had left disappear. Slowly, she smiled back and leaned in for a kiss on the lips.

“Grab you helmet then, Sawyer.” Maggie giggled as they danced around Alex’s apartment – their apartment – kissing and stumbling in the dark to find their helmets.

“Fine, but I’m driving Danvers. I know just the place.”

And Maggie took Alex to the most amazing place away from the city. The streetlights were long forgotten, the air was warm but comfortable and the grassy was a beautiful shade of green that moved gently in the light breeze. Maggie grabbed Alex’s hand and led her up a small hill and the sat under a lone tree, looking over National City, the stars twinkling above them. They stayed there until sunrise, alternating between Alex teaching Maggie all the constellations (“Nerd,”) and occasional, then frequent making out. Alex and Maggie didn’t care that they hadn’t slept and had to go into work later – it was all worth it.

it wasn’t until that very night,
my wounds and scars finally learned
how to sit in comfort,
pressed against your skin
like dry, cold petals
and just watching the chaosity
from the melancholic stars,
passing through the dead of night
to such euphonious melody
has swept our hearts completely
to settle for more of nights like this
—  a.

ᴡᴇᴛ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍᴢ: ᴀ ɴɪɢʜᴛ ᴏғ sɪɴɢᴜʟᴀʀ ᴇᴠᴇɴᴛs

It was around 11 o'clock on Friday and ultimately Zander was tired. Between work and school, his first week consisted of him passing out whenever he could. His plans for that night were much of the same being that he didn’t like large get together. That is until he received a snap. Zander was new to the whole Snapchat thing and only had made him a day ago, and yet he already had a snap. It was from a girl at his school. Zander opens the snap curiously, being that he had just made his Snapchat, he didn’t think he would receive anything.

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you like fall out boy?

Oh yeah I love them. Patrick Stump gave me his guitar pick when I went to this small venue they played in San Francisco with my boyfriend and a friend of his. It’s my most prized possession. He also kept making goofy faces at me and my boyfriend and he winked at me and I almost passed out. It was an iconic night in the life of Miles

Who are you talking to nowadays? Who’s keeping you up at night with wonderful things to say? What do your nights look like?
—  🖤
Bon Voyage S2 Ep.8 - BTS’ letters to each other


“To. Jinjinjara, Seokjin-hyung!!

It’s your forever roommate, Suga.

Can you believe I have known you for 7 years… I remember when I met you for the first time. I’m surprised and amazed that the one who used to look so upright and kind… has become very bright and cheerful these days. I believe it’s because you’re with us. It seems like just yesterday you were nervous and not confident when you had to sing and perform on stage, but seeing your performance these days makes me think you sing really well. It’s no doubt the result of working hard for a long time. Even though I have been watching you for a long time, it still touched me how you secretly work hard to make up what you lack in. I thought of you as a hyung whom I have a lot to learn from. Let’s keep going together for a long time in the future too.

P.S: But I hope you can act your age.”


“To. JK

Hi JK, it’s hyung.

I’m always thankful to you. Thanks for having the same mental age as this 26-year-old hyung. And traveling with you this time made me feel this once again. Your fists are really strong. I will be good to you, don’t hit me, got it? And your face got tanned a lot. As I’m your hyung I’ll give you facial masks when we get back to Korea. Calm your skin and yourself as well, stop lying on my bed. You keep lying on my bed when I’m not there and send me your selfies. If you do that one more time, your face may have got tanned in Hawaii, but I’ll throw you into the fire pit in Korea. And by “fire pit” I mean my firey heart. You can come into my big embrace. Thanks for always becoming our team’s teacher and energizer. To Jungkook who’s kind and handsome and strong and has nice body and big eyes and sings well and dances well, I love you.”


“To. Namjoonie-hyung

Hi hyung, it’s our team’s maknae, Jungkook.

I’m not the type to write letters often so I don’t know where to start, but I’ll try this time. This is something I always think about every day, but I really am inspired a lot by our team. Although I’m inspired by all 7 members, but I’m especially inspired the most by you. I always want to do a lot of things but can’t stick to them long, like how you guys always joke with me. But gradually, it feels like I really became that kind of person. When you work, talk about music, compose or speak in English, I feel like I grew a sense of confidence and passion. I know it must be tired for you, but please keep showing me your that cool side of yours in the future. I will keep following you from behind. You are a really awesome person.”


“To Jimin.

Hi Jimin.

It cringes me a little to write a serious letter to you like this, but I’ll try. Hope you understand. When we were trainees, we came to Seoul without knowing anything. We would wake up, put on uniforms, go to school together, eating together after school ends, go to the practice room together, go back to the dorm together, and chat together at night. 6 years passed and unknowingly, you have become my dearest precious friend. There was a time before we debuted when you were anxious because of the debut. I had a meeting with the company at that time. They asked me “What would it be if Jimin was on the team?”. After thinking for a while, I said, “There’s no one who’s by my side when I’m tired or happy to laugh and cry with me but Jimin. I hope such a friend could be by my side. I want us to debut together.” It felt good to say that. I’m happy that we was able debut together and make lots of good memories. And sorry, because I’m always the one who take. Even know, you still cry with me when I cry in the bathroom, laugh with me when we sneak out at dawn, care about me and think of me, work hard because of me and understand me, listen to my worries, liking someone who’s lacking so much like me. Let’s keep walking together on the flower path for a long time. I love you, my friend.”



So my first letter is to you. I have mixed emotions. Like the pebbles on the beach we saw in Hawaii, it’s hard to pick out what I want to say to you. Maybe it’s because we’re cherishing so many memories and so many moments like the sea we saw? I thought of the time when I first met you. Seeing you following your father, roaming around the dorm with big eyes and pouty lips, I already felt it from first sight. “This kid will be a rascal”. I remember how anxious you were before we debuted. Your unique and strange character is so vague that I sometimes questioned what’s in you that helped you endure all the way here. But as time passes and I mature more, I learned that even I, who I myself thought was the most normal, am quite strange and unique like an alien. I was drawn by your strangeness. Sometimes I really envy you. Because you can get close easily to anyone and everyone likes you. Your strangeness proved to be your unique charm. It may sound cringeworthy, but as a friend, a hyung who have been with you from the beginning of your trainee journey to now, I wanted to say thank you to you. Thank you for not becoming a farmer, not playing saxophone and came to Big Hit instead. Let’s keep up the good work. Fighting.”


“To. My bro Suga
From. J-hope

Hi hyung? It’s Hoseok.

Without realizing, we have been together for 7 years, including our trainee days. When I first moved to the dorm, I was awkward and unfamiliar with everything, so I only stayed in the living room, but you came and talk to me first, helped me relax. I still can’t forget that time. You were like the savior to me, a Gwangju kid. Always by my side when I’m hurt, always by my side when I’m sad. You’re always there to support me and become my strength when I’m tired or exhausted. When I was tired from seasickness in Bon Voyage 2 this time, the first one I saw after opening my eyes was you. I couldn’t say then but I was really grateful to you. Through this letter and this chance, I want to tell you again that my gratitude to you is as great as the time we spent together. Hyung, thank you for becoming a member of BTS, thank you for becoming my dependable brother. Please keep staying by my side forever. I love my bro.”


“To. Hoseokie-hyung

This wasn’t my first letter to you so I thought it wouldn’t be hard, but it was indeed not easy. I’m nervous. You’re the one whom I talk and share a lot with so think you’ll know well what I think and what I want to say. What do I think when I see you? “This person is really truthful and sincere”, “This person is really upright and kind”. You are probably the first one that made me understand a person can become this cool just by being truthful and sincere. As your brother and fellow member, I have a lot to learn from you. I wanted to tell you that I know you are always working hard to take care of us and I’m always sincerely thankful to you. Thank you, hyung. I hope you can take care of your body and stop worrying too much. To my hyung who I’m always thankful for, I love you.”

“We met six months ago at a dance night. His wife passed away three years ago. I’d been married for thirty years and gotten divorced. It was just nice to have someone to talk to. We have so much in common. My ex-husband only wanted to stay home and watch TV. But we do all sorts of things together: walk around the city, go to museums, travel.”
“Have sex.”
“What? We’re still young.”

(St. Petersburg, Russia)

I’m just trying, you know? Day by day, second by second, I’m trying to keep myself together.
—  🖤